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Is Mcdonald’s A Victim Of The Modern Crimean War?

Crimea is the hot bed of action now! What with the overthrowing of the Ukrainian President and Russian Premier, Putin jumping in to annex it, the province is not having a dull moment at all. But trust McDonald’s to sulk and withdraw from the area too for... -

Cash N Tips Banned In La

What do you feel about tipping your server at a restaurant? Its all part of the game, isn’t it? Well, ‘Brand 58’ of Glendale in LA begs to differ. The proprietor is strongly against his waiters receiving tips and makes it clear to all his customers... -

Watch How To Make Juice In Space!

  It’s amazing to see to what extent some brands go to launch their products! Look at what “ Robinsons,” a British juice brand, just did! In order to show how portable their “Squash’d” juice concentrates were,... -

Barcelona To Lure Food Tourists With Culinary Amusement Park

Barcelona is known for many fine things but gastronomy is not one them.  Chef Albert Adrià along with his brother Ferran is set to change it all. They expect to complete their pet project 5.0 in January 2015 and Bang! The very first culinary amusement... -

Starbucks Goes The Boozy Way

Starbucks, your favorite coffee joint and breakfast haunt is all set to bedazzle you in its new role as an evening eatery plus watering hole now . The coffee giant now plans to offer booze and light meals for the tired office goers who want to enjoy a bit... -

Why Is Starbucks Scared Of Italy?

Longing for a cup of coffee? Just step into the nearest Starbucks! This seems to be the easiest thing to do wherever you are in the world, now that the giant coffee chain has planted its footprint firmly on 62 countries around the globe. The remaining few are... -

Milkpep Decides To Shave Off Moustache And Get Healthy

‘Got Milk?’ Sadly the answer is ‘No.’ The commercial first popularized by ‘The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)’ is not interesting anymore believes the body, which has decided to pull off the iconic advert for milk after 20 years of... -

Coca Cola Okays Home Made Variety

Coca Cola has now decided to let its consumers make the coveted soda at home . The soda giant is all set for teaming up with ‘Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc,’ the Vermont based company, famous for its single serve coffee machines. With Coca Cola... -

Wine Condom Offers Total Protection

Re-corking that bottle of wine after you have had your fill is not an easy task. You may have to struggle quite a bit with it getting your hands wet & sticky in the bargain. But the worst is your expensive wine going flat because you did not quite... -

Hershey’s Spread War Into Nutella Territory

Hershey’s has ventured into sacrosanct territory by challenging Nutella at its own game i.e. chocolate spread . While kids and adults all over the world go gaga over nutella, which has become synonymous with chocolate spreads, there has not been any... -

Is The Canned Soup Dying?

There was a time when Americans thought nothing of cutting open a can of soup for sustenance. From chicken soup to thick veggie broths, companies like Campbell catered to the need, which gave them the required profit along with convenience to their... -

Ben & Jerry’s Stoned Tweet

‘Ben & Jerry’s,' the Vermont based ice cream brand, was the first to yell ‘Yay’ in favor of legalization of recreational Marijuana in the State of Colorado along with the long haired hippies of the State. The frozen flavors from their... -

Mcdonald’s Mighty Wings Fail To Soar

McDonald’s is not soaring high on its ‘Mighty Wings’ this time! Unfortunately, the hype created around the crispy Chicken Wing has bombed leaving the management  in a lurch . With 10 million pounds of the wings staying grounded in the frozen... -

Jamie Oliver’s Canned Artisan Products Canned

The high profile ‘Jme’ range of food products is on the verge of being discontinued , thanks to the wrong business policies. The range was introduced with a lot of fanfare two years earlier and many were willing to jump onto the Jamie Oliver bandwagon... -

Top Chef Contestants For Hire Now

America’s best chefs have been showcasing their skills by vying with each other for over 7 years now, thanks to the reality show, ‘Top Chef.’ The makers of the show, however, love to have their viewers involved and are all for letting them taste the... -

Marks And Spencer Hopes For A Magical Christmas

‘Marks and Spencer’ (M&S) wants a delicious Christmas this time and has urged the public to make it happen. They have also unveiled their very first food based advert for the big occasion , which continues with the fairytale theme of ‘Alice In... -

Why Kfc Had To Leave Syria

After battling more than two and a half years of war in strife-ridden Syria, everybody's favorite fried chicken chain KFC finally gave up in October 2013 and packed its bags to leave. When Kentucky Fried Chicken first opened its doors to the... -

