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Food Safety And Storage

Food safety is always a concern. Stephen Linn and Chef Michael Gilbert talk about how to properly store and handle food so no one at your tailgate party goes home sick. - 125.522

Safety And Sanitation In Dormet Cooking

Chef Binks shares some tips to maintain safety and sanitation in Dormet cooking in this video. Join him to know more! - 122.964

Food Safety Tips For Farmers

This video shows all the possible safety tips that can be implemented by the farmers in order to keep their produce safe for use. These practises ensure the good quality and hygiene of the produce before it reaches the market for sale. - 120.211

How To Follow Food Rotation System

Jason Budge, founder of the Shelf Reliance Food Storage is talking about importance of foods, their safety measures and how to store them properly. For the proper storage of foods, he is emphasizing on food rotation system. If you want to know more about the... - 113.337

Michael Licata At The National Restaurant Association, Chicago

At the National Restaurant Association in Chicago, the Food Channel has interviewed Michael Licata, President Emeritus of IFMA. He is giving detail info about the association and also talks about lot of food related issues. If you want to know more about the... - 112.697

Washing Fruit & Vegetables

This video is about how to wash fruits and vegetables before you consume them. You should be washing your fruits and veggies even if they are organically grown, even if it says on the label it’s pre-washed, especially if you are going to eat them raw.... - 112.504

Tips For Making And Keeping A Kitchen Safe

Some safety rules that you need to know before becoming a king of the kitchen. Or a chef of the kitchen... Or a person... in the kitchen, bah anyways learn this before you dare step into the kitchen... - 107.274

Prepare Lids For Canning

Now prepare lids for canning and keep your vaults safe and hygienic. Canning is the safest procedure to store food items, if the lids get contaminated, it can be cause of food poisoning. - 106.904

Reform Of Seafood Inspection In Usa

This video was submitted as part of the Fox News/Google Debate a while back. It wasn't chosen but the issue is very important. History Channel has a new mini series beginning Thursday that was shot in Bayou Le Batre and hopefully addresses this issue in... - 106.167

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Love seafood but concerned about whether or not it is all that safe? Then you need to watch this video and learn about the latest in-thing, the Seafood Watch Program. The aim of the program is to educate people about seafood, its safety and what are better... - 105.326

Food Safety During Power Outages

Weather emergencies can happen. When they do, the best strategy is to already have a plan in place. This includes knowing the proper food safety precautions to take if the power goes out. The winter of 2014 is in its early stages, and yet many parts of the... - 104.397

Haccp Food Safety

Small insulated compact mobile coolers is the most easiest method of transporting food during summers. A combination of ice, ice packs, frozen water bottle etc does wonders to transport food safely without spoiling it. Watch more of the video to find out. - 104.198

Breastfeeding Advantages And Disadvantages For A Raw Foodist

Breastfeeding advantages, and disadvantages are being discussed in the video. When some one is on raw food transition, one should know, whether it is good or bad to breastfeed. - 103.608

How To Avoid Pest In Garden

Take a quick view on how to control, and avoid pests in your garden. Some handy tricks are ushered to keep your garden free from pests. - 103.4

Facts About Milk

This is highly informational video about milk, the various safety concerns limited to milk packaging, and how contamination can easily invade milk. There are lot of milk borned diseases due to cross contamination problems, and other handling processes. Watch... - 101.715

Is Your Refrigerator Making You Sick?

