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Mcdonald’s Chicken Nuggets Contains Petroleum Not Pink Slime

McDonald’s chicken nuggets have been one of the hottest selling products for long. But the ‘pink slime’ controversy had the netizens scared with many swearing off the product for life. McDonald’s, Canada found a golden opportunity to set matters... -

Mcembarrassment Leads To Closure Of Mcdonald’s Website

McDonald’s is certainly not having a happy time lately. Although all is well with the sale of its ‘Happy Meal,’ their employee website has been criticized severely for advising the workers against eating fast food, an item that is the mainstay of the... -

Burger King’s Dollar Burger

Burger King has hit on an ideal solution for people who want for money or don’t want extra calories! The fast food giant is all set to introduce a special burger, which comes with its own French fries for a change. A lean and thin offering albeit with... -

Egg Mcmuffin: 40 Years Old & Still Going Strong

Going out for breakfast became popular in the 1970s and McDonald’s decided to cash in on it. Thus, the Egg McMuffin was born ! It still makes up for 25% of Mcdonald’s sales today, and its recipe remains the same. The look has changed to keep with... -

Bolivians Show Mcdonald’s The Door

It is, probably, for the first time in the history of fast food that a nation has rejected a world famous chain, McDonald’s summarily. Bolivia, the South American country, has turned itself away from all the advertising and fast food options that has so... -

Hannah 'david' Stands Up To 'goliath' Mcdonald's

  In a classic representation of the David-Goliath story, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson was in for a little surprise at his company's annual shareholder meeting, held recently. A nine-year-old girl, Hannah Robertson, took Thompson to... -

Taco Bell’s ‘healthier’ Avatar To Unveil In 2014

Taco Bell’s healthier avatar is just round the corner with the chain aiming to shed its junk-food purveyor image. To start with, the fast food company will offer more “balanced choices” to its customers , moving beyond the caloric indulgences, it... -

Baconize At Mcdonald’s For Just 49 Cents

If you are fanatic about bacon and haven’t been getting enough of it, McDonald’s may have just granted your wish. The fast food giant is offering a lucrative offer under which, you can ask for bacon to be added to your order , any order, for just 49... -

Taco Bell’s ‘speedo’ Response To Fb Post

It is a well known fact that the taco chain, Taco Bell, is the most cooperative brand on social media parameters . The company is always quick to respond to humorous correspondence that is carried on by its followers on social network websites. Now, a Reddit... -

Mcdonald's Menu Becomes Calorie-conscious

  McDonald's is making a new addition to its US menu and it is not a new food item. Instead, it is something, which will help you keep track of the junk food that you are downing at the restaurant and it is called calories. While... -

Burger King Employee Puts Foot In Lettuce!

You may not have heard of this one! Putting one's foot in mouth is a common disease but a Burger King employee has gone ahead and put his feet into lettuce. While the said employee has been fired by the company after he posted his photograph online, the... -

Taco Bell Serves Meat With Cardboard!

You have read about a customer suing Taco Bell for too little meat in his order. Now read about the Tex-Mex chain selling ‘cardboard meat’ to its customers, well, just one customer, for now! The news first came up on the Reddit forum, where a user... -

This Is One Really Insane Whopper!!!

The fast food is really becoming insane these days. Just when you thought that deep-fried samoas or Heart-Attack burgers would be the last word in the disgustingly unhealthy foods, here comes the Burger King Whopper with a thousand slices of cheese in... -

Subway 'spreads' Norovirus In Indiana

When you all thought that fast food restaurants could not play with public health anymore, here comes a shocking news! It has come to light that staff members at an Indiana Subway worked in the restaurant, serving customers despite being diagnosed with... -

Fair Foods Hitting New Extreme

  Fair food has always been associated with the extremities. It is all gooey fried snacks, coated in layers of oil, filled with obscene amounts of starch, and sprinkled with all sorts of toppings. That is why, not just kids, even adults enjoy... -

Big Mac For Olympic Hopefuls

  London Olympics isn’t about sporting activities anymore. The News about the largest McDonalds coming up at a stone’s throw from the stadium has the people agog too. The outlet, albeit temporary will be the biggest ever... -

Hell Pizza’s ‘roulette’ Game Is Really Deadly

Wanna play a very cruel joke on someone on their birthday or want to get back to your nemesis? Just remember, Hell Pizza is here and it has laid out a deadly “Pizza Roulette” for you to play! However, before you roll your dice, remember that this game is... -

How Subways Overtook Mcdonald's Worldwide

If you frown at the mere mention of the word McDonald, you should know how Subways overtake McDonald's worldwide these days. The Subways V/s McDonald's phenomenon is considered to be a direct result of people’s changing food habits, hopefully for... -

Mcdonald's Sidelines Ronald As Image Change Goes Underway

McDonald’s Ronald is a very well known figure to all of us, but alas a Ronald sidelines is the latest news on block. Now we won’t be able to see McDonald’s Ronald munching salads or playing football. In its image changeover process, McDonald has... -

Ronald Mcdonald Held Hostage By Raging Activists

  Ronald McDonald held hostage by a group of Finnish residents who call themselves the Food Liberation Army. The man at the helm of the fast food empire was bound and gagged by the FLA on the 12 th November. The group in fact, released a video... -

Mcdonald's Loses Obesity Suit - Read It Here

Years after two Bronx teenagers failed to win an obesity suit against the American fast food giant, McDonald's Loses Obesity Suit in a fresh case - Read It Here. McDonald's Loses Obesity Suit: The story on McDonald’s obesity suit... -

Pizza Chains Gear Up For Busy Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow and this means big business for the pizza chains across the country. People typically like to stay in on this day, switch on the telly, call their friends over, drink a lot of beer and order pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza... -

