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What Little Kids Think About Gourmet Food

  If you’ve never tasted caviar before and happen to get a spoonful of it at a rich dinner spread, what would you do? Whether you like it or not, you’d just gulp it down with a sip of water. Why? Because it is a gourmet food and... -

10 Party Food Gadgets That Add To The Fun

  All of us love cool functional gadgets, and if we have any, a party is a great way to show them off. Why not make your Super Bowl party (or just any other party) interesting with some funky food gadgets ? You’ll not only... -

A Sandwich To Keep Your Man Hooked

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ A statement that few will disagree with! Even in this day and age, it is mandatory to feed your man in order to keep him on your side firmly. What if you find tell tale signs of straying? Or worse, he... -

Baby Carriage Fruit Bowl Food Idea For Baby Shower

Learn how to carve a watermelon into a baby carriage fruit bowl, perfect for a baby shower! This is a great baby shower food idea because it is also a table decoration. Here is a video to guide you through this very simple fruit carving method with step by... -

Top 10 Food Names That You Are Likely To Mispronounce

  Ordering food in a sophisticated chic restaurant is indeed an art. But what if you don’t know how to pronounce the name of the dish that you actually want to eat? Do you panic and ask for an unappetizing looking salad instead? Here is a... -

Can Robots Replace Humans In The Kitchen?

Robots or machines are taking over almost every aspect of our lives. But what about cooking, an art of preparing food that is both a necessity as well as a luxury? Well, there are no dearth of them either . You have already heard News stories of robots wowing... -

Balut-eating Contest In The Heart Of Nyc

You must have seen people scarfing down hot dogs , chicken wings , and burritos at food contests all over the country. But have you ever seen a man wolfing down 18 duck embryos in just 5 minutes? You may have if you were among the crowd present... -

Anatomy Lessons With Vanilla Macaroons

What you see in the photograph above is not a human body chart but an array of macaroons made to look like human body organs. If you have forgotten the anatomy lessons of school, here is a chance to revive your memory, with vanilla-flavored macaroons.... -

Who Are You?- Ask The Egg On Your Plate!

Eggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious, protein-filled foods for breakfast. But did you know that eggs could speak too? No, they do not actually talk to you but eggs can certainly reveal a lot about your... -

Food Graphs For The Teens & Tweens

A graphical representation of statistics is an ideal way to make comparisons. Food graphs are no exception as they can give you just any amount of information about the nutritional value of a particular ingredient or the varieties of gluten free... -

Top 5 Coconut Quotes

Coconut has a unique tough exterior and a very soft interior – this characteristic of the coconut has been used by many to refer to the character traits of individuals. Undoubtedly, just like other food items there are many quotations on coconut which are... -

Top 5 Watermelon Quotes

  Nothing can be as refreshing as fresh slices of watermelon or its juice, especially during the summer months. These have always been the topic of reference and used in several quotes by famous personalities and food experts. We have... -

Top 5 Carrot Quotes

Food quotes are nothing new for us – we have heard and seen people referring to various items, comparing and referring food to describe or explain situations and conditions. There are many quotes on carrots, the colorful, healthy veggie-fruit too .They... -

Best Plum Quotes

Food quotes have always inspired and amazed us with their freshness and reference to different situations and incidents in an interesting way. Similarly, quotes on plums are wise words said about the fruit by shared at gatherings, events and picnics. Here... -

Top 10 Seafood Quotes

Nothing is as flavorful and as delicious as seafood! No wonder, these have often been used in several quotations and references by  famous personalities. They  are all witty, humorous and many a time closely associated with everyday living and... -

Top 10 Blueberry Quotes

Blueberries are loved for their numerous health benefits , especially their high antioxidant properties . These berries have influenced numerous quotes and sayings by famous personalities in their books, shows and gatherings as well. Some such... -

Best Bran Quotes

Food quotes are special words and sayings on foods, their use and their relation with us and different situations of everyday life.  Experts and enthusiasts have often  referred to bran in their shows, books, public appearances and other events making... -

