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European food, also known as Western food, is referred to as Continental Cuisine and is famous for its presentation and variety. Europe is a huge continent with so many countries, each with its unique culture, ... More »
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Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding By Good Food Ireland

Pastry Chef Patrick O'Mara from Good Food Ireland Approved Provider Mount Juliet Demonstrates a traditional Irish dessert recipe. Read more about this recipe and Good Food Ireland Bread and Butter Pudding - 153.013

Chardonnay Tomato Basil Salad On Parmigiana Cheese Bowl

Want to serve something exclusive for your salads - this tomato basil salad on a parmesan bowl is going to steal the show. Preparing the parmesan bowl or plate is a fun activity and the rest is just tossing the salad in exotic dressing. All these are... - 145.167

Carrigaline Beech Smoked Cheese Pastry Shells

Try a delicious sweet appetizer for the next special occasion in your life. Chef Rachel makes pastry shells stuffed with smoked cheese. You can use any firm cheese or semi firm cheese from Ireland, so there is no hard and fast rule for ingredients. There is a... - 144.925

Dr Oz Euro Nut Smoothie Shake

Learn how to make the Dr Oz Euro Nut Smoothie Shake using a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. WIth heart healthy ingredients and plant based proteins, this is a great morning wake me up shake and is also great for after a tough work out. The Blender... - 144.563

Lala Cooks - Leek & Potato Soup

Is your meal incomplete without an appetizer? This video is a must watch for you. Chef Leslie demonstrates a step by step procedure to make her favorite Classic Leek and Potato Soup. Treat your family today to this European delight. - 144.383

Tomato Jewels

Are you searching for a unique idea on some elegant appetizers? These tomato jewels can be just perfect to serve your purpose. Prepared with bright-red colored cherry tomatoes, these appetizers really look like gems when served on table. Learn the preparation... - 143.595

Puff Wrapped Caramel Apples

A special dessert recipe should be served only occasionally. These caramel apple puffs are like those, which can be served only when you have invited some very special people. These puffs are delicate and delectable but requires some skill and patience to... - 143.454

Spinach Cheese Swirls

When you are planning to serve something healthy yet delicious appetizers to your guests, these spinach cheese puff swirls are just the right choice. You can prepare it on any day, as most of the ingredients are commonly available in your kitchen. Check with... - 142.986

Beef Wellington

If you are arranging a gorgeous dinner party and want to impress your guests with something real delicate, then beef wellington could be a nice choice. You might have an idea, that preparing this at home is only a professional chef's job. No - you too can... - 142.892

Gluten Free Recipes: How To Make Apple Pie (french )

If you are gluten-intolerant, these recipes will be a breath of fresh air for you! This video features two recipes - Gluten-Free French Apple Pie and Gluten–Free Snickerdoodles for you. They are very simple and easy recipes which are worth trying at least... - 142.613

Herbed Chicken In Pastry

If you are planning for a romantic dinner with your special person, here is something elegant to bake and serve. The herbed chicken pastry is a combination of fine herbs and soft chicken breasts, which will definitely satisfy the appetite. In this video, chef... - 142.234

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Well, these shortbread cookies are like that beloved classic with a crunchy twist! - 141.974

Almond Florentine Cookies

Another easy, simple, and healthy cookie recipe - the Almond Florentines. I like them crunchy - 141.769

Easy Bistro Salad

After a busy day, when you yearn for something easy and filling, bistro salad could tot up as the best option. Loaded with bacon, eggs and loads and loads of leafy greens, you can have it in the evening or a quick brunch. it's simple to throw together and is... - 141.682

Corned Beef & Red Cabbage With Brown Bread By Good Food Ireland

An old favourite in Ireland, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Kevin Aherne of Sage Restaurant puts a modern twist on this classic dish. Using red cabbage with additional vegetables, herbs and spices; this is delicious served with Beamish Brown Bread. Visit this link... - 140.701

