Electric Frying Pan Recipes

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Nut Burger

Walnuts and veggies and brown rice oh my! This is a great tasting high protein burger. Soy free and so delicious. - 125.947

Ricotta Pancakes

In this video, Cathy decides to use ricotta to make her pancakes and the results are spectacular! - 99.0014

Chicken Marsala

Chicken recipes are extremely popular in the home kitchen. Today, we have one of the popular Italian recipe made with White wine. chicken breasts are cooked in a rich Marsala wine which gives its authentic flavour. Definitely something simple to get your... - 98.5273

How To Make Red Velvet Pancakes

Who says you can't celebrate the 4th of July right when you get out of bed? Whip up these delicious pancakes that have a signature flavor of one of America's most loved desserts. - 128.172

Ebelskivers-how To Cook Danish Pancakes

Danish Pancakes are a perfect surprise for your family to have for breakfast once in a while. As you can see in this video, it is popular among children and the adults love it too. So, try it out this weekend and see how it goes. Bon Appetit! - 125.278

How To Make St. Patrick's Day Crêpes

Fun and easy, delicious and spiked, could you ask for anything more? Start the morning off right with these Irish cream kissed crêpes! - 109.094

Eggless Pancakes & Waffles With Oatmeal

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the griddle for the pancakes. 2. Preheat the waffle maker for the waffles. MAKING 3. In a mixing bowl, add the all purpose flour, baking powder. Mix well and set aside. 4. In another large mixing bowl, add the condensed milk, butter.... - 128.147

How To Make Okonomiyaki

Attention all the Japanese food lovers!! Another delicacy from the Japanese cuisine is right here for you. This delectable recipe makes for an excellent main dish. The pancake is a great blend of various ingredients that together make this dish an absolute... - 99.383

Ihop Cinnastax Pancakes

Don't you wish you could make IHOP Cinnastax pancakes just like they do? If you love cinnamon rolls you will love these pancakes. These buttermilk pancakes are made with a cinnamon layer, and then topped with a cream cheese topping. These are hard to beat and... - 124.73

Italian Breaded Chicken Rolls With Peppermint Sauce

GETTING READY 1. Clean and pound the chicken breast and keep it aside. 2. Chop the garlic and spinach, keep in separate bowl, beat the eggs, dice the tomatoes. 3. In a bowl combine the breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, chopped garlic and salt and pepper. 4. In a... - 108.902

Holiday French Toast

Want to know of an interesting recipe that will yield deliciously sweet French toast? Then watch this video and learn to make a yummy toast that will knock everyone's socks off. Watch now to know more! - 111.857