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Bill Clinton Finds Youth In Vegetables

You all may be looking for a mythical, mysterious fountain of youth, somewhere in the dark depths of the Amazon basin. Former President Bill Clinton has found it right next to his home, at the supermarket or the farmers’ market, wherever he buys his... -

Mad Diet Lets You Eat Cake

“Let them eat cake,” said the infamous French queen Marie Antoinette. She had her head chopped off by her angry subjects as a result and the rest is history. While it is not advisable to take a page out of the haughty queen’s book now, her dietary... -

Control Your Man’s Sexual Urges - Give Him Graham Cracker

What do you think about the Graham Cracker? While we can only guess what your thoughts are, we can tell you, for sure, what the Reverend Sylvester Graham thought about it. An early advocate of dietary reforms in the US, Graham believed that these crackers... -

This Bheem Eats 2kg Apples, 24 Oranges Daily

Bheem is one of the Pandavas as well as one of the central characters of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He is symbolic of great strength and was also called ‘Vrikodara,’ which means ‘one with a wolf’s appetite.’ Perhaps taking this a tad bit... -

Ginger Tea Made Simon Cowell A Dad

Who would've known that a humble cup of ginger tea had the potential to make Simon Cowell a dad! The 53-year-old recently confessed that he is an ardent fan of a ginger tea cuppa - believed to be an effective aphrodisiac.  Now that is how he... -

Tyra Banks Says “i Need Some Ass"

Tyra Banks, the supermodel turned TV mogul, has called “fad diets” a humbug and that she need some fleshy derrieres on her America’s Next Top Model contestants. Good food and curviness is where her heart is at. ... -

Bill Clinton Advocates Veganism

Former President Bill Clinton has some vegan advice for Americans. After having a blast with his frequent McDonald's trips, when he was the president, Clinton seems to have sobered down and is now suggesting that everyone should turn vegan. The advice... -

Rithvik Dhanjani - The Fitness Freak

What does it take to go from 113kg to just 77kg in a matter of couple of years - sheer grit and determination. Ask Indian TV star Rithvik Dhanjani and he would reply the same. After all, it took him more than four years of abstaining from sugary treats and... -

Kate Middleton Sticks To Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge , is taking her role as the mother of the heir, seriously indeed! She is following every advice meticulously and has given up everything that could even have the slightest adverse effect on the growing royal baby,... -

The 50-ish Star Salman Khan Cleans Up His Act

Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan turned 47 in December 2012 and it seems he has had enough of the bad boy image. He wants to clean up his act and he has started with making dietary changes in his life. A while ago, the star was facing a series of health... -

Jessica Simpson Loses 4 Stones With Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Jessica Simpson , who gave birth to daughter Maxwell in May this year, took a vow to lose 60 pounds of weight that she had accumulated during her pregnancy. She has lost four stones so far , by being on the Weight Watchers diet plan, which includes... -

Boxing Champ Tyson Turns Vegan After Daughter’s Death

Mike Tyson is a formidable opponent to contend with if you are a boxer. The champ made short work of all his rivals and literally pounded them to defeat. The rage that built up within him had helped him become the best boxing champion in the world. But now... -

Sexiest Vegetarian Leona Lewis Is Vegan Now

Leona Lewis, the British pop star had been voted as the sexiest vegetarian not so long ago. The ‘Bleeding Love’ singer has long been a staunch supporter of animal rights and had refused to wear leather.  She has now decided to go completely vegan by... -

World Wresting Entertainment Champ Daniel Bryan Cannot Stay Vegan Anymore

Daniel Bryan, the World Wresting Entertainment star is unhappy about having to forgo his vegan diet. The man was not quite comfortable about eating meat and gave it all up for health reasons initially. However, turning to vegan food hasn’t helped him... -

The Perils Of Following Yesteryear Celeb Diets

  Trying to ape the celebs comes naturally to us when it comes to fashion and diet. Hoping to achieve an enviable figure by eating right is perfectly okay but trying to follow diets that are neither nutritious nor tasty will only make you... -

Dancing Star Kelly Monaco’s Diet Plan Revealed!

Kellly Monaco, an American model, reality show contestant and the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 1 strictly follows vegetarian diet to maintain that pliable and remarkably appealing body. Let’s pry and see if vegetarian diet is behind that super... -

Kourtney’s Post Pregnancy Diet Helps Her Keep Up With The Kardashians

  Kourtney got back into shape with her new diet within just four months of delivering her baby. During pregnancy, Kourtney did not follow any strict diet plan. "I am just trying to keep food down” is what she said.   ... -

Oprah Winfrey Opens Up Her Diet Secrets

    Now in 2012, Oprah is back to slimming. She has recently lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks. Her personalized diet comprises of 3 portion controlled meals comprising of lean meat, fish, chicken and fruits and vegetables.   ... -

Carol Alt’s Take On Raw Food Diet

When supermodel Carol Alt writes a book on raw food diet, you can hardly ignore her advice, especially when the supermodel, at 51 years of age, looks as radiant as ever. Then you feel, that there must be some truth to her claims so why not give it a try.... -

Liz Hurley’s Secrets For Looking Good Revealed

  Liz Hurley seems to be in the news always. Her marriage, breakups, cooking prowess and dating incidents are all eagerly lapped up by her countless fans worldwide and not without reason. But what about her super hot figure, that... -

Dwts Finalist Katherine Jenkins Diets On Chocolate & Chips!

  Katherine Jenkins, tipped as the favorite  to win this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale is indeed showing promise. She topped the scores just before the final outcome with her dance style being praised as “technically... -

Diet Differently With Peter Kaminsky’s ‘culinary Intelligence’

Peter Kaminsky is an unlikely candidate to propagate “Culinary Intelligence.” For years, the veteran author and food writer has enjoyed the best of world cuisines and now he is asking people to give up some of it and stay healthy. Well, not give up... -

Miss Australia Asks You To Go On Earth Diet

When a beauty queen asks you to go on Earth Diet, you listen carefully and try to follow, right? Well, forget the follow up part, but listen, you sure can. The beauty queen in question is former Australia Miss Earth, Liana Werner Grey, who is now a Hollywood... -