Baked Swiss Chard And Leek Pie

If you love your greens, there is little stopping you from loving this pie. Abundance of chards and leeks rolled and baked into a pie makes for an amazing treat. Plus, it offers enormous health perks too. Just trying making this pie at home. Rest assured,... - 139.702

Pork And Irish Potatoes By Good Food Ireland

Free-range pork is slow roasted by Barry Liscombe of Harte’s Bar and Grill  and served with roasted potatoes. Pear chutney flavoured with spices, lemon and cider vinegar is perfect with this pork dish. Read this full Good Food Ireland recipe Pork Belly... - 139.641

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This soup was an all time favorite at the deli. It is easy to make and packs loads of flavor. You can use white mushrooms, Portabella mushrooms or Shitake mushrooms – or a combination of any of them – for this delectable, creamy soup! - 138.818

Irish Stew By Good Food Ireland

Ed Cooney of The Merrion Hotel keeps to the tradition of using lamb in the stew and the simpliest vegetables to flavour the broth. Heartwarming, simple and full of flavour. Read this full Good Food Ireland recipe Traditional Irish Lamb Stew - 138.378

Russian Salad

Hi everyone! I'm Debora and welcome to the GialloZafferano kitchen. Today we'll be preparing "Russian Salad" -- a starter that can be prepared in many ways. We'll make a very simple version to which you can add whatever different ingredients you like best - 137.772

Betty's Bacon White Cheddar Mac 'n Cheese ☆

A side dish like this Mac and Cheese with Bacon and White Cheddar Cheese is always adored by young as well as old kids. It is easy to bake and tastes yum. The combination of bacon and cheese is always popular among kids. Take a look at the video for the exact... - 137.692

Irish Soda Bread.mpg

What we know of Irish Soda bread with the raisins and caraway seeds would be unknown in Ireland, although possibly it has made the trip back across the Atlantic by now! Watch Betty Bannerman Busciglio show you how to make the American version of the classic... - 137.431

Cooleeney Cheese Sandwich

Imagine this- Pear and Cooleney Cheese Sandwich on Ciabatta Bread. And that's not all, there is grain mustard and honey as a spread, and arugula to spice up things inside. How would all this taste if it is grilled on a pan until golden? Doesn't that sound... - 137.325

Roasted Marrow Bones

In Europe Roasted and/or Poached Marrow Bones are quite common in many higher end restaurants. It's really not something big here in the states yet although I have enjoyed them for years. It's really interesting how such a simple and common creature as a cow... - 137.273

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pastry Cups

Planning to serve something exceptional at your kid's birthday party? These crispy and puffy peanut butter cups with chocolate and marshmallow are just excellent as party treats. Watch the video to learn the cooking method. - 136.845

Irish Soda Bread By Good Food Ireland

This Recipe by Peter Ward from Country Choice, in Tipperary in Ireland. Find the original recipe Peter Wards Pint Glass Soda Bread - 136.751

Dandy Victoria Meyer Lemon Sponge Cake

Nothing says Easter and spring entertaining like a slice of Meyer lemon cake and I am taking our traditional family recipe and giving it a Meyer lemon twist. The sweetness of the Meyer lemon pairs well with the vanilla and makes this one cake you will wish... - 136.71

How To Make Cod Fritters - Bolinho De Bacalhau

Learn step by step how to make Cod Fritters, a classic from the portuguese cuisine. The video includes all the tricks and secrets to have the perfect light and delicious batter, the perfect appetizer specially with a cold beer. Originally salted cod is used... - 136.525

Apple Charlotte

The Charlotte is a delicious dessert. This is one of the most popular Charlotte recipes, lined with ladyfingers and filled with apples, flavored with cinnamon and brandy! - 136.438

Puff Pockets With Smoked Gouda, Apples And Chives

Puff Pockets with Smoked Gouda, Apples & Chives are simple to prepare, and the combination of flavors makes for a special treat to enjoy with a glass of wine. - 136.121

