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Increase In Allergies! Why?

Food allergy, one of the main health problems plaguing America, is on the rise once again . It has now become the 5 th leading disease in the country, troubling the health experts even more. Even obscure allergies, not among the big eight, are now... -

Herbs Can Cause Allergies Too

Having to cope with an allergic reaction is not easy. You have to be on your toes trying to avoid foods and pollen in order to keep your immune system from going into an over drive. Trying anti histamines and other medication is useful no doubt, but health... -

A Strange Food Allergy In Kids

Have you heard of this strange food allergy that makes kids severely sick with vomiting, shock, and bloody diarrhea? These symptoms often baffle doctors and most of the time go undiagnosed as the regular allergy tests return negative.   ... -

Dining Out Tips For People With Food Allergy

  Being allergic to certain foods does not mean that you cannot go out for dinner. After all, it is the most  enjoyable pastime of an average American and you can certainly be a part of it. All you need to do is to exercise a little... -

Are You Allergic To Water Without Knowing It?

Nobody can think of being allergic to water, right? After all, water is the reason for human existence. Then how come some of us develop allergic reactions to water without knowing about it? Well, that is what this blog tries to explain. So in future you can... -

Gluten Free Tarts Health Benefits

Tarts are yummy little treats made with flour, but gluten free tarts are preferred by certain people. This is because the commonly used flours contain gluten, a protein which people with celiac disease or  gluten sensitivity cannot digest. If the situation... -

Gluten Free Pita Health Benefits

Many people love pita bread, but the gluten free variety may be more suitable for people with gluten allergy or celiac disease. Flours required to make the bread can cause havoc with your health if you ignore it  and insist on eating the regular variety.... -

Gluten Free Cobbler Health Benefits

The cobbler is a fruit dessert with a biscuit-like topping made with flour. Ordinary, commonly used flours  are not suitable for people afflicted from gluten allergy and celiac disease. If you have someone in your family with similar problems, you can make a... -

Gluten Free Fried Chicken Health Benefits

The fried chicken recipe requires that the chicken pieces be coated in flour before frying. Flours made from most grains contain the protein gluten, which people suffering from celiac disease or gluten allergy cannot have. If you have been avoiding eating... -

Nutritional Needs For The Gluten-free Athlete Presents: Ultra-Marathon Runner Peter Bronski will discuss the nutritional needs for all the different gluten-free athletic types.   If you want to start exercising or you are an experience endurance athlete; this show is for you.... -

Gluten-free Pet Peeves

What are your gluten-free pet peeves? Listener’s of The G-Freek Show sound off in a fun and comical way. Listen to fans of the show vent in a format only those with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance would totally understand. Gluten Free... -

Gluten Free Quiche Health Benefits

Quiches, the downright delicious and easy French delicacy made from gluten free ingredients can be relished by those afflicted with recurrent stomach ailments, celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Quiches that are prepared from gluten free majors are... -

Gluten Free Gnocchi Health Benefits

Gnocchi, prepared with gluten free ingredients  makes it easier for people to relish the Italian dumpling as it guarantees to be safe from the dreaded grain protein.   Gluten free gnocchi are easy on your digestive system, does not trigger allergies and... -

Gluten Free Mushroom Soups Health Benefits

Gluten free version of the comforting mushroom soup is much more satiating and appetizing apart from being healthier than the gluten enriched ones. One of the most important reasons for adding a non-gluten mushroom soup in your diet are that they are devoid... -

Gluten Free Dumplings Health Benefits

Soups, stews, puff pastries, noodles, spaghetti, biscuits, and sweet savories containing  gluten enriched dumplings are a big no-no for people afflicted with gluten allergies or celiac disease.  Gluten free dumplings are popular with  such  people.... -

Gluten Free Pretzel Health Benefits

Opting for the gluten free variety of pretzels is advisable instead of going for the traditional brown, crisp, chewy and soft pretzels. The commonly used ingredients may sometimes cause you discomfort especially if you are allergic to gluten, have been... -

Gluten Free Sandwich Health Benefits

Surviving the holidays with sandwiches  devoid of gluten may not sound appealing for many of you. However, it will be wise to switch to  alternate grain ones as they tend to have  numerous health benefits associated with them.   ... -

Gluten Free Macaroni And Cheese Health Benefits

A hearty meal of macaroni n cheese   serves as a comfort food for most of us. However, there is no reason to feel disheartened if you have to make do with the gluten free macaroni and cheese version on account of being plagued... -

Gluten Free Jelly Health Benefits

  Breakfast without your favorite condiment, spread liberally on toast does not seem to hold the same appeal. However, you need to make sure that the store bought preserve contains absolutely no gluten especially if you have been diagnosed with... -

