Essence recipe is a specific recipe which makes use of an artificial food flavor, better known as essence, to enhance the taste or aroma of the dish. Essence or food flavor is significantly prepared from fresh fruit extracts, especially, ginger; essential oils of lemon, almond, vanilla; and a blend of synthetic oils and essential oils. A typical essence recipe tastes sweet, sour, bitter, salty or tangy, due to the addition of the food flavor. Sometimes, food flavors are also added to bring alteration in the original aroma of the food to make it more delectable for the eater.


Owing to high cost of the natural food flavors, the commercial market is flooded with synthetic extracts which yield the same flavor and aroma to the dish. Some of the most popular essence recipes are strawberry ripple ice-cream, hot fudge, sundae ice-cream, eggless sponge cake, orange and lemon gateau.


Culinary Uses of Essence

Four main kinds of essences are primarily used for culinary purposes- namely-food essence, fruit essence, dry fruit essence and dairy food essence. Fruit essences, especially, banana essence, cherry essence and lemon essence are highly used for making baked delicacies, ice-creams and beverages. These essences are added over desserts and sauces to render distinct flavor and aroma to them. Essence recipe, especially of cookies, brownies and ice-cream, use the strong flavor of vanilla extract for flavoring the dish. Other than these, use of flavor marinades is highly promoted for the preparation of chutneys, rice delicacies, syrup and chocolate sauce.


Popular Essence Recipes

The use of additional flavors over ice-cream sundae is a highly relished essence recipe. Other popular uses of flavoring extracts are observed in recipes of chocolate sauce, eggless sponge cake, biryani (rice preparation), chutneys, almond cookies and more. For a dominating flavor, for example in the essence recipe of orange tarts and slices of fresh orange along with orange flavoring extract may be used.


Cuisines Using Essence

Essence recipe especially of baked delicacies and ice-creams are predominantly found in American and European cuisines. Examples of such dishes are cookies, cakes, tarts and sundae ice-creams. A lot of cuisines use fruit essences to prepare confectionary items as well. On the other hand, uses of butter, cheese and butterscotch as natural dairy products essences are observed in almost every cuisine of the world.


Nutritive Value of Essence

Apart from the essence recipe using natural fruit extracts as flavors, no other essence recipe is believed to have any nutritional value.


Storing Essence

Every essence made from natural or artificial food flavors must be sealed properly and stored in refrigerator.

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