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Fall is a season of change, from warm summertime food to starter of winter choices. Usually fall season occurs between August and November every year. Reassuringly fall food including fruits like pomegranates and persimmons again befall post a long nonappearance. Winter squashes are the popular fall food that occur in their widest variety. Other fall food are the apples from Washington and New York leading to fresh cider that is had across the chill countryside. Since fall happens to be the predecessor of winter, fall dishes are prepared with a view to infuse the body slowly with energy and warmth.


History of Fall Food Recipes


Autumn or fall food recipes came into existence from the food that was abundantly available in the season. Normally apple, pear, grape and fig are the staple fruits available during the fall season. Among them apple was a popular ingredient in fall recipes. Apple cakes, puddings, tarts and pies have been in vogue in Europe since centuries. Also fall happens to be the month of Halloween and apparently pumpkin and pumpkin dishes rule the roost since the evolution of the festival. Fall recipes are varied across regions and according to natural vegetation prevailing in those areas. Popular fall recipes include Cabbage Rolls, Caramel Apples, Simple Pumpkin Tarts and Kettle Corn.


Popular Fall Food Dishes from Different Cuisines


Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival or "Zong Qiu Jie" falls on the 15 th day of the eighth lunar month, in the middle of autumn season. Moon cakes or "yue bing" are the traditional fall food preparation during this time.

Ajvar- Serbian roasted eggplant and pepper spread is a popular fall food preparation from Serbia made from rogo pepper and egg plant.

Apfelmus- German applesauce is a popular German dish among Jews of East Europe. Applesauce is a great dessert for children or babies and can be easily digested.

Apfelstrudel- Austrian apple strudel pastry- Hot apple strudel is one the most famous and scrumptious desserts to from Austro-Hungarian cuisine. It is made by stretching supple dough paper thin and rolled up with a tart-sweet filling of apples and raisins.

Apple cake is a common fall food throughout the United States when the new apple harvest is entering in.


Preparation and Commercial Availability of Fall Food Recipes


Fall food is commonly prepared at home. Since fall happens to be the season of Halloween, bakeries and confectionaries are flooded with dessert and cake orders. Apple, pumpkin and pear are the widely used ingredients in fall recipes.


Fall Food Dishes Trivia


Fall food in meals includes cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery, gourd, wheat, barley, millet, turnips, parsnips, onions, acorns, pulses, and olive oil. Drinks incorporated aromatic herbs and flower distillations of essential oils.

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