Best Caramel Quotes

An important ingredient of many desserts is caramel which not only adds to the taste but also to the look of the dish. Food writers , celebrities and enthusiasts have often written or quoted about caramel and its uses. We have compiled... -

Best Oats Quotes

Oats make a  healthy breakfast – these are easy to prepare grains and suitable for all ages too. There are many popular food quotes and sayings on oats – some of which are really interesting. Just like other food quotes they are based mainly on... -

Best Cinnamon Quotes

Cinnamon is one of those spices which adds a special flavor and taste to any item. The word  is used in many food quotes and as special references by chefs and food lovers. Among many other quotes on food, we have compiled the best quotes on cinnamon too.... -

Top 5 Sausage Quotes

Food lovers often pen down their thoughts about their favorite foods as a point of reference in various situations. Several comments and quotes exist on sausages which are quite popular. Check out our collection of the top 5 quotes on sausage by some of the... -

Top 10 Garlic Quotes

Food quotes have always awed us with their pun, humor or reflection of situations and even emotions. Garlic quotes are no exception – penned down in books, magazines or referred to during shows and functions – these quotes have become very popular over... -

Best Broccoli Quotes

One of the most common vegetables used in everyday recipes is broccoli. If you have the opportunity of checking out food quotes by some famous authors, celebrities and newsmakers, you will be really amazed to find, the number of sayings on this healthy... -

Best Kiwi Quotes

The Kiwi fruit derives its name from the  small and cute bird of the same name. If you are a lover of food quotes , you must have come across several on them about this fruit too. Some of these refer to the properties and goodness of the fruit while... -

Best Squash Quotes

Squashes are used in many recipes and make some very popular everyday as well as festival dishes. No wonder, there are several quotes and sayings which are closely associated with the vegetable which has such importance in our lives. You too must have... -

Best Cucumber Quotes

Cucumber is a cool and refreshing vegetable which is often recommended by health experts and dieticians. If you are fond of  food quotes you must have come across cucumber quotes which refer to the properties of the vegetable and use it as a... -

Best Citrus Quotes

Juicy and healthy citrus fruits are often quoted as a point of reference by food experts, chefs and other food enthusiasts. Just like all other food quotes the ones based on citrus fruits, are usually on situations and inspired from real life situations.... -

Best Clam Quotes

Clams are not only famous for their taste and flavor but are also quite popular for the number of interesting quotes and sayings associated with them. Food quotes have always been popular for their tackiness and wit – some quotes mentioned below are... -

Best Cabbage Quotes

Do you realize that your favorite cabbage is the main subject of several popular food quotes ? Many of such quotes on cabbage are really humorous and have a tacky reference to events, personalities and real life situations. We have... -

Best Marshmallow Quotes

Spreading the message via food quotes and sayings are probably the best way to show your respect and honor to the food you love. If you are fond of marshmallows, just like me, you are surely going to love this collection of quotes which are said in honor... -

Top 10 Cherry Quotes

You must have heard the phrase “cherry on the icing” – the word cherry has been used in several food related quotes and similes. The cute looking, fresh cherry is loved by all and used by chefs and food lovers as a point of reference. Here are some of... -

Top 10 Grapes Quotes

Grapes – one of the most  juicy fruits used to prepare many drinks and a precursor of the exotic champagne, have always been used in quotes. These sayings are used by famous chefs , food lovers and enthusiasts alike. You must have already heard many of... -

Top 10 Lemon Quotes

Lemons are not only considered to be beneficial for our health but are the topic of numerous witty anecdotes too. The tiny, sour fruit has also given rise to certain slangs and it does help to recall the funny quotes and laugh your head off when life hands... -

Top 10 Orange Quotes

Our top 10 quotes on Orange are a collection of some of the best words or lines said about this juicy fruit.  You will love the references and punches intended in these lines, well written by keeping the importance of oranges  in mind . Here are a... -

