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Low Calorie Strawberry Smoothie

Learn how to make an easy fruit smoothie recipe using a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. This easy strawberry smoothie recipe is loved by adults and kids alike. It is one of the most popular low calorie and low fat smoothie recipes in the world and is... - 145.272

Green Fruit, Vegetable And Seeds Smoothie

Talking about healthy drinks, it doesn't get any healthier than this Green Fruit, Vegetable and Seeds Smoothie. It has almost everything that you can imagine and everything is fresh, preserving its nutrients. Try it out, you will love its fresh flavor and the... - 136.272

Dreamsicle Fruit Smoothie

How about a fresh glassful of energy? It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. That is exactly what this Dreamsicle Fruit Smoothie is. Take a look at this quick breakfast smoothie that can be easily converted into a cool snack by freezing in popsicle... - 126.077

Lemon Fresh Iceberg Green Smoothie

Iceberg lettuce is high in water and for every 100 grams you sip, there is 95.64 grams of naturally filtered water and .90 grams of protein. It also has Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Potassium, B6, various amino acids, a low sodium content of... - 125.361

Orange Spinach Basil Smoothie

I present The AMAZING Orange Spinach Basil Smoothie! Looking for a sweet, savory, and delicious smoothie that can be made straight from your box with 3 ingredients?! A smoothie cannot get more simply succulent! I promise this one will make you want to morph... - 123.681

Ginger's Yummy Green Smoothie

Drink your greens to achieve your dreams! - 122.045

Antiaging Salsa Green Smoothie

AntiAging Salsa Green Smoothie has all the salsa ingredients though it is a smoothie. Despite being fruits tomato and cucumber have less sugar content which makes this smoothie very low on glycemic index. AntiAging Salsa Green Smoothie has a hint of jalapeno... - 117.78

Bastroney Smoothie

The most popular smoothie of all time is a strawberry banana smoothie. This smoothie is easy to make at home and is fairly inexpensive to create. Kids love these delicious treats and there is no better time to make them with summer just around the corner.... - 116.861

Healthy Green Juice

Have a few sips of this Healthy Green Juice everyday to see how greens bring back life to you. This is an amazing combination of some wonderful greens that come together really well. The ginger, apple and lemon gives it an added kick. - 116.819

Antiaging Elizabeth Green Smoothie

AntiAging Elizabeth Green Smoothie is a recipe submitted by a viewer Elizabeth. This smoothie has greens for refreshing you, parsley and nice dark red cherries. The sesame seeds to the job of keeping osteoporosis away. There are many good elements in... - 116.213

Raw Berry Blast Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is not a beverage; it is the quickest, nutrient packed power meal that one can make in less than 2 minutes. This fruit smoothie recipe has no milk, yogurt, juice or protein whey. It is pure fruit and nothing else. There are endless... - 115.903

It's Smoothie Time

Before the day gets going, Hammer cranks out some tasty smoothies to get the crew ready for some of his crazy adventures. - 115.893

Southern Sunrise Smoothie

A great smoothie to start your day! Made with a blend of peaches, greens and strawberries. Filled with flavor and a great thick consistency, this is a delicious green smoothie. If you’re worried about adding in the greens…don’t worry! The presence of a... - 115.607

Rainbow Fruit Smoothie

Rainbow Fruit Smoothie is an invigorating drink. Take a look at this video to see how vibrant it looks. You will also hear a story about this smoothie and how it saved someone’s life. That is simply beautiful with the phytonutrients and the antioxidants. - 115.207

Plum And Banana Puree

I have to say that of all the fruits I love, when stone fruit is in season I could not be more excited. The dark purple hue of the plums is so beautiful and the meat is sweet and when pureed, perfect for a baby. I like adding banana to this recipe because it... - 115.13

A Drunk Chef Minute - Breakfast Smoothie

A quick episode on how to make an exceptional and healthy smoothie that is a perfect start to the day or great before a work out. - 114.855

Alecia's Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a vitamix, add the pineapple, parsley, fuji apple, banana and water. 2. Put on the lid and blend well together. 3. Pour into a glass. SERVING 4. Serve as a healthy smoothie. - 114.786

