Egg White Cream Recipes

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White Salad Cream

Whip the cream in a bowl, until stiff, then gradually stir in the vinegar and lemon juice, season with salt and pepper to taste. Beat the egg whites in a separate bowl until stiff, then fold into the cream mixture. - 26.9868

Egg White Cookies

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees MAKING 2. In a large bowl, place the egg whites and beat well with a pinch of cream of tartar till stiff 3. Add the sugar and the flour 4. Add the chocolate chips and the nuts 5. Spoon out the mixture on to a... - 37.055

Three Egg White Meringue

The quantity of meringue can be changed by adding more or less egg whites. Use 2 tablespoons sugar per white. Add or decrease 1 minute microwaving for each white. Place in small mixing bowl egg whites, cornstarch and cream of tartar. Beat until soft mounds... - 35.0667

Bechamel With Egg Yolks And Cream'

Melt butter, blend in flour, and slowly add milk and stock, stirring constantly. Cook sauce, stirring until smooth and boiling. Beat a small amount of sauce into 1 egg yolk, which is at room temperature; then add mixture to rest of sauce. Place over very low... - 32.0917

Honey Angel Food Cake 10 14 Egg Whites

Heat an ungreased 10" angel-cake pan in a 425ºF oven. Meanwhile add salt to egg whites, and beat until frothy. Add cream of tartar, and beat with a wire whisk, hand or electric beater until the egg whites will stand in peaks. Gradually beat in honey. Sift... - 39.3978

White Mountain Cream Frosting

MAKING 1) In a small saucepan, sugar, corn syrup, water, and salt. 2) Cover and heat to boil. 3) Remove the lid, and allow to boil gently until the temperature comes to 242° on a candy thermometer. 4) In a large bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tartar to... - 39.4782

Grape Chiffon Pie With Egg White

Soften gelatine in cold water. To grape juice, add sugar, salt; bring to boil; stir in gelatine and lemon juice. Refrigerate until partially set. Beat egg whites until stiff; fold in grape mixture. Pour into baked crust. Refrigerate until firm. - 39.9753

White Mountain Cream Frosting

1. Combine sugar, corn syrup, water, and salt in a small saucepan; cover. Heat to boiling; uncover; boil gently, until mixture registers 242° on a candy thermometer, or until a small amount of the hot syrup falls, thread-like, from spoon. 2. While syrup... - 28.6489

Marble Angel Food Cake 8 10 Egg Whites

Sift together 1/2 c of flour, the cocoa, and 1/4 c of sugar 4 times. Sift remaining 1/2 c flour 4 times. With a wire whisk, hand beater, or electric beater at high speed, beat egg whites and salt until foamy. Add cream of tartar, and continue beating until... - 38.6093

Egg White Wafers

GETTING READY 1) Pre-heat the oven by setting the temperature to 325°F (160°C). MAKING 2) Take a bowl and add the sugar and butter to it creaming them until they become fluffy and light. 3) Add the flour, mixing it well. 4) Add the almonds and vanilla... - 42.5883

Ring Mold Of Whiting With Broccoli

Remove the tough stalks from the watercress, Rinse it under plenty of cold running water and put it in a casserole. Cover and microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. Drain the watercress in a strainer (sieve). Put the frozen creamed broccoli in a dish and microwave,... - 42.7255

White Mountain Alaska

Fill pastry shell with scoops of ice cream and push down to make as solid as possible; freeze firm. Beat egg whites till frothy; add cream of tartar and Leat till stiff peaks form. Gradually add cyrup, beating till very stiff (about 10 minutes). Pile meringue... - 31.2504

Whipped Cream Waffles

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a bowl; mix well. Blend butter into beaten egg yolks, then fold whipped cream into egg yolk mixture. Add to dry ingredients and stir only until blended. Beat egg whites until stiff, not dry, peaks are... - 35.4792

Almond Japonaise Part 1 - Preparation

If you are wanting to ice a cake with the right flavors, then this is the video to watch. The chef presents each step clearly to show how to get the prefect layer of the cake! Part 1 is getting the ingredients ready! Watch part 2 for the rest! - 84.2463

Easy Fresh Raspberry Pavlova

A very easy, cheap yet impressive dessert. Made of a crisp chewy cloud of meringue as the base, topped with billowy whipped cream and decorated with luscious fresh juicy raspberries. This is a dessert that is ideal for a summer lunch or dinner party! - 88.8718

