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Top 10 Muscle Building Foods For Men

Lean muscles not only look great they also help a man stay fit. More muscles mean a higher metabolism so that more calories are burnt. The top 10 muscle building foods that are mentioned in the blog below are rich sources of protein, vitamins and minerals.... -

Dairy Free Snacks

  The idea of obtaining dairy free snacks  seems slightly difficult in case you need to. Milk is still thought to be the most convenient food for preparing healthy snack items and avoiding it altogether while providing your child with... -

Lactose Free Meals

  Lactose free meals are not especially difficult to plan especially if you know for sure what you need to avoid. But why do you need to avoid them in the first place? Well, you may be aware that lactose is a sugar, originally found... -

Gluten Free Snacks

  Gluten free snacks may be ignored if you have no problem tucking in to cookies and breads, most of them made of wheat. However, you do have to be careful if you have been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease and cannot... -

Nut Free Snacks

  Nut free snacks are available commercially but may not always help you to remain healthy. Almost all products contain peanuts as well as a variety of tree nuts in some form or the other and trying to consume them in spite of being... -

Lower Cholesterol Diet Exercise

You can lower cholesterol level to a significant amount, simply by following proper diet and exercise program. To keep yourself fit and healthy, you have to maintain a balance between the good or HDL cholesterol and bad or LDL cholesterol. High level... -

Fat Free Diet Menu

Fat free diet is possibly the best kind of diet for overweight or obese people. Sticking to a diet entirely devoid of fat won’t just help you to lose pounds, but will also help to keep kilos from piling on. A large amount of fruits, vegetables and fresh... -

Fruits For Vitamins

It’s a well known fact that people eat fruits for vitamins as vitamins are the important nutrient found only in living things viz. plants and animals. Moreover, plant vitamins from fruit are more healthy option. They also play a pivotal role in the... -

Menopause Foods To Avoid

The menopause signals the end of fertility phase in women and it is often associated with painful and irritating symptoms. During such times women should know which menopause foods to avoid and which to eat because food helps to curb the after effects of... -

Headache Foods To Avoid

Headaches are defined as pain that occurs in head. They are triggered by various causes but can be curbed by foods up to a large extent and for that you should be very clear about which headache foods to avoid and which foods to eat. The headaches are of... -

Urinary Tract Infection Foods To Avoid

Urinary Tract infection, a bacterial or fungal infection of the urinary tract, can aggravate if you don’t exercise care with diet. For this you need to know which urinary tract infection foods to avoid. The symptoms of this disease varies from painful... -

Rosacea Foods To Avoid

Rosacea is an incurable yet manageable skin condition that results in skin inflammation and in extreme cases disfiguration of the face. Though, topical medication and anti inflammatory drugs are usually recommended for managing the condition, knowing about... -

Pancreatitis Foods To Avoid

Pancreatis is the inflammation of pancreas which often gets painful. An inflamed pancreas is always painful and harmful and if you are suffering from this condition then you need to know which pancreatis foods to avoid .       -

High Potassium Foods To Avoid

The health condition which heightens the level of potassium in blood is known as hyperkalemia. There can be myriad of reasons for its occurrence, but it can be surely curbed if you know which high potassium foods to avoid. The enhanced potassium levels can... -

Hiatal Hernia Foods To Avoid

Hiatal Hernia is a disease which affects the portion of stomach that seeps through diaphragm. Normally the situation can be controlled in minor cases with the help of diet, only you need to be sure which Hiatal Hernia foods to avoid. Large cases of Hiatal H -

Asthma Foods To Avoid

Asthma is a chronic lung disorder which inflames the airways and causes the shortness of breath. Asthma can be controlled with a diet but you should know which asthma foods to avoid. In fact very few food items are identified which will ease the asthma... -

Underactive Thyroid Foods To Avoid

  Many people are unaware that there are many underactive thyroid foods to avoid if they are suffering from hypothyroidism. This condition mainly affects the women in the age group of 40-50. The condition often inflicts several... -