Banana Protein Shake

What better way to start your day than with a healthy, nutritious breakfast smoothie such as this one with the goodness of banana, milk and yogurt. This is a fast, filling and all natural protein shake without protein or whey powders. This creamy drink isn't... - 114.784

Healthy Sweet Vegetable Smoothie

Vegetable smoothies can be extremely healthy and low in sugar.  Fruits and vegetables help you stay healthy and this smoothie has both. This smoothie is a complete meal with banana, milk, honey and veggies, and it is great for toddlers, kids and fussy adults... - 114.776

Buddha's Hand Citron Smoothie

Buddha's Hand Citron Smoothie is an exotic dessert drink made out of an exotic fruit. If you like to experiment with new fruits and vegetables you might like this recipe. Take a look at this beautiful creamy dessert that is full of natural goodness. - 114.628

Kale Collard Green Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Wash and clean the collard greens and kale leaves. 2. Cut the apple in half. 3. In a vita mix or any other high speed blender, add the pineapple juice, pineapple chunks, water, apple, banana, collard greens and finally the kale. 4. Blend well... - 114.432

Betty's Mango Peach Smoothie With Fruit Juice

Beat the heat or hunger pang with cool, refreshing mango peach smoothie that is low fat, fresh and easy to put together. It's especially good for the people on the go. Just blend in all the ingredients together, add some fresh fruit juice to it and you have a... - 114.272

Pearsley Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a vitamix, add the pear, parsley and the water, if you wish. 2. Put on the lid and blend well together. 3. Pour into a glass. SERVING 4. Serve as a healthy beverage. - 114.191

Breakfast Fruit Smoothie

This Breakfast Fruit Smoothie is the right drink to start your healthy diet plan. After all, staying healthy doesn't mean starving yourself. You rather stay healthier by eating more and more healthy stuffs like this smoothie. The fruits in there provide... - 113.896

Glorious Green Smoothie (st Patrick's Day Special)

Quick, Easy and really healthy Breakfast smoothie which is filling, full of fibre and is very cleansing and detoxifying as well. This smoothie stays fresh in the fridge for 2.5 days and you can mix and match ingredients that you may like. Great way to include... - 113.297

Antiaging Drink Your Garden Green Smoothie

AntiAging Drink Your Garden Green Smoothie is a mix of fruits and vegetables, all of them are low on glycemic index. The smoothie is so refreshing, encouraging you to drink more and more and feel rejuvenated. You will most enjoy this on a summer day when your... - 113.295

Creamy Avocado Smoothie - Ep. 15

MAKING 1. In blender, pour water and then add kale, avocado, and dates. Blend until smooth. SERVING 2. Pour in a glass and serve immediately. - 113.13

How To Make A Carob ~o~ Lisious Lean Banana Smoothie

Check out for this super simple way to get lean and fit with a delicious smoothie. The video here shares a wonderful smoothie recipe using carob, banana and fresh vanilla bean. Look at this outstanding video for a terrific lifestyle makeover! - 112.979

Orange Pineapple And Banana Smoothie With Spinach!

This Fruit and Spinach Smoothie recipe is for those who want to get more nutrition from their drinks. It is not only healthy, but also tastes delicious. Take a look at this video for the details of this life giving drink. - 112.978

High Protein Peanut Butter Banana Shake

This thick and creamy shake is like a peanut butter and banana sandwich but in smoothie form! An instant energy booster, this shake makes a healthy, high-protein breakfast or after work out snack that will keep you your energy levels soaring all day. - 112.872

Pineapple Orange Smoothie

You can learn how to make a pineapple smoothie. These make a healthy breakfast that is easy to prepare. - 112.815

Fruity Soy Yogurt Smoothie

If you're after something delicious and nutritious for breakfast or in need of a mid-afternoon snack, this creamy berry, cherry banana soy smoothie will fill you up and keep you going until lunchtime. This is dairy free and gluten free, but it is an instant... - 112.785

Leon's Blue Blaze Smoothie

MAKING 1. In the vitamix, add the coconut water and blueberries. 2. Blend for a few minutes. 3. Pour into a glass. SERVING 4. Add a straw and serve chilled. TIP: If you don't have blueberries, you can use any other fruit of your choice. - 112.703

