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Is Your Food ‘sound’ Enough?

Being tempted to eat by the delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen or finding yourself getting hungry on seeing the beautiful collage of food on your plate is nothing new. Chefs have indeed tried to lure their customers by appealing to the sense of smell... -

The Art Of Baking Or Science Of Baking?

Cookies, cakes, and pies , nothing materializes without spending a good amount of time by your oven door. But the art of baking is surely something more emotional than measuring out the ingredients, mixing them perfectly with the... -

Look How Chemistry Can Help You In The Kitchen!

  Are you happy that chemistry is only for the high school kids and you don’t have to put up with that boring subject anymore? Well, it is actually far more helpful and interesting than you think! Did you ever imagine that... -

Laughter Makes The Best Drink

Impatient to infuse your vodka and drink it too? Well, you have had to wait for more than 15 days in order to get your favorite tipple before. Not any more though! You can actually do it in a jiffy with the aid of nitrous oxide that is laughing gas for the... -

Alter Shape To Alter Taste

Traditional Dairy Milk chocolate lovers are not pleased with Cadburys for changing the shape of their beloved product. It is ‘oily’ and ‘sticky’ say the connoisseurs of the most popular Cadbury’s chocolate. They are not convinced that the recipe... -

Molecular Mixology: The Science Behind Exotic Cocktails

Molecular gastronomy made famous by celeb chef  Heston Blumenthal has revolutionized the food world. Now it is  molecular mixology-  the art of creating cocktails by taking science into consideration, which is holding sway. Especially the techniques... -

Glowing Meat On Your Plate

Don’t be scared if your roast lamb  leg starts glowing . It is not being possessed by spirits, nor has it any intention of coloring your palate in an ultraviolet hue. It is simply the diffraction of light, a phenomenon... -

Why Does Broccoli Taste Bitter

Broccoli may be chock a block with antioxidants but it is bitter complain some people while others have no qualms in eating the nutritious vegetable morning, noon, or night. Scientists were perplexed by this reaction, as the bitter taste receptors were... -

Daytime Sleep Linked To Fat Intake

Feeling sleepy after a heavy meal is not surprising. However, do not expect to be bursting with energy after you devour a carton full of greasy French fries. The latest research studies show that fat will make you prone to falling asleep in the middle... -

Science Tells You To Eat More Lukewarm Food

  Eat more lukewarm food to make way for healthy living. Yes! Food tastes superior when it’s warm. We tend to warm the food before consuming, or we expect warm food to be served at restaurants.       ... -

How To Give Up Sugar Cravings

People with sweet tooth find it very difficult to give up sugar cravings . They adopt different measures for giving up sugars but often succumb to the sweets and chocolates. But, giving up sugar cravings becomes most important, especially, if sugar... -

Scientists Establish Link Between Diet Soda And Heart Stroke

Speculations about diet soda and heart stroke had been making rounds. But now American Stroke Assn.’s International Stroke Conference has confirmed the diet soda and heart stroke risk. Studies have come up with a shocking report about the relation between... -

Scientists Working To Grow Meat In Labs - Test Tube Meat Anybody!

  A small laboratory with lesser funds is planning to grow meat in test tubes! These test tube meats are innovations from the labs of the basic science laboratory for tissue engineering and the developmental biologists at the Medical... -

French Laboratory Apparatus For Inhaling Creates Desserts

Machine turns sweet, initially liquid, steam can be sucked through a straw. A French research laboratory in gastronomy developed a device that allows you inhale desserts. The machine makes the candy, initially liquids, vapors that can be... -

Research Reveals Wind Turbines On Farmland Are Good For Crops

Research reveals wind turbines on farmland are good for crops apart from the production of renewable energy. Wind turbines on farmlands harness the energy of blowing wind. Under normal conditions, wind blows across the land, but wind turbines change the... -

Benefits Of Consuming Melatonin Through Diet

“There are umpteen benefits of consuming melatonin through diet”- say Scientists. Through this blog we have tried to highlight benefits of consuming melatonin through diet, but before delving into details it’s important to know what is... -

How To Overcome Food Cravings

If you want to overcome your food cravings, it is important you first understand what food cravings are and how to identify your trigger foods so that you can control your self and overcome food cravings that ruin all your efforts in trying to lose weight and... -

Can You Cure Sweet Tooth With Inhalable Chocolate?