Your Mccafe Now At Your Supermarket Too

If you are a fan of McDonald's coffee but don't want to visit your local McD outlet, you can soon have that same coffee at home, thanks to the bagged coffee that the world's biggest hamburger chain is going to sell in supermarkets, come... -

Urban Butcher Gives Whole Foods A Whole New Meaning

Raynold Mendizabal, the math and physics researcher turned cook, has decided to go the whole hog now! His newly planned restaurant, the ‘Urban Butcher’ will have an in house butchering facility with carcasses of whole animals hanging within it. The... -

Rudolph To Be Sold As Steak By Lidl

"Lidl," the German owned supermarket, is in trouble now! The animal lovers accuse it of trying to mock Christmas traditions by putting Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, on the menu . While trying to sell Santa's transport may seem to be an... -

Starbucks Hopes For Tweet Orders

Treat your friend to a cup of refreshing coffee@140 characters! Yes guys, you can now tweet Starbucks in order to gift a cuppa of mocha or the in season pumpkin spice latte. A green tweet will help your friend redeem the $5 gift at Starbucks, the next... -

Starbucks Takes A Tea Break

Starbucks, the name synonymous with coffee in America, is now eyeing yet another beverage that it intends to popularize. It has acquired Teavana, a tea shop chain, and has plans of serving tea to New Yorkers now .   No, it’s not... -

Shocking Video Shames Humanity

How would you term your supermarket shopping experience on an average day? If you are a normal human being, with a normal family and normal needs, you will say it is normal. But what if we ask you to watch this video and then rate your grocery shopping... -

Red Bull Advert Causes Furor

An advert for the energy drink, Red Bull, has enraged people all over the United Kingdom . The so called ‘insensitive’ commercial sparked of a controversy with many claiming that it made light of the dead passengers who lost their lives as the... -

Fruits Of Chocolate Labor

What if chocolate grew on trees? It does, of course, but certainly not in the form, you would like it to be. However, the three trees, laden with juicy fruits at the ‘Old Spitalfields Market,’ might actually make your wish come true. The oranges and the... -

Rice Diet Center Downs Shutter

Rice Diet, one of the first fad diets to have gained popularity back in the 1930s, is no longer working. This fact was corroborated by the shutting down of its medically supervised center in North Carolina,  despite being run successfully for 70 years.... -

Burger Joint Decides To Give Its Staff A Raise

America witnessed a strike by fast food workers just a few weeks ago, on August 29, 2013, when thousands of them converged on strategic locations of their respective cities and demanded better pay for their services . While the protest was mainly... -

Four Seasons Hotel Gains Wheels

Four Seasons is considered to the ultimate in fine dining with celebs from all walks of life preferring to meet at the classy restaurant for a gourmet meal. A Food Truck, on the other hand, is a mobile eatery, often handing out hot, casual meals or fast... -

Pizza Hut Made History With First Online Purchase

Pizza Hut is certainly one of most popular takeaways and pizza outlets at present. Together with Dominos they enjoy 48% of the online pizza market share . However, there is more to Pizza Hut’s innovation than crazy pizza toppings and crusts, it seems.... -

Rent A Chicken Scheme

Having freshly laid eggs for breakfast has become a dream now, especially for city folks. Yet, Pennsylvania based couple Phill and Jenn Tompkins of  have discovered a way of allowing you to get fresh eggs every morning, that too... -

Moraga Wine Becomes Rupert Murdoch’s Wine

There isn’t a dull moment when Rupert Murdoch is around! The 82-year-old media mogul has just gone and bought himself a winery in the Bel Air neighborhood of L.A . The Moraga Vineyards is an exclusive property of 13 acres, which includes a wine cave... -

Did Coca Cola Alter Its Magic Formula

Coca Cola guards its 127-year-old recipe fiercely, which is kept locked away in a cellar of the ‘World of Coca Cola Museum. ’ The area is bathed in red security lights and the visitors get to see only the vault, which is revealed after a puff of... -

Weiner’s Sexting Gives Birth To Hot Dog Brand

A hot dog brand has been laughing all the way to the bank while the Americans gulp and guffaw over NY Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner’s goof ups . The people surfing the Internet laughed uproariously when they discovered that Weiner had used the... -