Buttermilk White Cake

Combine egg whites (at room temperature) and cream of tartar in a large bowl. Beat egg whites at high speed of electric mixer until stiff peaks form; set egg whites aside. Cream shortening, gradually add sugar, beating at medium speed of an electric mixer... - 44.3993

Low Carb Cinnamon Meringues

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 300 F. MAKING 2. In a medium bowl, place together egg whites, cream of tartar and salt, and beat until soft peaks forms. 3. Add in cinnamon, vanilla and almond extracts, and fold lightly. 4. On a greased cookie sheets,... - 27.7443

Creamed Eggs

Cut eggs in quarters; add to White Sauce. - 13.6782

Zucchini Mushroom And Egg White Frittata

If you are looking for an alternate to your eggs and bacon breakfast, your search stops here. This zucchini mushroom and egg white frittata is one dish which completes the breakfast and keeps you healthy. So whenever you want a change of taste in your... - 113.688


This homemade meringue recipe is a very easy recipe for making meringues. Prepared with egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar, the homemade meringue is flavored with vanilla and slow baked in the oven. Use them to decorate cakes or desserts of choice. - 40.6876

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

Oh. My.God. I'm so in love with these white chocolate raspberry cheesecake cookies! It's really a shame that something so tiny can pack so much flavor. If you're a fan of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake then you MUST try this recipe. Don't like... - 128.554

White Party

MAKING 1) Take a bowl and cream the shortening into it. 2) Add sugar gradually to it and follow it with milk and flavoring. 3) Mix well by beating. 4) Sift the flour together with salt and baking powder. 5) Beat the egg whites and mix them in. SERVING 6) ... - 41.5919

Almond Chocolate Meringue Turned Easter Into Easter Eggs

We're whipping up a little dessert for Easter & making Almond Chocolate Meringue Easter Eggs this year - YUM! - 102.229

Five Minute Snowy White Frosting

1. Combine sugar, water, cream of tartar and salt in 2-cup glass measure. 2. Microwave 4 to 5 minutes on med.high (Roast), or until mixture boils (about 200°F.). 3. Beat 3 egg whites in small mixer bowl until soft peaks form. Gradually pour in hot syrup;... - 28.0465

Almond Japonaise Part 2 - Preparation

Part 2 of the video is get the meringues baked, though the final outcome is not shown, the recipe demonstrated is still good enough! - 103.997

White Chocolate Icecream

In heavy medium-size saucepan, blend water and sugar. Cook over low heat until sugar dissolves, swirling pan occasionally. Bring to a boil. Let boil 5 minutes. Meanwhile, combine egg yolks and vanilla in large bowl of electric mixer and beat at high speed... - 38.7536

White Chocolate Ice Cream

1. Put the chocolate into a large bowl, in a separate bowl, whisk the yolks and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Bring the milk to the boil in a pan. 2. Pour the hot milk onto the yolks and whisk together. Return to the pan and heat gently, stirring,... - 27.4324

Cream Of Celeriac Soup

Cream of Celeriac Soup is simply a family soup, as it has the taste which suits everyone. The faultless mixture of celeriac, onion, potato, white wine, milk, butter, egg yolks, ground spice, with dash of pepper and salt makes the Cream of celeriac soup a... - 47.0444

Cookies ( Divinity Christmas Cookies)

I try to make all my recipes simple,quick and easy to follow. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Just use the egg white NO YOLKS!. Sorry I messed up on the editing. Enjoy! - 112.87

Cream Of Scallop Soup

Cream of Scallop Soup is one luxurious and easy to make soup. The true blend of scallops, white wine, fennel, shallots, chicken bouillon, egg yolk and sour cream with dash of pepper and salt gives the Cream of scallop soup a mouth filing taste. - 46.7212

Fluffy White Frosting

1. In medium bowl set over 3- to 4-quart saucepan filled with 1 inch simmering water (double boiler top or bowl should sit about 2 inches above water), with mixer at high speed, beat egg whites, sugar, water, lemon juice, if using, corn syrup, and cream of... - 26.1177

White Layer Cake

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. MAKING 2) In a bowl, cream sugar and butter. 3) To this, add egg whites. Blend well. 4) To this, alternately add milk and dry ingredients. End with flour. 5) Add flavoring as required. 6) Into 8 inch greased... - 43.3678