Top 10 Rice Quotes

Food quotes are mainly  interesting ideas and anecdotes on different types of food. Rice quotes are also quite popular and passed on from generation to generation with many of them  enjoyed over dinner and at intimate gatherings. We have a collection of... -

Top 10 Cheese Quotes

You must have come across many  food quotes especially during festive times like Easter and Christmas, when everyone likes to talk about good food. Cheese quotes are quite common and are often shared during such occasions. Some of these are quite ... -

Top 10 Lamb Quotes

Food quotes have always been popular – some of these have been passed down through ages while many others are quoted by modern day chefs, food experts and lovers.  We have a selection of the top 10 Lamb quotes just for your entertainment. Read them to... -

Top 10 Chicken Quotes

Laughing is important for a healthy and happy life and when you hear something really funny about one of your favorite foods, how do you feel ? Our top 10 chicken quotes are a treasure and will surely bring a smile on your face. Some of these are truly witty... -

Top 10 Butter Quotes

We love to read quotes   especially when they are on food as they seem to be even more interesting then.  Well, during a search on butter, I came across hundreds of quotes some of which were really brainy, interesting and funny too. These quotes... -

Top 10 Alcohol Quotes

How many times have you laughed or giggled at a  serious ‘speech’ when the speaker had had some extra glasses of beer? Just think for a moment and you will find many such funny incidents which  still make you smile. There are, infact,  hundreds of... -

Monica Dinatale At Yoga For Foodies Event

  Monica DiNatale at Yoga For Foodies Event submitted by Monica at ifood.tv   Monica DiNatale, author of "365 Guide" www.my365guide.com , attended a Yoga for Foodies event sponsored... -

100th Day Of School – Your Child’s Remarkable Milestone

  Going to school is always a pleasure for children. Right from the day one to the day they pass out, each and every day is a new journey with new goals to be accomplished.   Every parent remembers the first day of his/ her... -

Food Fight - A History Of American Warfare Depicted Using Food

This is amazing video depicting history of american warfare. (Food Fun) -

Dinner Conversations: 39 Interviews With America’s Favorite Culinary Movers And Shakers

Stuart Reb Donald has built a reputation for doing some of the most poignant interviews of America’s favorite chefs and food writers. Whenever a network is rolling out a new cooking show they make sure to call Stuart to interview the stars. In... -

Celebrate Indian Independence Day @ Ifood.tv!

"Share Your Favourite Dish That Signifies the Idea of Freedom" 15th August, India’s Independence Day is soon approaching and like every year it’s the time to ignite patriotism and joy.   We all... -

My Favorite Chef: Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor khazana is a concept of true blue Indian restaurant with ultimate fine dining experience. With Indian Cuisine as the focal point at the restaurant, the comprehensive list of beverages at the bar and of course the cigars, cognacs and single... -

Enter To Win A Copy Of Smokin' With Myron Mixon!

  To Enter:  Visit the ifood.tv Facebook fan page and tell us what advice you would ask from Myron Mixon.  And don’t forget to enter your email address if you want the chance to win!   About the... -

Thai Food Festivals

Thai food festivals are distinct in their own way of offering culinary nuances with a hint of regional cuisines. Thai cuisine has seen its origin in Central Asia, and thus comprises of basic and ethnic herbs, spices, and delicacies in bounty. Thai food... -

Funny Animated Food Videos...hilarious!!!!

