Fluffy Fruit Dressing Recipes

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Fluffy Fruit Dressing

MAKING 1. In a saucepan, combine sugar and flour . 2. Stir in the orange and lemon juices. 3. Cook on a low flame, stirringconstantly, until thick. 4. Allow the dressing to chill before using. 5. Fold in whipped evaporated milk which has been chilled, just... - 33.5571

Fluffy Fruit Dressing

Blend marshmallow creme and orange juice with rotary beater. Stir in salad dressing and vanilla. - 19.0641

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Fluffy Cheese Dressing

Combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, cherry juice, milk and lemon juice; beat until smooth. Prepare topping mix according to package directions; fold into cream cheese mixture. Stir in cherries; chill. Whip chilled mixture until fluffy. Serve over fruit salads. - 34.3249

Fluffy Honey Dressing

Beat eggs; stir in honey, lemon juice, orange juice and salt. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened; cool. Fold in whipped cream and lemon rind. Serve with fresh fruit. - 30.0449

Fluffy Pineapple Dressing

Heat pineapple juice with butter in saucepan. Beat egg with lemon juice. Mix next 5 ingredients and beat into egg mixture. Stir in hot juice; return to saucepan and cook over very low heat, stirring constantly, until smooth and thickened. Add seasoned salt to... - 43.7128

Fluffy Honey Dressing

Beat eggs; stir in honey, juices and salt. Cook, stirring, over low heat until thickened. Cool. Fold in cream and lemon peel. Serve over fruit. - 31.238

Fluffy Fruit Dip

MAKING 1) In a pan, mix the corn syrup, hot water and sugar, stir over a gentle heat until the sugar is dissolved. 2) Then allow to boil without stirring until the mixture is syrupy. 3) Beat in the hot syrup mixture slowly into the egg whites. 4) Stir in the... - 41.6445

Fluffy Fruit Mould

Combine sugar and gelatin. Stir in water; bring just to boiling. Pour slowly over beaten egg white, beating until thick (about 5 minutes). Cool. Fold in whipped cream, then mayonnaise. Add pineapple tidbits, seedless grapes, and broken walnuts. Pour into... - 38.99

Fluffy Fruit Mold

MAKING 1) In a pan, mix the gelatin and sugar together. Then stir in water and bring to a boil. 2) Gradually beat into the beaten egg white for 5 minutes until thick, then allow to cool. 3) Fold in the heavy whipped cream, then mix in the mayonnaise, blend... - 40.2873

Marmalade Fruit Dressing

Beat softened cream cheese at medium speed of electric mixer until fluffy. Add remaining ingredients, and beat until mixture is smooth. Serve dressing over fruit salad. - 19.0855

Fruit Salad Dressing

Beat topping mix and milk on high speed until soft peaks form. Beat until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Stir in remaining ingredients. - 25.9651

Cream Cheese And Fruit Dressing

Whip cheese until fluffy, then beat in remaining ingredients; cover and chill. Serve over fruit salads, avocado halves, or lettuce wedges. - 24.0623