Frozen Pudding Recipes

Frozen pudding is a popular chilled American dessert. This sweet dish is Dairy-based and prepared by freezing. Frozen Christmas pudding, frozen yuletide pudding, phala frozen caramel pudding etc are some of the ... More »
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Lynn's St. Patrick's Day Green Pudding With Michael And Tyler

Lynn, Michael and Tyler demonstrate how to make a festive green pudding perfect for St. Patrick's Day. This is a great recipe that children love to help make. - 105.725

Frozen Yuletide Pudding

The frozen yuletide pudding is a sweet and delightful pudding made with cherries and raisins. Flavored with lemon peels and juice and rum flavoring, the yuletide pudding is a fruity pudding that can be enjoyed in the summer. The whipped crem makes this... - 43.1683

Frozen Pudding

GETTING READY 1. In a medium sized bowl, place cooled pudding and whisk well. Keep aside. MAKING 2. In a medium sized bowl, place egg whites and beat till soft peak stage. 3. Add cream of tartar and beat till stiff peak stage. 4. Add stiffly beaten egg... - 38.9679

Frozen Pudding

MAKING 1) In a small bowl beat the eggs and keep it ready. 2) In another bowl mix cornstarch with some cold milk. 3) In a double boiler, scald the milk. 4) In a wide bowl, add in beaten eggs, cornstarch mixture, sugar and some salt. Mix them well. Slowly pour... - 37.3415

Frozen Pudding With Rum

Cover the chopped candied fruits with rum and cover tightly. Stand two or three hours. Make a custard of the eggs, sugar, salt and hot milk. Cool. Fold in the whipping cream, beaten stiff, and the candied fruits. Pour into a tray of the mechanical... - 35.9689

Frozen Pudding Sandwiches

This Frozen Pudding Sandwiches is a fine blend of the untimate dessert and fast food! Relatively easty to prep, this Frozen Pudding Sandwiches is a great dessert to serve for parties, coz everyone will just love it! Give a try and I am sure you wont be... - 35.5386

Frozen Pudding

MAKING 1.Make a custard of the eggs, sugar, salt, milk and cream. 2.Cool and freeze. 3.Fill a mold with alternate layers of the frozen cream and candied fruit or nuts. 4.Cover and freeze. SERVING 5.Serve with ice cream - 34.1773

Frozen Pudding

Boil the sugar and water together to 230ºF or until a little of the mixture threads when dropped from a spoon. Beat the egg whites and the cream in separate bowls until stiff, using a hand or electric beater. Pour the sugar syrup slowly over the beaten egg... - 33.3677

Frozen Pudding

Did you know pudding tastes great when it is frozen? Try out this extremely delicious and easy to make recipe for Frozen Pudding, using flavored gelatin. I am sure this is to remain a flavorite for generations to come. - 33.138

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