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3 Tips To Overcome Struggle In Being Fully Raw

If you want to be a raw foodie,but if you get demotivated at times; watch this video of Kristina. Kristina has been a raw foodie since 7 years, and here she speaks about 3 simple tips which can help in overcoming struggles faced by a raw foodie. Also, listen... - 134.274

In Interview With Craig Cooper

Tom Powers of Gastrotommy.com is in discussion with Craig Cooper, General Manager of Pops for Champagne. Craig describes the major regions of the world that produce sparkling wine (besides Champagne), tips us toward his favorite American producer, and... - 129.505

How Kristina Carrillo-bucaram Fought Hyperglycemia

This video comes as a real motivation to all those suffering with hyperglycemia or any other medical issues. Kristina talks in this video about the pains she suffered as a young girl when diagnosed with hyperglycemia. She the took up raw foods and since 7... - 127.909

In Conversation With Bruce Cohn

Jody Ness is in conversation with Bruce Cohn, proprietor of BR Cohn Winery who shares his story of becoming a wine maker from a singer in a band. He says that Napa valley worked as a rejuvenator after long years of travelling for work. - 124.861

An Interview With Darioush Khaledi

Jody Ness is in an interview with Darioush Khaledi, proprietor of Darioush Wine Estates. Darioush was born in Iran who migrated to America. Darioush tells his story of how he made his dream of owning a winery come true. - 124.608

Jody Ness Goes Adventurous

Wine lover Jody Ness is enjoying his time in Napa Valley meeting the wine makers and doing some adventure tour. He is trying to climb up a cliff under the guidance of Paul Hendrick, owner of Napa Valley Adventure Tours. - 124.402

Vegan Diet Updates

Michelle Taylor is on vegan diet. Vegan diet is one of the healthy diet plan to reduce the weight and maintain healthy body. In this video, Michelle Taylor is sharing her experience on vegan diet. - 123.749

Vegan Break Interview With Gene Baur Of Farm Sanctuary

Gene Baur is president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. In this video, Gene Baur is sharing his experience about starting of sanctuary, major problems with animal agriculture and many more. - 123.236

Homemade Vegan Pizza

Can you imagine a tasty and delicious pizza without cheese? In this video, Michelle Taylor is talking about vegan homemade pizza made without cheese and really very awesome. - 123.233

Discussion About Pigs And Gestation Crates

Farm Sanctuary's Susie Coston speaks about Pigs and Gestation Crates. She is sharing the story of some of sanctuary resident pigs milk and about the problems with gestation crates. - 123.201

Interview With Chef Sal

In this video, Chef Sal is sharing her experience on how he chosen culinary carrier and his background. Watch this video to know more about chef sal. - 123.047

Richard Rosendale & The Us Team Win The Competition

Richard Rosendale and his team win the competition for Gold Medal in the US Culinary Olympics. Richard Risendale is sharing his experience during competition. - 122.929

Richard Rosendale Makes The Us Olympic Team

Richard Rosendale is sharing his journey during US chefs competition for the Gold Medal in the US Culinary Olympics. - 122.69

Interview With Erik Marcus Of Vegan.com

Erik Marcus is publisher of the blog vegan.com. In this video, Michelle Taylor is interviewing Erik Marcus about his books on veganism. Erik Marcus is introducing his blog and books. - 119.325

An Overview Of Garden At The Sherwood Ranch

In this video, Ramona Werst takes you on a tour of her butterfly garden. Her garden is in full bloom and she will also show you basil plants etc. Check out the video for more detail. - 117.642

Working With Shelf Reliance

The people associated with Shelf Reliance's love the products and business idea. Watch the video to know about the company and its product range. - 117.595

Why Your Health Matters Now

I should have been in the prime of my health at 21 years old. Instead, I watched my health deteriorate before my eyes and was bed-ridden for more than 6 months straight. At 27, I still haven't fully recovered. Learn why it's time to start making healthy... - 116.913

Save The Kales! With The Rodale Institute Asc Program

We get to visit the Rodale Institute and check out their ASC program that's getting organic produce to urban areas. See this wonderful program in action! - 115.007

Review Of Pizza Problems

Do you love pizza and want to know about Zagi pizza? In this video, Herschell is talking about Zagi Pizza restaurant in Seattle, WA. - 114.799

Introduction To Video Blog And Knives

Herschell is introducing video blog for vegans in this video. He is reviewing different good Knives in this part. - 114.554