$100 Million Expansion For Jack Daniel’s

Here’s some good news for whiskey connoisseurs at last! Jack Daniel’s is going all out to expand their facilities and has invested a cool $100 million in its distillery, located at rural Tennessee. Bill Haslam, the governor of the state has hailed the... -

Folgers Forges Ahead Of Starbucks

Starbucks may be synonymous with coffee worldwide, but it is yet to get a foothold in retail business across America. You just don’t buy a Starbucks coffee jar off the supermarket shelves for brewing your cuppa at home. This honor goes to Folgers,... -

Burger King Trips On Addictive Whopper

Russian TV channels have decided to pull out a commercial of Burger King’s Whopper . The advertisement seems to suggest that the burger is an alternative to opiates . The play on words along with the translation from English to Russian and vice versa... -

Don The Blue Apron At Home

Now your last excuse against not being able to eat at home - lack of time - has just been demolished in a very constructive way. The 'Blue Apron,' a unique delivery service, will shop and plan the meal for you and you just have to cook it at home.... -

A Cronut-finding Map For You!

  As already reported, cronut has taken the world by storm and is now made around the globe under different names. If you are someone who travels frequently to various countries and want to check out the faux cronuts existing... -

Kinder Surprise In Pink N Blue Leaves Ferrero Red Faced

Kinder Surprise has thrown out a rather unpleasant surprise now! It is all set to introduce a range of pink and blue colored chocolate eggs that will contain dolls and toy cars respectively. The company insists that it is not being gender biased but there... -

Papa John’s Defends Its Slogan

“Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” This is the slogan purported by Papa John’s, the well-known pizza chain. Its claims have come under fire recently though after a media person blasted its policy of not revealing the ingredients used in its... -

Restaurant Booking@facebook

Facebook ventures into food business now! Well, not exactly, but the social media network has decided to team up with OpenTable Inc . and allow people to make restaurant reservations from their Facebook mobile app.   Almost ... -

Let The Internet Plan Your Menu

Have you ever gone berserk at a Farmer’s Market or a grocery store and arrived home laden with ingredients that you intended to cook? If you are nodding your head in agreement then you must also have sat bewildered, wondering what to do with such huge... -

Mcdonald’s Resorts To Unbranding

The recent billboards and print adverts carrying photos of the classic McDonald’s items in France had something missing . Yes, it was their logo! None of the photographs contained the name of its brand, nor its logo, anywhere in the advertisement.... -

Apple Pie Sweetens Spanish Economy

Spain is reeling under economic crisis. There are hardly any new jobs as more and more people find themselves being handed the pink slip. Surprisingly, it is the American apple pie that has come to their rescue and succeeded in creating new jobs in... -

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Comes In Biodegradable Pack

Next time you order champagne, order it from Veuve Clicquot, which has introduced a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for its bottles as part of the project, “Naturally Clicquot.” Taking a step further from its signature day-glo box, the company has... -

Mcdonald’s Healthy Menu Results In Poor Sales

McDonald’s is not lovin’ it anymore! Monday, July 22 saw its stock nosedive by 3% as investors are not ready to believe that the fast food giant will be able to edge out its competitors in the long run. McDonald’s had also tweaked its menu... -

Taco Bell Bids Good Bye To Kids’ Meals

Taco Bell has decided to stop producing kid’s meals . The very last of its meals meant for a kid will be served in January 2014. After that, the young adults are going to be the main focus of the fast food chain.   The decision to... -

7-up Goes Vitamin Less

Vitamin E, an antioxidant , is causing headaches now! Well, not literally of course, but Dr. Pepper Snapple, the makers of 7 Up have been forced to drop the vitamin from its antioxidant range of soft drinks following a litigation by “Center For Science In... -

Pepsico & Oreo Urged To Merge

A combo of Lays chips, Cheetos and Cadbury’s chocolates as well as Trident gum can virtually  rule the snack market , feels Nelson Peltz of ‘Trian Management Group.' The group  is interested to see PepsiCo join hands with Mondelez , the... -

Mcdonald’s Gain Entry Into Vietnam

McDonald’s will now be available in the country which defeated the mighty USA, 38 years ago . Yes, Vietnam is all set to open its doors to the capitalist fast food chain, in spite of its communist background, which persists till today. The very first... -

