Fresh Strawberry Crepe Recipes

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Mango Strawberry Crepe Stacks

MAKING 1) In a bowl, add evaporated skim milk and whisk till fluffy. 2) Slowly add in the honey and vanilla and continue whisking till soft peaks begin to form. 3) Gently fold in the pastry cream, mangoes and strawberries. 4) Using 1 crepe at a time, spread... - 37.1266

Strawberry Cream Crepe Cake

Reserve a few pretty berries for decoration. Slice remaining strawberries into a medium-size bowl. Stir in honey. Refrigerate for several hours. Drain juice from berries into a small saucepan. There should be about 1 cup. If necessary, add enough water or... - 37.0378

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Fresh-fruit Dessert Crepes

Blend sour cream, cream cheese, and sugar well; then whip until smooth and fluffy. Sweeten fruit with sugar and set aside. Top dessert crepe with 2 or 3 tablespoons of cream cheese mixture and roll up. Spoon fresh fruit over top. Serve cold or warm. - 25.9529

Breakfast Crepes With Fresh Strawberry Puree And Orange Yogurt Sauce

To make the yogurt sauce, whisk all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl, cover, and store in the refrigerator. If the sauce seems too thick to pour, thin it with water, added a spoonful at a time. If the crepes were made in advance, preheat the oven to... - 40.7408

Strawberry Cream Crepes

Sprinkle strawberries with sugar and set aside. Beat condensed milk with lemon juice until thick. Fold in strawberries and whipped cream. Divide between crepes and fold. Gar nish with additional whipped cream and a strawberry centered on cream. - 27.5733

Whipped Cream Filled Crepes

These Whipped Cream Filled Crepes are one of the best creamy desserts that I've ever tasted ! Make these fruit and cream dessert in a jiffy and serve them up to your family this weekend ! So, how do you like the Whipped Cream Filled Crepes ? - 25.9966

Strawberry Cream Crepes

This Strawberry Cream Crepes is a dessert. Enjoy this amazingly delicious Strawberry Cream Crepes and share your feelings with us! - 34.6083

Strawberry Chocolate Crepes

Spoon equal amount of jam over each crepe. Set aside. In a bowl, mix Chantilly cream, strawberries and sliced banana. Divide mixture among crepes. Roll crepes. Dust with icing sugar. Serve with coulis. - 30.258

Strawberry Crepes

1. Combine first 3 ingredients, stir well. Spread 1/4 cup sour cream mixture over half of each crepe, spreading to edge, top each with 1/2 cup sliced strawberries. Fold each crepe in half to cover filling, fold in half again, bringing ends together to form a... - 18.6522

Peachy Strawberry Dessert Crepes

MAKING 1.Mix strawberries,orange juice and peaches and refrigerate for few hours. 2.Take a bowl, mix yogurt, sour cream and vanilla in it and refrigerate. 3.Take the crepes, fill fruit mixture and a small amount of cream mixture in it and... - 33.3945

Strawberry Crepes

Beat baking mix, egg and milk with rotary beater until smooth. Lightly grease a 6- or 7-inch skillet. Heat skillet until few drops water sprinkled on it "skitter" around: Pour 2 tablespoons batter into hot skillet; rotate pan until batter covers bottom. Cook... - 38.9153

Strawberry Compote Crepes

I got this Strawberry Compote Crepes recipe from my French grandfather. Strawberry Compote Crepes is delicious and different and that's why I keep making it. Yumm! - 24.6817

Crepes Ambrosia

MAKING 1) In a chafing dish mash 1 cup strawberries. 2) Add sugar and liqueur. Stir and flame. 3) Simmer for three minutes. 4) On each dessert dish place one scoop ice cream. 5) Arrange remaining strawberries around it. 6) Put the crepes on ice cream and... - 37.2199