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Peach Cordial

In gallon screw-top jar mix all ingredients. Cover tightly. Invert jar; let stand 24 hours. Turn jar upright; let stand 24 hours. Repeat turning till sugar dissolves. Store in cool, dark place at least 2 months. Strain through cheesecloth into... - 39.9389

Peach Cordial

In gallon screw-top jar combine peaches, sugar, lemon peel, and spices. Pour in bourbon; cover with lid. Invert jar daily till sugar is dissolved,for about 4 days. Place in cool, dark place for at least 2 months. Strain through cheese cloth before serving - 31.5175

Peach Cordial

Mix corn syrup, orange juice, 1 tablespoon water anc bitters in cup; chill. Peel peaches; pit and slice. Place in dessert dishes; top with orange syrup. Garnish with mint, if desired. - 26.0545

Peches Cardinales

1. Mix together the melba sauce and liqueur. 2. Dip the peaches in boiling water for about 8 seconds, then remove the skins. Cut in half, remove the stones and arrange on 4 individual plates. 3. Spoon over the sauce and sprinkle with the almonds. - 20.3734

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Fruit Cordials

Heat sugar and water in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; cool. Pour sugar syrup into a 2-quart glass jar. Add desired fruit and vodka; stir gently. Cover the jar with a tight-fitting lid. Let stand (steep)... - 35.7128

Dried Fruit Cordials

In a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel container, combine dried fruit, wine, brandy, and sugar. Stir well. Cover tightly and set aside at room temperature for at least a week to allow flavors to develop. Stir occasionally for the first few days until sugar... - 24.9772

Cherry Cordial Dessert

Gently combine first 4 ingredients; spoon into a 9-inch springform pan. Cover and freeze until firm. Place dessert on a serving platter, and remove rim from springform pan. Garnish with whipped cream, grated chocolate, and maraschino cherries. To serve, spoon... - 31.1107

Cherry Cordial Pie

1. Combine marshmallows and milk in a 2 1/2-quart glass mixing bowl. Microwave, uncovered, at Power Level 10 for 3 to 4 minutes, or until marshmallows melt and puff. Stir until smooth. Add chopped cherries and liqueur, blending thoroughly. Let cool to room... - 27.7511

Fort Saskatchewan Chokecherry Cordial

Wash very ripe berries and put them through a food chopper or electric blender; turn into a crock and add vinegar just to cover. Let stand 8 days. Strain mixture through a cheesecloth bag. Measure juice and add 1 cup sugar to each cup juice. Heat and stir... - 31.4769

Cordial Cherries

Drain cherries; reserve juice. Whip cream until almost stiff. Beat in 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla; fold in rice. Chill well. Fold in cherries; spoon into sherbet glasses. Chill until ready to serve. Combine reserved cherry juice and enough cordial to make 1 cup... - 41.5882

Chocolate Cherry Cordials

Spoon small amount chocolate into each of 24 paper or foil candy cases; coat sides and bottoms well. Chill not more than 5 minutes to set chocolate. Combine kirsch and grenadine syrup; chill well. Place cherry in each case. Drizzle enough kirsch mixture over... - 34.5806

Cranberry Cordial Sauce

In saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch, and cinnamon. Stir in cranberry juice all at once. Add cranberries. Cook quickly, stirring constantly, till mixture thickens and bubbles. Remove from heat. Stir in Cranberry Cordial. Cool to room temperature. Makes 1... - 34.1528

Lime Juice Cordial

Combine sugar and water in a pan and place pan on fire. Stir till sugar is dissolved. When it comes to a boil add some lemon juice to clarify syrup. Let boil for a minute more. Remove from heat and strain. When throughly cold add lemon juice and potassium... - 33.5391

Hiram Walker Creme De Banana/chocolate Cherry Cordial Pie

MAKING 1. In a saucepan, take water and sprinkle gelatin. 2. Add 1/3 cup sugar, salt and egg yolks; stir to mix. 3. Place the pan over low heat and stir to dissolve gelatin; heat until the mixture thickens but do not boil. 4. Remove the pan from heat and add ... - 46.0391

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