Psoriasis Foods To Avoid

  You need to know which psoriasis foods to avoid if you wish to lessen up the chances of flare-ups. The psoriasis is a skin condition which is brought by the fast multiplication of cells on the skin surface. The new cells grow on the old... -

Rheumatoid Arthritis Foods To Avoid

  Rheumatoid arthritis is a very painful condition and it affects the joints. It may worsen if you don’t know which rheumatoid arthritis foods to avoid. It is universally believed that the diet helps in curbing the... -

Triglycerides Foods To Avoid

  Triglycerides are types of fat which are mostly present in blood. The high levels of triglycerides can ring the death bell, so you need to know which triglyceride foods to avoid for staying alive. The triglycerides... -

Thrush Foods To Avoid

Thrush or Candida thrush is a yeast infection that occurs within the mouth. There are many thrush foods to avoid if you are suffering from the disease. While suffering from disease certain foods should be avoided because they offer food for the candida to... -

Migraine Foods To Avoid

Many of the people are largely unaware of the fact there are several migraine foods to avoid especially if you suffer from hammering headaches. The migraine is generally identified with severe headaches which may occur regularly and affect the same... -

Osteoarthritis Foods To Avoid

There are many o steoarthritis foods to avoid if you need to keep the symptoms of this painful disease on hold. Osteoarthritis is caused by degeneration of cartilages and bones located in the joint. Normally this condition is noticed in the hands, knuckles... -

Fibromyalgia Foods To Avoid

Before reading through the list of fibromyalgia foods to avoid, it is very important for everyone to get proper introduction to this disease. The condition is normally explained as the series of symptoms that trigger the joint and muscle pains, and... -

Diarrhea Foods To Avoid

Diarrhea is a condition where the person experiences loose bowel motions at least couple of times during the whole day.  This is one of the prime causes of infant deaths worldwide. If you are reeling under the violent blow of the disease then you need to be... -

Lactose Intolerance Foods To Avoid

If you are suffering from lactose intolerance that means your body is unable to digest the milk sugar. This is caused due to lack of an enzyme called lactase. Under such circumstances, you should be very particular and clear about which foods to avoid for -

Anxiety Foods To Avoid

When we hear of Anxiety most of the people think of seeking medical help rarely they think of knowing which anxiety foods to avoid . A well –balanced diet is also a key to elevated mind. If you are suffering from bouts of uneasiness and restlessness... -

Yeast Infection Foods To Avoid

Yeast Infections, which are normally observed in the digestive tract, mouth, or vagina, are caused by yeast like pathogenic fungi known as Candida. The knowledge of  yeast infection foods to avoid will help relieve you of the Cadida symptoms like heavy... -

Bloating Foods To Avoid

  At times, you might have felt that stomach has turned heavy after eating certain food or foods this condition is exactly known as bloating. In order to avoid such a situation you need to know which bloating foods to avoid . The foods that... -

Eczema Foods To Avoid

  Eczema is the inflammation on the outer layer of skin.  Foods do play an important role in curbing eczema.  So, you all need to know which eczema foods to avoid if you wish to curb the outburst of inflammation.  “You... -

Hernia Foods To Avoid

Hiatus Hernia is a condition wherein a part of the stomach seeps into the diaphragm meant for the esophagus. If you are one of the victims of this disease then the knowledge of hernia foods to avoid will help you prevent symptoms like heartburn and GERD. ... -

Hyperthyroidism - Foods To Avoid

This blog talks in length about the hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism – foods to avoid .   For those who don’t know hyperthyroidism is a condition where the thyroid glass starts producing the thyroid in excess amounts. The disease is... -

G6pd Deficiency Foods To Avoid

Before going into details of the G 6Pd deficiency foods to avoid, it’s very important to know what is G6Pd and how is it caused? The G6Pd is a kind of Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. It is normally passed on as the genetic disorder. It... -

