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1 Minute Workout For Butts

Want a quick workout for your butts? Try doing this 1 minute butt exercise with host Sarah and fitness expert Stephen Cabral. As the name suggests, this workout takes just 1 minute and is very effective way of toning up the glutes when you are short of time. - 133.936

How To Warm Up For Exercise At Home Without A Treadmill

If you think working out at home means skipping on the warm ups or not so great workout, here is a video that shows How To Warm Up For Exercise at Home without a treadmill. Sarah, the host of is with Stephen Cabral and he shows a move to warm up your... - 131.504

Yoga Workout For Easier Wake Up

Do you feel lethargic after waking up in the morning, here is quick way to beat laziness and wake up easier? The exercise is simple and takes just 1 minute or a little more but is very relaxing and thus a great way to start your day. Stephen the fitness... - 131.24

Ardha Matsyendrasana (half Lord Of The Fishes) Pose With Holly Mosier

Holly Mosier, 51 year old mom and yoga expert takes you through the Ardha Mastyendrasana or the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose in this video which is basically a twist of the spine in a seated position. A must do if you want to relieve the stress around your... - 130.975

Exercises For Post Surgery And For People Who Cannot Walk

If you have undergone a surgery recently or for health reasons you cannot work out in the gym, here is a video to help you exercise sitting on your chair. In this video, Sarah has invited Wendie Pett to help people who want to work out from one... - 130.437

Love Handles And Saddle Bags Duo Exercise For Women

Two worst body mass areas for any woman is Love Handles and Saddle Bags, so here is a video for every woman who want to lose her Love Handles and Saddle Bags. Sarah, the host of has Mike D'Angelo from Revolution Fitness and he shows two ways of doing... - 130.406

Bulgarian Split Squat With And Without Trx For Butt & Thigh Tone Up

Want an exercise to tone up your butts and thighs? Here, is a detailed video for all those who have access to TRX and even for those who don't own one. Under Stephen's guidance, Sarah the host of shows how to do Bulgarian split squat With and without... - 130.338

Stability Ball Abs Exercise

When you are at home and interested in doing some ab moves, here are two different ways of doing it. Sarah, the host of and Stephen the fitness expert show us how to do these exercises for best effect on your abs. As usual, Sarah does it perfectly... - 130.221

Ustrasana (camel Pose) With Yoga Expert Holly Mosier

This video has the yoga expert,51 year old mom and author of the book "Stress Less, Weigh Less" Holly Mosier document the right way of doing the Ustrasana or the Camel pose. An intense back bend, as she chooses to call it, this one gets you to flex and... - 130.199

Advanced Upper Body Exercise - Dumbbell Renegade Rows

Want to try an intense upper body exercise? In this Diethealth video, Stephen and Sarah together show us how to do this Advanced Upper Body Exercise - Dumbbell Renegade Rows and they show 3 different variations of it. As Stephen says, one can start with the... - 129.849

Ab Exercise On A Foam Roller

If you have not been able to firm up your abs yet, here an ab exercise that is more effective than what you have done earlier and something you have never heard of. In this video, Sarah gives a demo under the guidance of fitness expert Stephen and he tells us... - 129.824

Energy Boosting Exercises

If you want an emery boosting exercise, watch the video which features Fitness expert Stephen Cabral and he shows two different body exercises that helps burn fat and well as energize you. The workouts are little unique as it uses a kettlebell, but one can... - 129.739

How To Get That Perfect Posture

Have you developed a hunchback by working on a desk for long hours? Here is a small video that helps improve your posture so you look slim and fit. This video is by and Sarah the host has Henneke from Pilates with Henneke and she has 3 exercise to... - 129.665

Thinner Thighs, Tighter Tummy Exercise

Want Thinner Thighs, Tighter Tummy without spending for gym or a personal trainer? This video by would do it for you. Sarah, the host of the show and fitness expert Stephen show a simple to do at home exercise for Thinner Thighs and Tighter Tummy.... - 129.659

Oprah Winfrey's Weight Loss Workout

If you are fascinated by how Oprah Winfrey was able to shed a lot of weight, here is a video by that reveals the secret and then modifies the exercise to suit you. Sarah is with Stephen Cabral the body transformation expert and he shows how to lose... - 129.656

