Fried Cod

Fried cod is cooked mainly with cod fillets in batter, oil and flour. High in omega-3, fried cod is considered to be a healthy food. This Greek main dish is fried till golden brown and is served hot with sauces or lemon wedges. Tomato horseradish sauce and tartare sauce goes perfectly with the fried cod dish.

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How To Fry Cod Fish

How To Fry Cod Fish	On : 02-Sep-2010 By : passionIfoodie

Do you want to fry cod fish to perfection, each and every time? Well, you can. Learning how to fry cod fish is very easy. There are lots of ways to fry cod fish . Here's an easy and delicious recipe.  Things required for frying fish ...

How To Eat Baccala Fritto? The Essence Of The Cod Fish Culminating The Italian Way

How To Eat Baccala Fritto? The Essence Of  The Cod Fish Culminating The Italian Way On : 18-Aug-2010 By : culinary_explorer

Italian cuisine is all about variations to suit the vicissitudes of the day. And so is Baccala, the salt-cured cod fish . Baccala is a delicacy that adorns the festive season of Christmas and is therefore considered Italy’s favorite. How to eat Baccala...

How To Cook Salted Cod

How To Cook Salted Cod On : 03-Sep-2010 By : Sweetcandy

While learning how to cook salted cod, I learnt that it is a fish which is salted and then dried – naturally cooking salted cod will be a little different from the normal cooking process of cod. Here is a way of cooking salted cod – hope you find it...

America's Best Sandwiches

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Michael Schmelling Jimmy’s Favorite Jimmy and Drew’s 28th Street Deli, Boulder, Colorado Never mind that Jimmy and Drew left Chicago to sell meat in a vegan stronghold: They survive because they make everything...

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