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The Coolest New Place In New York – Literally!

  How nice it would be to escape into a cool retreat, away from the hot sun! Well, the people of New York have that luxury now. An ice bar, made entirely of ice, is now open to the public.    Located at the 6 th Avenue... -

A Walk Through Kaleidoscope

  The Mighty Atlantis A trip to the Palm Jumeira in Dubai left me stunned by the marvel that comes with one of the biggest man-made islands on the planet.  The big and mighty Atlantis hotel which is located... -

Russia’s ‘bunker 42’ Is A Restaurant

Trust Russians to come up with something as ridiculous and intimidating, all at the same time, as the ‘Bunker 42.’ This place is a modern-day recreational space, which is as happening as it can get. The staggering space, 75,000 square foot, was a nuclear... -

Does Vanity Nightclub Have America's Best Restroom?

  It is not often that one thinks of a restroom and a nightclub in the same breath. However, for people who frequent a night club, the importance of a restroom cannot be undermined, whether it is for touching up that make up, to puke in... -

Decoration Of Ice Cream Parlor

Create a welcoming sign for your guests, saying “Ice Cream Parlor.” Or make it more personalized with someone’s first name. Use balloons by bunching them together to create an ice cream cone, use brown colored balloons for the cone and different colors... -