Healthy & Energizing Banana Smoothie

A lot of us would want to start the day with this healthy and Energizing Banana Smoothie. If you are in no mood for a heavy breakfast, then this what you should be drinking. Watch and learn this simple smoothie recipe from this video! - 112.522

Homemade Strawberry Smoothie

If you love your smoothies oozing with flavors, try this very berry Homemade Strawberry Smoothie. It is loaded with strawberries and strawberry flavored ingredients. Its rich and creamy texture will bowl you over. Watch this video clip for the exact recipe. - 112.429

Fruit Smoothies And Green Smoothies

How about starting your day with a glass of smoothie? Bring on the day and feel energized with this wonderful smoothie! See the video on how to make this fruit smoothie! - 111.879

Mango Smoothie

A delicious smoothie for breakfast or any time of the day. Easy to make and very healthy. - 111.385

Ultimate Valentines's Day Smoothie

This is a fantastic, super healthy Smoothie recipe which will keep your special someone going through the day. So, if you have planned a lot of activities for this Valentine's day then wake up your special someone with this refreshing drink which is easy to... - 110.902

White Peach And Almond Milk Smoothie

White Peach and Almond Milk Smoothie is a fantastic drink to help you maintain your healthy body. Watch this video to learn some interesting facts about food digestion, and how to buy and eat good fruits. You will love this recipe and this informative video. - 110.745

Antiaging Philosophy Green Smoothie

AntiAging Philosophy Green Smoothie is a smoothie based on use whatever you have. The idea is not to waste any food. This is a recipe that can be made using absolutely anything. That's why it is called AntiAging Philosophy Green Smoothie. - 110.709

Tropical Green Goodness Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Wash and clean the parsley, chop the mango, set aside. MAKING 2. In a high speed blender, blend water, parsley, mango and pineapple. 3. Blend until you get a smoothie consistency. SERVING 4. Serve the tropical green smoothie immediately. - 110.565

Elizabeth Cherry Green Smoothie

My VitaMix Elizabeth Green Smoothie is a viewer submitted wonder. Cherries, greens, bananas and more combine to create an inspiring and delicious green smoothie. As usual, I did my own version and I hope you are inspired to make your own. The resulting color... - 110.427

Green Smoothie Spinach Apple Banana

GETTING READY 1. Wash and rinse the spinach. MAKING 2. In the blender combine water, apple, frozen banana and spinach. 3. Blend until you get a smoothie consistency. SERVING 4. Serve the green smoothie with spinach, apple and banana immediately. - 110.307

Mega Weight Gainer Whey Protein Smoothie

If you have failed to gain weight by all means, here is a mega Weight gainer whey protein smoothie for people of all age to gain weight. The smoothie has whey protein, ice-cream, peanut butter, banana and chocolate syrup which makes this a fool proof recipe... - 110.037

Super Energizing Chocolate Protein Shake

Dashama really encourages everyone to consume a protein shake for breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal, a mug of coffee or any of those canned fruit juices. This shake is so satisfying and really boosts your energy for the whole day. Watch the video to learn... - 110.007

Lemon Vanilla Crème Slush

If you love to try various drinks, then you should give this healthy Lemon Vanilla Crème Slush a try. It is as good as the usual slush, but it has a lot of positive effects on your body. It uses homemade almond milk as a base and that gives it a real healthy... - 109.429

Peanut Butter Post Work Out Blizzard

This recipe is dedicated to all the peanut butter lovers out there! This is probably one of my favorite post workout treats. Especially in the summer! - 109.357

Lan's Spinach Pineapple Green Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Wash and rinse the spinach. MAKING 2. In the blender combine water, pineapple chunks and spinach. 3. Blend until you get a smooth consistency. SERVING 4. Serve the Lan's spinach pineapple green smoothie immediately. - 108.987