Finnish Pancakes

For all of you, who love to start their day with pancakes, here is a nice variation. The Finnish pancakes are soft, thin and fluffy and with a spread of maple sauce they are just heavenly. Try your hand on this recipe after watching the video. - 134.135

Nutella Swiss Roll

This tempting Swiss roll filled with hazelnut spread is a delicious snack for kids... and not only! - 134.088

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Mother's Day is coming so surprise her with a La Boulange recipe! - 133.717

Fish Florentine Casserole - Perfect For Christmas Eve

The Kitchen Witch demonstrates how to make her original recipe for Creamy Fish Florentine Casserole. This easy and delicious make ahead is perfect for casual entertaining. - 133.372

Green Beans With Pearl Onions

Green beans with pearl onions is a classic holiday side dish, our recipe uses balsamic glaze as a flavor twist. - 133.191

Colcannon Cakes (an Irish Favorite)

Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional dinner for Stain Patrick’s Day but if boiled cabbage just doesn’t do a whole lot for you than sizzle up this side dish of traditional Irish colcannon cakes instead of the bland boiled cabbage to serve with the... - 133.137

Chocolate Whoopie Pies Recipe - Joanne Eats New England - Quick Seven Minute Marshmallow Frosting

Take a bite of one of these chocolate whoopie pies and you'll be transported to another place. In this video I show you how to make this tasty dessert that hails from New England. I did a chocolate version whoopie pie with a quick seven minute marshmallow... - 132.923

Crisp Cucumber Salad

Crisp, simple, tasty cucumber salad recipe. So simple to start with this recipe, and then add in your favorite flavors. - 132.891

Irish Seafood Chowder By Good Food Ireland

A classic recipe using the fruits of the Irish Sea by Eugene Callaghan of Kellys Resort Hotel & Spa. The flavours of the fish speak for themselves and only simple vegetables, a splash of white wine, cream and seasoning are all that’s needed to be added... - 132.64

Lemon Meringue Pie

Not too tart, not too sweet; just right! This lemon meringue pie is as tasty as it is easy to make - so stop using the mix in the box, and try it from scratch. - 132.182

Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 2. Prepare a parchment paper lined baking sheet. MAKING 3. In a large pot boil water and cook the macaroni al dente. Once done remove and drain. 4. Preheat a medium size pot and melt butter, add lobster meat... - 130.998

Fillet Of Beef In Pastry

During the holidays, you can impress your guests with a recipe that is a delight to the eyes as well as the palate, like this beautiful fillet of beef in pastry. - 130.92

Mushroom Shaped Meringue Cookies

Mushroom Shaped Meringue Cookies are a real surprise for anybody. Betty makes and presents it in such a neat way that it is difficult to say of these are cookies or real mushrooms. Take a look for yourself and see if you can take up the challenge to make... - 130.528

Cauliflower "mashed Potatoes" Recipe + How To Prep A Cauliflower

Try these cauliflower "mashed potatoes" (cauliflower puree) and you won't miss those mashed potatoes at all! The cauliflower is creamy, smooth, and light...and not to mention healthier than mashed potatoes. - 130.519

How To Make Anisgrisar (swedish Aniseed Pigs)

Hi there folks! Welcome back to FiveEuroFood. Just in time for Christmas 2013, I'll be sharing with you today a recipe for Swedish anisgrisar - or "aniseed pigs" as they might be called in English. This is a dough recipe, slightly sweetened and flavoured with... - 130.27

Ossobuco Milanese Style - Original Italian

The ossobuco is a traditional dish of the Milanese cuisine: a rich and tasty main course, usually served with polenta or with a Yellow Saffron risotto! - 130.166

Betty's Homemade Sour Cream Crescent Rolls -- Easter

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Homemade Sour Cream Crescent Rolls. These are simply luscious with a little butter. This is the bread I chose for my Easter meal. - 130.128