Learn How To Squat Without Hurting Your Knees

If you get knee pain by squatting during workouts, it’s because you are not doing your squats correctly. In this video, Sarah and Stephen show us how to do perfect squats. While Sarah shows the demo on how to do them correctly, Stephen speaks about... - 129.572

1-min Fat Burning Exercise

When you have less time for workout, doing a multiple move workout could help burn fat from the entire body. In this video, Sarah has Stephen the fitness expert to show us an exercise which involves dead lift, bicep curl and overhead press. All these... - 129.303

Sexy Tank Top Arms For Summer

If you avoid wearing tank tops during summer just because your shoulders and arms are not in shape, here is a video to help you shape them for wearing tank tops. Sarah and Stephen together show us the perfect way of doing the exercise. While Sarah has a great... - 129.136

The Texas Pushup Challenge Exercise

During Spring break if you are kind of tied up in the indoors and can't move to the gym, the best way to work out is to do The Texas Push up Challenge exercise. In this video Sarah the host of tells you how this is a total body exercise and how good... - 129.096

Mini-trampoline Cardio Workout

If you have been seeing a Mini-Trampoline in your gym and don’t know how to work out with it, here is a video to help you. Stephen the fitness expert speaks about the health benefits of jumping on this Mini-Trampoline. This little workout equipment works... - 129.039

Fitness Assessment By Numbers

Wonder how Sarah the host of keeps herself in shape all the time? Today she is with Mike and he shows us program that calculates your fitness in numbers like body mass index, fat percentage, lean mass and much more. He has also developed a program... - 128.756

Trx Pushups

Want to work out on your new TRX? Well, here is a video by and Sarah the host has her fitness trainer Stephen who shows us how to work on the TRX superset. If you don’t have a gym, TRX can be used at home easily. He also speaks about how TRX helps... - 128.593

Shape Up Your Butt And Inner Thighs For Spring

Get ready to flaunt your body in the bikini this spring break. Here are two simple exercises to tone up butts and inner thighs right at home. If you are a beginner, use your body weight but if you are intermediate exerciser use a dumbbell. For advanced... - 128.584

Quick Burn Interval Workout After Strength Training

Want a quick burn interval workout that leaves your body metabolically more worked out. Stephen the body transformation expert has two of his favorite moves for this interval workout. These exercises are of 20 seconds each and within minutes one can burn a... - 128.558

Spring Break Workout Part 1 - Legs And Core Exercises

If going to a gym for getting bikini perfect body is not possible, here are some exercises that you can do in your drawing room or at home and still get a perfect figure. Host Sarah and fitness expert Katrina show us Spring Break Workout Part 1 - Legs and... - 128.417

Killer Instinct Workout

Want some killer workouts to improve your strength and endurance? In this Diethealth video, Sarah has MTV personality and fitness trainer Tyler Duckworth shows us some exercises that are done for competition. You may not be going for a competition but these... - 128.377

Circuit Workout For Bikini

Shaping up the body for bikini is not an easy task? But with this Diethealth video, it is very much possible as fitness expert Katrina shows all the moves that need to be worked out for the entire body. As she says, getting a bikini body involves cardio and... - 128.306

Killer Chest And Arms Workout

Want to get started with chest and arm workouts at home? In this video, one can find a killer workout and its One Arm Chest Press on Stability Ball. As always your favorite Sarah gives the demo and the exercise looks really tough but worth. Stephen, the... - 128.288

Front Leg Raised Split Squat

Want a new exercise to add to your total body strength training routine? has come up with this Front Leg Raised Split Squat using heavy weights and a box for a slightly challenging version. While it’s the glutes and the thighs are mostly shaped up,... - 128.28

Leg Slimming Workout For Bikini

Want to slim down your legs for the bikini season/ Here is a video by that helps by showing 3 different leg exercises to for leg slimming. Host Sarah has Jessica on the show and she gives a demo for Sumo squat, courtesy lunge and side lunge that... - 128.22

How To Lose The Last 5 Pounds

Losing the first pounds may not be very difficult but for losing the last 5 pounds special exercises are required. In this video, host Sarah visits Revolution fitness expert Mike to find out how to Lose The Last 5 pounds. Mike shows one exercise with... - 128.209

How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Working Out

Want to get flat abs or stomach without exercising? In this video, host Sarah has Wendie Pett who shows us a way to reduce the waistline by many inches without working out or even without lying down. She shows a breathing exercise that can be done... - 128.205

