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Is Your Chicken Nugget Being Processed In China

The ‘US Department of Agriculture’ (USDA) has given the nod to the entry of processed poultry from China, which has already raised in a storm over the issue of food imports into the country. The approved Chinese companies will be allowed to process ... -

Food Additive Safety Jeopardized By Industry

FDA receives numerous notices by food establishments vouching for the additives they use. A recent survey conducted by the ‘JAMA Internal Medicine,’ however, showed that almost all of the people who submitted the notices appeared to have vested... -

Toilet Water Cleaner Than Chinese Ice Cubes

The fast food outlets of Beijing, China serve ice teeming with bacteria . This was what the primary Chinese media, ‘China Central Television’ found out after it tested the ice served with beverages at these outlets. The American giants, KFC and... -

Memorial Day Food Safety Tips

It is difficult to say ‘No’ to a Memorial Day picnic . After all, one rarely gets a chance to enjoy with gusto nowadays. But what about the stomach ailments and other ill effects of eating food outdoors? No worries! Just be a little careful and... -

Nyc Eggs Contain Lead

A recent research has left food experts baffled in New York. The ‘New York State Health Department’ study involved checking the freshly laid eggs in city gardens and homes that raise chickens. While such eggs are usually considered to be healthier than... -

Barcodes To Ensure Food Safety

Scanning the barcode at the pay booth of retail outlets is no news. The unique coding system gives us information about the product as well as its price. It has also been used to trace different trends at times. But now, the very same technology is going to... -

An Entire Country Goes Organic

  Bhutan, the tiny Asian country set high on the Himalayas has announced that it is going to become 100% organic soon. While the third world country does not use too many chemical pesticides or fertilizer for growing their crops,... -

Is Your Steak Contaminated?

  Steaks, roasts, or ground beef are a few basic food stuffs used in our kitchen, something that we cannot do without. But did you know why the USDA recommends cooking the steaks and roasts at 145 degrees while the ground beef requires 160 degrees... -

Mango Recall Extended To The Starbucks Fruit Cup

  The juicy and succulent Daniella brand of mangoes were recalled last week across the United States due to salmonella contamination . This move was taken by the authorities after more than 100 people fell sick in 16... -

Diamond Making Technique Utilized For Food Safety

  Taking the help of food preservation technologies   for keeping food safe and free from bacteria is nothing new. While numerous methods like heating, freezing, canning, or irradiation seem to work well they are not... -

Needle Filled Sandwiches Served On Flight Again

  It seemed to be a replay of sorts or a déjà vu to be precise. An Air Canada flight en route to Toronto from Victoria on Monday was in the News for serving its passengers a sharp sewing needle along with pre-packaged... -

Needles In Sandwiches- Food Safety Gone For A Toss

  Two of Delta Airlines flights from the Netherlands made News today as passengers were served with tiny, sharp needles well packed within their turkey sandwiches. The sewing needles were found mid-air as the passengers unwrapped their sandwiches... -

Every Ceramic Water Filter Has A Silver Lining

  Water is often poetically described as being synonymous to life itself. The truth is not too far from it. In fact, lack of clean, drinking water is the reason for wiping out billions of lives especially in the developing world where the water... -

China Takes Action As Athletes Say No Meat!

The Chinese officials are now determined to enforce food safety regulations even more strictly. This news comes in the wake of numerous food safety scandals   that have been hitting China in the recent years. However, the Asian... -

Obesity Increases World Population By 500000000

The rising obesity graph has been a concerning factor for the world in general and US in particular   for quite some time now. However, scientists recently revealed that the food required to sustain all those extra pounds  could... -

Unsafe To Eat In China

Food Safety is one of the leading concerns worldwide now. While USA and most of Europe has certain regulations in place regarding the fundamentals of food manufacturing and packaging, the Asian giant China seems to have been oblivious to it until recently. ... -

Avoid Endangered Fishes! Eat Healthy Alternatives Instead!