Top 5 Allergen Free Party Menu Ideas For Thanksgiving

  The time to express our gratitude has become synonymous with mouthwatering treats made from traditional ingredients found in the New World, centuries ago.  The traditional Thanksgiving Menu has undergone changes over the years yet the spirit... -

Tips To Avoid Food Allergies This Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is a joyous time for all of us especially as it marks the beginning of the festive season destined to cheer us up. With food playing a major role during the occasion, we often tend to forget completely about the dreaded allergens... -

Top 5 Gluten Free Desserts For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving without the traditional, mouthwatering desserts is unheard of. The sweet delights baked without gluten, the harmful protein lurking in grains is even better especially if you happen to be intolerant to it.  A wee bit of imagination and... -

Gluten Free Crumble Health Benefits

The gluten free crumble is much more nutritious the traditional English crumbles not just because they are devoid of the allergy causing ingredient, but also due to the unexpected health benefits that they have to offer. The flour topping sprinkled on top... -

Gluten Free Crepe Health Benefits

  Consuming paper-thin crepes at breakfast is not impossible even if you happen to be afflicted with celiac disease or wheat allergy, what with the gluten-less variety being easily available these days. Moreover, the gluten free crepe is... -

Gluten Free Cream Soup Health Benefits

The gluten less thickners used in preparing gluten free cream soups  offer a trove of health benefits to not just those battling food allergies or weak stomach but also for the calorie and health conscious.   The alternate flours used to prepare these... -

Gluten Free Bagel Health Benefits

Having a crisp, chewy bagel right in the morning will help you face the day squarely. You have the added advantage of ingesting a gluten free bagel which comes with multiple health benefits if you happen to be a celiac or are prone to allergic reactions... -

Gluten Free Popcorn Health Benefits

  Gluten free popcorn is certainly no exception. The light and airy snack does tend to remain naturally free of gluten, the grain protein which can be a harmful allergen. The air popped, unflavored variety of popcorn is certainly not... -

Gluten Free Icing Health Benefits

  The icing on your cake ceases to delight you when you discover that it can trigger off your allergic symptoms on account of containing the dreaded allergen, gluten. The eye-catching icing or frosting laid so painstakingly on top of your... -

Gluten Free Gingerbread Health Benefits

  A ginger bread man is indeed a favorite among kids, however, you do need to be extra careful when it comes to shielding your children from the deadly effects of wheat allergy or celiac disease. Try creating the age-old delicacies by opting... -

Gluten Free Steak Health Benefits

  Steaks usually tend to be gluten free, which in turn makes individuals afflicted with grain allergies and celiac disease heave a sigh of relief. However, you cannot afford to put your defenses down as most of the commercially available ones... -

Gluten Free Salads Health Benefits

Insisting on gluten free salads becomes absolutely necessary when you cannot digest the grain protein on account of either allergies or celiac disease. Although salads themselves are considered to be healthy, the dressings that are added to it make the... -

Gluten Free Lasagna Health Benefits

The very idea of having a lasagna   that is devoid of gluten is astonishing as pastas are usually made with durum wheat or semolina which are gluten rich products. However, there are a host of gluten free lasagna sheets... -

Gluten Free Scones Health Benefits

Scones are west European delicacies made with wheat, barley or oatmeal. Unfortunately, all these grains contain gluten making it impossible for you to eat  if you are allergic to the protein or intolerant to it on account of celiac disease. The gluten... -

Gluten Free Burger Health Benefits

Biting into a gluten free burger may help you enjoy the favorite American food with gusto despite being plagued by wheat allergy or celiac disease. The ingredients that go into the burgers are also choc-a-bloc with additional health benefits that can help... -

Gluten Free Taco Health Benefits

The sight of taco, the popular Mexican delicacy can definitely boost our appetites. However, one may need to be cautious and resort to the gluten free tacos in order to avoid complications especially if you are allergic to wheat or suffer from celiac disease.... -

Gluten Free Granola Health Benefits

Granola, the popular breakfast food and snack is also available in the gluten free form. The gluten free granola is preapred by mixing  a number of ingredients which do not contain the harmful protein.   There are quite a few additional benefits... -

Gluten Free Casserole Health Benefits

A baked dish involves using flour of some kind usually and casseroles are no exceptions to the rule. However, preparing a gluten free casserole becomes imperative once you have been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease and cannot digest the... -

Gluten Free Broth Health Benefits

Using commercially available broth or bouillons may not be suitable for you especially if you happen to be suffering from wheat allergy or celiac disease. Avoiding gluten becomes mandatory in such cases and you will be relieved to know that gluten free... -