Introduction To Video Blog And Nutella

Herschell is introducing video blog for vegans in this video. He is reviewing different food products for healthy eating. - 114.545

Wine Dj Mike Brown Visits Miss Vicky Wine In Paris

Wine DJ Mike Brown visits Miss Vicky Wine in Paris. Miss Vicky was kind enough to invite Mike to her home and share a great meal with her and her friends, and of course sample some of her amazing Fleurie. - 112.428

Making Cake In A Culinary School

Herschell and other chefs at culinary school are making cakes. In this video, Herschell takes you on a tour of culinary school in which he is making and baking cake. - 111.405

Picnic At The Hollywood Bowl

Bon Vivant is sharing her food experiences on picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. Bon Vivant chronicles are taking you on a culinary tour of world foods. - 111.257

Day 7 Master Cleanse

Master cleanse is a liquid diet for detoxification of your body. In this video, Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience on 15 days master cleanse. - 110.911

Project Food Blog Picnic Challenge

Project food blog was the first blogging competition. In this video, Greg is sharing his journey for project food blog picnic challenge. - 110.654

My New Year's Resolution & Tips To Keep Yours

In this video, Sarah shares her views and tips on how to make your New Year's Resolution and how to stick to it! - 110.622

Anna's Goodbye Dinner

Anna is going back to Germany. Herschell is showing you her goodbye dinner meals in this video. - 110.319

Dad With Cancer Pre-writes Over 800 Napkin Notes For Daughter

A father's battle with cancer motivates him to leave a legacy for his daughter in an inspiring way. After being diagnosed with the disease three times, Garth Callaghan decided he was going to pre-write his daughter over 800 napkin notes so she would have a... - 107.546

Master Cleanse Day 2

Master cleanse diet is a liquid diet which helps to lose weight and detoxify your body. In this video, Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience of day 2 of master cleanse. - 107.494

Low Carb Diet

Low Carb diet is good option for reducing weight. In this video, host is sharing her experience on low carb diet and updating about her diet plan. - 107.158

Feng Shui Ways

Christine Conway enlightens you with her strong belief in feng shui, and how some of the feng shui arts changed her life for better. Some of the indoor feng shui trends can have overwhelming response in your life, adding more positivity. - 105.946

Anthony On Cooking With Family

Cooking and learning about foods from your dear ones is always a good experience. It’s a kind of memory which you cherish all your life, how you learned from your mistakes, and how your parents taught you to do things in the right way. Check out this video... - 105.809

What 26 Days Of Fasting Did To Me

After 26 days of fasting in Costa Rica and 13 more days of recovery, I'm back home and ready to talk about the experience. In this video I talk about the visual changes to my body. - 105.624

How I Am Losing Weight And Healing My Body

No matter how well we treat our bodies - eating good food, exercising, creating a clean environment - we all get sick from time to time. We live in a toxic world, so the best we can do is keep our bodies as clean as possible. A clean body can work... - 105.287

Mix Of Morning Coffee And Pleasure

An energizing video motivating you to do something extraordinary than your regular stuff. Flawedartist shows here how she mixes work with pleasure and blends a perfect cup of coffee with her busy schedule at work. Catch up with her in this video as she shares... - 105.275

David "avocado" Wolfe On Superfoods & Longevity

Health, Natural Beauty, Eco and Nutrition expert David Wolfe talks about his journey from junk-food to consuming a raw food diet. He discusses his 2,700+ presentations over the past 18 years, as well as being a chocolatier, gastronaut, and President of the... - 105.222

Crazy Things About Pregnancy No One Wants To Tell You

You must have read and heard a lot of weird things that happens in pregnancy. But still there are few things no one wants to tell you. This video by Babybumb reveals some of less talked about things a woman is most likely to experience. Don't worry, the host... - 104.844

Visiting A Walnut Farm In Norcal

Northern California may be known for its wine production, but it also happens to be the main producer of nearly all the nation's walnuts! Join Shea as she heads east of San Francisco to Stockton for a jaunt around a walnut farm where she'll learn how they're... - 104.789

Betty's Trip To The Brown Hotel With Rick

In this video, Betty and Rick have dinner at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. We went in search of the authentic Hot Brown Sandwich. The sandwich was created in the 1920's by the chef at the Brown Hotel, where as many as 1,200 guests came each evening... - 104.642

Betty's 40th Anniversary Dinner At Beaumont Inn With Rick

In this video, Betty and Rick celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary by staying overnight at historic Beaumont Inn in Harrodburg, Kentucky. You will see us have a wonderful dinner in Beaumont Inn's Main Dining Room. We feasted on crab cakes and two-year-old... - 104.615