Nestle's Finger Salute To Cadbury

Nestle is fuming because it cannot hold on to its  iconic finger shape of its KitKat chocolate bar. The ‘ Intellectual Property Office ’ (IPO) of the UK has refused to register the shape, thereby allowing rival Cadbury to come up with an identical... -

A Solitary Dinner Date

Eating out can be really boring if you are alone. However, an Amsterdam restaurant, "Eeenmaal", is all set to change the popular perception about eating out alone. No more pitying people or embarrassment as you sit down for a fine dining experience... -

Are You Sure Your Food Is Not Counterfeit

If you thought that the cheaper horse meat scandal of Europe was the last that the world saw of the counterfeit foods, you are wrong. Just last year, more than 20 people lost their lives throughout Europe, after drinking fake liquor. If anything, the European... -

Chipotle Serves Gmo Burrito

After reading this, you may stop eating at all at the Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). Yes, the Mexican food chain has announced that it serves genetically modified organisms (GMOs), right from the corn for its tortillas to the chicken . In fact, if you are... -

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Gluten-free Avatar

The cinnamon-sugar donuts and blueberry muffins sold at the Dunkin’ Donuts outlets at the end of the year 2013 will be gluten-free, making this breakfast chain a dieter’s paradise. Well, to some extent!   Gluten is a serious concern... -

Red Robin Calls Vegetarianism A Teen Phase

The Red Robin restaurant chain, specializing in burgers, found itself subjected to a tirade of adverse comments lately. The angry mob was reacting to its commercial for ‘ Garden Burger ’ which mocked vegetarianism as a so-called  ‘teen phase.’ ... -

Breastaurant Town Opens In Texas

Doug Guller, the founder of “ Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill ” is pleased to have established his rights over the term, ‘ breastaurant .’ He has now taken the concept to a whole new level by creating a brand new town in Texas and naming it... -

Vita Coco Plans Coconut Revolution

Vita Coco is already synonymous with packaged  coconut water in the US, but Michael Kirban, the co-founder of the brand isn’t quite satisfied. “We want to own coconut water like Tropicana owns orange juice or Gatorade owns sports drinks,” he states,... -

Women Only Water From Nestle

The super rich woman is in for trouble now! She is being harangued into shelling out huge amounts of money for - WATER! Surprised? Well, It is not the ordinary H2O that we common folks drink of course! This particular brand of bottled water will not only keep... -

Amazonfresh Store Comes Closer To You

Though it has been selling groceries in the Seattle region for quite some time, it will be for the first time that AmazonFresh , the grocery wing of the online conglomerate, will start serving in California. From 2014, Americans living in other parts of... -

Mongolia Gets Its First Kfc

Mongolia, the forgotten land in Central Asia is now enjoying newfound wealth. With a large number of mines being commissioned in the area, the country is looking for ways to spend its money and KFC  is there on hand to help.   Yes guys,... -

Egyptians Hijack Pizza Making From Italians

  Pizza has become a global food despite its Italian origins. Sadly, the young Italians are no longer interested in the highly skilled job of pizza making and have turned their backs on it. Consequently, the pizzerias in the old country are... -

A Gimmick Called Panda Burger

Care for a Panda Burger? Don’t fret, you don’t have to eat Panda meat. Instead you will be served a burger which bears the stamp of a mother & child panda atop the bun . How is it different you may ask and what is its purpose? Well, no one seems to... -

Climate Change Spells Boom For British Bubbly

The French wine has some serious competition growing on the vineyards of England and the English winemakers have climate change to thank for it. It is perhaps for the first time in the history of the world that the French wines are on the verge of being... -

Goldbely Brings Regional American Food To The Centerstage

Wanna throw a party for your friends with some of the choicest regional delicacies of America? Contact team Goldbely . Following in the footsteps of the iconic New York deli Katz's Delicatessen, Goldbely ships some of the best food available in the... -

Mcdonald’s Wants ‘graduate’ Cashiers Only

You need to have a college degree if you want a job at McDonald’s. An advertisement, reportedly put up by the fast food chain asks for a degree from applicants for the post of cashiers . The ad, put up on the job search website, also... -

The Horsemeat Scandal Is Not Over Yet!

With the beginning of the year 2013, the horsemeat scandal started galloping all across Europe and it was not long before it reached the US shores too bringing with it the question – Is it legal to eat horsemeat in the US?   The... -

The Return Of ‘mike & Ike’ Rocks Candy World!!!