Fish, considered to be a healthy food is replete with protein and minerals along with the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Termed as a super food   , the produce from our oceans is often considered delicacy and has made a name as a gourmet fare... -

Dangers Of Eating Raw Beef

I n case you are planning to serve  beef Tartare sandwiches for dinner tonight, change the menu. This is a precaution to be taken because of the dangers of eating raw beef, which include E. Coli infection, Salmonella, and several other illnesses. E.... -

Dangers Of Eating Raw Seafood

Eating seafood in the raw form is not a new thing, nor is it unacceptable. The oyster and sushi bars that are dot the American restaurant landscape prove its popularity. However, have you ever considered the fact that there might be dangers of eating raw... -

Dangers Of Eating Raw Chicken

You obviously thought that chicken (white meat as we know it along with fish) is probably the best thing you could add to your diet to make it healthy. That was probably before you had heard of the dangers of eating raw chicken. Yes, eating it uncooked has... -

Dangers Of Eating Raw Meat

Forget about sushi, the dangers of eating raw meat  are many. In case you have been served with uncooked meat recently or you are just reading it for general information, know that eating the meat in its raw form comes with its share of problems, which are... -

Food 101

I don’t think we’ll ever really know which came first, the chicken or the egg but nowadays we are left wondering what even happened to the chicken?  Is it even a chicken anymore?  There are some things we can be certain about, though, like the... -

Meat Glue??

Unbelievable what gets passed under the radar when it comes to the food that we consume. This one here takes the cake!   "Meat glue" has been used for years to hold odds and ends of scrap meat...with this powder (notice how the handlers are... -

Food Dyes Linked To Hyperactivity

  Food dyes linked with hyperactivity is no more an apprehension, research and study on this subject-line has confirmed this fact. It has been proved by several sources that food dyes make you hyper active and it is... -

Are Food Colors Safe?

  Every manufacturer in today’s world uses food colors t o make its product more attractive to its consumers. But recent studies show that rainbow of food dyes has a darker side, making us think Are Food Colors Safe? Let’s... -

Is It Safe To Eat Tapioca In Case Of Allergies?

  Tapioca is grown as under root vegetable and is basically a shrub of manioc plant variety. Some of the handful researches speaks volume about the safety assumption of tapioca for allergic person. If you are diagnosed... -

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Fish

Eating raw fish might not be a safe option for you, due to multitude of health risks associated with it. Raw fish might damage your cognitive skills, disrupt your digestive system, pose cancer risks, and drive you to hospital bed for long. Sushi is one of... -

What Are The Myths Related To Acai Berry Usage

    The acai berry  is a fruit native to Central and South America that has rapidly exploded onto the health-food scene, trailing a host of alleged benefits. But apart from its benefits, there are several myths related to acai... -

What Are The Risks Of Taking Extreme Acai Berry

  There are certain risks of extreme acai berry treatment. And if you are one of many individuals who prefer to go for an acai berry   - based supplement treatment method for minor health disorders then you must... -

What Are The Health Risks Of Grilled Meat?

The appetite awakening steak of gri lled meat may definitely titillate your taste buds, but might be horrendous to your health. Scientists from world over unanimously proclaim that deadly health risks are associated with... -

Which Foods Should Be Avoided With Carotenemia

  Let me tell you about the foods to avoid with carotenemia because the best way to curing this disease is to avoid foods that are rich in carotene and Vitamin A. When food rich in these two components are consumed in excess,... -

How To Avoid Mercury Poisoning From Fish

How to avoid mercury poisoning from fish ? Yes, you have read it right - your favorite seafood can cause mercury poisoning     ! Recent studies have revealed that more than 50% cases of mercury poisoning were reported after the... -

4 Ways To Prevent Iron Poisoning For Yourself

  It becomes imperative to prevent iron poisoning when you are diagnosed with iron overdoes or hemochromatosis. Iron poisoning is the condition when people are more indulgent in  foods dealing heavily with iron .... -

How Safe Is It To Use Accent Seasoning?