Smoked Irish Salmon By Good Food Ireland

Niall Murphy of Donnybrook Fair  combines two of Ireland's classics, salmon and whiskey to create this dish. Served with beetroot, fresh cream, buttermilk and dill, this is light and full of flavour. Read this full Good Food Ireland recipe Irish Whiskey... - 130.063

Irish Soda Bread

This quick bread loaf is the perfect companion to a hearty stew... - 130.049

Aunt Pearl's Breakfast Scones

Tender and slightly sweet, these breakfast scones are perfect for a special holiday breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea! - 130.024

Easy Funnel Cake-fair Favorites

I can never seem to resist a piping hot, fluffy funnel cake smothered in powdered sugar. I probably should have never learned how to make funnel cakes at home. This funnel cake recipe is super easy and creates one yummy batch of funnel cakes. - 129.77

Smoked Turkey & Provolone Tartine

Mother's Day is coming so surprise her with a La Boulange recipe! - 129.753

Apple Raisin Bread Pudding Dessert

Want to boost up your Holiday mood, with a traditional and delicious dessert - here is something special for you. You might have tried bread pudding for several times at your kitchen, but this is surely going to be different. Watch the video and prepare... - 129.731

Lángos Bread (hungarian Fried Bread)

A very easy recipe for authentic Hungarian Langos Fried Bread! - 129.562

Shrimp & Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms And How To Keep Produce Fresh

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 2. Prepare a baking sheet grease it with thin layer of olive oil. 3. Clean the mushrooms using a damp cloth remove the steams, set aside. 4. Thaw, remove the tails and devein the shrimps. 5. Mince the garlic,... - 129.242

Meatballs Swedish Style

Swedish meatballs make every holiday gathering even more special because you guest will know that every bite is made was made by hand and the pan gravy in this dish makes it extra more special. - 129.15

Eggnog - In Just 60 Seconds

As an English Man, Eggnog isn't particularly popular on this side of the Atlantic. So for everyone out there who wants to try it, or for any Americans looking for a quick Eggnog Recipe that's perfect for Christmas, here's a simple recipe with cooking video. - 129.002

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp scampi is one of my favorite ways to eat shrimp. It is loaded with flavor, due to the heaps of garlic and is really easy to make. What is more, it can be made relatively inexpensively because shrimp is often on sale. I buy frozen, peeled, deveined... - 128.991

Irish Raisin Bread

If bread is your staple diet, here is a bread recipe that you will enjoy baking at home! Irish Raisin Bread is a very simple and absolutely delicious bread to have during breakfast, or snack time. It is good enough to be had as it is and its taste is even... - 128.983

Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pound Cake

The ricotta in this pound cake keeps it super moist - the blueberries make it super delicious. - 128.97

How To Make Scottish Oatcakes

Howdy folks, today I'll be showing you how to make Scottish Oatcakes. Once eaten with almost every meal in Scotland as a major source of carbohydrates, you'll most commonly see them on breakfast tables nowadays, throughout the United Kingdom, as a delicious,... - 128.962

Homemade Swiss Bircher Muesli

Getting Ready 1. Soak the muesli in orange juice for a while. MAKING 2. Add fruit yogurt to the soaked muesli and mix well. 3. Add the grated apple and mix again. SERVING 4. Spoon into Martini glasses and serve fresh. TIP You can add any fruit or dry... - 128.758

Vegan Vegetable Stroganoff

Making a stroganoff with meat is very easy. However, this is a fun and easy version for vegetarians that you can try out - 128.699

Durrus Cheese Fillo Bites

The secret to a great starter is using a few ingredients. This is exactly what makes this Durrus Cheese and Quince Fillo Bites recipe. The ingredients are the star of this recipe. Watch this video for the details. Bon Appétit! - 128.511