Anthony On The Main Ingredients & Using Quality Ingredients

Choosing quality ingredients is an important part of your culinary skills, because no one wants to eat some mediocre food. And moreover people are more concerned about their health. Check out this video to know how important is selecting good quality products. - 104.508

Master Cleanse Day 15

Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience of master cleanse program on 15th day. She is feeling very good during master cleanse program. She is still having so much energy to face family issues. Master Cleanse is a very healthy diet for lose weight quickly. - 104.367

The Raw Food Diet I Have Been Following Lately

In this video, kevin is talking about foods which he eaten on his last 4-5 weeks. He is sharing his experience about his raw food diet and aspects in later stage. - 104.033

Hearing Impaired Little Girl Writes Adorable Letter To Deaf Nfl Player

A 9-year-old hearing impaired girl wrote an adorable letter to her inspiration, Derrick Coleman after seeing his incredibly moving Duracell commercial. Coleman is the first legally deaf offensive player in NFL history and now our Gillian Pensavalle's favorite... - 104.013

Penthouse Party With 3k, Kt And Cheri!

Guest Chef Cheri of The Watering Mouth drops by to show Assunta and friend, Katie Biter an easy app and delicious cocktail. Try using this method to impress your guest at your next get together. - 103.571

How To Clear Negative Energy

Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience of master cleanse program on 12th day. She is feeling very good during master cleanse program. She is talking about benefits of sage to clear negative energy. - 103.529

End Of Master Cleanse Program

Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience of master cleanse program for 15 days. Today is the end of master cleanse program; she lost 10 pounds weight in last 15 days. - 103.179

Mcdonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video

Julia Havey was way above standards in terms of weight. She was sick and tired of people telling her that she was overweight directly or indirectly. Then she took the first step towards change. She decided enough was enough and that she needs to get fit. To... - 103.04

Health & Wellness Program

Zerasoulsweet is sharing her experience of master cleanse program. She also talks about healthy foods which body require to have healthy lifestyle. - 102.725

Growing Fresh Herbs

You can grow fresh herbs easily in your own backyard. Watch the video for some easy gardening tips. - 102.327

Expert's View On Raw Food Challenges

Are you on raw food diet? Do you want to about pitfalls of raw food diet? Do you want opinion and help of experts for raw food diet or vegan diet? In this video, Dr. Alan Goldhamer D.C, founder of the TrueNorth Health Education and Fasting Center is talking... - 102.241

Cooking Q & A Session 1: Vlog 1 Chef Julie Yoon

Finding it difficult to store your herbs or having difficulty cooking food to perfection? In this video of Cooking and Storage Techniques, Chef Julie unveils the secrets of good food storage and some simple cooking techniques, to make your cooking perfect.... - 102.133

Ella And The Christmas Star Cookie

This is an original Christmas story that will warm your heart and give you some great holiday recipes at the same time! You first met Ella last year, in The Night Before Christmas Cookie. Now, The Food Channel crew present a new story, with brand new cookie... - 101.952

Interview With Taralga, Grass Fed Angus Beef Farmer

We head 3 hours of South of Sydney to check out The Clay farm and their amazing Taralga beef. Sarah and Peter split their time between Sydney and Taralga and manage 2000ha's of grasslands so their beef can be raised on 100% grass only, no grain... - 101.813

Surströmming Challenge: Vane In Sweden

When I announced I was going to be visiting my friend Maral in Sweden last summer, people challenged me to try Surströmming. This is considered to be a Swedish delicacy consisting of rotten or fermented fish (herring). Don't imagine it as anything tasty, you... - 101.797

How We Desire Food Jesse Smith At Tedxtacoma

I spoke at Tedx in Tacoma recently, check it out! - 101.749

Serving Raw Food Meals To Large Groups With Katy Craine

Ever wonder what it takes to throw together healthy and tasty raw food meals for a large group? Katy Craine, who is the head chef of many of Dr. Doug Graham's raw food events, regularly puts together meals for groups in excess of 20 people. In today's... - 101.435

About Progressive Towns Under 50,000 People

Today, I have a collection of questions to answer that were asked by you... In this episode, I talk about cities that are progressive, healthy and under 50,000 people, I talk about rheumatoid arthritis and water fasting, and I say a few final words about the... - 100.997