How safe is it to u se accent seasoning in your diet is the controversial question keeping many of us steer clear of it. Accent seasoning is the name given to chemical called mono sodium glutamate. Mono sodium glutamate is popularly floated by brand... -

Side Effects Of Drinking Seawater

  The side effects of drinking sea water are never praiseworthy although sea waters are easy available water source; research and study has revealed that there are possibilities of serious health hazards due to drinking sea water. Somehow scientists... -

What Are The Negative Effects Of Aspertame

  The negative effects of aspartame have been clinically proven. Read on to know more about aspartame negative effects.     Before we have a look at the negative effects... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Guarana Seeds

Guarana seeds are one of the main ingredients in many energy drinks; however there are few side effects of guarana seeds. Let’s try to know more about the guarana seeds and its side effects. Scientifically, guarana is known as Paullinia cupana,... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Sea Water

  The side effects of drinking sea water are numerous. Although there are arguments that claim that sea water side effects can be minimized by mixing sea water with fresh water in reasonable proportions and up to two cups of sea water can be... -

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Soy Products

  Are there any adverse effects of soy products? There have been numerous studies that fuel the discussions about soy product effects. There are government lobbies for and against this supposed meat substitute. Soy as a grain has been consumed... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Chlorella

Chlorella is an alga which grows in fresh water and is used to make nutritional supplements and medicine but studies suggest that there could be side effects of chlorella . The majority of the chlorella that is available in the U.S. is from Japan or... -

What Are The Health Problems Associated With Carbonated Drinks

All of you know the health problems with carbonated drinks . Being the most accessible and sought after beverages, carbonated drinks eventually makes your life miserable and at times, ends it. Thanks to the advancement in medical science and researches,... -

Major Food Poisoning Signs In Adults

  Major food poisoning signs in adults depend basically on the kind of contaminant as well as the amount of food eaten. The symptoms do develop rapidly, approximately within 30 minutes, or so and they worsen over days to weeks. Most of the basic... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Germanium

Several side effects of germanium have made this element a health hazard. The chemical element is also known for its benefits in treating cancer of uterus, breast, lung and bladder but with impending negative effects. There have been various studies to... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Hawthorn

Hawthorn berry is a common shrub growing along the hillsides and woods. The hawthorn berry has been used in treatment of respiratory and circulatory problems since the Middle Ages and this article outlines what are the side effects of hawthorn ... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Green Tea Leaf Extracts

Green tea leaf extract is obtained from the plant botanically known as camellia sinensis. The Chinese first discovered the medicinal benefits of green tea . The  green tea extract capsules were used to promote   weight loss and cardiovascular... -

The Dangers Of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is considered as a fruit with many benefits for health and body. But not many of us are aware of the dangers of pomegranate juice. There are many dangers of drinking pomegranate juice which can vary from being mild and short term to chronic and... -

What Precautions Should You Follow To Use Indoor Smoking Grill

Here are a few precautions for indoor smoking grills that you should follow when grilling foods inside your home. Indoor grilling is a new technique which is very handy when you cannot grill outside because of poor weather conditions. Indoor... -

What Are The Health Risks Of Undercooked Beef

It is very important to learn – what are the health risks of undercooked beef; as many a the times we don’t pay enough attention to what we are eating and how we are going to be affected. The health risks of undercooked beef can be quite serious... -

With Its Collapse, Honey Bees Threaten Food Security

Albert Einstein had been right when he cited that honey bees threaten food security. With the United Nation’s food price index being registered at the highest of all the times, the concern that honey bees threaten food security has become the niche one. It... -

Fake Corned Beef On Sale In Ghana

The latest news ‘Fake Corned Beef on Sale in Ghana’ is really shocking. The adulteration of food product has become so rampant that it is really difficult to find genuine product in the market. Fake corned beef in Ghana is one of such incidence which has... -

How To Remove Food Contamination And Make The Food Safe Again

  How to remove food contamination ; that is a nagging question we often have to face. You will just need to be more careful while cooking and removing food contamination will not be a matter of concern at all. As you know,... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Soybeans

