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Healthy Pan-fried Cajun Spiced Yam

Home-fried yames make a perfect slow-releasing carbohydrate side dish to lean protein or any entrée that needs a potato. yam is high in vitamin A, fiber and flavor and is naturally sweet thus does not spike your blood sugar levels thus a wonderful healthy... - 111.26

Yam Crispies

Looking for a healthier alternative to French fries? Try Yam crispies. Yams are healthier as compared to potatoes as they are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. Yam crispies are a good side dish, appetizer or a finger food for kids. Serve it with... - 100.367

Sweet Potato Fritters

If you want to use sweet potatoes throughout the season, then you would ideas on how to cook them. What could be more devouring that some crunch croquettes. Yup watch lisa show you how to get these lovely croquettes on the table! - 91.9441

Fried Jalapeno And Yams

Want a simple addition to your meal? Try this Simple Fried Jalapeno and Yams. You can serve it as a side dish with lunch or dinner or just with some soup. It goes very well with steamed rice and curry. - 88.0076

Sweet Potato Chip

Crispy sweet fried potatoes makes for a delicious side that perfectly pairs with other meat and vegetable dishes. Chef Giovanni shows how to make crunchy sweet potato chips at home in a few simple steps. - 66.7431

Yam Fish Balls

GETTING READY 1) In a saucepan cook together fish, onions, 1 1/2 salt and pepper along with water, for 20 minutes or until fish flakes off easily. MAKING 2) Drain, cool and flake the fish. 3) In a large bowl, mix yams, cream, egg and salt until light and... - 44.3086

Yam & Peanut Cracker Bread

In a blender or food processor fitted with the steel blade, grind peanuts until finely chopped, just before they turn to paste. Sift flours into a small bowl. In a medium-size bowl, combine yam, yogurt, 2 tablespoons oil, ginger juice, salt and spices. With... - 40.4059

French Fried Yams

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to 350°F before baking. MAKING 2) Place the yams on baking sheet and bake them for about 25 minutes in preheated oven until just tender. 3) Allow yams to cool and skin and discard skins. 4) Slice yams into 2 x 1/4-inch sticks... - 39.7939

Masala Yam

Heat oil, fry onion seeds, garlic and curry leaves till light brown. Add onions and fry light brown. Add in yam, salt and 1 cup hot water. Cover pan and cook on a slow fire till suran is done and water dry. Mix in the green chillies, mint and... - 39.7497

Yam Kofta

These Yam Koftas are yummy ! Try them out with your rice dishes and you'll not stop wanting them over and over again. Tell me what you think about these Yam Koftas. - 39.138

Gammon With Yam Mash And Salsa Rosa

1. Peel the yams and roughly chop them. Plunge them into boiling water and cook for 20-30 minutes or until they are soft when prodded with the tip of a knife. 2. Meanwhile, to make the salsa rosa, deseed and roughly chop the red pepper. Put it into a food... - 38.715

Yam Fritters

Mash hot yams, beat in butter, milk, flour, egg, and salt. Mix thoroughly. Fry spoonfuls of yam mixture in hot oil in skillet until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper; serve sprinkled with sugar or syrup. - 30.9968

French Fried Yams

Deep Fry Method: Wash and dry yams. Pare and cut into lengthwise strips approximately 1/2 inch thick. Heat oil in deep fryer or kettle to 350°. Fry medium amounts of yams for 5 minutes or until yams are brown and tender. Repeat with remaining yams. Remove... - 28.7217

Fried Yam Sticks

On baking sheet bake yam at 400°F until just tender, 35 to 40 minutes (do not overbake); let yam cool, then peel and discard skin. Cut potato into 2 x 1/4-inch sticks; weigh 6 ounces (any remaining yam can be frozen for use at another time). In 9-inch... - 23.8156

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