Is Kfc's Secret Revealed - Blogger Claims It Is

Is KFC's Secret Revealed - Blogger Claims It Is?! The Kentucky Fried Chicken is favored and savored for its amazing flavors. For about 50 years the Colonel’s Flavor recipe for chicken remained a top secret. But the KFC’s secret spices revealed ... -

Domino's 'smart Slice' Lunch Program

In the wake of concerns about school nutrition in the country, Domino’s Pizza has launched a Smart Slice Lunch Program to provide fresh-baked pizzas in accordance with new nutrition standards in American schools. Let’s figure out about this ... -

Harvard Is Easier To Get Into Than Mcdonald's University

McDonald has Hamburger University in China has been setup to train its employees. The selection process is stringent enough to say that Harvard is easier to get into than McDonald’s University.   McDonald’s aim is to open 1000 new... -

Baskin Robbins All Set To Shelve Iconic Flavors

  We have a real bad news for all our sweet-toothed readers. Yes, as per the recent reports, world’s one of the most popular ice-cream vendor, Baskin Robbins announced the retirements of their 5 classic flavors . Baskin Robbins, known for... -

Baskin-robbins Sends 5 Flavors To 'deep Freeze’

Baskin-Robbins sends flavors to death; the news sent shock waves among the younger generation and much of the older ones, especially those who swore by the frozen desserts. While there might be newer flavors in the offing, the company has given the nod to... -

Mcdonald's Sued Again - This Time Over Happy Meal Toys

The practice of including happy meal toys for kids has landed the fast food giant in hot water. A public advocacy group that had been up in arms against McDonald's happy meal toys from the very beginning has now taken action resulting in the... -

Mcdonald's Gets Hacked - The Latest Buzz

McDonald's Gets Hacked - The Latest Buzz, screamed the headlines just a couple of days ago sending a shockwave down the spines of the general public. However, the advantage that the culprit hoped to gain by getting McDonald’s hacked is certainly... -

Burgers On New York Theme Sold At Mcdonald's Czech Republic

Burgers on New York theme sold at McDonald’s Czech Republic ! McDonald’s has taken the responsibility to introduce this great city to the people of Czech Republic by offering New York themed burgers . The burgers are named with the famous locations of... -

Papa John's Fires Salvo At Domino's With Double Bacon Six Cheese Pizza

Papa John’s fires salvo at Domino's with double bacon six cheese pizza, its very latest offering that is quite unique as far as the choice of toppings go.   It seems to be an apt way to get even with Domino’s newest brand the Wisconsin 6 Cheese... -

Happy Meals Back On Mcdonald's Menu In San Francisco

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Happy Meals back on McDonald's menu in San Fransico: Yay or Nay? Last week, the San Fransico Board of Supervisors literally(well, almost) passed a law that would severely affect the sale of... -

Now Shane Warne Is A Mcdonald's Burger

                                                        We all would agree to the fact that cricket and food go hand in hand. But, this time we have a cricketer... -

What Preservatives Are Used In Mcdonalds Food

A number of preservatives used at McDonald  is the secret of its fresh burgers and chicken nuggets. These preservatives can preserve food for months without rotting, which is not a heartening result because all healthy food rot within a day or two. So... -

Retire Ronald Campaign Against Mcdonald's Gains Steam

A few weeks ago, we brought you the news of a public campaign launched to force McDonald’s affable brand ambassador, Ronald , into retirement. You can revisit that blog here . Quite some time has passed since and the campaign has gone beyond... -

Mcdonald’s Poisoning American Kids With Cadmium From Shrek Glasses

The most screaming headlines in the fast food world these days is “ McDonald’s recalls 12 million Shrek glasses ” because of the harmful levels of cadmium in them. The fast-food chain, that sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, etc has had to... -

Kfc’s Double Blow To Media And Health Experts With Double Down

Around 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 1,380 milligrams of sodium — No, this isn’t the Divine Proportion. Rather, a far cry from it, these figures are what most people know today as the nutritional composition of the greasiest blow to health experts... -

Hepatitis A Contracted After Eating At Mcdonalds?

It seems that McDonald is having a real bad time when it comes to both profit and PR! McDonalds has been sued by an Illinois couple who are claiming that their 16 year old son contracted Hepatitis A after eating at one of McDonalds Chain... -

Disastrous Domino’s Videos!

I have always thought that Dominos pizzas were the best. The juicy and chewy cheese layered pizzas have been a favorite for all. But I guess its time to think again cos the chewy texture might not be because of the cheese at all. Two of the... -

Pizza Hut Is Now Pasta Hut !

After 50 years of delivering great pizza, today Pizza Hut revealed that efforts are currently underway to rebrand the chain as "Pasta Hut" in conjunction with the arrival of its new Tuscani Pastas, which are available starting tomorrow. ... -

Kim Stewart With Mcdonald’s Bag !

This isn’t really weight or diet news, but it’s kind of amusing nonetheless. Kimberly Stewart has been spotted walking around town carrying some sort  of McDonald’s bag as a purse. We have to wonder: is it a fashion statement ... -

Pizza For Pesos Policy Sparks Immigration Uproar

CNN) -- When Antonio Swad made what he said was a simple business decision -- accepting pesos as well as dollars -- in his Texas-based pizza chain, he was unprepared for the public's reaction. He received thousands of hateful e-mails and phone calls. ... -

Fast Food Fraternity......

A fast-food restaurant is a restaurant characterized both by food ready to eat quickly after ordering, and by minimal service. Fast-food outlets are take-away or take-out providers, often with a " drive-thru ... -