White Chocolate Cream Topping

MAKING 1. Using an electric mixer or blender, blend ricotta with eggs and crème de cacao. 2. Allow to chill till used. SERVING 3. Sprinkle shaved chocolate on top and use as toppings for desserts or crepes. - 26.2803

Cream Of Fish Soup

Cream of Fish Soup is another winter delicacy. The perfect blend of onions, carrot, celeriac, butter, white wine, curry powder, milk, mustard, and egg, along with fish and salt and pepper as taste maker gives the Cream of Fish Soup a nourishing taste. - 47.8692

Coconut Cream And White Chocolate Tarts

GETTING READY 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, and sugar. 2. Drop butter in the bowl and with a pastry cutter, cut and combine it well. Roll the mixture into a ball. Cover with saran wrap and pop it in refrigerator... - 96.7972

Creamed Smoked Whiting

Soak fish in milk with bay leaf, thyme, peppercorns, and onion for 1 hour. Then put over very low heat, and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Flake fish. Melt butter and blend in flour. Add strained milk and cream slowly. Add fish and remaining ingredients. Makes... - 40.8232

White Chocolate Cream Pie

In a saucepan, combine sugar and cornstarch; gradually whisk in milk until smooth. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil. Cook and stir for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat. Stir a small amount of hot mixture into egg yolks; return all... - 49.3643

White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

1. Crush 30 of the chocolate wafers into fine crumbs (1 1/2 cups). In a bowl combine crumbs and melted butter or margarine; toss to mix well. Spread into a 9-inch pie plate. Press onto bottom and sides to form a firm, even crust; cover and chill. 2. For... - 36.6552

White Chocolate Bavarian Cream With Fresh Cherries

Combine sweet cherries and kirsch in a bowl, and stir well. Cover and chill 30 minutes. Combine milk, sugar, and egg yolk in a medium-size heavy saucepan; stir well. Sprinkle gelatin over milk mixture; let stand 1 minute. Cook over medium heat 12 minutes or... - 38.6977

White Chocolate Bavarian Cream With Fresh Cherries

White Chocolate Bavarian Cream With Fresh Cherries goes well with any party menu. Make sure that you garnish the White Chocolate Bavarian Cream With Fresh Cherries with mint leaves when serving, this will help bring in an added tang. Give this yummy White... - 43.9584

Creamed Eggs

These Creamed Eggs taste delicious ! This diced boiled egg cooked with white sauce makes a mind blowing accompaniment with toasts. Try these Creamed Eggs and tell me if you like it ! - 26.5141

Meringue Kisses

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, aluminum foil or brown paper. Beat egg white, salt and cream of tartar until foamy, then add sweetener and flavor extract. Continue to beat at low speed until very stiff (stands in glossy peaks). Drop mixture from... - 23.2039

French Meringues

French meringues are baked vanilla meringues made with eggs whites and sugar along with cream of tartar. These baked french meringues may be used with and as desserts of choice. I prefer to fill the centers with fruit pulp or ice cream by removing the soft at... - 40.8415

Sour Cream Waffles

Sift together dry ingredients. Combine egg yolk, sour cream, milk and butter; add to flour mixture and beat smooth. Fold in beaten egg white. Bake. - 31.0671

White Mountain Cake

GETTING READY 1.Start by preheating the oven to 350F degrees MAKING 2.In a bowl, cream shortening 3.Then add half the sugar gradually; cream until fluffy. 4.Stir in sifted dry ingredients (except sugar) alternately with liquid, until blended. 5.Beat egg... - 41.668

Pheasant In Cream Sauce

Remove the backbone of the pheasant with a kitchen cleaver or scissors. Set the liver aside. Cut the bird into 4 pieces. Crush the juniper berries in a pestle and mortar. Put the carrot, celery, shallots, bacon, juniper berries and butter in a... - 43.9429

Ornamental Or Twice Cooked Frosting

MAKING 1.In a boiler, boil sugar and water without stirring until the syrup will form a soft ball in cold water (234° F.) 2.Now add very slowly to beaten egg whites; add flavoring and cream of tartar and beat until smooth and stiff enough to spread. 3.Put... - 29.8147

Low Carb Cajun Burger - Making The Hamburger Buns Part 1

Don't let your low carb diet put a damper on your love for food! You can be on a diet and still eat what you love, like a Cajun style burger. With LowCarb360's 3 Part video series on making the perfect low carb burger, you will be able to make a healthy... - 108.546

