Exotic Vegetable Snack Recipes

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Exotic Wild Mushroom And Pine Nut Filo Basket - Part 2

Looking for a dish that can be the show-stopper of your dinner table? Here is a dish that isn't just appeasing to the taste buds, but also to the eyes. Simple, sumptuous and filling, this dish can be prepared in a snap, given you stock u the ingredients and... - 108.979

Exotic Wild Mushroom And Pine Nut Filo Basket - Part 1

If you are a die-hard shiitake mushroom lover, then you will simply live to gorge on this delightful recipe. Piquant, zesty mushrrom served in a fancy, edible basket can be a perfect show-stopper for your dinner parties. Plus, this dish is so easy to cook... - 107.024

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Sauteed Spicy Bok Choy

Bok Choy! Learn about the amazing health benefits of Bok Choy and how to prepare it! Here's a simple recipe for Sauteed Spicy Bok Choy, which is full of flavor and nutrition. So simple, so natural, and oh so delicious! - 20.5797

Jackfruit Elayappam

To make Jackfruit preserve : 1. Dissolve jaggery in water. Strain into a heavy-bottomed vessel and cook over a low flame to make into a thick syrup. Add the mashed jackfruit into the jaggery syrup. Stir well. As it thickens, keep adding ghee, a little at a... - 47.5858

Lemon Grass Vegetable And Noodle Soup By Tarla Dalal

The first impression is very important, be it for a person or a meal. So, why not start your meal with an aromatic stir-fried vegetable soup? this lemongrass flavored soup is so exotic and tasty that it is sure to fire up your gastronomical machinery and set... - 129.829

Vietnamese Spring Rolls — Simple, Healthy & Easy To Make

For Rolls MAKING 1. In a shallow pan, pour in the warm water and dip rice wrap into it for 20 – 30 seconds. 2. Place the wrap over a chopping board and stuff with gem lettuce, place carrot, cucumber, burdock root, cilantro and cooked shrimp. Roll the wrap... - 96.635

French Fry Seasonings

Would you like to make your French fries extra savory? Simple, just follow the recipe and give your fries that extra kick. The best thing about this seasoning is that it happily makes up for low grease and sodium. So if you are making low-fat fries at home,... - 117.139

Hawaiian Hula Muffins

Hawaiian hula muffins echo the exotic taste of hawaii. Baked with sour cream and butterscotch flavored crushed hard candies, it is the pineapples that makes these muffins hawaiian in flavor. Bake up these exotic beatuies and watch them dissapear any day. - 41.8863

Yummy Casserole Topping

There is nothing quite like a yummy casserole with crispy golden-brown crust, yummy seasoning and delicious topping. The best thing about a casserole is that you can just top it with any thing to get the desired, flavor and texture. However, if you are stuck... - 116.687

Indian Plum Sauce(alu Bukhara Ki Chutney)

This delicious Indian plum sauce(alu bukhara ki chutney) is one of its kind. You can enjoy it as a dip or as a spread. Enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of this exotic Indian dish. - 38.3713