Mtv Challenge Workout

Wonder how MTV challengers work to get in shape? Today, Diethealth has invited Tyler Duckworth who featured in MTV Challenge Rival competition and he makes Sarah do the exercises that creates power for the body. The exercises are plyometric power workouts and... - 128.174

Workout In A Hotel Room

If you travel frequently and don’t have access to gym, here are two exercises that you can do in your hotel room. Host Sarah from has her fitness expert Stephen Cabral to show us an ab exercise and a lower body exercise using the hotel bed. In the... - 128.152

Partner Workout With Exercise Band

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who wants to workout with you, here is a useful video for you both. In this video, host Sarah and her fitness trainer Katrina show an exercise involving both. They are using a exercise band for the workout, so... - 128.137

More Quick Cardio Intervals

On popular demand, host Sarah brings us another video featuring more quick Cardio Intervals. She has roped on Jessica a fitness expert to show us some moves without using any equipments. Jessica uses just two towels or rugs and shows three different... - 128.116

Plyometrics Exercise Superset

This is a 15 minute Plyometrics Exercise Session with Jess from Babes on the run. This is an intense routine! You will need a mat. What Are Plyometrics? Unlike typical strength training exercises that involve long, slow movements designed to increase... - 128.078

Barre Workout For Inner Thighs

If you are fascinated by Barre Workout, here is an inner thigh workout that you can do at home using a chair. Sarah the host of has roped in Lauren Hefez to show us a simple inner thigh workout. It is definitely scorching for Sarah and one can feel... - 128.028

Bikini Body Workout

How about getting personalized training from a celebrity trainer? If it sounds good, watch this video as has Valerie Waters on the sets and she is showing some moves to prepare your body for bikini. This time its Katrina who does the demo under the... - 128.024

Pilates Best Core Exercise

If Pilates interest you, here is a core exercise which is best. In this video, Sarah has Pilates instructor Paula and together they show us 5 moves done in 5 minutes for total body workout. It looks a bit difficult but worth trying if you want to lose weight... - 127.914

Get Sexy Toned Legs With Resistance Band

Want to Get Sexy Toned Legs by working out at home? Here is a video by and host Sarah along with fitness expert Katrina show us a move to tone up the legs. These are simple to do workouts and one doesn’t need any special care. One can do them... - 127.896

Pilates Workout Side Leg Series

This video is the quintessential part of Pilates workout leg series. In the video, Sarah the host of has Paula who is Pilates Expert who helps Sarah with the demo for Pilates Workout Side Leg Series. As always Paula shows the perfect way of doing the... - 127.874

Total Abs Makeover Exercises

Want to give your abs a total makeover and prepare it for the bikini season? Here is video and Sarah and Stephen the fitness expert show us how to make it possible. Stephen has Hip Lift and Hip Thrust exercises for sexy looking abs. And as Sarah... - 127.847

How To Workout In Office

Don’t have time to work even at home? Here is a video that would help with few simple exercises to do in the office and these moves help burn calories. host Sarah has Wendie Pett and she shows us 3 simple exercises to do sitting in your office... - 127.794

The Right Way To Do A Lunge

Most people give up lunges as they get pain in their knees and the reason is they are not doing lunges correctly. So, has come up with this video to help viewers do their lunges perfectly as many exercises require this move. A perfect lunge can help... - 127.772

Leg & Butt Workout Blaster With

If you are looking for a thigh thinning exercise, here is Leg & Butt Workout Blaster with In this video, fitness expert Stephen Cabral helps Sarah do this exercise using a band. This band really helps in putting resistance while squatting which... - 127.767

How To Get The Best Strength Training

When one starts strength training, there are a lot of questions that pop up in the mind. In this video, Sarah speaks to fitness expert Mike and he tells us how to get the best out of your strength training. Mike also has a couple of exercises to tone up the... - 127.763

Workouts To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Want to get rid of your man boobs? Here is an exercise video by and this time its Stephen who is hosting and demonstrating the workout. He has a planned workout in three steps that could help you get rid of man boobs and look strong and stout. If you... - 127.706

Total Body Workout With Focus On Chest And Back

In this video, Sarah and Stephen show a total body workout exercise with focus on chest and back. At the beginning of the video, Stephen clarifies the very first doubt that comes to one mind and that how to do this work out without a machine or when... - 127.671