White Layer Cake

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, beat shortening and sugar to light creamy consistency. 2) Add drops of water to the mixture and keep on beating. 3) Separately, sift in flour and baking powder for two times and add the flour mixture into the cream. 4) Add... - 44.6535

White Chocolate Mousse Bars

Treat yourself to a decadent chocolate bar made of three simple and delicious layers. - 42.5336

Double Cream Meringues

Beat the egg whites and cream of tartar together until they are frothy. Gradually beat in half the sugar until the mixture is stiff and glossy. Gently fold in the remaining sugar and the cornflour. Spoon into a piping bag with a plain nozzle. Pipe whirls on... - 31.3366

Eggs En Cocotte With Cream

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350° F. 2. Warm 4 small warm ramekin dishes. 3. Grease the dishes thoroughly with butter. 4. Into each of the prepared dish, carefully crack an egg into each. 5. Season well with salt and pepper. 6. Top with a tablespoon of... - 38.3116

Cheryls Home Cooking/angel Food Cake

This is one awesome angel food cake,taste just like store bought BUT its home made! Very simple to make. - 119.48

White Grape And Ginger Syllabub

Arrange one quarter of the grapes on the bottom of a medium sized serving bowl. Cover with one quarter of the ginger biscuit [cookie] crumbs. Continue making layers in this way until the grapes and the ginger crumbs are used up. Set aside. Place the beaten... - 42.6813

White Mountain Icing

Mix the sugar, cream of tartar, and baking powder in a small pan. Add the water and stir until it boils. Beat the egg white and salt until stiff and beat in the sugar syrup a spoonful at a time. When half has been added, add the lemon juice and the rest of... - 31.4016


Beat egg whites with cream of tartar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar while beating until stiff and glossy. Spread meringue on pie filling, sealing against edge. Bake for 15 minutes or until peaks are golden brown. - 23.1487

Baked Alaska

GETTING READY 1.Start by preheating the oven to 450F degrees MAKING 2.Freeze strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream into brick form very hard. 3.At serving time, beat the egg whites until light, add confectioners' sugar and whip until stiff and... - 33.5746

Egg Mousse With Double Cream

Chop the egg whites finely and sieve the yolks. Mix the yolks with the sauce and aspic, let the mixture start to set, then add the lightly whipped cream and seasonings; fold together. Add the chopped whites and leave to set, preferably in a refrigerator. Turn... - 21.1036

Eggs Scrambled With Cream

MAKING 1.Heat 1 tablespoon (15ml.) of butter on a low flame and cook mushrooms, bouquet garni, ham and veal in it until brown. 2.Put the stock in the pan and allow it to boil till the time it gets diminished to a syrup. 3.Put cream and cook the ingredients on... - 44.049

Angel Cake

This angel cake recipe is a vanilla and almond flavored recipe. Baked simply with a batter of flour, sugar, egg and cream of tartar, this angel cake can be topped with fresh fruit slices and berries for added delight! - 44.9

White Cake Supreme

In large mixer bowl cream sugar, shortening, and vanilla till light, scraping bowl frequently. Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Add flour mixture to creamed mixture alternately with milk, beating after each addition. In small mixer bowl beat egg... - 40.5851

Caramel Praline Cake

CAKE: All ingredients should be at room temperature. Preheat oven to 325°F. Spray a bundt pan with a non-fat cooking spray. Cream together Butter Buds, both sugars, Egg Beaters, and beaten egg white. Add flour, salt, and baking powder to creamed mixture. Add... - 42.131

Strawberry Baked Alaska Pie

Mix vanilla wafer crumbs and butter. Turn into a 9-inch pie pan and press evenly. Chill. Combine rhubarb and 11/4 cups sugar in a saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved. Cover and continue cooking until rhubarb is... - 41.2511

Creme Patissiere Or Custard Cream Filling

Cream the egg yolks with the sugar in a bowl. Beat in the cornstarch, 1/2 cup of the milk and a few drops of vanilla extract. Bring the remaining milk to just under boiling point in a saucepan. Pour it gradually onto the egg mixture, stirring constantly. Pour... - 39.3768

150 Calorie Chocolate Dipped Pavlova With Strawberries

A Pavlova is a meringue dessert that has a really crisp shell and a marshmallowy soft center. And though in this recipe the Pavlova is dipped in dark chocolate and topped with sweet juicy strawberries, this dessert is still less than 150 calories! This... - 141.592

