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Tortilla Wraps

Want an easy, fresh and delicious meal for kid's? Here is an easy tortilla wrap recipe by weelicious and mom and Kenya together show us how to make it. As the mom says, anything that is there in the kitchen can be wrapped inside the tortilla. She is using... - 128.443

Easy Breakfast Wrap

Bored with your morning bowl of cereal - here is something with which you can bring a nice change to your breakfast. This easy breakfast wrap can be done in just 5 minutes and still it brings a gorgeous taste to your taste buds. Serve with your favorite dip... - 112.44

Smoked Salmon Egg Salad Wraps

MAKING 1. In a sauce pan boil water ,and cook eggs in it for about 15 minutes. 2. Drain, cool, and peel eggs. 3. In a large bowl, mash eggs. Add onion celery, and dill pickle. Stir. 4. Drop mayonnaise, cream cheese, hot sauce, salt, and pepper in it. Mix... - 102.262

Spiced Egg And Spinach Wrap

Here is a quick and easy spiced egg and spinach wrap recipe to spice up your day and give you all the protein you need. View this video for the easy directions of making this toothsome snack. - 100.792

Scrambled Eggs And Caramelized Onion Taco Wrap

Healthy breakfast is what you wish every morning. Look at this video, the chef makes scrambled eggs and caramelized onions stuffed into tacos. This dish is super innovative. There are tacos and scrambled eggs, delicious. - 92.5927

Healthy Breakfast Wrap

Healthy Breakfast Wrap by Nikko is an attempt towards making quick breakfast dishes that are healthy as well. Looks like he has heard his viewers demand for something healthy. With minimum chopping exercise and a few minutes on the stove, Nikko is able to... - 91.9464

Spiced Up Egg Salad Wrap

Spiced Up Egg Salad Wrap is an easy to make and yummy breakfast recipe. Chef Nikko develops the dish very tastefully by using wraps instead of bread of baguette. A little spice to the eggs is what is innovative. Most of us eat eggs for breakfast, so this... - 89.9537

Sausage And Egg Wrap

Quick, easy and healthy breakfast is everyone's need. Everyone from kids, to college students and office goers to health enthusiasts need something that would fill their bellies and thereby keep them active for a long day. Hence, today the chefs have come up... - 85.6462

Sausage And Egg Pancake Burrito

Pancake burrito !!! These can be a special surprise package. This outstanding video makes breakfast burritos with a filling made from sausages, eggs and cheese but rolled in a pancake. This is simply superb. Just go for it and astonish everyone at the... - 83.7171

Kheema Egg Packets

This dish is more like a Frankie!! The frankie wrap here is the egg itself. It is folded in such a way that it looks like a packet/envelop. Apart from mincemeat, you can add any other meat or vegetable filling too. - 45.4427

Yum Yum Breakfast Wrap

1)Take 2 to 3 eggs, crack, pour the yoke and whites in a medium bowl. Add cajun seasoning to the eggs. 2)Wash peppers and onion, dry, and chop into small bite size pieces. 3)Chop thin slices of one or two garlic cloves. 4)Mix eggs and veggies... - 45.1977

Oriental Egg Wrap

In a large bowl, beat together eggs, mirin, sugar and salt; set aside. In a small bowl, blend together cornstarch and water. Combine cornstarch mixture with egg mixture. Spray a 20 or 23 cm (8 or 9-inch) non-stick skillet with vegetable spray. Heat... - 44.8332

Veggie Wrap

Veggie Wrap is tasty breakfast made from grains eggs cheese vegetable. Specially great for kids holiday. - 39.5752

Caesar Salad Wrap

The traditional Caesar salad now in a new and exciting role- the Caesar salad wraps. This combination of yummy ingredients all in a wrap is an absolute mouth-watering delight. Enjoy a delicious meal and chill out on your holiday. - 39.4463

Greens Egg Salad Wrap

METHOD: Boil the eggs. Place eggs into a pot and fill with cold water until eggs are covered by 1”. Bring water to a boil, remove pot from heat, cover and allow to stand for 8 minutes. While eggs are boiling, sauté Cookin’ Greens Designer’s Mix as... - 34.9473

Protein Loaded Sausage And Egg Wrap

Ever wondered how to up your daily protein intake? The answer lies in lean meats, egg whites, low fat dairy and nutritious whole legumes and pulses. Combining some of these can result in a protein-rich meal and covering up a good percentage of your daily... - 32.6133

Egg And Noodles Wrap

Wraps are anytime a handy and filling snack or even at times can serve as a full meal. This one is a yummy preparation which combines few of my favorite flavors. - 25.2962

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