Pineapple Smoothie

A delicious smoothy recipe that is refreshing and healthy. - 108.985

Healthy Green Monster

So my friend Amy has been blogging about this GREEN MONSTER she drinks after a workout, in the morning or at dinner. I was interested. So I asked me just WAHT that drink was! So I decided to have my first attempt at the drink with YOU guys! - 108.795

Mango Banana And Spinach Smoothie

Mango Banana and Spinach Smoothie is one of tastiest green smoothies around. In this video you will see the easy steps of preparing this winning combination. This video also shares some great information about weight loss. Take a look and try it out! - 108.769

Banana Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie Ep. 20

In a hurry and don't have time for Breakfast? Try my Banana Apple Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie. It's absolutely delicious, simple and healthy. - 108.226

Orange Yogurt Smoothie

A delightful blend of orange banana and low fat yogurt - this smoothie is the perfect breakfast smoothie for carb-metabolic types. It is packed goodness of nutrients and will keep your energy high till lunch. - 108.193

Cilantro Pineapple Smoothie

Cilantro Pineapple smoothie is freakingly amazing beacuse Cilantro is extremely healthy. - 108.178

Homemade Mint Patty Smoothie

If your kids don't like the same old milk shake anymore, try this Homemade Mint Patty Smoothie. The fresh zing from the mint and the richness of the ice cream will definitely please them. Take a look at this video for the directions. - 108.046

Cilantro Watermelon Green Smoothie

Do you want to drink a happy herb? I do, too! My VitaMix cilantro smoothie is frosty, frothy, fragrant and felicitous. Don't worry, drink cilantro. - 107.419

Basil Pear Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a vitamix or any other high speed blender, add the apple juice, cilantro and ginger. 2. Blend well together. 3. Pour into a serving glass. SERVING 4. Serve as a healthy drink. - 107.354

Healthy Avocado And Coconut Smoothie

Healthy Avocado and Coconut Smoothie is a wonderful way to start the day. You can have it when you are in no mood to have a heavy breakfast. Watch and learn how to mix up this smoothie from this video. Cheers! - 107.253

Avocado Green Banana Smoothie

Avocado Green Banana Smoothie is one of the healthiest drinks you would have ever tried. You can have it when you are in no mood to have a heavy breakfast. Watch and learn how to mix up this smoothie from this video. Cheers! - 107.199

Fresh Red Grape Lemonade

Did you know you could make refreshing fizzy drinks without sugar and soda? Watch this video for Fresh Red Grape Lemonade and you will know how easy it is to make this wonderful drink. The vibrant color makes it even more desirable. - 107.17

Peach Basil And Avocado Smoothie

Peach Basil and Avocado Smoothie is a luscious drink that is full of nutrition. If you are on a raw vegan diet you should definitely try this recipe, you will love it. Watch and learn how to make this healthy smoothie from this video. Enjoy! - 106.995

Green Avocado And Fruit Smoothie

Green Avocado and Fruit Smoothie is a fabulous drink for people on diet or otherwise too. It is a refreshing drink with a citrus kick and creamy texture. See this video for the details of the recipe. - 106.991

Immune System Booster Smoothie (organic & Vegan)

In this video, Brock makes an immune system boosting shake in the Blendtec. This is the perfect shake recipe to help you get through the winter. Watch and learn, how to make this drink from this video! Enjoy! - 106.973

Celery And Grapefruit Smoothie

This Celery and Grapefruit Smoothie will keep you hydrated all day. There is some mint in it that gives it a nice kick. This video will guide you through the simple steps of preparing this potion. - 106.939

Smoothie Packs

A great idea if you are on the go and enjoy a great and healthy smoothie for breakfast. You can change up the frozen fruit to your taste. Just add your favorite smoothie ingredients and blend. - 106.487

Refreshing Fig Berry Smoothie

This Refreshing Fig Berry Smoothie is loaded with anti oxidants. It is one of the best ways to start your mornings. If you are on a raw vegan diet, this smoothie is for you. Watch and learn, folks! - 106.455

Rainbow Chard And Mango Green Smoothie

Rainbow Chard and Mango Green Smoothie is a velvety smooth drink full of vital nutrition. Watch this video and you will learn to prepare a jar full of health to light up your mornings. - 106.381