Geek Week: Lord Of The Rings Shepherd's Pie

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 190c / Gas 5 / 375f. MAKING 2. In a saucepan pour oil and sauté the onions until soft, add minced lamb, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce and pour the stock. 3. Reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes, season with... - 128.297

Mascarpone And Cheddar Macaroni And Cheese

The secret ingredient in this super creamy and velvety rich macaroni and cheese is mascarpone! No need to make a roux, and risk ending up with a clumpy mess, just smooth and rich every time. - 128.195

Apple Pie Bread- How To Make Soft, Moist Homemade Apple Pie Bread

Bread lovers delight. This apple pie bread has the goodness of an apple pie wrapped up in a quick bread. It is perfect dessert to end your meal. It has a wonderful aroma that brings in a new dimension to your meal. Warm, sweet bread that smells as good as it... - 128.164

Strawberry Shortcake

This is a perfect summer treat. The Chef shows this simple way to make Strawberry Shortcake in the video. It is so delicious that you must try it once. - 128.129

Coolea Arugula Salad

The Willems family have been making Coolea on their farm in Macroom, Co Cork since 1979. They moved from the Netherlands to Ireland in the 1970’s. Gouda was impossible to get locally at the time so they wrote home for a recipe and the rest is history. This... - 128.12

A Cake For Bristol Rugby

If you are a Bristol Rugby fan, you must watch this recipe video. Watch Barry make a cake for Bristol Rugby. Get into the rugby spirit and make yourself a simple chocolate cake that you can enjoy while you watch the sport. - 128.044

Sacher Torte

The Sachertorte is a chocolate delicacy, a masterpiece of Austrian cuisine... let's see how to make it with Sonia! - 127.735

Endive Salad

I am going to show you how to make a super delicious salad using endives. Many people do not know what to do with it because they find it bitter or they dont know how to cook it. Today I am going to show you 2 things: first, how to cut an endive properly to... - 127.701

Yorkshire Pudding Popovers

Yorkshire pudding is an English side dish, traditionally served with roasted beef. But don’t let the name fool you…it isn’t a pudding at all but a gorgeous fluffy muffin. - 127.511

French Vanilla Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

This moist and fluffy french vanilla blueberry streusel coffee cake is my coffee's new BFF! French vanilla yogurts makes this coffee cake so tender and the brown sugar streusel topping adds just the right amount of sweetness paired with the french vanilla... - 127.378

Cheese And Herb Shortbread Rounds

A quick and easy snack or appetizer to have on hand for easy entertaining, or for something lovely on a weekday Wednesday. Cheddar Herb Shortbread Rounds can be made ahead and frozen or served the same day. No matter how you slice them, you friends and family... - 127.377

Snowy Apple Surprise

Do you dream of desserts? Well Barry does. Watch this video to learn a sweet treat that Barry saw in his dreams and tries to recreate in his kitchen. It's so simple, all you need is 5 simple ingredients, stewed apples, cream, egg white, sugar and chocolate.... - 127.186

St. Patrick's Day - Lamb Stew With Colcannon

Planning for St.Patrick's Day dinner? Here, the chef is making something special for this occasion. Lamb stew with colcannon is hearty, rich and unbelievably delicious. - 127.052

Beef Stroganoff With Mushrooms

Beef stroganoff with mushrooms is a healthy and quick main dish, its spiced up with smoked paprika offering a beautiful earthy taste. This dish is definitely recommended for a complete hearty homemade meal. Watch how chef Michelle makes the dish effortlessly... - 127.034

Potato Latkes

Potato latkes are prefect for brunch or dinner. Watch out to know how you can prepare it at home! - 126.884

Sangria Clara

This is a simple and tasty white sangria - no added alcohol to mask a bad wine; so make sure you choose a wine you would drink on it's own! - 126.575

Bacon, Cheddar Macaroni And Cheese

Here's a Mac 'n' cheese recipe for everyone who is afraid of making a roux (you shouldn't be, but whatever...). Creamy and rich, the bacon adds that special something - make sure you use a quality sharp old cheddar for full effect! - 126.56