  Soybeans have been considered as a healthy food and rich source of proteins. On the contrary some of the recent researches have reflected on the side effects of soybeans . These findings have raised questions on the usage of soybeans in... -

What Are The Dangers Of Pressure Canning Meat

  Home canning and preservation of food is one of the oldest techniques used to preserve food. What are the dangers of pressure canning meat?  Home made techniques of pickling, bottling with vinegar have been routinely done by our grandmas too. ... -

What Are The Risks Of Eating Dead Mussels

                                              If you relish mussels and curious as to what are the risks of eating dead mussels, read on. Mussels are delicious shellfish that are very high in vitamins, omega... -

How To Get Rid Of The Salty Brine Taste Of Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese is a curdled cheese which is of Greek origin and is generally sprinkled over salads and pastas. It has a distinct salty taste and if you find it too strong there are ways to get rid of the salty brine taste .   How it is made ... -

Food Fraud: Inulin - Fiber Supplement Or False Claim

I have just finished reading an article on Food Fraud: Inulin - Fiber Supplement Or False Claim . It seems that nowadays every second ingredient, which hits the market raises the claim for being complete fiber supplement and make us to believe that all... -

Soy Products Found To Contain Dangerous Neurotoxin

Soy Products Found To Contain Dangerous Neurotoxin - this alarming news may disappoint the consumers who love soy products. But this is true that while eating soy products like protein bars or burgers you may be unknowingly consuming neurotoxin. ... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Oolong Tea

Nowadays, every second person I know has been guzzling down Oolong Tea as a slimming magic potion, but is it really as safe as we think it is? With the good comes the bad and undoubtedly there are side effects of Oolong Tea, and near fatal ones at that. If... -

7 Tips To Prevent Food Poisoning Yourself

  Upset tummy, vomiting and nausea are some of the effects of food poisoning. It is very important to prevent food poisoning as it can sometimes pose serial health hazards also. The major cause of food poisoning is consumption of food which is... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Red Yeast Rice?

A dietary supplement of Red Yeast Rice, which lowers cholesterol, can be dangerous too. It will be helpful to you, if you know What Are The Side Effects Of Red Yeast Rice before consuming it. Introduction: When a yeast strain, called Monascus... -

Whole Foods Recalls Gingerbread Houses Over Food Poisoning Fears

This holiday sea son, if you have collected the Whole Foods gingerbread houses, then you should pay attention to this news because  Whole Foods recalls gingerbread houses over food poisoning fears . According to a report from FDA, the... -

Now Food Safety Has A Chance

  US Senators passed legislation on food safety; the new law is stringent and empowers FDA in many ways which it lacked earlier. Now food safety has a chance to survive the terrifying food adulteration which is witnessed on a regular basis.... -

Chicken Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a dreadful yet common disease that occurs when the food eaten is not properly cleaned or cooked. This blog focuses exclusively on chicken food poisoning. Poultry is by default the most preferred meat variant the world over. Everyone... -

Diet Fraud: Hcg Diet

Nutritionists and health professionals have asked the general public to steer clear of the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet Direct is a sham feels the experts as it makes use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. The diet fraud... -

Un Shows Concern Over Safety Of Chinese Food Safety Activists

A human rights official expressed concern over safety of Chinese food safety activists this Thursday. The official is associated with the United Nations and seemed to have grave concern over safety of the Chinese activists who are residing in the country. -

How To Observe Drinking Safety With Alcohol

Christmas is here and so is the New Year’s Eve, and hence you have good reasons to party hard. If your party plans include the consumption of alcoholic beverages, you should carefully consider the safety risks that it poses and you should be aware of How... -

Food Fraud: Low Fat Latte

  Low fat Latte – isn’t it tempting to choose this reduced fat version of this delectable beverage. However, a closer look at the nutritional composition of this form of latte will show you that the “low fat” label is just another food... -