My son and I love to look at animated funny food videos. This has got to be one of the best, it is called  "Store Wars". If you feel like having a good laugh with your kids , this is a sure winner!!! All of the vegetables have similar names to... -

Top 5 Funniest Food Scenes In Movies

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }   Top 5 Funniest Food Scenes In Movies! Food and Laughter! I am not sure if there can be anything greater than these two that would give a person satisfaction. There might not be many... -

5 Fun Reasons To Follow Mardi Gras Food Traditions

  You need not go to New Orleans to know and enjoy Mardi Gras food traditions. The Mardi Gras food traditions can actually be nicknamed as the celebration of binging on fatty foods. People claim that since it is... -

Best Romantic Food Moments In Movies

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Best Romantic Food Moments In Movies! There are so many. Or at least, there are many such romantic food moments for me. I am not going to go ga-ga about Ratatouille or Chocolat because we all know about... -

Is Food A Fashion Accessory Or More

Food as a fashion accessory? You mean we use it for more than eating? Jeremy Scott, the famous designer brought about a different kind of food revolution recently. Food as a fashion accessory was an unthinkable concept till sometime back. But now,... -

Top 5 Romantic Food Quotes For Your Valentine

  Romantic days are ahead and if you are thinking of sharing your life partner with a day of love, then note down these romantic food quotes for your valentine that you can give back as thank you or to impress or for whatever the reason be,... -

Embroidered Bread - Latest In Food Art

Creativity is always seamless and effort of one such creativity is Embroidered Bread. I have come across embroidered chiffons and crepes numerous times, but this is the first ever time that I am coming across something like an embroidered bread. Hats off to... -

Fun Cooking Ideas With Chocolate - Have Fun With Chocolate

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Fun Cooking Ideas With Chocolate - Have fun with chocolate!! Yes, Siree!! I don't know about you but I know that I can have fun with chocolate ; morning, noon and night. I can have fun with chocolate even in my... -

Cat Cafes In Tokyo - Play To Your Heart's Content

  Ever heard of a cat café before? I haven’t either. Some of you might have visited one if you were in Tokyo. There are cat cafes in Tokyo and play to your heart’s content is the motto. Interesting news clips have been trickling down from 2004.... -

List Of Fancy Foods

For cocktail parties, showers, wine and cheese gatherings, weddings as well as other celebrations, you may look forward serve the fanciest foods. Knowing about such foods may seem no less than a challenge for someone who is not a food connoisseur. Here is a... -

How To Build A Chocolate House With Children

  Relive the life of Hansel and Gretel and make your own Chocolate House   The story of Hansel and Gretel was my favourite since the time my mother read it out to me when I was a kid. I loved the idea of a house of sweets, and even... -

Food Meets Fashion In Edible Purses

Food Meets Fashion In Edible Purses – A very innovative way to combine fashion and the craze of women to keep a control on their diet. Edible purses!!! Hold on – did you think, that now you can have your purse too?   Yes, this is true! This... -

Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

  If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, I am sure you would love to try out Harry Potter inspired recipes . Recipes inspired by Harry Potter has stormed the markets and fans are queuing up to taste the wizard’s food that they have seen... -

Fun Facts About Peanut Butter Fudge

These fun facts about peanut butter fudge will help you to increase your knowledge about this common kitchen goodie. There are several stories about the invention and journey of this peanut butter fudge in our kitchen and how it changed its importance... -

Want To Know What Charlie Sheen Was Drinking?

  Charlie Sheen has always hogged limelight for wrong reasons. We all are aware about his gloomy past which is marked with sordid tales of drug abuse, love affairs and... -

What Is Abhishek Bachchan’s Favorite Sweet Dish?

Do you know what is Abhishek Bachchan’s favorite sweet dish? Well, the man of the moment loves to eat a dish called 'Bistar Band'. Better known as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s son, Abhishek used to bring this dish daily for all his co-stars on the... -

Does Loud Music Make Food Taste Bad

  A recent research showed that loud music often makes food taste bad. No wonder the same pizza tastes different when you eat at home and at the restaurant.  Link Between Taste & Sound ... -

How To Create A Grape Bunch Costume

Your child has been asked to dress up as a bunch of grapes for the school function and you don’t know where to begin with. Would you let you child down or would you rise to the occasion and help your kid become the star of the event? Well, creating a grape... -