Fat Blasting Boot Camp Workout In Just 3 Moves

When you want an exercise in very less time and something that could help burn fat, boot camps are best. In this video, fitness expert Stephen Cabral suggests 3 moves of each 30 seconds and these are fat scorchers. While 2 of the moves are popular, the jump... - 127.653

Total Upper Body Workout - Russian Abs Exercise

Want to reach your goal of getting great abs in less time? Here is a simple exercise Total Upper Body Workout - Russian Abs Exercise by Host Sarah gives the demo and Stephen the body Transformation expert reveals the secret behind this exercise.... - 127.631

Pilates Workout For Thigh And Butt

Want to try a Pilates lower body exercise? In this video, Sarah has Henneke Pilates expert and she shows a beginners Pilates Workout for Thigh and Butt. She does this exercise with the help of a bolster but you can round up a blanket if you don’t have one.... - 127.622

Do You Squat Properly?

Squatting is an essential move in fitness training and it’s important to do it correctly or else our knees may pain. So, has come up with this quick video to show all of a simple way to doing squat correctly. All you need is an exercise ball and... - 127.525

Energy Boosting Workouts

Want to boost up your energy levels in the morning or before a sport? This video by focuses on exercises that can be done before starting a sport and these exercises stimulates blood circulation waking up the body. Fitness expert Stephen suggests 3... - 127.498

Abs Exercise With A Partner

If you want to involve your partner in your workouts, here is an ab exercise which you can do with him. It can be done at home or at the gym with a medicine ball. This exercise by Sarah and Stephen is a total body core workout. - 127.45

Top 3 Pilates Abs Moves

If Pilates interests you and you want you a real good ab exercise to have a fabulous tummy, you should be watching this video. Sarah and Cassey together do this earthquake exercise that would crunch your abs enough to bring you in shape. It’s an interesting... - 127.353

Spring Break Workout Part 2 - Lower Body And Abs Exercises

This video is the second part of Spring Break Workout for all the girls who want to look slim and sexy during spring break. This video focuses mainly on exercises for lower body and abs and there are 3 different moves that you bring a amazing figure for you.... - 127.3

Workout To Look Good In A Little Black Dress

Want to look good in a little black dress that flaunts your shoulders, arms and waist? Here is an exercise that Sarah does a few weeks before new Year to look fabulous. These are 5 simple moves and focuses mostly on the upper body. - 127.243

Complete Ab Workout

Want to do a complete ab workout that would tone up your upper and lower abs at the same time. In this diet health video, host Sarah has fitness expert Katrina to show us a total ab workout using an exercise ball. Katrina and Sarah both give a demo but the... - 127.186

Oblique Pilates Workout

Want a killer Oblique Pilates workout move that helps you kill all fat on your sides? Here is an excellent video by where host Sarah and Cassey the Pilates expert show us how to do these moves. In fact they do the complete rep and you can follow them... - 127.146

Pilates 100 Abs Blueprint

If you cannot make it to the Pilates classes, this video would help you do the 100s Ab exercise at home or in your nearby gym where you work out. This exercise or move can get you that flat abs that you have been working for. Watch the video for complete... - 127.106

Workout For Strengthening Legs For Tennis

If tennis is your favorite sport during summers, here is an exercise that helps you strengthen your legs for the sport and also helps to improve your game. Stephen helps Sarah learn this simple exercise using a medicine ball and a cone. The exercise is... - 127.102

Turbo-charge Your Walk With Earth's Exer-walk Sneakers

Imagine how much of fun it would be to lose three times more calories just by changing your shoes. In this video, Sarah the host of talks about Earth's Exer-Walk sneakers that helps you lose more calories while you walk or run on a treadmill just by... - 127.097

Best Exercise For Butt

Want the best workout for your butt? This is exactly what Sarah is doing in this video, she gives demo for two moves that will burn the fat from the glutes area and tone the muscles there. As always Stephen Cabral the fitness expert teaches Sarah and all of... - 127

Beginner Workouts

if you have fallen off the fitness wagon or want to hop into it, here are few exercises to get started. In this Diethealth video, host Sarah does beginners version of a squat and lunge for legs. And Stephen informs about the number of reps and sets you should... - 126.992

A Fitness Model's Workout

Want to know how those fitness models in the magazines tone up their body? In this video, Host Sarah has fitness model Karena who featured on Shape Magazine. She shows Sarah and Katrina the interval workouts she did to tone her body few weeks before... - 126.974