Constipation Foods To Avoid

Constipation is basically charactericized as the condition which slows down the digestive process and often results in incomplete, infrequent or painful bowel elimination.   Lot has been said and read about the Foods to Avoid for... -

Cholesterol Food Chart

We should know about Cholesterol chart food list from authentic source. Knowing ch olesterol food char t  is o ne of the best ways to keep a tight control on your cholesterol count. We often get... -

Gastritis Foods To Avoid

Gastritis is a medical condition where the stomach lining gets inflamed.  Gastritis is the disease of stomach, so you should be clear about which gastritis foods to avoid and which foods to eat.  Health experts say that the diet is the only thing... -

Kidney Stones Foods To Avoid

  Kidney Stone is a painful urological disorder which is experienced in urethra, bladder or kidney.   Kidney stones are less likely to occur from factors other than food. So, you need to be very prompt regarding which... -

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Foods To Avoid

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is stomach disorder which affects bowel and guts.  If you are trysting with irritable bowel syndrome, there are many IBS foods to avoid . Health experts suggest... -

Ulcers Foods To Avoid

If you have ulcers then doctors may advice you to tailor your diet which ulcers foods to avoid such that it goes slow on stomach. for digestive well being The experts at NIH (National Institutes of Health) are of the opinion there are certain... -

Arthritis Foods To Avoid

Which are the arthritis foods to avoid ? We have read immense articles searching for the information regarding such foods or food groups. Lot has been said about such foods to avoid for arthritis because they were found to trigger the pains in... -

Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid

  If you experience refluxing in the middle of night then you need to understand that certain foods are not good for you. You should judge by yourselves as which acid reflux foods to avoid because the ones which may harm you may not... -

High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

We all tend to eat whatever we can in hey days, but as the body and mind start aging, the issues of weight and cholesterol starts bothering us. It is normally found that people only get serious about the high cholesterol foods to avoid when they feel that... -

Diverticulitis Foods To Avoid

According to recent studies Diverticulitis affects large section of the people in the society. Many of the sufferers are literally blank about which foods aggravate the situation and what to eat or to be more precise which diverticulitis foods to avoid ... -

Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

People with variation in cholesterol levels should avoid some foods.  Knowing which cholesterol foods to avoid is an important part of the treatment, say most of the health practioners.  Generally it is believed that the foods derived from animals only... -

List Of Low Calorie Foods

With a whole range of lifestyle and fitness related diseases striking even the most unsuspecting people, having a list of low calorie foods can come in handy at times. We see low calorie foods everywhere, peering through labels of the products they intend to... -

Low Carb Low Calorie Foods

  Low carb low calorie foods are foods that have very less carbohydrates in them since they are usually prescribed in low-carbohydrate diet for people trying to control their weight or for treating obesity. Although there is no well researched proof to... -

Antioxidant Fruits And Vegetables

Sometimes we wonder do we get antioxidants from fruits and vegetables . As per the recent researches, there are many fruits and vegetables which provide antioxidants along with cholesterol lowering qualities. For example berries, grapefruit, guava and... -

Low Fat Low Calorie Foods List

Eating healthy is the key to weight loss. Instead avoiding all the fatty foods, choose low fat low calorie foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You would then know that reducing weight is not difficult as you think. Consuming more than what your body... -

Extremely Low Calorie Foods

Are you on the lookout for extremely low calorie foods , and then have a closer look at this long list of very low calorie foods and the amount of calories that they contribute to your daily intake. They are the best nutritious alternatives that provide... -

High Calorie Low Fat Food List

Low fat high calorie foods are best when trying to lose weight. While on weight loss programsinclusion of high calorie proteins and high calorie carbohydrates in diet would compensate for the decreased overall calorie intake by meeting daily requi -

High Calorie, High Protien Food List

  I am sure you must be having a very good reason to look for high calorie and high protein food. If you are into sports or any such field where you have got to do some strenuous physical activities, then high protein combined with... -

