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American Kale Salad Part 1- Chopping Kale

f you're in need of a scrumptious Thanksgiving side, don't overlook kale, this recipe video recommends  Gluten-free kale Salad recipe. The first part of video is all about the nutritional facts about kale salad and tips of chopping kale . An effortless... - 108.058

Crunchy Kale Chips

Do you like kale? Did you know that it is a vegetable that is high in nutrition? Here is a great way to get some kale into your children! Kale Chips! This vegetable can be turned into a fun crunchy appetizer in a simple and quick way. Watch this video to... - 122.051

Kale With Garlic And Soya

Have you ever tried cooking Kale? If not then here is some information for you! Kale is really healthy and nutritious and makes a wonderful side. Known to fight the growth of cancerous cells, this vegetable is great, simply cooked with garlic and soya. - 107.201

Kale Salad

Tender ribbon so kale tossed in a salad is very flavorful and delicious! There is a way to get them into your salad without cooking! This video shows you how to get them to eat raw in your salad! See the video for more! - 102.469

American Kale Salad Part 2- Dressing Salad

Curious about second part of video of Kale Salad Dressing? Here is your chance to find out what it's all about and it won't cost you a thing! The simple kale salad dressing recipe  features mixture of flavours, salt, sweet and sour. This are limitless ways... - 113.441

How To Make Kale Chips

Easy, guilt-free, crisp "chips", made only from kale, a bit of oil and some salt? Yes please! - 128.184

Raw Food - Yummy Asian Kale Salad

Take a look at an awesome raw food recipe for Asian kale salad that this video shares. The video presents a super simple dressing that is perfect for an Asian kale salad especially when you are camping or travelling and when you are falling short of time.... - 118.315

Kale With Bacon Crisps

Heat a large saucepan coated with olive-oil cooking spray over medium heat. Add the bacon and cook, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes, or until browned. With a slotted spoon, remove the bacon to a plate. Recoat the pan with cooking spray. Add the shallots... - 36.8749

Cookin’ Greens Blueberry Banana & Kale Smoothie

Perfect for: breakfast, snack – anytime of the day! Decadent Veg & Fruit Smoothies –It’s about time! Nutritiously Delicious - 33.9952

Farfalle With Sausage, Cannellini Beans, And Kale

1. Cook pasta according to package directions, omitting salt and fat. Drain, reserving 1 cup cooking liquid; keep warm. 2. Drain sun-dried tomatoes in a small sieve over a bowl, reserving 2 teaspoons tomato oil; slice tomatoes. Heat a Dutch oven over medium... - 44.8331

African Kale & Yam Soup

This soup has a wonderful ethnic feel to it. The broth is especially flavorful, so be sure to have toast or Biscuits on hand so you can soak up every last drop. Sweet potatoes may be substituted for yams. - 36.6459

Vegan Baked Pasta With Butternut Squash And Kale

Butternut squash and pasta is actually a surprisingly good combination of ingredients. This recipe includes butternut squash, gluten-free pasta and kale and it is simply delicious. It may sound super ordinary and not that exciting, but all the spices and... - 120.013

Quinoa-kale Salad With Kefir-cumin Dressing

A salad so good you can’t stop eating it, that also happens to be good for you. - 16.5135

Steamed Kale With Homemade Tahini Sauce - Part 1 : Introduction

Here in an interesting video that updates you on how to easily make healthy meals for fat loss and vibrant health. This part of the video is informative and introduces to the ingredients required to make steamed kale with homemade tahini sauce. Watch part two... - 98.8338

Steamed Kale With Homemade Tahini Sauce - Part 2 : Making

This is part two of the steamed kale with homemade tahini sauce series. The video is quite interesting and informative. Watch this video that shares some great facts about sea greens and how to use them to make super healthy foods. - 96.8036

Kale Chole Without Onion And Garlic

Black Chickpea (kala chana or kale chole) is a cholesterol and hunger control ingredient, commonly made in Indian households, in a number of ways. Though most of the people make the dish in onion and tomato gravy; however here I have not used onions in the... - 33.358

Ultimate Valentines's Day Smoothie

This is a fantastic, super healthy Smoothie recipe which will keep your special someone going through the day. So, if you have planned a lot of activities for this Valentine's day then wake up your special someone with this refreshing drink which is easy to... - 110.902