What Are The Risks Of Increased Sugar Consumption

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you need to know the risks of increased sugar consumption on your health and body. Let’s find out with this article What Are The Risks Of Increased Sugar Consumption? Introduction: What may surprise many of... -

Food Fraud: Reduced Fat Cheese

Reduced fat cheese  and low fat food is the mantra for all health enthusiasts. Everyone from fashion models to film stars, sports persons to ordinary people are all picking up reduced fat cheese to keep slim and healthy, without having to ditch their... -

Food Fraud: Soups

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Food Fraud: Soups! A bowl of soup a day keeps you fit, or does it really? The only time I drink soups is whenever I'm on the GM Diet. Oh, yeah, that is how I lost a lot of weight. As a part of the diet, one is... -

Disadvantages Of Pomegranates

Pomegranates undoubtedly have several advantages but the  disadvantages of pomegranates  are many.  Fresh pomegranates are available from the month of September to January. Pomegranates make tasty juices, garnishes as well as a light snack. Generally... -

Food Fraud: Low Cholesterol Butter Substitutes

To keep your heart ticking in full swing, simply calls for a healthy-lifestyle, paved way by a healthy diet – not much greased by the fatty foods. That’s how low fat substitutes pitched in and they were playing safe till some stark revelations about ... -

Food Fraud: Soy

Soy is an important food in Southeast Asian countries; it’s the staple food for the poor and healthy food for the rich. The poor eat soy for protein and the rich for keeping their heart healthy. Mostly people who cannot afford to feed their children with... -

Food Fraud: Energy Bars

Energy bars have almost replaced breakfast in US, the simple reason being its convenience of use, healthy nutrients and easy to carry along. But the most important question here is, are energy bars as safe as they sound or they are mere food fraud s... -

Food Fraud: Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks have now become an essential part of our life, almost everyone we see around has one in their hand. Are energy drinks as healthy as what we see and read in the advertisements or it’s just another food fraud ... -

Food Fraud: Low Fat Granola Bar

 While the word “granola” is often used to describe healthy breakfast or a healthy snack, granola bars are often loaded with fatty oils and sugar. The so called Low Fat Granola Bar is calorie dense. These bars are low in dietary fiber with high... -

Food Fraud: Nuts

  Nuts are a good source of protein, fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Though they have lot of fat content, nuts are a good source of mono and polyunsaturated fats. There is large variety and lots of nut types, all of which are not healthy. ... -

Food Fraud: Salad Toppings

If you seek advice on weight loss or a nutritious healthy diet, the first suggestion that comes your way is to eat salad. While the fresh veggies are healthy and do a lot of good to the body, most Salad Toppings are unhealthy. Toppings of... -

Food Fraud: Smoothie

A smoothie is considered to be a healthy option in comparison to other non nutritious desserts. However, it is time to awaken to the fact that it is actually a food fraud with a smoothie being no healthier than a cream and sugar laden ice cream. ... -

The Effects Of Toxic Food Poisoning

The effects of toxic food poisoning are very bad. Toxic food poisoning is a food-borne illness. Food poisoning is basically caused by eating contaminated food. Its effects occur in a few hours of ingestion and it may include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea... -

New Tests Find Mercury In Canned Tuna - Avoid It

  Fish is an important part of diet in several counties and also a good source of protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, mercury has always been suspected to be present in some fish and doctors have issued warnings to this effect,... -

Food Fraud: Fruit Juice

  Fruit Juice is probably the most popular beverage among the “health conscious” population. True, fruit juice is filled with essential vitamins, minerals and cancer fighting anti-oxidants; but is it really as healthy as it is purported to be... -

Pesticide Alert On Fruits & Vegetables

    The Environmental Working Group, a non profit organization working on health related issues in the USA has put out a pesticide alert on fruits & vegetables lately. The hazards of eating food products tainted... -

How To Safely Eat Raw Oysters?