Steamed Duck Egg Sponge With Poached Gooseberries And Lemon Thyme Ice Cream

GETTING READY 1. Take a pan with 600 ml cold water, add gooseberries and simmer, gently for 10 min. 2. Slowly stir in sugar and cook to dissolve it completely. Stirring constantly, allow the mixture to come to boil. 3. Cook for about 20 to 25 min or till... - 44.0746

Eggs With Cream In Ramekins

GETTING READY 1.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 2.Take four ramekin dishes and heat them at 350 degrees in the oven for 5 minutes. MAKING 3.Boil the cream and put one tablespoon (15ml.) in each ramekin. 4.In each ramekin, break an egg and put salt and... - 36.3809

Meringue Bones- A Halloween Treat

How to make a quick, fun Halloween treat...Meringue 'Bones" Demonstrated by cooking pro Betty Busciglio Busciglio. - 123.082

The Complete Tutorial On How To Make Perfect Macarons

This fun video tutorial will show you every single step to succeed making macarons. This tutorial will go over the importance of aging the egg whites, why use cream of tartar, what temperature to use your eggs, how to make the meringue, how to make... - 134.573

Cream Of Tartar Meringue

Beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar until foamy. Add the sugar gradually, beating constantly until stiff peaks form. Beat in the salt and vanilla. - 21.0308

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

This white chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe is the BEST! I’ve tried about four of them, including The Cheesecake Factory’s White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake and pound for pound this lil recipe can hold it’s own!! It is so creamy & silky... - 118.951

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake- Easy And Heavenly

A sinful dessert to bring a smile on your face. This video prepare an exquisite cheesecake made with fresh raspberries and finished with a creamy topping. It cannot get any better. This is a perfect recipe for all occasion with a crunchy chocolate crust. A... - 124.747

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F. 2. In a small bowl add in the water and 6 ounces of the jam and mix together making preserves thinner. Place the jam mixture in a squeezer and set aside. MAKING 3. In a large bowl add in the graham... - 101.367

Green Tea Macaroon

Crisp and delicate shells filled with creamy filling. An overall delightful green tea experience (but versatile to many different flavors as well). - 125.939

Simple Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake needs lot of patience prepare it. If you are a person with huge amount of patience and love to experiment then this recipe is for you. Watch the video showing angel food cake as the chef gives ingredients, directions and listen carefully to... - 124.823

Unforgettable Kisses Cookie

Want a cookie that is as good as that unforgettable kiss? Yes, that is what chef Tawnya is calling these cookie, recipe for which is shown in the video, Unforgettable Kisses cookie. They are light, fluffy, soft and sweet as an unforgettable kiss. Like all... - 115.907

Sweet White Bread

Put the yeast into a small bowl and mash it with 1/4 teaspoon of the sugar. Add the water and cream the mixture until' it is smooth. Set aside in a warm, draft-free place for 15 minutes or until the yeast mixture is puffed up and frothy. Sift the flour into a... - 49.3199

Ten Minute White Icing

Put all into top of double boiler; stir well. Cook over hot water for 10 minutes, beating with rotary beater. When done, icing should stand up in peaks. - 23.3104

White Wonder Cake

GETTING READY 1. Pre-heat oven at 375°. MAKING 2. In a bowl, take the shortening. Beat it vigorously until it is light. 3. Add sugar and vanilla; beat it until it is fluffy. 4. Mix sifted cake flour, baking powder and salt. 5. Add the above ingredients to... - 44.627

Delicious Kahlua White Russian Pie

Who doesn't love a good pie, right? I most definitely do. The Aubergine Chef demonstrates how to make a Kahlua White Russian Pie (mousse flavored with alcohol or liquor) as well as how to make large chocolate curls! And this pie blends two incredible things:... - 108.688

Creamy Deviled Eggs

Cut eggs in half. Remove yolks; mash. Blend in cream cheese, relish and seasonings, mixing until well blended. Refill whites. - 25.3928

Fish Soup

Fish soup is quite popular in all parts of the world. The just the right mixture of leek, carrot, zucchini, onion, white wine, red bell pepper, whiting fillets, eggs, sour cream and curry power, along with the fish and garnished with salt and pepper makes... - 49.3463

Creamy Eggnog

Holiday Egg Nog Recipe. This preparation can be a bit tricky because you have to work carefully when folding in the egg whites. Where kid gloves here and use proper technique or you'll loose all the air you've whip into the whites and the eggnog won't have... - 38.4754