High Calorie Foods For Toddlers And Babies

  Do you always fail to feed the right food to your kid? If yes, then here is the simple list of some high calorie food for toddlers and babies . Handling the finicky babies could be very challenging at times. This could be super... -

Top Low Calorie Foods

Now include some top low calorie foods in your diet.   Is it getting real hard for you to get into your favorite pair of jeans? If yes, then it’s high time to control the excess belly fat. And what can be best than some l ... -

High Calorie Food List

Even though today everyone is on the verge of finding foods that help to lose weight, however high calorie food list has its own set of audience. Especially skinny people and body builders are looking out for high calorie food list to gain weight. Whether... -

Foods For Mental Health

  Special care should be taken while choosing foods for mental health . While we all are very careful to choose foods to maintain our physical health and beauty, there are chances that in the long run we forget about the food for ... -

Food Pyramids For Adults

  Before I talk about the food pyramids for adults , let me put in a query here – how many of us actually customize and eat daily? If you have a look into your daily diet, you will understand that 99% of the people have a generalized meal.... -

Most Filling Low Calorie Foods

Everyone wants to remain thin these days and what better way to do it than to eat filling low calorie foods . Unless you cut down on the daily calorie intake, there is no way that you can lose weight. But low calorie foods are most often not filling... -

High Cholesterol Need Not Cause Stroke!

  The new research verdict states ‘ high cholesterol need not cause stroke’ . Just when you thought you had your cholesterol problems all figured out, here is another big declaration to ruffle it. There may be a grain of truth in this... -

How To Include Lean Proteins Into Your Diet

    Protein not only builds your bones and muscles but also strengthens your immune system by fighting against the various viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms. On the other hand, high protein foods add more... -

How To Include Wild Grass Into Vegetarian Diet

Wild grass with its numerous beneficial nutrients is considered to be quite healthy for vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian and looking for ways to include wild grass in your diet, here are some interesting ways by which you can do so. Wild grass and ... -

How To Do Smart Shopping For Chocolate Diet Foods

  Shopping for chocolate diet foods ? You should definitely plan before shopping for chocolate diet foods. The chocolate diet permits you to eat your favorite dessert filled with chocolate and cocoa. Who doesn’t... -

Five Foods That Could Lower Your Iq

Do you want to know five foods that may lower your IQ ? It’s common knowledge that foods aid brain growth. But there are as many foods that may lower your IQ as there are IQ boosters. We all know that there are certain foods that we must completely avoid... -

Cholesterol Diet Foods

High cholesterol is not good news for your heart-health, which is why cholesterol diet foods   are a must-include especially if you want the arterial roads to lead to a healthy heart, by staying clear of ailments. ... -

How To Reduce The Intake Of Cheese In Your Diet?

    Reducing cheese intake in your diet is one crucial way of taking the roads to healthy living and saying cheese. Cheese is one such protein diet which is heavily formed of saturated fats, and Trans fat. However,... -

How To Reduce Maltose Sugars From Your Diet?

Reducing maltose sugars from your diet is a significant approach towards blossoming health. Maltose is considered among those simple carbohydrates which contain two molecules of glucose linearly linked to each other. Some of the other suggestive names of... -

What Are The Benefits Of Sea-salt In Diet

I was reading an article about the benefits of sea-salt in diet. The sea-salt is an integral element of our food but very rarely we think of it in terms of a healthy ingredient.  You will be amazed to know that coarse grains of sea-salt may pack in... -

Eat These Foods If You Want A Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is always a sign of good health, fat around the stomach area is the reason for many diseases.  There are many reasons like age, heredity, hormonal changes, eating and life style habits for abdominal fat. A flatter stomach can also improve your... -

High Fiber Foods Difficult To Digest

High fiber foods are one of the mandatory dietary requirements because for all the nutrients to optimize their yield, the byproducts in the form of waste have to be expelled from the system and high fiber foods help your system achieve that. ... -

