Filipino Chicken Soup Recipes

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Filipino Chicken Afritada

How about having a hearty chicken soup with an Asian twist? In this video, chef from Thriftycookingmom shows a Filipino style chicken soup called chicken afritada. She stir fries parboiled chicken pieces with onion, tomato, potato and bell pepper and adds... - 121.221

A Really Humble Filipino Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe (sotanghon)

Fine Asian cuisine. This video prepares a magnificent chicken sotanghon soup with vegetables and shiitake mushroom. This variety of Chinese vermicelli is made with mung beans. Made delicious with home made chicken stock and fish sauce, this noodle soup gives... - 120.292

A Ridiculously Delicious Filipino Soup (chicken Tinola Recipe)

This Filipino Chicken Tinola recipe is a one of its kind. This most popular Pinoy dish is a must-try for soup lovers. Those who love a hearty soup to warm the toes on a cold night, should give this recipe a try. - 116.061


Chicken sotanghon soup is surprisingly a scrumptious Filipino dish. It’s also a fine example of Chinese-style noodles that fused with the Spanish fascination with chicken. Check out the recipe video. - 111.473

Filipino Chicken Binakol

This video is in Filipino. - 106.946

Filipino Chicken Sotanghon Soup

This video is in Filipino. - 104.313

Filipino Pancit Molo

This video is in Filipino. - 100.877

Filipino Chicken And Corn Soup

This video is in Filipino. - 100.034

Filipino Chicken Stew

This video is in Filipino. - 94.9766

Kinamunggayang Manok

Kinamunggayang Manok or Chicken and Moringa (Malunggay) Soup is a Filipino Soup dish that originated in the southernmost part of the Philippines. - 91.227

Chicken Sotanghon (vermicelli Chicken Noodle Soup)

Got colds or just feeling cold?? Here is a delicious way to get well and warm! - 89.1669

Pesang Manok

Pesang Manok or Chicken in Ginger Soup is a comforting Filipino dish fit for the cold weather. - 86.1861

Filipino Chicken Tinola

Are you looking for an innovative appetizer recipe? This video is a must watch for you. Chef shares an easy to make Filipino Chicken Tinola recipe, which is a traditional soup and never fails to impress as an appetizer. Learn how you can prepare this dish at... - 74.8386

Chicken Soup

A warm bowl of soup is appetizing anytime during the day! This soup has the goodness of the meat and the veggies incorporated! See the recipe in this video, a simple dish being created! Note there is no audio instruction for this video! - 70.7576