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Equipment in the kitchen is an essential part of daily cooking. There are various kinds of equipment available for different uses in the kitchen. Availability of adequate equipment in the kitchen, not only assists the homemaker in several culinary tasks but also makes the cooking procedure fun and easy, saving on a lot of time.
Types of Equipments
The equipments in one kitchen differ from the other. However, there are some basic equipments which are used by one and all in the course of daily cooking. Some of the most commonly used equipments have been listed below.
Knives – It is one of the most essential kitchen equipments. There is a huge variety of knives which are available in every household kitchen, used for different tasks. Most commonly used are bread knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, peeler, scraper, utility knife and boning knife.
Measuring Utensils – For measuring the correct amount of ingredients to be used for every recipe there are several types of measuring utensils which are of great use. Measuring cups, measuring spoons and a weighing scale are all useful.
Mixing Equipment – The food preparation which is done prior to being cooked on heat, requires a number of mixing utensils like bowls both shallow and deep, tumblers, pots and so on. Also used for mixing ingredients are wired whisks, beaters, blenders and food processors.
Pots and Pans – The cooking of the food takes place in one of the pots and pans. There are also available skillet, frying pan, boiling pot, baking dish and so on.
Sieves and Colanders – These come in handy to get the finest of purees, sauces and also to get pure dry ingredients for various recipes. These may be made of plastic, steel or some other material but definitely find a place in the essential equipment set of any kitchen.
Rolling Pin – There is no substitute for this tool. For making pie crusts, pizza base, tart cups or for rolling fondant icing, the rolling pin is indispensable.
Slicer and Graters – These help the cooks to slice and grate a huge quantity of vegetables in a jiffy. These equipments not only fasten the process but also provide a variety in the size of the chopped vegetables. Alternatively, food processors or a mandoline may also be used for chopping, slicing or grating vegetables and other ingredients in a variety of sizes.
Thermometers – There are candy thermometers as well as meat thermometers available. Both of these help to measure the temperature of any cooking food or liquid. This in turn ensures perfection in the recipe being cooked.
Potato Ricer – The potato ricer or the potato masher is a useful equipment for mashing or pureeing a variety of soft foods like boiled potatoes, carrots etc.
Garlic Press – Most cooks do not enjoy the task of peeling and chopping garlics, while garlic is one of the important ingredients in most dishes. The garlic press may be used to effortlessly crush garlic which is commonly used in preparation of certain dishes like  pizzas, pastas and a variety of other dishes.
Toaster –  It is used to toast bread.This is needed each morning at breakfast for getting the quintessential crisp golden toast, to be buttered or eaten with jam or eggs. There are two types of toasters available. One being the more popular ‘Pop – Up ’ toaster and the other being the sandwich toaster. The sandwich toaster may be electrical or non electrical for use on the gas stove. These sandwich toasters may or may not have a non stick coating.
Juicer – A host of vegetables and fruits can be passed through the juicer to obtain fresh juice instead of the canned and preserved ones. There are two types of juicer – electric and hand juicer. Hand juicer is mostly used for citrus fruits, while the electrical gadget is available for citrus fruits as well as other fruits and vegetables.
Oven and Cooking Range – Without this equipment there cannot be any cooking possible in the kitchen. There is a huge variety of these available – stoves, gas tops, induction cookers, solar cookers, electric cookers, convection oven, microwave oven, electric grill, gas fuelled grill or the more traditional charcoal grill.
Mortar and Pestle – This is a utility item in the kitchen for grinding dry spices or other ingredients into a fine powder or paste.
Funnel – This too is useful for transferring liquids from one bottle to another without spillage.
Can Opener – In the present times there is increased usage of readymade sauces and canned ingredients. Hence the can opener serves as another essential tool in the kitchen.
Apple Corer – It helps to neatly remove the pith and the seeds from the apple, with minimum wastage of the fruit. This also enables to cut the apple in neat rounds once the middle has been removed with the help of a corer.
Melon Baller – This is used to obtain small scoops of melons, cantaloupes or boiled potatoes. They are used in particular for some recipes or may be used for salads, sorbets, cocktails or garnishing the prepared dishes.
Spoons – There is a great variety of spoons available for every different task – eating, mixing, measuring, stirring, lifting and so on. They are also available in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel and plastic to wood and melamine.
Ladles and Spatulas – They are essential equipments for cooking, stirring, mixing, frying, turning and lifting the food. Without these it would not quite be possible to do any cooking at all.
Butcher Block – Available in a variety of hard woods, the butcher block serves to chop vegetables, cheese, meat and also doubles up as a tray or server.
Skimmer – This is used for deep frying and helps to lift the solids from the hot liquids like oil, water, broth, stew etc.
Meat Tenderizer – For all meat lovers this is an important kitchen tool which helps to pound, tenderize and soften the meat which helps to cook it better and more uniformly.
Cookie Cutter – It comes in handy for cutting cookies into various shapes of cookies, pastry or tart bases