Scottish Shortbread

Learn one of the most popular Scottish treats, the Scottish Shortbread from this video recipe. This recipe shows us a little variation and makes it even more delightful. Try it out, your family will love these aromatic cookies. - 126.394

Mince Pies

These are easier to make than you might think, delicious at any time of the year, but obviously a Christmas favourite. So much nicer and tastier than the ones you can buy in the supermarket. - 126.309

Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch style pie prepared with the goodness of fresh apples. - 126.21

Chicken And Mixed Greens Salad With Strawberry Vinaigrette

The Kitchen Witch demonstrates how to make a Chicken and Mixed Greens Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette. A beautiful dinner or lunch salad for summer! - 126.11

Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Fluffy, buttery homemade pancakes stuffed with creamy Nutella and topped with fresh strawberries and cool gawd yes!! - 126.089

Ardrahan Red Cabbage Salad

This lactic, pungent cheese from Mary Burns in Kanturk, Co Cork, Ireland has won ‘Supreme Champion’ at the British Cheese Awards. It was this cheese that inspired my recipe for Ardrahan Red Cabbage Salad. - 125.935

Champs Elysees Cocktail

Chartreuse is featured in a number of wonderful classic cocktails, like the "Last Word". The Champs Elysees Cocktail seems poised to become a must serve at craft cocktail bars around the country. Take a look at this video to know more about this age old... - 125.932

Birthday Cake

This is the craziest chocolate cake recipe that I've know. My favorite chocolate cake! Enjoy! - 125.914

Hollandaise Sauce

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl, add egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and Tabasco. Whisk well using a hand whisk. 2. In a small bowl, put butter and place inside the microwave oven until melt. 3. In a pan, pour water and warm it. Place the mixing bowl above the... - 125.718

Easy Cheese And Onion Quick Bread

The Kitchen Witch demonstrates how to make an easy cheese and onion quick bread for Foodie Friday. This beautiful bread is the perfect accompaniment to any meal and also makes great sandwiches the next day! - 125.607

Cheese Fondue

MAKING 1. In a small pot, pour white wine and simmer on medium low heat. Once hot, add flour and whisk well. 2. Add shredded cheeses, a handful at a time and whisk after each addition until well incorporated. Turn the heat down to low and cook until cheese... - 125.505

Sausage Roll

Prepared in minutes, these chunky homemade sausage rolls taste amazing - celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in style! - 125.408

Easy Taco Meatball Salad

Find out why this is Mr. Kitchen Witch's favorite salad! Easy Taco Meatball Salad is sure to become a favorite for you as well! - 125.339

Easy Cheesy Pasta Casserole

Watch Chef Nisa Burns whip up an amazing easy cheesy pasta casserole. It's so gooey and good! - 125.247

Black Olive Pesto Sandwich (omega-3 Fatty Acids Rich) By Tarla Dalal

Black olive pesto sandwich,much favourite pesto made using walnuts is used as a spread to make this sandwich...walnut does wonders for the brain. .In fact, its shape is just like our brain! That's why it is believed to be the best brain food. Basil being good... - 125.184

Caramel-chocolate Pretzel Rods

Gooey caramel, rich chocolate...what's not to love? Take a peek at this super easy recipe for homemade caramel-chocolate pretzel rods. They're the perfect sweet & salty treat, and an easy homemade gift everyone will love! - 125.073

Healthy Corn Chowder

You got some fresh tender juicy corn at a very low price, there is a lot that can be done with that making some chowder out of it. In this video, the chef too has similar story to tell and she is making nice corn chowder. Want to know entire recipe, all you... - 125.073

Corned Beef And Cabbage

Here is a simple and satisfying meal that you don't need to Irish to enjoy. This is the basic classic recipe, feel free to mix it up with your own favorite veggies. - 125.048

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