Gluten Free Roll Health Benefits

Eating a gluten free roll can do wonders for your health especially if you are plagued with wheat allergy or celiac disease. The quaint dinner and breakfast rolls along with cheesy twists prepared with alternative flours come with a host of health... -

Gluten Free Noodles Health Benefits

Gluten free noodles can actually be a boon for individuals who cannot think beyond pasta. The first thought that comes to mind would be a sinking feeling of being unable to eat the delicious noodles or pasta when one is diagnosed with wheat allergy or... -

Gluten Free Crisps Health Benefits

  Gluten free crisps help in keeping you healthy while allowing you to enjoy your comfort food at the same time. A favorite food of almost every child, the crisps can also come in various categories that make use of nutritious, wholesome... -

Gluten Free Cheesecake Health Benefits

The term, gluten free cheesecake may cause a few raised eyebrows especially as the layer of fresh cream cheese or a topping of nuts and fresh fruits are not believed to contain gluten. However, it is the crust of the cheesecake that poses a problem, as... -

Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole Health Benefits

  Preparing a gluten free breakfast casserole is actually one of the simplest ways of whipping up a breakfast. You do not have to bother about numerous items that go into a full fledged breakfast which definitely gives you an advantage.... -

Top Gluten And Dairy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Gluten Intolerance And Dairy Allergy

  There are quite a few allergen free restaurants across USA now. The long list of such eateries also include Gluten and Dairy free   restaurants which cater to individuals suffering from multiple allergies. Parents... -

Top Wheat Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Wheat Allergy

  Going entirely wheat free is the only option available when you are plagued with wheat allergy   or gluten intolerance. There are numerous such destinations available on account of the prevalence of these conditions. You can also step... -

Top Peanut Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Peanut Allergy

  Peanut allergy happens to be a health problem that has affected American kids for a long time now. This makes it imperative to find out  good  peanut  free restaurants in the immediate vicinity of your residential area as your... -

Top Lactose Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Lactose Intolerance

Locating lactose free restaurants seems like an ordeal, especially when you are traveling. However, the need for consuming foods devoid of lactose has prompted several restaurant chains to take up the initiative. So you are likely to come across quite a few... -

Top Soy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Soy Allergy

  Soy derivates are considered to be ideal as alternatives to dairy products that are cherished by vegans as well. But what happens when the plant protein turns harmful and you are forced to give it up? The answer is quite simple apparently. All... -

Top Gluten Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Gluten Allergy

  Eating out when you are plagued with wheat allergy or celiac disease can indeed pose a problem. However, the necessity of finding gluten free food has prompted many restaurants to tweak their menu in order to cater to individuals who... -

Top Dairy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Dairy Allergy

  The possibility of eating out while you have the compulsion of sticking to restrictive diet might seem to be an impossible task. But milk allergy and lactose intolerance is rampant across the United States of America and finding out a suitable... -

Top Nut Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Nut Allergy

  Nut allergies are on the rise in America with a lot of kids being sensitive to them. This calls for special precautions that are provided by nut free schools across the nation. Finding out a place to dine safely does pose a problem as the... -

Peanut Free School Lunch Ideas

  Peanut allergy is considered to be one of the commonest food allergies affecting kids in America which calls for a restrictive diet.  You would have to spend some time planning a peanut free school  lunch menu as there are quite a few... -

Yeast Free Lunch Ideas For School

  Having to deal with yeast allergy might prove to be a trifle difficult especially when it concerns the diet of your child. There is no reason to fret though. All you have to do is to avoid certain food items, as you get ready to plan a yeast... -

Wheat Free Lunch Ideas For School

  Sticking to a wheat free lunch day in and day out certainly seems to a difficult proposition. But you will actually be surprised to find how easy it is to avoid the offending grain completely. There are quite a few alternatives available with... -

Lactose Free Lunch Ideas For School

  Packing a lunch for your kid involves a lot of planning and when you do have to stick to a lactose free lunch menu it becomes even more problematic. But it need not be an ordeal every time you have to fix lunch for school. Learn... -

Wheat Free Snack Ideas For School

  Munching on Wheat Free Snack items at school is an ideal way off keeping away the pangs of hunger while staying healthy. This is especially true of children suffering from celiac disease or wheat allergy . The notion of preparing novel... -

Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

  Being plagued with nut allergy is certainly no fun especially if it is your kid that is affected. However, you do have to take the necessary precautions as you proceed to pack lunch for the nut free school that your child is attending at... -

Dairy Free Lunch Ideas For School

  Rustling up a dairy free lunch for your school going kid requires a little imagination. There are a lot of things that the apple of your eye is liable to dislike and you need to keep this in mind as you start packing her lunch box with... -