Many people believe that restaurants and other ?outside the home? meal places cause people to be sick after eating. But think again: there can be a lot of bacteria growing in your own kitchen. Why take the chance? Here are few simple things we can do to... - 101.334

All About Food Safety

Candidate for SC Agriculture Commissioner Emile DeFelice talks about food safety and new ideas for growing local food. - 100.745

Keep Foods Cold To Reduce The Risk Of Illness

Storing foods the right way is essential in preventing food borne illnesses. Toby Smithson, Registered Dietitian tells us why it is important to store food below 40 degrees. This is one of the many tips that she shares to create awareness about food born... - 100.512

Cook Food To A Proper Temperature

Toby Smithson, Registered Dietitian shares yet another simple tip to prevent food borne illness. You may get the best food and store it safely but if you don't cook it properly then you are more likely to fall sick. Toby suggests checking the internal... - 100.384

Sustainable Foods & Eco Farming

Sustainable farming and agriculture is something today one cannot be ignorant about. More and more people are convinced about the benefits of the farm to fork way of living. This video is a good one about eco friendly practices when it comes to raising... - 98.3685

Is Your Food Unsafe? Chicken Has Something To Say.

You may store healthy food in your freezer but are they healthy to eat after a power cut? Registered dietician has some food safety tips citing examples of food that perish even in the freezer after 4 hours of power failure. Chicken is one that has to be... - 98.3066

About Bird Flu

Bird flu (also known as avian influenza) has killed numerous birds around the world and several humans. Is it the next big food safety concern in the U.S.? Hear what Dr. Jeff Bender of the Center for Animal Health & Food Safety at University of Minnesota has... - 96.8335

Gmo Labeling - You Have The Right To Know What You Eat

Do you know everything about what you are eating? This video features information about genetically modified food(GMO) labeling that aims at giving the consumer the details about genetically engineered foods on the pack. An eye-opening campaign worth giving... - 96.7494

Funky Slimy Steak

Can you use a steak that is a bit funky or slimy and a few days past it's sell-by date? Depends. Here is a 30 Second Secret video giving you tips on how to check it and what to do to salvage it. - 96.5124

Separate Raw Foods From Ready-to-eat Food

It is not necessary that food contamination starts from the store. It can happen even at home or even in your fridge. Toby Smithson has some useful tips to avoid food contamination at home. These simple habits will help you keep food borne illness at bay all... - 96.2877

Can The Benefits Of Juice Be In A Pill?

Video is a curtain raiser on the issue of new age mantra, that whether we can boast of natural juice supplements in a pill. Vitamin supplements in the form of a capsule or pill is the talk of the town, but how worthy is it popping the pill instead of juicing.... - 94.2918

Tips To Prevent Cross Contamination

Skinny and Mini are busy sharing some kitchen tips on how to prevent cross contamination while cooking in kitchen area. The contaminated area could be breeding ground of many pests, and microbes, which could result on cross contamination. Take a look at the... - 93.9457

What To Do When A Kitchen Pan Catches Fire?

A brief, yet highly instructional video on how to control fire outbreak in your kitchen without preventing it from spreading. Some of the useful tips on the topic is shown with real time action. A must see video for every home maker! - 93.7853

Raw Food Allergies

Raw food diet can provoke some sort of allergies for some people, who are sometimes unaware of the fact. Raw food diet can make you sick, if not consumed properly. It does not suit to some people. - 92.2251

Tips On Food Safety

Do you know that up to 1 million Australians get ill due to incorrect handling, storage and preparation of food? Food safety starts with washing hands and keeping them clean while handling food. Avoid foods to get in the danger temperature zone. Danger... - 91.9934

Tips On Water Filtering

Filtering water on the go will hold you in good stead especially when you are travelling to interior areas of countries in Asia where water sanitation is not the best atleast in rural areas. - 91.6563

E. Coli Can Be Anywhere...

Did you know food itself can be unsafe? E-Colic is a food borne illness caused by foods like chicken, beef and spinach. Toby Smithson who is a registered dietician has some safety tips to follow before consuming our favorite food that are prone to cause... - 90.862

How You Can Know Your Food Is Organic And Fda Regulations

So after I posted the organic food vs. conventional food episode demonstration...I received a bunch of questions about how you can trust that the food you're getting is organic. Well, if you're shopping in the grocery store, you have to watch out for these... - 90.8371

Supper Vlog - Pesticide Potatoes

This video talks about pesticide potatoes. Today there are hardly any veggies out there in the market available for the consumer without any pesticides that have been used on them. This can be very harmful and its obviously hard for a lay man to figure out... - 90.3734