  Just as you prepare for your Easter bash for your kids, there is good news for the candy lovers in your family. The famous candy icons – Mike and Ike – are returning, together ! The famous fruit chewy candies ‘Mike & Ike’... -

Redzepi’s Noma Accused Of Spreading Gastroenteritis

One of the world’s best restaurants, Noma, has been charged with serving contaminated food to its customers. To think that 60 people contracted viral gastroenteritis after eating at this two-star Michelin eatery even as its owner-cum-chef, Rene Redzepi... -

Can You Drink Beer With Breakfast?

  Would you like to enjoy a chilled mug of beer with your breakfast?  The ‘Black Isle Brewery’ of Scotland is hoping that you would forgo your morning cuppa and orange juice for their latest brew, the ‘Cold Turkey... -

Warren Buffett Buys Heinz Co.

Billionaire businessman and a keen investor, Warren Buffett, has set his sight on ketchup. Yes, Buffett is going to buy H.J. Heinz Co., the manufacturers of your favorite Heinz ketchup. The deal has been finalized for a whopping $23.3 billion and it is... -

Burger King's 2013 Menu Unveiled!

With the old 2012 giving way to new 2013, it seems the fast food restaurants are also ready to shed old menu choices and give their customers something new to celebrate the New Year. Burger King is one such place where you will be able to enjoy food that is... -

Starbucks Stumbles On Its Twitter Campaign

Starbucks’ “Spread the Cheer” campaign on Twitter has backfired badly with people hijacking it to register their protest against the company’s tax status. The tweets have turned seriously abusive over the time with one twitter user even calling... -

Angry Birds Soda Selling More Than Coke, Pepsi In Finland

  Angry Birds are not angry anymore! The reason is that in Finland, a soda, named after this ultra-popular game, has overtaken established soda brands like Pepsi and Coke . Rovio , the company that makes both the 'Angry... -

Enjoy The 'un'melting Chocolate At 40 Degree Celsius

  Confectionary giant, Cadbury, has developed the world's first 'temperature-tolerant' chocolate , that wouldn't melt even at a high temperature like 40 degree Celsius. The chocolate is believed to be specially aimed... -

‘hotel Of Doom’ Is Ready For Its Guests

  ‘Hotel of Doom’ is one place that will surely find mention among the Top 10 hotels of the world next year. There are many reasons why this 105-storey, pyramid-shaped hotel is in the news, one of which is that the hotel opens its doors... -

Is Your Hershey Chocolate Made By A Child Labor?

Despite committing itself to ensure international labor standards in its production process, Hershey has run into trouble once again, with people complaining that the company uses child and forced labor in West Africa, to produce cocoa for its chocolate... -

Grow Food & Reap Profits

Farmers, agro product distributors, and entrepreneurs interested in farming came together at the UCLA Anderson School of Management  last week. The event was hosted by Jason Reed of and provided a platform for the start up companies to... -

Starbucks Makes Hay While Superstorm Sandy Lashes New York

Long, snaking queues could be observed before the Marriott Marquis Starbucks outlet on W. 45 th street even as Frankenstorm, Sandy wrecked devastation all around.   People traversed 10 to 20 blocks, braving the wind and rain in order... -

Disneyland To Add Food Network To Its Kitty

  After adding the ESPN Network to its kitty of channels, the Disney conglomerate has now set its sights on the female-friendly Food Network, which, it seems, is up for grabs. The food connection of Disney world is not new to the public. In... -

Indian Woman Restaurateur Defies ‘mafia’ Rabbinate In Jerusalem

It was the “impossible demands” of the Jewish Rabbinate that forced Lehava Silman Herman, a 50-year-old Indian woman, to give up her restaurant’s Kashrut certification. Herman is in no mood to give up her stance because she says the Kashrut Supervisor... -

Dunkin’ Donuts Believes In Promoting Holes

Dunkin’ Donuts and a cup of hot cappuchino are what most of us think when we yearn for a break. Now the company has gone and done the unimaginable! It is trying to sell Bagels just like its donuts by highlighting the empty space in the middle i.e the HOLE. ... -

Mcjordan Sauce Sold For $9995

McDonald’s does it again! Trying to encash on the popularity of a star that is! It is the legendary Michael Jordan, the king of basketball, who appears in the form of a McDonald’s condiment-the McJordan BBQ sauce. While the smoky sauce is a coveted item,... -

Restaurant Falters Again, 2-year-old Served Whiskey

When will the restaurants learn not to serve alcohol to toddlers? Just when you think that the restaurant staff has recovered from its carelessness, out comes news that another toddler has been fed alcohol without his or his parents’ knowledge. The latest... -

San Francisco Coffee War Gets Serious With Blue Bottle's $20mln Investment

The Hipsters in the San Francisco Coffee Wars are free to rejoice now in the knowledge that one of their favorite coffee joints in the city, Blue Bottle Coffee, has been able to raise about $20 million in terms of investment. While this will open a new... -

Overweight? Sorry You Are Not Fit To Be A Waitress!