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For School

    Preparing your child for school every day is likely to become a problem if you are not too sure of packing a gluten free lunch for your allergic kid. There is really no reason to fret though. All you have to do is to check out the... -

Nut Free Snack Ideas For School

  Allergy to tree nuts is one of the commonest conditions amongst kids in America today. The condition requires special care with nut free snack items forming an important part of the dietary precautions. Avoiding nuts in all forms is really... -

Gluten Free Snack Ideas For School

  Introducing your kid to gluten free snack items is an excellent idea, especially if he has been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease. Packing a few homemade snacks into his lunch box, when he is away attending school will also help... -

Dairy Free Snack Ideas For School

  Taking care of your allergic or lactose intolerant child is not an onerous task any more. All you need to do is to take a look at dairy free snack recipes that abound on the Internet. You can even try out a few innovations based on the... -

Alcohol Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Being plagued with alcohol allergy needs you to avoid food and beverages that contain the offending product. However, abstaining from liquor does not automatically translate as being safe. You also to need to adhere to alcohol free food... -

Gluten And Soy Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Food allergies and intolerances are rampant in today’s world making it necessary for us to avoid certain food products . Gluten and soy free food items are amongst the common products requested at food shops which is the primary reason... -

Wheat Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Wheat Free Food Gifts

  Wheat  Free Gifts are likely to be a part of your gift-list for this festive season if you have a friend or family member suffering from wheat allergy . While gluten is the primary protein that needs to be avoided... -

Meat Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Buying meat free food is no big deal nowadays. For one, you will be able to find umpteen number of choices, thanks to your vegetarian and vegan friends while on the other hand, the health problems related to consumption of flesh have made... -

Gluten And Corn Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  With the number of people suffering from corn as well as wheat allergy increasing at an alarming rate every year, it is advisable to opt for gluten and corn free food items as a precautionary measure. People diagnosed with celiac disease... -

Dairy Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Dairy Free Food Gifts

Dairy free gifts are ideal for your friends, especially when they have been diagnosed with milk allergy or lactose intolerance recently. It is likely that your friend is depressed and figuring out ways and means of including healthy, dairy free food in... -

Lactose Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Lactose Free Food Gifts

With the incidence of lactose intolerance growing at an alarming rate, it has become necessary to learn about the foods that are prepared without any inclusion of milk as well as the fat contained within it. There is no dearth of lactose free gifts should... -

Dairy Free Shopping Tips And Ideas

  Dairy free shopping can be done with ease once you get a little organized. The best way to do it would be to jot down the items required and then proceed to find out their alternatives in the form of dairy free ... -

Lactose Free Shopping Tips And Ideas

  Lactose free shopping becomes necessary once you  find yourself being intolerant to lactose. However, you should remember that it is not the same as milk allergy and you can easily digest milk proteins without being plagued by discomforting... -

Wheat Free Shopping Tips And Ideas

  Going on a wheat free shopping trip is not likely to be a lonely affair. You will, in fact, find yourself in company of multitudes of parents looking for wheat-less foodstuffs for their young kids diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat... -

Peanut Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Getting your young kid to forgo nut encrusted candies and treats may be a trifle difficult. This is the time when you feel compelled to look for peanut free food items that would provide your child with adequate nutrition apart from... -

Egg Free Food: How To Buy Tips

Egg free food is not too difficult to obtain. Being allergic to egg proteins is common in America and is considered to be one of the eight major allergens. The food labels are required to acknowledge the presence of eggs in all packaged food products and it... -

Gluten Casein Free Food: How To Buy Tips

Gluten Casein Free Food is also known as GFCF  in short. This particular diet has been noted for its effectiveness in lessening the behavioral patterns in autistic children. Individuals with either gluten or casein allergy can easily avail of this diet... -

Casein Free Food: How To Buy Tips

An innocuous milk protein may compel you to buy casein free food   especially if you have been diagnosed with dairy allergy. Since the offending allergen is not the sole constituent of milk, you might be perplexed about the products that are safe for you.... -

Nut Free Food: How To Buy Tips

The demand for nut free food items have sky rocketed lately with the incidence of peanut and tree nut allergies on the rise. While it is not quite as difficult to buy products absolutely free from nut , finding a suitable substitute for each and... -

Gluten And Dairy Free Food: How To Buy Tips

You need to survive on strict  gluten and dairy free food products if you are allergic to both wheat and milk proteins. There are instances of food intolerance which will put you on a restrictive diet as well. Finding out about food items that are safe... -