Workout Before Going For Ski

Going on a ski with friends is fun if you don’t get sore legs and can keep up with your friends. In this video, there are a few exercises that you could do before going ski. According to the host and fitness expert, these exercises would keep you active so... - 126.965

Mtv's Lauren Conrad Workout

If you are bored of the same workout moves, here is a video to keep your body interested in exercising and keeping your body fit. Sarah the host of Diethealth has her fitness expert Katrina to show some variations of exercises for the entire body. The key... - 126.947

Cardio Workout At Home Using Fitness Band

If you have been watching diethealth videos, sure you must have come across cardio exercise that can be done at home. In this video, Sarah does another cardio workout with the help of Stephen, the fitness expert. And this time also they are using an exercise... - 126.934

4000 Year Old Fat Burning Exercise - The Hindu Pushup

How about trying a full body pushup exercise which is as old as 4000 years old? In this video, Sarah shows a demo of the Hindu pushup under the guidance of Stephen, the fitness expert. It’s a total fat burning exercise done by wrestlers all across... - 126.92

Outdoor Circuit Training Workout

Want to workout outside a gym? Here is a video on total body circuit training by Diethealth fitness expert Katrina and this is the workout she gives to her clients who want to exercise outdoors. This total body exercise keeps your heart rate up all the time... - 126.868

Advanced Partner Yoga Demonstration

Dashma and Josiah demonstrate an advanced partner yoga sequence on the beach. Partner yoga is a great way to get creative and enjoy practicing yoga postures. It allows you to connect both physically and emotionally with your partner who can be your spouse,... - 126.788

Travel Workout

when you are travelling and have limited access to gym, here is what you can do to keep yourself fit. Sarah and fitness expert Katrina shows us some moves that can be done in a hotel room. These are quick and easy fat burning exercises which helps... - 126.718

Summer Slimming Arm Workout With A Band

Want to work out on your arms at home during summers? Here is a simple way, use a band and you can tone up your arms without going to the gym or without any expensive equipments. Watch the video and have fun exercising at home. - 126.712

Lower Body Strengthening With Yoga

If you thought yoga is only about stretching and cannot help strengthen your body, this video will clear your doubts. In this video, Sarah has Erica, a certified Yoga instructor and together they show us some yoga asanas that sure to burn fat from... - 126.665

Progressive Side Plank Ab Workout To Lose Weight

Sticking to your new year resolution for exercising is the most difficult task. So, try this Progressive Side Plank Ab Workout to lose weight to keep your motivation level high. The exercise shown in this video is challenging but sure its effective enough to... - 126.608

Faq Answered At

If you are a fitness freak sure you must have some questions in your mind. In this video, host Sarah seeks Stephens help in answering to some of the very common questions from her fans. Questions like how to get flat abs, should women go for weight... - 126.533

Workout To Flatten Your Pot Belly

Want an exercise that could flatten your pot belly in no time? In this video, fitness expert Katrina does a challenging move on the exercise ball. As all good things come with some efforts, this is a difficult exercise but very effective. The reps... - 126.404

5 Minutes Of Total Body Pilates

Want a total body Pilates workout in just 5 minutes without any special equipments? Well, here is a video by and Sarah has Cassey Ho to show us the demo. The video has the complete demo so all you need to do is play the video and work as Cassey... - 126.387

Best Ab And Inner Thigh Exercise

Are you ready to flaunt your figure in a bikini? If not, watch the video and do the best exercise that can tone up your abs and thighs. All it needs is an exercise ball and just one workout and you are ready for the summer and beach. - 126.374

How To Lose 500 Calories In One Workout

Losing 500 calories in a single work out is very much possible. In the video, as Stephen says, there is nothing scary, it’s a set of 4 exercises for the entire body. These are real simple and do as Stephen instructs to Sarah and you will be through. - 126.277

Lose Your Love Handles With Kettlebells

Want to get rid of your love handles? In this video Stephen Cabral shows an exercise using kettlebells but you can use dumbbells or body weight if you don’t have the bells. Definitely this exercise will help you get rid of the love handles that you... - 126.233

How To Tone Up Your Back

Want to work out your back exercises without going to the gym? has an easy to do back exercise just using dumbbells and a bench. Note Stephen's tips on how to do the exercise correctly. - 126.22