Can You Cure Sweet Tooth With Inhalable Chocolate? Yes, thanks to Harvard University’s professor David Edwards, who invented such a unique thing for the real chocolate fans. Let’s find out. How Edwards’ sweet-tooth technology works: ... -

Strawberry Gene Code Cracked Finally

Strawberry gene code cracked finally by teams of scientists. They have finally laid their hands on the genetic codes of the wild strawberry and certain type of cacao which is used to produce chocolates of high quality. These findings will help the... -

Can Tea Reverse Endothelial Dysfunction

For quite some time scientists have been researching on this aspect of tea – can tea reverse endothelial dysfunction ! The scientific study revealed a positive result and the answer comes to be – yes, tea can work to combat endothelial dysfunction.... -

Why Do We Find Pizza Tempting After A Hard Day

A cheesy pizza is so tempting after a long day at work! But have you ever wondered why we find this calorie laden fast food so tempting after a hard day? Scientific studies indicate that exposure to stressful situations at the workplace might be the answer. ... -

Why Do We Love The Extreme Beer

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Beer is an ancient recreation for most people. But, the extreme beer seems to be the newest recreation for a lot of thrill seekers. Many men would swear by the beer saying that, it will never get jealous when you pick... -

Eat Chocolate To Cure Your Cough - Say Scientists

Suffering from a bad cough? Well! Here is the remedy - Eat Chocolate To Cure Your Cough – Say Scientists. The latest research on cough treatment has shown that dark chocolates and cocoa actually cure your cough without side effects. Can chocolate... -

Materials That Keep Ice Cubes From Melting For The Longest Time

If you are looking out for materials that keep ice cubes from melting for the longest time then we can help you out.   Obviously, freezer is the best place to keep an ice cube from melting. However, it is sometimes it is required to transfer ice... -

10 Tips To Overcome Sugar Addiction

  Are you addicted to sugar? Are you facing a tough time resisting your favorite sugary munches? If yes, read on, as given here are the top Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction.   Start your fight against sugar by discarding... -

Know Why We Love Ice Cream

Ice-cream is the most popular desert in our country and everyone from a child to an older person seems to be delighted with the thought of eating ice-cream. Did you ever try to know why we love ice-cream so much? Scientists are trying to unfold the... -

What Are The Fragrances & Colors That Cause Hunger

Yes its true, certain  f ragrances & colors can not only  alter our mood but also help manage our feelings of hunger and satiety. Surprised! Let the disbelief take a backseat, for this is scientifically proven too. So read on to find out which... -

Is Fast Food Culture Making Us Impatient

Fast Food culture is making people impatient says a new study. The fast foods are laced with artificial taste makers, which appease the taste buds of eaters and trigger the feeling of wantedness within them. Scientists claim that most of the eaters buy these... -

What Are The Edible Wild Plants In Washington State

If you are going to experience the wilderness of the Washington State, you must be informed about the state as well as the edible wild plants of Washington DC . These edible wild plants can be safely consumed, in case you are stranded for some reason in... -

Why Do We Crave For Certain Foods

You must have felt the sudden craving for some certain foods such as potato chips or chocolate. Do you ever wonder why do we crave for certain foods? Well, now researchers has finally investigated the reason behind these uncontrollable craving. The recent... -

How To Use Dry Ice? – From Fleeting To Freezing; Sleets To Snow

Have you wondered about the mists which rise and roll from a pool of water or even a bath behind the silver screen? You might think it to be the vapors or just an illusion. Well, not so because dry ice creates that effect and we are going to explore some... -

Why Does Cold Water Weigh More Than Hot Water?

We all have studied about the water cycle in our elementary school, but did you ever wonder why cold water weighs more than hot wate r. To understand this, we need to know two simple principles of physics – density and energy.    ... -

Scientists-its Manmade Meat On Our Agenda!

Of all the things … Manmade meat!!! It is true! Scientists from Holland have grown meat in their laboratories. To PETA’s delight of course! They used the cells from a live pig and replicated its growth in Petri dish!! Imagine that.. ... -

Why Do We Crave Delicious Foods?

What makes you drool over delicious foods ? Is it only salt, sugar, bitterness, sourness and hotness that make delicious foods taste irresistible? Definitely not! The logic for this is very simple: If these basic tastes are the only determining factors... -

‘rocket’ Herb Relives Gastric Ulcers

A herb called rocket herb or arugula , scientific name Eruca sativa is now said to relieve stomach ulcer, gastric ulcers and its effects. The rocket herb or arugula is native to the Mediterranean region.     Research on rats with... -

Leak Proof Tomato?! (saving The Sandwich)

A new breed of specially designed tomatoes has been developed at Nunhems in Haelen, Netherlands that promises to make life better for sandwich lovers all over the planet. Why u ask? Well, that is because it is leak proof , which means no runny juices, no... -

Chemistry In Kitchen

                               Chemistry, a science subject, is often thought to be the area for science students. But do we know that people from even other streams are also using chemistry in their... -

Boiling Point Of Water

                               Boiling Point of Water at Vrious Altitudes Altitude   Boiling Points of Water Sea Level 212.0 df ... -

Good News For Coffee Lovers!

Now,here some good news for the coffee lovers . Scientists are giving proofs which say that its consumption is — good for the health.   Coffee intake is linked with reduced risk of... -

Good News For Fish- Eaters

For fish-eaters there is good pieces of news-- 1. A team of researchers led by Dr. D. Mozaffarian presented findings at the Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention that indicated that in older women eating fish is good for your... -