While raw, uncooked oysters are considered to be one of the world’s popular delicacies, questions are often raised on how safe it is to eat raw oysters? Definitely, when you cook oysters, the associated risks are reduced significantly. But, if raw oysters... -

How To Ensure Picnic Food Safety For Allergics

Think of a situation when you return home after a wonderful picnic, only to find that you have developed some food allergies? Nothing can be worse than this. It is better to know how to ensure picnic food safety for allergics so that you do not have to... -

Which Cookware Is Safest For Cooking

  Ever since the health issues associated with Teflon cookware came forth, concerns regarding which Cookware is safest for cooking, have baffled many households. Hearing the news of poisonous Teflon, many have returned to the stainless... -

Is Supersalmon Safe To Eat

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Why are people so worried about the 'Goliath', genetically engineered sister of the Atlantic Salmon? The biggest question today seems to be: Is Supersalmon safe to eat?   A total of 14 years... -

Why People Put Preservatives In Our Food?

Let us discover why people put preservatives in our food .  People have been adding preservatives to food for thousands of years now. Preservatives not only maintain the freshness and appearance but they also increase the length of the time period for... -

How To Protect Your Family From Food Poisoning

      Food poisoning can happen anytime but the most frequent instances of food poisoning happen in summers when the temperatures are warm enough to spoil fresh vegetables and milk products. Read our guide on how to... -

Washing Raw Chicken Increases Risk Of Food Poisoning

Did you know that washing raw chicken increases risk of food poisoning ? Yes – this is true that people who wash chicken thoroughly before starting to cook them, in a way, increase their own risk of food poisoning not only for themselves but also for... -

How To Become A Food Auditor

Ever since there has been an increased awareness of food safety, the need of a food auditor has been felt everywhere. How to become a food auditor and be a part of the food safety department of your State? Well – becoming a food auditor requires you to... -

What Are The Dangers Of Drinking Distilled Water

  Distillation is a process of purifying water for drinking and pharmaceutical use. Distillation of water is a three step process involving boiling of water, evaporating it and condensing vapor to get purified water. While distilled water is free of... -

How To Find Healthy Food In New Delhi?

  The capital of the Indian sub continent, a melting pot of myriad cultures and cuisines; New Delhi is the face of the cosmopolitan Indian. If you are a tourist  in the Indian capital, all set to explore the plethora of... -

The Curse Of Pesticides On Fruits

  Sometimes man gets into a vicious circle, by trying to combat an enemy and breeding another opponent to be combated. Science and technology made so many advances paving way for progress, that the negative elements were... -

Salsa And Guacamole-poisonous Dipping??

Crime -  Food Poisoning Culprit - Salsa and Guacamole! Yes, its true, our all time favorite Mexican dips, salsa and guacamole, are responsible for  the most cases of food poisoning and other food borne illnesses! A 2010 study ... -

How To Get Rid Of Burnt Food Odor

Burnt food Odor is one of the most common problems a person faces at least once in his lifetime. Burnt food Odor can be so repulsive and distracting that people are usually willing to do anything to flush out the smoky air from their homes.  Burnt food... -

The Gm Tomato That Stays Fresh For Six Weeks - But Would You Want To Eat It?

I love heirloom tomatoes not the tasteless, cardboardy hybrids sold in most grocery stores.  We grow heirloom tomatoes in our garden.  In fact our whole family does.  Why?  Cost, flavour, freshness, and so on.  Then I read the article below and I simply... -

Raw Eggs??? Dangerous Or Not?

Ever tried having some raw eggs. We have always stopped ourselves from consuming raw eggs because of the possible presence of Salmonella (and of course the revolting smell and taste could be one of the reasons!)  Anyways for those of you who like raw... -

Top 10 Tips For Safe Christmas Cooking

Now what would Christmas be without an extensive Christmas lunch spread laid out for everyone to enjoy! And of course no spread is complete without the Turkey. But did you know that during  Christmas there is an increase in food born illnesses and... -

Safety Measures Of Food

Food provides nutrition but if we are not careful, it can lead to unexpected and really harmful hazards. As such, we should never overlook the importance of safety measures , proper handling and cooking of the food. Potential food hazards can be ... -