Lower Back And Glutes Ball Exercise

Those who have weaker backs and you have no time to workout in the gym; here is a video to help you. host Sarah and fitness expert Stephen show some moves for those who want to strengthen their back at home. All it needs is an exercise ball and this... - 126.131

Total Body Exercise

Want an easy total body exercise in just one move. Watch the video to find out what Stephen makes Sarah do in the video. It’s a simple backward lunge with dumbbells held over the head. The whole body is engaged in the workout without putting pressure on the... - 126.109

Pilates Top 3 Butt Toning Exercises

want to shape up your butts with Pilates? Here is a video by and Cassey from Pop Pilates show us three different moves to shape up the butts. Sarah is giving the demo for one repetition but one can increase it depending on individual strength. - 126.056

The Right Way To Stretch Your Hamstrings

Stretching hamstring is one of the most important parts of any strength training. So, has come up with this video featuring Jessica to show us the right way to Stretch Your Hamstrings. She also advises when to breath which most people don’t do... - 125.955

Core Workout On Exercise Ball

Want to tone up your tummy at home without going to the gym? Here is a simple Core Workout on Exercise Ball with host Sarah from She gives a demo on how to work out your abs on a exercise ball. - 125.906

Celebrity Ab Workout

Want 6 pack abs like Nelly? Well, here is a video with a celebrity ab exercise for you. Stephen the Diethealth fitness expert teaches Sarah a weight crunch exercise and as always Sarah has the perfect demo. Challenge yourself with a heavy weight for quick and... - 125.814

Pilates Workout Routine For Toning Butt 'n Thighs

Want slim and slender legs like dancers? This video by brings you some Pilate’s moves usually done by dancers. Paula is a certified Pilates trainer and she helps Sarah to give the demo for toning the butts and thighs. - 125.761

How To Get The Best Abs For The Summer

Want to have the best abs on the beach? Here is a video that shows two best exercises that could get you the best abs. Well, they are the hard exercises but if you are able to do it, perfect abs are guaranteed. - 125.593

How To Do The Yoga Scorpion Pose

Scorpion pose is one of my favorite pose and is a deep balancing pose. It requires practice to do scorpion pose very well. Dashama is an Author, yoga teacher, fitness model & lifestyle coach. Dashama is teaching scorpion pose for beginners. - 124.552

Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutations - All Levels

Sun salutation is a warm up which is done before starting a yoga session. Dashama, an Author, yoga teacher, fitness model & lifestyle coach is demonstrating vinyasa yoga sun salutation. You would see all level yoga sun salutations in this video. - 124.503

Advanced Balance Sequence With Dashama

Do you want to know about yoga basics, advances, standing postures and many more from experts? Dashama, an Author, yoga teacher, fitness model & lifestyle coach is showing you advanced balance sequence in this video. Her videos are very helpful in learning... - 124.282

Detox Exercise

If you are getting started with your daily fitness routine after the New Years, sure you need some exercises that help shed all the junk you had till the New year. In this episode of, Stephen has a detox exercise to massage your internal organs and... - 124.253

Workout To Shape Up Like Celebrity Doing Superman Role

If you are amused by the superman or superwoman roles in movies and want a figure like them, here are a video for you. This Diethealth video featuring Stephen Cabral and host Sarah show us three plyometric moves to get that superman or superwoman like body.... - 124.222

Fit Ball Core Strength - Abs Workout

If I said "hard core workout" I mean you can do it but you will feel it! :) This is part of our superset series so combine this with any of the other in the Superset series to make 30, 45 or 60 minutes of non stop exercise! You will nee d a fit ball and a... - 124.187

Beach Workout

If you live near a beach, there are a few exercises that you can do to keep your fit and get a bikini body. Katrina has another fitness expert Karena who gives demo for 3 exercises to do on the beach. The back workout is really awesome and tones up your back... - 124.161

Increase Your Yoga Flexibility

Try these handy release techniques to get more out of your yoga practice and increase flexibility. These techniques are releasing the fascia, or connective tissue, in common areas where we become bound or glued. By Trevor Aung Than B.Sc (Physio). Learn... - 124.101

Tips On How To Increase Your Yoga Flexibility 2

This is Part 2 of the Yoga flexibility series. Try these handy release techniques to get more out of your yoga practice and increase flexibility. These techniques are releasing the fascia, or connective tissue, in common areas where we become bound or glued.... - 124.065