Fish Finger

Fish finger is an American snack. Fish fingers are generally been battered, breaded, or deep-fried. Fish fingers are commonly known as fish stick

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Now, Finger Food Has A New Meaning!

Now, Finger Food Has A New Meaning!  On : 28-May-2012 By : FitGal

You may have worn your heart on your sleeve, now it is time to wear your food on your fingers. At least, that is what Sofia Molnar, a Canadian artist, based in Japan, intends for you. The “Kawaii Movement”, which means cute in Japanese, has inspired...

How To Chop Fish

How To Chop Fish On : 02-Jul-2010 By : gastronomica

So your fishing trip was more than successful. You caught some fish and now want to know how to cut the fish. Tools required: Sharp fillet knife, cutting board, and the fish, of course. Cutting the fish ...

Top 10 Bony Fish Recipes

Top 10 Bony Fish Recipes On : 29-Dec-2010 By : goodfoodlover

For all bony fish lovers here are Top 10 Bony Fish Recipe Ideas. Sardines Scapece: This Italian seafood dish is prepared with fresh sardines, fresh lemon juice, salt, olive oil, flour, onions, white vinegar, garlic, chili and chopped...

Tips To Identify Rotten Fish

Tips To Identify Rotten Fish On : 11-Nov-2011 By : FitGal

If you accidentally eat a rotten fish, then you are guaranteed to suffer from an upset stomach and not only that, intestinal distress, and possible diarrhea also accompany it. A potential trip to the hospital can also not be ruled out. All this for just a...

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