10 Foods That Cause Constipation

Bowel movements are an integral part of our system metabolism and, their slackening leads to constipation hampering our daily routine. You could help yourself with the list of 10 foods that cause constipation , so that you could explore avenues to buck... -

10 Foods That Cause Pms

    PMS or premenstrual syndrome strikes most women with vengeance. Knowing about foods that cause PMS can keep you informed about food-factors that aggravate its symptoms from mood swings to bloating and depression,... -

Eating Fish Can Prevent Blindness

  Eating fish can prevnt blindness . This is the statement validated by scientists from world class labs to encourage more people to include fish rich diet in their menu. We are well aware that fish eating is more... -

How To Include Fish Oil In Your Daily Diet

    Include fish oil in your daily diet to get all the benefits of essential fatty acids. Research has proved including fish oil in daily diet can reduce triglyceride levels in the body. Triglycerides can... -

Which Fruits Are Allowed On A Candida Diet

  Candida diet is very strict and also difficult to follow, however you can stick to the foods that are allowed on the diet. Having the list of fruits allowed on Candida diet would be useful for you to refer. Candida is a... -

How To Lower Cholesterol With Fish ?

How to lower cholesterol with fish? This is the question your mind stumbles upon while making a tribute to fish rich diet. Fish is unarguably, one of the top foods when it comes to listings of foods helping in cholesterol reduction. Fish excels the list... -

What Herbs & Vitamins Aid Against Alcoholism

Alcoholism has been the bane of many. However not all is lost as scientific evidence points out that both  herbs & vitamins aid against alcoholism.  The alcohol addicts have been observed to neglect their nutrition stuffing themselves up with... -

What Are The Natural Foods To Cleanse Liver ?

Use natural foods to cleanse liver , healthy natural food ingestion would help to detoxify your blood and body and makes your liver healthy and toxin free. Excess intake of fatty or fried foods and exposure to pollutants and stress gives overwork to liver.... -

What Are The Side Effects Of A Grain Free Diet?

You have been diagnosed with glute n intolerance and you frequently suffer from bouts of stomach disorders, your doctors recommends you a high grain free diet , assuring you leading healthy lifestyle in days to follow. After couple of weeks following the... -

What Foods To Avoid On A Grain-free Diet

    You will be left confused when your health doctor recommends you to strictly follow the regime of grain free diet. Foods t o avoid on a grain free diet can sound disappointing for most of us. This is... -

What Are The Benefits Of Grain Free Diet

Benefits of a grain free diet could be  numerous, given that you remain hooked to such diet menu for lifetime. A grain free diet is recommended for people who suffer from gluten intolerance, or in other words, hyper allergy to gluten. Gluten is a... -

Snacks That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Dieting is usually linked to complete restriction from your favorite foods. The best way of controlling calorie intake, known to us, is to stay away from favorite snacks. But, actually snacking is kind of important when you are on diet. So, we bring to you... -

Which Are The Healthiest Carbs To Choose For Your Diet

  We often get confused if we are asked to find healthiest carbs to choose for our diet because we have a general tendency to frown at carbs because they are tagged with bad raps that they are bad triggers for gaining weight. Carbohydrates... -

What Are Side Effects Of A No Meat Diet?

There are certain side effects assoc iated with a no meat diet. It is therefore always essential to maintain equilibrium of sufficient proteins, fibers, fats, and carbohydrates along with other necessary trace elements to have proper functioning of... -

What Are The Dangers Of High Meat Diet?