Cilantro And Vegetable Smoothie

Cilantro and Vegetable Smoothie is one of those unique fun drinks. If you love to eat raw food, you will love this drink. Take a look at this video for the details of this tasty and healthy drink. - 106.271

Cilantro And Fruit Smoothie

Cilantro and Fruit Smoothie - It is a beautiful combination of the aromatic cilantro and some luscious fruits. It is delicious and nutritious. Watch this video for the details of this smoothie. - 106.071

Pomegranate And Kale Smoothie

This Pomegranate and Kale Smoothie is a great way of converting this life giving fruit into a luscious drink. It is dense in nutrients and very hydrating. The green color shows the abundance of chlorophyll. So whirl it up! - 105.184

Oat Milk And Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

Oat Milk and Fruit Breakfast Smoothie is a wonderful way to consume raw oats. This video shows how you can prepare oat milk and use it in your drinks. This will make your mornings brighter. - 105.164

Breakfast Fruit Smoothie

If you are looking for healthy breakfast options that are quick to prepare, watch this video of Breakfast Fruit Smoothie. It is also great for post workouts as it is filled with high protein. The fresh fruits give it the much required fresh flavor. - 105.105

Tomato Smoothie Soup

Tomato Smoothie Soup is a beautiful soup for those on a raw food diet. But this drink is for everyone. Take a look at this video for the details of this vibrant soup. You will love this recipe. - 105.05

Kale And Avocado Smoothie

Kale and Avocado Smoothie is one of the best green smoothies. It is full of rich nutrients. A sip will have you addicted. Watch and learn how to prepare this super healthy drink from this video. - 104.979

Dandelion And Fruit Smoothie

Are you looking for some yummy and nutritious drink recipes? Yes? The, check out this Dandelion and Fruit Smoothie. It is a fabulous drink with a perfect balance of health and taste. The fruits give it a nice and sweet kick. - 104.868

Spicy Figberry Smoothie

Spicy Figberry Smoothie is a great way to start having healthy drinks. It tastes good, and it also adds to your vitality. Take a look for this easy recipe and make it your own. - 104.765

Blueberry Orange Kale Green Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Wash and rinse the kale. MAKING 2. In the blender combine water, frozen blueberries, orange and kale. 3. Blend until you get a smooth consistency. SERVING 4. Serve the blueberry orange kale green smoothie in a nice glass immediately. - 104.744

Fruit Smoothie

GETTING READY: 1)On a chopping board peel the bananas and roughly cut them into pieces, peel and slice the pears and set aside. MAKING: 2)In a food processor add bananas, pears, vanilla yogurt, orange and blueberry syrup and blend till... - 104.706

Green Avocado Smoothie

Green Avocado Smoothie is a power packed drink that will transform your mornings. This is that perfect drink to have after a workout in the gym. Watch and learn how to make this nutritious green smoothie from this video. Enjoy! - 104.672

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Carrot Cake Smoothie is an exotic drink for people on a raw food diet. It tastes like a carrot cake but it is much healthier than it. Learn this nice recipe from this video and give it a try. - 104.584

Kale Avocado Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a blender, added kale, water, parsley, apple, carrot and avocado and blend well. 2. Add ice cubes, if required. 3. Pour into glasses. SERVING 4. Serve chilled. - 104.261

Fruity Yogurt Smoothie

Nothing fancy here, just a great, refreshing smoothie for you to enjoy. Try it with the juices and fruits you have on hand and prefer; mixed frozen berries, peaches, mango juice to name a few! - 103.953

3pm Raw Booster Smoothie (organic & Vegan)

Marta and Brock celebrate using the BlendTec Total Blender 1000 times by creating a simple 3 pm Booster Smoothie. If you have always wanted to try hemp milk, then this is your drink. Watch and learn, how to make this drink from this video! Enjoy! - 103.733

Smoothie In A Bowl

GETTING READY 1. Soak the chia seeds for 20 minutes. MAKING 2. In a blender blend almond milk, spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen banana and lucuma powder. 3. Blend for 2 minutes. SERVING 4. Serve the Fruity... - 103.667