Top 10 Weirdest Drinks Of The World

Top 10 weirdest drinks of the world are not only strange but they can make you feel giddy too. Are they really worth a try? Have a glimpse of the some of the weirdest drinks of the world and decide for yourself.   10.  Beer milk drink... -

Scott Conant: Food Network Show Host For 24 Hour Restaurant Battle

Scott Conant Biography   Food Network Show: 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, Chopped   One of New York’s most beloved and respected chefs, Scott Conant, brings a deft touch and unwavering passion to creating food... -

Geekiest Apple Themed Flavored Cakes

                              How about eating a laptop or an iPhone? I know, it sounds geeky but it’s true and fun! Yeah! Now enjoy the geekiest apple themed flavored cakes. From a cool retro apple logo cake to a tasty I Mac set... -

Watching Football On Espn And Enjoying Sumptuous Snacks

Couch potatoes, glued to the TV, lazy bums are just few words one would hear during the major Football matches. After all who would want to miss the games and not see the adrenaline pumping energy packed games live on TV. So typically in a household the TV is... -

Meat-flavored Chocolate?!

Your idea of yummy treat may not be a very unique meat flavored chocolate , but apparently, men tend to fall for this salami-tinged chocolate creation by Kiwi Chocolatier.             Chocolate truffles served... -

How To Make A Popsicle Wheelbarrow

Its summer time – Vacation time …and kids bubbling with energies no longer have to attend school – fun for them....but you are driven to your nerves' end trying to keep them engaged!  Why not engage them in a fun summer project – try... -

Edible Bikini – The Ultimate Indulgence

Here is Miami’s First Edible Bikini. This two-piece edible replica of Ed Hardys 2010 Trellis suit was unveiled recently, leaving the audience awestruck. In this tantalizing and mouthwatering masterpiece the hues of pinks, yellows, reds, and greens were... -

Tiger Wood's Appetite

Tiger woods has a huge appetite to be on top in everything he does  :-) Accenture proclaimed, "Go on, be a tiger". What do you think would one have to eat to satisfy such an appetite? (Funny, Celebrity Appetites) -

God's Pharmacy (all Those Who Believe In God )

This is absolutely amazing - and makes perfect sense!   It's been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish... all before making a human. He made and provided what we'd... -

Food Network Canceled

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 04/01/10 POPULAR FOOD NETWORK TO BE CANCELED AT MONTH’S END New York City – The E.W. Scripps Company announced today that after 17 years in production their popular Food Network will cease programming at the... -

Vindaloo Against Violence

Thousands of Aussies took part in the Vindaloo against Violence campaign on Wednesday, and indulged in Indian cuisine. This is part of a protest against attacks on Indians in<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =... -

Chicken Eating Chicken!

I don't really know what all chicken feed on, but when I was shooting for my television show, during lunch break I noticed that it was eating time for the chicken, too! (Food Fun, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Mumbai Trivia, Vaitharna) -

Carnivorous Tomatoes!

It has been discovered recently that the seemingly harmless tomatoes are not that harmless!! Yes, they have been classified as carnivorous plants!!! The tomatoes are carnivorous predators that kills insects that they trap using the... -

Landmine Ketchup

This interesting Landmine Ketchup Sachet  has been designed by Publicis Mojo for CALM, a New Zealand NGO that focuses on keeping the government aware of landmine cases and consequences. This Landmine Ketchup Sachet, used for fund... -

Peta - Bin Laden Chocolate Bites To The Troops

PETA suddenly seems to be a highy patriotic group that sends chocolate goodies to the US troops. I wonder if the the listing of PETA as a Terrorist Organization by USDA has anything to do wiih it!! Along with strutting around partially nude and... -

The Rotating Kitchen!

Of all the things..... a rotating kitchen!!! They actually put up a square rotating kitchen by Zeger Reyers as the opening piece for the exhibition, Eating the Universe at the Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Germany! The exhibition that opened last friday... -

Chocolate Skulls!