Raw Food Diet Errors

Raw Food Diet is a healthy diet plan. Many people don’t know much about raw food diet plan. Here in this episode, Expert Frederic Patenaude based upon his 12 years experience on raw food diet is discussing about raw food diet mistakes which many people do... - 100.922

Betty's Day At Keeneland Horse Race Track

In this video, Betty and her husband, Rick, go to Keeneland Horse Race track in Lexington, Kentucky, about 30 miles from our home. There are four restaurants at Keeneland, three of which are open to the public. We obtained a reservation to the Equestrian... - 100.597

Betty's Workout At The Gym

n this video, Betty demonstrates her workout at the gym (due to several requests). I also emphasize the importance of diet in achieving fitness and a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a diet that will definitely take the pounds off and never leave you... - 100.593

Raw Food Challenge - Day 22

For better lifestyle and healthy living; raw food diet is very healthy option. Eating raw food is now a days many people's choice. In this video, Lowana is on 100% raw foods and its her day 22. She is sharing her experience on raw food diet. - 100.561

Interview With Green Smoothie Girl - Part 2

Raw food diet can change everyone's life. Do you want to have healthy raw food diet? In this video, Green Smoothie Girl talks about raw food diet. Here you can also find out some tips and techniques for better and healthy lifestyle. - 100.49

Ms Noordam Destinations

Jody Ness who is on the cruise on MS Noordam is speaking with Holland America Line-MS Noordam shore excursions manager Martin Jaxa Rozen about the various destinations the ship will goes to and about the uniqueness of these places. - 100.455

California State Fair Cooking Demo

California State Fair - My first cooking demo! I'm so excited to take you a little trip with me to Sacramento, California. Isn't the capitol building beautiful? It was about 100 degrees when we got there. Gotta love summer. So why am I taking you to... - 100.45

Meena Pathak's Mediterranean Trail

Renowned food expert and the creative force behind the hugely successful Indian foods range, Meena Pathak may be more synonymous with Indian cuisine but she’s secretly been hiding a passion for Italian cooking. In this exclusive video, Meena visits Italy... - 100.441

Interview With Green Smoothie Girl - Part 1

Do you want to know about healthy diet plan how to start it? In this video, Green smoothie girl talks her experience about her name and start up of her diet for healthy lifestyle. - 100.44

Youtube Next Chef: The Aimless Cook

Jay del Corro through his channel the Aimless Cook shares his experience on YouTube on his food journey from 2009 onwards. He thanks his contributors who have helped him to compile so many stuffs under his channel. He seeks more support and participation for... - 100.313

Raw Food Challenge - Day 42

Lowana is on 100% raw food challenge and she is feeling very good while on raw food challenge journey. In this video, she is sharing the changes she experience since last 42 days. - 100.022

About Deciding To Stop Eating The Vegan Diet

In this video, Kevin Gianni is interviewing with raw food author Susan Schenck about her vegan diet. Susan explains about her decision to stop eating vegan diet. She also talks about raw chocolate and yacon syrup. - 99.784

A Wine Picnic In Alexander Valley

Bon Vivant chronicles are food experiences and taking you on a culinary tour of world foods. In this video, Bon Vivant is showing you her wine picnic at Alexander Valley. - 99.7528

Update On The 4 Day Fast

What is water fasting? What are benefits of water fasting? How to start water fasting? Here in this video, Shea, Kevin Gianni and Annmarie Gianni are talking about their experiences during 5 days water fasting. - 99.6823

About Ten Week Turnaround Program Success Story

Ten week turnaround program is a program for losing weight. One successful woman in ten week turnaround program is discussing about her journey and success during the program. - 99.5189

About Raw Food Leaders

In this video, Kevin Gianni is interviewing with raw food author Susan Schenck about raw food leaders. She discusses about her transition to vegan diet and about raw food leaders who cheat. - 99.4395

About Reintroducing Cooked Food In The Raw Food Diet

In this video, Philip McCluskey is talking about his raw food diet in which he lost 400 pounds weight. He is also discussing about his reintroducing cooked foods in his diet. - 99.3155

Raw Food Challenge - Day 25

Raw food challenge is a challenge in which people choose raw food diet for specified period. In this video, Lowana is showing you her dehydrator and many raw foods in dehydrator. - 99.311

Anthony Bourdain Tries Iraqi Food In Dubai

Have you tried Iraqi food? No, watch the video to know more about the food and the spices used to make the dish tasty. - 99.2149