Sunflower, Fennel And Avocado Smoothie

MAKING 1. IN a blender, add water, fennel, sunflower sprout, cilantro, apple, avocado and lemon juice and blend well. 2. Add ice cubes if required. 3. Pour into glasses. SERVING 4. Serve as a nutritious drink. - 103.593

Peach And Ginger Smoothie

Look out for this amazing smoothie to kick start your day. Here the peach and ginger blends to impart an outstanding flavor to the smoothie making it all the more appetizing. Lean protein adds a healthy touch and a flavorful kiss of good health. Take a... - 103.313

Berry Good Smoothie (quick Breakfast)

Easy, Healthy and Tasty Recipe for Quick Breakfast in the morning - Berry Good Smoothie. - 103.234

Raw Super Spinach Shake

If you are going to be hitting the gym and need a real solid shake to get your energy and pump on, here is a super shake that just gets you kicking! This is more than your regular spinach shake. This shake could give Popeye a complex for sure! - 103.173

Refreshing Summer Peaches And Berries Anti Aging Smoothie

Tired of the summer and all its negative effects on health, beauty and energy? Then incorporate a glassful of the smoothie detailed in this video in your daily diet and stay refreshed all day! The perfect add-on to a breakfast of champions or just something... - 102.937

Chocolate Raw Protein Shake

Here is a raw protein shakes for weight loss, muscle gain or protein shake for kids. If you are on a raw food diet and are wondering how to get your daily dose of proteins then one glass of this should sort out your protein problems! Santiago from... - 102.9

Raw Cantaloupe Melon Smoothie

Are you looking for simple way to make Raw Cantaloupe Melon Smoothie ? This recipe is perfect for you. Luci Lock of Mercola.com shows you how to make a scrumptious, refreshing summer drink with sweet cantaloupe melon. - 102.703

Collard Green Smoothie

Collard Green Smoothie is a great way to start if you are planning to start drinking green smoothies. This is a great recipe and it shows how you can create your own favorite blend of green smoothies. Give it a whirl you might love it! - 102.693

Honeydew Melon And Spearmint Smoothie

Talk about refreshing drinks, and we have this Honeydew Melon and Spearmint Smoothie on the top of the list. This is a wonderful drink that boasts of vitality and anti-aging. Try it out a couple of times to find out yourself. - 102.547

Healthy Green Beauty Water

What do you do with tiny bits and pieces of vegetables left in your fridge? Try this Healthy Green Beauty Water. This drink will not only use up all your left over veggies, but also provide a lot of nutrition when you have food cravings. A few sips of this... - 102.543

Grapefruit Mint Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. Remove the seeds off the grapefruit. 2. In a blender, add the grapefruit, parsley, mint and cucumber and blend well. 3. Add some water, if required. 4. Pour the mix into a glass. SERVING 5. Serve chilled. - 102.534

Homemade Pina Colada Green Smoothie

Homemade Pina Colada Green Smoothie is a healthy drink based on the famous cocktail. It tastes amazing, but its effects are entirely different from that of the cocktail. It will give you vitality unlike the alcoholic drink. Check it out! - 102.441

Baby Bok Choy Fennel And Pear Smoothie

If you love to experiment with your health drinks, you might love this Baby Bok Choy Fennel and Pear Smoothie. Look at the bright green color of this yummy drink. It is oozing of nutrition. Give it a go. - 102.397

Tender Coconut Crème Smoothie

Coconut lovers, this Tender Coconut Crème Smoothie recipe is for you. This one ingredient luscious smoothie is a beautiful snow white drink. It tastes so mildly coconutty as if you are eating coconut ice cream. Try it out! - 102.291

Raw Arugula Super Shake

Who wants to start the day off by feeding your body with the ultimate nutrients to have great energy to last until dusk? This is the super shake is packed with all kinds of good stuff like high protein, fiber, good fats, antioxidants and more. When you... - 102.187

Morning Cleansing Drink - Avocado Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a blender, add avocado, warm water, lemon juice, apple, parsley and mint and blend well. 2. Pour into glasses. SERVING 3. Garnish with lime wedge and mint and serve as a refreshing drink. - 102.182

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