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French potato is any potato variant which is native to France.The country is known for its high quality seed potato production which is possible due to its favorable climate and soil.The agricultural industry of the country shows remarkable expertise in all the stages, right from the production to marketing of potatoes. Almost 200 varieties of potatoes are grown in France every year. Gratin Dauphinois is a popular potato dish of France.


History of French Potato

Potato arrived in France in 1600s from Switzerland. The tuber was initially meant for animal feed and was grown in the Comte and Dauphine regions. The French considered potato as evil and it was thought that the tuber is responsible for leprosy and many other diseases. In 1748, the production and consumption of potatoes was banned by the French Parliament. Later, in 1763, during the Seven Years War between England, Prussia and France, when the medical army officer, Antoine Auguste Parmentier, was captured by Prussians, he came across potatoes again during his term. In 1771, Antoine made a thesis on the benefits of potato and sent it to France. The production and consumption of potatoes started again in France in year 1772, after the French law gave the vegetable a clean chit.


Popular French Potato Recipes

  • Dauphine- A French potato dish made by combining mashed potato with choux pastry. The mixture is rolled into small balls and fried.
  • Gratin Dauphinois- This French potato recipe originated in Dauphine region near Grenbole, France. According to this recipe, slices of potatoes are baked in cream or milk. The dish is known as scalloped or au gratin potatoes in United States.
  • Crainquebille- It is a delightful French dish containing potatoes cooked along with tomatoes, butter and stock.
  • Les Pommes Anna- It is a classic French potato recipe which makes use of potatoes and butter as its main ingredients. The dish was created by Chef Adolphe Duglere in 1870 during his job at Café Anglais. The potatoes are thinly sliced and then arranged in greased charlotte. The dish is then baked and a potato cake is made. The slices are cut and served with grilled meats.
  • French Fries- A potato dish that is popular all over the world, French fries are better known as pommes de terre frites or frites or potato frites in French. Thin strips of potatoes are deep-fried and served after seasoning with salt and pepper.


French Potato- Trivia

Hachis Parmentier, named after Monsieur Antoine Auguste Parmentier, is a popular French potato dish and a variation of the Shepherd’s Pie.

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