Gluten And Wheat Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Being detected of wheat allergy or celiac disease is likely to have a profound effect on your food habits. For one, you need to include only  gluten and wheat free food  products in your daily diet, which might leave you a bit worried. How... -

Soy Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  The thought of buying soy free food products may not please the vegans but you do have to seek them out if you happen to be allergic to this protein rich product. Apart from the straightforward products labeled as soy, you... -

Corn Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  If you are keen on buying corn free food items then you are certainly not alone in your endeavor. The recent research studies reveal that almost 1 in every 130 Americans suffer from corn allergies and experiences severe... -

Yeast Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Being on a restricted diet is no fun especially when you have to pick up yeast free food products. However, it is not impossible either. All you have to do is to undertake a thorough study and learn about the food items that contain yeast... -

Dairy Free Food: How To Buy Tips

Being deprived of milk and related products on account of an allergy or intolerance does not mean the end of the world anymore! On the contrary, you will be astonished to discover a whole range of dairy free food products that are aimed at keeping you... -

Wheat Free Food: How To Buy Tips

Down in dumps because you have been diagnosed with wheat allergy ? There is actually no need to concern yourself too much with the outcome. Not when you have the option of buying wheat free food stuffs from supermarkets, health... -

Lactose Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Going without milk and other dairy products can help you to exercise control over lactose intolerance.  A lactose free food is  basically a dairy free one too as it is milk that contains lactose, the milk fat. There are several options... -

Gluten Free Shopping Tips And Ideas

Shopping is normally considered to be a joyous activity. But what if you need to indulge in gluten free shopping particularly when you find yourself unable to consume or use any product that contains the offending allergen. Well, there are options of... -

Tips To Choose Gluten Free Food Gifts

Thinking of a gift idea for a friend or family member diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy is not quite as difficult as you think. Opting for gluten free food gifts will no doubt, give you the satisfaction of having brought some comfort to the... -

Gluten Free Food: How To Buy Tips

  Being diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease might seem like a big blow! It is not the end of the world though! All you have to do is to buy the products carefully. Learn to recognize the gluten free food  and all will be... -

Elimination Diet Plan – Test To Identify Food Allergies

Food Allergies or Food Intolerances are a common health problem these days. The best way to identify and manage an adverse food allergy is using an Elimination Diet Plan. An elimination diet or allergy avoidance diet are commonly prescribed by health... -

Lactose Free Breakfast

  Planning a lactose free breakfast requires serious contemplation. The nutrition provided by dairy products go missing as you avoid milk and milk products. It is, therefore necessary to choose calcium and vitamin D enriched food stuff... -

Gluten Free Breakfast

  The mere thought of preparing a gluten free breakfast is likely to leave you worried. After all, how can the first meal of the day be complete without the ubiquitous toast and cereal? Don't worry, there are ways and means to provide... -

Dairy Free Breakfast

  Dairy free breakfast is not necessarily unhealthy as you may think, having been brought up to believe in the goodness of milk.  But you would really have no option except look elsewhere if you have to avoid dairy products due to ... -

Wheat Free Desserts

  Wheat free desserts are not that difficult to obtain if you set your mind to it. We, usually, link cakes and other flour based-confections with dessert items, which automatically becomes worrisome once we are diagnosed with ... -

Gluten Free Drinks

  Gluten free drinks is a term that may set you thinking, especially if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy .  If you think about the distillation process that goes into the preparation of... -

Alcohol Free Drinks

  Alcohol free drinks are not such a rarity even though you may question the wisdom behind it. However, it is not always the teetotaler who shies away from alcohol, the ones diagnosed with alcohol intolerance o r allergy ... -

Top 5 Dairy Free Desserts

  Dairy free desserts become a necessity when your body cannot digest the milk constituents. However, this need not leave you craving for more sweets in your life or make you move earth and heaven to find a solution to your problem. Read on to... -

Gluten Free Desserts

  Gluten free desserts are an oft-mentioned term nowadays! You do need to be extremely careful to avoid everything gluten if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy . Hence, the need to eat... -

Popular Egg Free Desserts

Egg free desserts may not be common when it comes to baked confections but you are sure to find them if you look at the huge world of sweet foods that delight us. Being diagnosed with egg allergy or being intolerant to the protein rich food is,... -

Top 5 Lactose Free Desserts

  Lactose free desserts  can help you to satiate your sweet tooth even if you are intolerant to the milk fat. While people with  milk allergies   can safely eat lactose-containing food, the milk protein plagues... -

Dairy Free Meals - Dairy Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas

Dairy free meals become a necessity when your body refuses to tolerate dairy products including milk - the complete food. Even if you give up consuming milk there are numerous products which are prepared from it and you will astounded to see that even... -