Food Contamination At Odwala

Odwalla is featured on a news story regarding food safety and crisis communication. The video talks about how the company got back on its feet after it was held responsible for a number of deaths due to food safety concerns - 89.7447

C4fl Food Safety Program

This is the commercial for a up and coming food safety training for restaurants. Check out the sound stage and quality! - 88.7633

Clean To Reduce The Risk Of Foodborne Illness

Certain foods like meat, poultry and green leafy vegetables are prone to cause food born diseases. So, just investing in healthy food cannot bring healthy results. Toby Smithson enlightens with a simple tip like washing hands in between cooking to reduce the... - 88.76

Laila Sultan On Hidden Dangers Of Fast Food Restaurants

Local activist organizes efforts to make fast food restaurants safe after getting burned in a fast food restaurant. Interestingly she talks about the physical dangers more than the food related safety concerns. - 88.652

Public Opinion About Food Safety

Interviews of the American public that reveals their awareness towards food safety and their knowledge of things like food thermometer. - 88.4965

Kids Talking About Food Safety

Kids talk about what they know and understand about food safety. Interesting video that drives home the point that food safety is increasingly important for good health. - 88.3622

Safety Measures At Mcdonald's

Find out about how McDonald's works with chicken farmers to insure high safety standards and high quality chicken products. - 88.2619

Food Safety At Whitecrest Mushrooms

Murray Good of Whitecrest Mushroom in Putnam Ontario, talks about the food safety programs they have on the farm. "The main focus at Whitecrest with the new production and the new plant is food safety. We adhere to SQF Certification as far as food safety,... - 88.2579

How To Prevent Cross Contamination And Danger Zone

Maintaining proper hygiene conditions in the kitchen is an extreme necessity, though most people conveniently ignore it. Keeping your kitchen clean, storing food in their right temperature, using separate sponges and kitchen towel while cooking and rubbing... - 85.7563

Mangos Are Poison? Mangos And Food Safety

Sarah Krieger shows how to properly cut a Mango, talks about Mango safety. Mango peel and sap contains urushiol, the chemical in poison ivy and poison sumac that can cause skin rash. Sarah is a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the ADA and to know... - 85.0546

Food Safety: Cook Separate Clean And Chill

Proper storage, cooking and handling of food are the only ways to ensure its safe to eat. Always follow this simple rule - Cook, Separate, Clean and Chill. Cook food to a safe internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria. Separate cooked and uncooked... - 84.1145

Preventing Freezer Burn

Do you know how to tell whether frozen food in your freezer has deteriorated, or how to prevent freezer burn? What this video to learn some facts and tips about freezing and freezer burn. - 82.9833

Food Safety

An engaging and amusing stop motion film driving home the impending food safety problems in the world today. - 75.4773

Storage Tips For Breads, Biscuits And Cakes

Storing food properly will help maintain its shelf life and assist in reducing food wastage. If you love baking or baked items, then here are a few tips on how to store breads, biscuits and cakes, using containers to save the environment. - 72.2155

Health Risk Of Bottled Water

Video discusses the probable health risk of drinking water, which can cause serious diseases like food poisoning, and water borne diseases. Bottled drinking water are not fresh and are canned dates back, which might give rise to water bacteria in it. - 69.0318

How To Prevent Diseases In Plants

You can get some great tips on how to prevent your plants from getting diseased in this video. Some of the ways you can use to prevent occurrence of such outbreak could be trimming down the withered foliages. - 63.9741

How To Control Pests

Pest attack is part of nature but we need to control them before they destroy all food crops. There are many simple ways of removing the pests from plants. A couple of tips really works. - 63.7625

Virginia Farm Bureau Research On Food Safety

Virginia`s researchers are busy eliminating contamination from foods reaching the customers. High pressure technology is being used to treat the foods, and save them from contamination. - 63.0251