There is perhaps no better picture that reminds us so eerily of the recipe ‘ death by chocolate’… I stumbled upon them (sadly) after Halloween had passed away this year. But hey, a chocolate skull is a chocolate skull and what makes this one so... -

The Sitting Duck Marrow!

Of all things weird and wonderful, this has gotta be my favorite ever! A marrow that mother nature crafted like a lovely little duck. If only it had three small marrows behind it that looked like ducklings but I guess that would be asking a bit too much! ... -

'train' Delivery-food Delivered To Your Seat!

Most cities, big and small, have home delivery. Mumbai’s right at the top where I’ve had from a window A.C. to a cup of tea delivered home. Last month we were travelling from Mumbai to Patna by train when I came across this ad pasted near... -

My Top 5 Thanksgiving Desserts

  Strawberries On The Cake Irresistible Toppings They Make For the Recipe visit Chef Petal   Spiced Orange Cranberry Dessert This Is My True Love, I Assert ! For the Recipe visit ... -

The Great Wall Of Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers and serious chocoholics out there, it is Destination China this coming January! Where else can you find the Great wall of Chocolate!!     No I am not taking about the yummy dessert seen here ( though I... -

Food Flags - Food Art!!

In the spirit of oneness and the flavor of all that binds and unties people across the globe, the Sydney International Food Festival had used a unique way to demonstrate and raise interest in people with amazing food art!   Unique,... -

Spiritual Fruit - The Buddha Pear…!!

Make way for the most amazingly shaped fruit ever! Square melons and other geometrically shaped veggies and fruits, make way! The ‘Budhha pear’ is here!     These pears look like little miracles hanging from trees. If you are... -

Tableware Cast From Ones Own Body!

What about serving food on plates and cups cast from your body parts? Woulnt that be intimate! Shocked? That’s exactly what a Royal College of Arts student Ioli Sifakaki did. She served food on self designed tableware that was cast from her... -

Gory Wusthof Knife Ads!

Some advertisement has the innate ability to leave you astionished, laughing or disgusted. My exact state of mind after viewing these print ads for Wusthof Knives is “disgust”.   Oh ya that small lump there, yup, that... -

The Burger Mobile!!

Talk about food trucks!! This burgermobile owned by Joe Zwillenberg seems to be the talk of the town! The burger mobile has already attracted enough and more attention because of  its fantastic burger resemblance.     The... -

Chocolate Stamps!

Sending mails via post seems to be a thing of the past but these chocolate stamps are sure to bring you back to it. Imagine breaking all those hyeine rules and licking these chocolate smelling stamps that was releasd in France last month.   ... -

Mustard Marvin Spread Head

        Love Mustard, Love Mustard Marvin Spread Head I bumped into this little cousin of  Ketchup Charlie Spreadheads yesterday and couldn’t help but send it to my shopping cart. Similar to... -

Ketchup Charlie Spreadheads

Ketchup Charlie Spreadheads for the yummy twist This spread head is something kids will love to have! Just twist and place the spread head on your ordinary ketchup bottle and gi -

Some Great Links For Foodies!

Sorry, no recipe this week, spent most of yesterday at work and sleeping. The reason for this is  I had to drop my daughter off for a school trip at 5am and a skunk or cat kept the dogs barking all night. So yesterday was pretty much a blow off. That leaves... -

Food Footwear!

Looks like hamburger sneakers just marked the beginning of the advent of food based footwear designs! Here is a new set of food based footwear that I stumbled upon on zazzle.com .   Apple Shoes   ... -

The Obama Menu!

From Obama cupcakes displays to a food product named Obama Fingers the Obama craze in the food world seems not to have ended with the elections. The recent product is a book named The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama published by Taste TV. ... -

Cannibalistic Dining Table!

Yes you read it right, cannibalistic dining tables! Last week I had written about dining tables with unique built in dishes but here is something better. This unique auto-cannibalistic dining table was one among the exhibits at the International... -