Jennifer Rogers, a pretty, young 20 something applied for a job as a waitress but was turned down by Tilted Kilt, a sports bar and restaurant simply because she did not manage to fit into their size of uniform. The law does not support Rogers in this case... -

Starbucks Goes Green

Holding meetings or talking up a new date at Starbucks will become a thing of past gradually. The new approach by the coffee giant borders on utilizing a minimum of space and helping the environment t o breathe. Consequently, its new outlets will have no... -

Much Ado Over Philly Sandwich

Is it Philadelphia Cheesesteak or Philadelphia’s Cheesesteak? The former is a widely used generic for a food eaten throughout the state but the latter is now finding itself in the middle of a legal battle. The war over the trademark ensued when Campo’s... -

Kfc Outlet In India Serves Chicken With Worms

  After facing flak in America for selling rotten chicken to customers, it seems the KFC India is following in the footsteps of its American management. A KFC outlet was closed by the Kerala Food Safety Authority (FSA) recently after it was... -

Burger King Drive-thru Service Is The Slowest In Us

Fast food is one that is served fast. Therefore, it is surprising that a fast food chain, Burger King, should score the lowest in terms of the speed of its delivery. In fact, among the chains that were analyzed as part of the QSR Drive-Thru Study 2012, Burger... -

Starbucks Remains No. 1 In Daily Deals

  Daily deals and discounts have been working for ages when advertised in the print media. People,  especially Americans are always up for purchasing anything at all as long as it is sold at a lower price.   ... -

Starbucks Testing New Croissants, Cakes, Muffins

  For those are already bored with the Starbucks menu, don't worry, the company is working hard to get new goodies for you. Some of the food items that are currently being tested at the nine San Francisco stores of Starbucks are... -

Chicago Train Stations To Double Up As Virtual Grocery Stores

  The web based grocer Peapod is all set to unleash a string of virtual grocery stores in Chicago. Almost all railway stations including the Metro in Chicago area will be home to virtual groceries allowing the commuters to shop... -

Cadbury’s Now Owns The Royal Purple Shade

  For the first time in the history of chocolate companies, a company has been allowed to own a shade of color, which has come to define its identity. The company in question is Cadbury’s and a judge has given Kraft Foods Inc. (owners of... -

Titillating Food Porn Used To Promote Natural Sweetener

‘In The Raw’ is a natural sugar substitute containing zero calories but that is not its only claim to fame now. The advert for this sweetener uses the term ‘food porn’ effectively by displaying certain sugar laden delights in a titillating way. ... -

Nasa & Apple Engineers Get Together To Design The Perfect Coffee Maker

  The Blossom One Machine is designed to brew coffee. So what’s the difference? For starters, it was built by former Apple and NASA engineers who wanted to give the world a taste of coffee brewed exactly right i.e. taking the proper temperature... -

Dead Deer Closes Down Chinese Restaurant

  The Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Kentucky, was recently closed down by the health department because a dead deer was found inside the kitchen. The irony of the situation is that the owner of the restaurant made no attempt... -

Taco Bell Gets A 'facelift' At 50

  Taco Bell turned 50 earlier this year and it is time the California-based fast food chain should get  facelift, just like other 50-year-old celebrities such as Tom Cruise. The first such test for the new-look Taco Bell has been launched... -

Cadbury Introduces Low Calorie Chocolate Bar For Women

  Cadbury, a name that has been synonymous with chocolate for decades now, is feeling the pinch of slumping sales. The Kraft food division, parent company of Cadbury, has identified the cause as women buying less and less of the... -

View ‘m’ Channel At Mcdonald’s

  McDonald’s has decided to jump into the world of television now. It will soon be seen broadcasting programs on its very own M channel at the outlets while they serve burgers and fries.   The channel will air... -