  Dangers of high meat diet seem to unravel perilous consequences if you don’t pay heed to it. This article is not to strip you entirely of meat and bones diet, but is to enlighten you with hazards akin to high meat diet. High meat viands... -

5 Foods To Boost Your Immune System

  If you want to lead a healthy life, here are 5 foods to boost your immune system.  Boosting your immune system with proper food can help you to keep your doctor away.     1. Consume right proteins:... -

How To Include Butter In Your Daily Diet In A Healthy Way

Include butter in your daily diet , wow, isn't that a dream come true! But what about the saturated fat, cholesterol and heart attack. You can include butter in your daily diet in a healthy way without causing any harm to your heart or... -

What Are The Side Effects Of Soy In A Diet

Side effects of soy diets are unheard of, since, soy is a rich source of protein which is consumed in different forms like tofu, soy milk, soy protein powders and many more. But recently some reports have indicated side effects of soy in a diet. Soy side... -

Best Foods To Eat On A Low Glycemic Diet

Following the glycemic index is important to monitor the sugar levels in the body. A low glycemic diet is mostly recommended to people suffering from diabetes. A low glycemic diet helps in shedding those extra pounds. The food for glycemic diet benefits the... -

Which Are The Natural High Protein Foods

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients and nature has gifted us with many natural high protein foods so that we don’t fall short of this nutrient. So, which are the natural high protein foods? Choosing natural high protein foods is now... -

What Typical Cereals Are Gluten Free?

  Gone are the days when you have to search and seek for gluten-free cereals. Many of the recent discoveries showed that a number of the well-known and common cereals are gluten free. Before that, why gluten free? Gluten is a protein that is... -

How To Diet With Smoothies

Drinking a smoothie is not great part of a healthy diet but if you customize it properly it can help you to lose weight. Here is how to diet with smoothies . You must add ingredients to a  smoothie based on your calorific needs. Some of the smoothies may... -

What Is The Role Of Fiber In Our Diet

The role of fiber for the proper functioning of our body is well known. Though they are not digested in our system, they seem to activate our bowel movements and provide roughage to our system. It is too complex to be digested by our digestive system .... -

How To Flush Out Trans Fat From The Body

Increased awareness of the the harmful effects of trans fat has initiated most of us to find out how to flush out trans fat from the body. Trans fat is one of the major causes of weight gain, cancer, heart disease, liver malfunctions and... -

What Are The Benefits Of A Fruitarian Diet

Those of you who plan to go on a fruitarian diet must find out what are the benefits of a fruitarian diet . A fruitarian diet primarily deals with only consumption of fruits. This is a part of vegetarianism , but here people do not eat... -

How To Plan Lemon Cleanse Diet

If you are thinking lemon cleanse diet and lemonade diet are two different kinds of diet, then let me open your eyes by saying “No, you are wrong!” Call it the lemon cleanse diet, lemon detox diet, lemonade diet or the Master cleanse diet, they are all... -

A Low Cholesterol Diet Is The Need Of The Hour For Americans

  The need of the hour for Americans is to follow a low cholesterol diet . The inclusion of a low cholesterol diet can help the Americans to redcue the pace of the rising risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol. According to CDC , heart... -

Big Game Snacking Equals Super Diet Slacking

When a player is just not doing their job on the field, the coach yells for a substitution.  Yet, when fun celebrations for watching the Big Game are being planned, most hosts often serve up some of the most caloric and nutrient-poor snacks around.... -

Heavy Breakfast May Wreck Your Diet

We all know that 'Breakfast' is the most important meal of the day. All diet plans and weight loss programs stress on eating a good breakfast and having a small and light lunch. However we often mistake “good breakfast” to be a “heavy” one.... -

How To Plan A Carb Addicts Diet

  It is said that most people who are overweight, are addicted to carbohydrates. When this carbohydrate is not completely and properly burnt, it leads to an imbalance in the level of insulin in a person and this in turn causes a craving for food... -

How To Add Cereals For A Healthy Balanced Diet

Choosing from the five different food groups can help us to have a healthy balanced diet. Cereal is important food which is part of the food group and is considered very essential. Cereals like oats, barley, flours, pasta and crackers are rich in vitamins... -

What Are The Best Foods To Power Your Brain

If you have a healthy and sharp brain you can conquer this world! Foods that power your brain are known as brain power foods. These foods help to improve alertness, concentration, memory, and creative thinking, all of which are essential functions... -