French Chocolate Cake

French chocolate cake is a rich and dense, classic French dessert. Its texture is very different from a sponge cake.


French Chocolate Cake Recipe Ingredients

Traditionally, French chocolate cake was made using semi-sweet chocolate, white sugar, vanilla extract, butter, eggs, all-purpose flour, cream of tartar, and very little salt. However, as the dessert evolved with time, several variations also came up and each of them has a different set of ingredients. For instance, cocoa was used in place of bittersweet chocolate (a chief ingredient of this bittersweet cake) and evaporated cane sugar was added to make it somewhat sweeter in taste.  


French Chocolate Cake Recipe

For making French chocolate cake, a mixture of chocolate, butter, and sugar are first melted separately and then, mixed with vanilla, egg yolks and flour. Cream of tartar, sugar and salt are then added to foamy beaten eggs. Egg whites and the chocolate mixture is then folded in to this mixture to form a batter, which is baked in a greased pan, inside a preheated oven.


Serving French Chocolate Cake

As soon as the cake cools a bit, it is turned over a serving plate. The bottom becomes the top and any cracks or sinking on the top is disguised. The cake is either served as it is or is dusted with confectioners' sugar, garnished with a dollop of whipped cream on top.


Frambrosia Oregon Raspberry wine matches exquisitely with this decadent dessert in addition to an array of other desserts.


Nutritional Information on French Chocolate Cake

French chocolate cake has 265 calories per serving. It contains 21.5 grams carbohydrates, probably the lowest amongst all types of chocolate cakes.

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