Angel Food Cake

Today Sonia will surprise you with a traditional very light and soft cake, made only with egg whites: the angel food cake... a sweet cloud, impossible to resist! - 134.675

Maple Ice Cream

Heat syrup. Make paste of flour and water. Add hot syrup to paste, stirring constantly. Cook 10 minutes or until thickened. Add to beaten egg yolks in double boiler and cook until of thin custard consistency. Cool, add salt, lemon juice, and cream. Freeze... - 36.3735

Homemade Custard Ice Cream

In a heavy saucepan combine milk, sugar, egg yolks, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Cook the mixture over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, till mixture coats a metal spoon. Stir in vanilla. Cool. Fold custard mixture into the stiffly beaten egg whites. Chill... - 36.9388

Pie Or Pudding Meringue

The pie or pudding meringue is a vanilla flavored meringue made with egg whites and sugar. Used as desired with a dessert of choice, this pie or pudding meringue is a baked meringue and can be topped over the dessert before baking them. - 37.4937

Curried Stuffed Eggs

Quarter hard-cooked eggs lengthwise. Remove yolks to bowl; mash. Combine yolks, next 4 ingredients, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. If necessary, cut a thin slice off the bottom of each egg quarter so it will sit flat. Using pastry bag with star tip, pipe sour cream... - 28.7982

Lady Baltimore Frosting And Filling

MAKING 1.In a boiler, boil sugar, water and cream of tartar together to 238°F.or until a small amount of syrup will form a soft ball when tested in cold water 2.Pour hot syrup gradually over beaten whites, beating constantly and continuing to beat until... - 39.5535

White Christmas Pie

Soften gelatine in cold water in a bowl; set aside. Mix 1/4 cup sugar, flour, salt and milk together in a saucepan. Cook it over low heat, stirring until it comes to a boil. Boil it for 1 minute. Remove from heat; stir in softened gelatine. Let it all... - 46.972

How To Make Angel Food Cake

This American classic dessert is like a soft fluffy pillow of yumminess in your mouth. - 128.443

How To Make Valentine Strawberry Meringue Hearts

This Valentine's Day dessert make strawberry Meringue hearts. We wanted to share some Valentine's day love with a recipe for a decadent and delicious dessert. Enjoy these light as air Valentine Strawberry Meringue Hearts. - 134.77

Tia Maria Ice Cream

Whisk egg whites until very stiff, then whisk in icing sugar gradually. In another basin, whisk egg yolks, coffee essence and Tia Maria together, then whisk this gradually into the egg whites. Lightly whip the cream and fold into coffee mixture. Place in ice... - 30.0762

Creamed Eggs

Peel eggs, slice in half lengthwise, and carefully remove yolks. Mash yolks, add ham, 1/4 cup butter, green onions, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard. Stir well, stuff egg whites with yolk mixture. Place eggs in a lightly greased 12- x 8- x 2-inch... - 39.5851

How To Make Meringue Mushrooms

The meringue mushrooms in my buche de noel recipe came out much softer because I used 100 grams of whites instead of 60 grams. This is the recipe I prefer though my friends like the texture of the softer mushrooms saying they taste like taffy. Thanks for... - 106.034

White Lily's Daffodil Cake

GETTING READY 1 Preheat oven to 375 degrees. MAKING 2 In a bowl, sift the flour and 3/4 cup of the sugar together thrice. 3 In a large mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites, cream of tartar, and salt until soft peaks form. 4 Gradually beat in 1 cup sugar... - 43.1918

High Sour Cream Cake

Combine all ingredients and beat with electric mixer 2 minutes. Pour into a 10-inch greased tube pan and bake 45 minutes at 350° F. Frost with ready-to-eat lemon frosting. - 24.1392

Homemade Italian Cream Cake

Homemade Italian cream cake is a legacy that you can easily afford in your home kitchen. This video will be your guide in doing so. Its an excellent way of rewarding yourself and your family. Easy to make and tastes heavenly. - 112.678

Betty's Chocolate Angel Food Cake

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Chocolate Angel Food Cake. This cake is very easy to make and is quite delicious! - 120.123

Charlotte Russe With Sour Cream

Line the sides of a 2-quart mold or souffle dish with ladyfingers. Place 6 split ladyfingers spoke fashion in bottom of mold, trimming as necessary to fit. In medium saucepan combine gelatin, sugar, and salt. Stir in milk and yolks. Cook and stir over... - 42.9946