Water Spinach

Spinach is rich in iron and is good for health and raw foodies. In this video, Raw runner is sharing his experience on spinach. - 99.1797

Dave Zabriskie's Off Season Training Program

Dave Zabriskie gives us the run down on his off season training regimen, from working with Jon Ham. - 99.0012

Raw Food Challenge - Day 19

Lowanna is on raw food diet and reviewing some of products. In this video, she is reviewing almond balls and a protein powder. - 98.8268

June, The Homemaker, Milks A Cow

Watch June, the Homemaker, get down and milky with the cows. Milking is definitely not for the clumsy. - 98.7077

Juice Cleanse Experience: Day 2

Sarah shares her experience on day 2 of her Blueprint Juice Cleanse. Watch the video to know she feels about the cleanse. - 98.7028

About Peruvian Juice And Smoothie Bar

Find out why some Peruvians live pretty long and happy lives. - 98.6546

Sacramento's Geek-friendly Hotel

Joie de Vivre's Citizen Hotel in Downtown Sacramento is a favorite with techies and pet lovers! - 98.5841

Visit To Alcatraz Jail

As a part of her tour to small places, Robin Benzle is at the infamous Alcatraz jail which has many stories of the notorious criminal attached to it. Now, the jail is a place of tourist visit. Get all the information about the jail from this video of Robin. - 98.5538

Interview With Bubba Of Uncle Bubba

During her visit to Savanna, Georgia, Robin Benzle meets Bubba the owner of Uncle Bubba Seafood and Oyster House. Bubba tells her about the types of oysters and places from where they are caught and later cooked and served. - 98.285

Feast - An Iraqi Kitchen

Want to know about some Iraqi food? Check out for more information. - 98.2401

His Worst Kitchen Disaster : Mario Batali (babbo, Del Posto, Osteria Mozza)

Watch the video and know what kind of disaster can happen in the kitchen while cooking. - 98.1237

Food Hurdles And How I Dealt With Them?

Rory shares his personal experience of transitioning into a hardcore raw food enthusiast. He answers a reader's questions and talks about how he took little baby steps and overcame the hurdles. He also talks about what inspired him in this journey. The... - 98.0961

Breaking The Fast

How to break the fast. Thank you for watching! - 98.002

My Virgin Cooking Demo

Barry does His first live cooking demonstration at the Foodies Festival, Bristol. - 97.8905

Tips To Be A Shrimper

Robin Benzle is on a shrimp trawler to get an experience of shrimping. She is at South Carolina. Robin will spend her day as a shrimper and learn the techniques of shrimping and get a hands on experience too. - 97.8662

How Raw Vegan Foods Help

If you have a curiosity to know more about raw foods and raw foodies, watch this video out here. Kristina, is a raw foodie since past 7 years and shares in this video, the benefits she gained from following a raw vegan diet. Also, get a chance to see a raw... - 97.7959

Visit To Rehoboth Beach

Robin Benzle is at the Rehoboth Beach today. She speaks with Chuck Evans. Chuck will take Robin around the Rehoboth Beach and give all the information about the place, food and wines there. - 97.4905

Tips On Healthy Living By Spending Right

This video is inspiring and encouraging as the presenter explains in brief the value of health and money. When it comes to health we should not compromise and must buy the right food, like organic food. Do watch the video as she shares her personal... - 97.3808

Growing Potatoes

Matt Gall is the sixth generation to farm his family's land in Saukville, Wis. The Galls have farmed here since 1848, the year Wisconsin became a state. In addition to being dairy farmers, Matt and his family raise organic potatoes. You'll find potatoes from... - 97.0984

Conversations: Making My Own Food

Food allergies are big disappointments especially if you are a foodie. And usually it has been found that allergies are know to occur from common ingredients like peanuts, gluten, dairy, etc. So what should be done to counter that. how can you make your life... - 96.7905

Vida Vegan Con Tag Eco Vegan Gal And The Vegetab Life

I met up with Whitney (Eco Vegan Gal) and Sarah (The VegetabLife) at Vida Vegan Con bloggers conference to do a vegan video tag! Watch four questions here and then jump to the EcoVeganGal and TheVegetablife channels to see Part 1 and Part 3. Enjoy! - 96.6888

Tips On Natural Hygiene By Albert Mosseri

Albert Mosseri says that the most pure and naturally hygienic food is the fruits and vegetables in the raw form. He says that raw fruits and vegetables with handful of nuts and may be boiled potato. Watch the video for more on healthy food and living tips. - 96.5155