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Raw Vegan Vs. Bacon On Great Day Houston

If you think you can not live without meat, this video would definitely make you think. Watch Mr. Bacon lover in this video relishing bites of raw vegan dish prepared by Kristina and learn about the benefits of being a raw foodie and how you can implement it... - 133.518

Tips To Shuck Oysters

Learn simple and helpful tips on how to preserve the oysters while they rest in the fridge and how to crack open an oyster without having to hurt yourself. Watching this video will teach you that just by twisting the knife inside the shell, you could have it... - 131.213

Searching For The Best Tasting Tacos

This is a food package John produced for the College of the Canyons news program. He roams around town trying to find the best tasting taco in Santa Clarita, California. Does he find what he wants. Fid out! - 131.133

How To Select Cheese

The Aroma Thyme Restaurant has a cheese plate on its menu. This plate is different from the cheese plates in other restaurants. What makes it different? Chef Marcus Guiliano tells the secret. - 128.501

Cooking Up A Cure

Get some cool splash, and hot showers with range of delicious foods in array, made for seasonal enjoyment. Julie Biuso`s secret recipes of foods to be enjoyed during winter, and summer months are presented in classic style. - 128.219

Week 3 Of Raw Food Diet

The author here shares her ways, and experiences by being on strict raw food diet for week 3. She feels elevated emotionally, and physically, and she is signing inspirations for all those who are struggling to lose weight. - 127.331

Say Bye To Bad Eating Habits

If you feel you need to keep a check on your eating habits, watch this video of Kristina. See the video to know what can be bad eating habits and how one can work to improve them. These tips by Kristina are easy to follow and once followed, will help to have... - 126.482

This Is How You Serve Traditional Pasta

Salsa is an easy to make recipe that can be prepared in nearly no time. Learn the different dishes that you can put along with the traditional tomato salsa in this video about Mexican foods. - 125.833

Healthy Snack Ideas

Diana gets in the kitchen with teen twins to make school snacks that any age can enjoy. Share with friends and family! These are simple but healthy foods that you can eat at any time. - 125.622

Jody Ness Samples Menu At Sheraton Hong Kong

Jody Ness is at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers trying and tasting the sample menu at the hotel. All the dishes are made in Asian style and have been paired with wine. Hotel chef Oscar Chow explains the method of preparation of each dish. - 125.385

Cravings For Carbs And Sugar

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Well that’s something that may cost you dearly later. Watch the video to learn a trick that satiates those sweet cravings in a healthy way. Here are some choices of crackers, breads and sweets – all packed with... - 125.372

Healthy Bananas For Healthy Living

The importance of having ripe bananas has been depicted in this footage. The better health tip could be having at least one banana a day. It is mouth watering fruit, and filled with nutrients, and simple carbohydrates. - 125.234

How Raw Food Affects You

Robyn is down with about 22 pounds in last 6 weeks of being on raw food diet. She has replaced her unhealthy eating habit by all raw food fresh eating. She inspires herself to be on good track of health. - 125.214

Tips To Eat Asian Pears

Asian Pears are one of the fruits which most people are unaware of. They are sold in the local farmers market and usually people pass them by. They look much like apple but taste is like a mix of melon and apple. You can enjoy them in salads, as a fruit, or... - 125.209

Feeling Tired? Here Are 7 Energy-boosting Foods

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Motivational Monday! So, it's the one main complaint I hear the most often and if my new clients are a gauge for how others might be feeling, most people are feeling downright tired! Nearly every time I ask the... - 125.029

Nutri-bite Veggie Burgers

A meat burger is rich in saturated fats and proteins which aren’t really all that good for you. But a homemade vegetarian burger can boost your health while still tasting just like meat. Try Nutri Bites tips on how to create a wonderful version of the... - 125.006

How To Pick A Healthy Cereal

This is really simple. Ivy Larson teaches you how to custom make your own breakfast cereal at a specialty website. Instead of filling your body with a processed high sugar alternative, this is a great way to getting fresh ingredients custom-made to your... - 124.9

Tips For Healthy Snack Ideas

For the Round Lady the healthy snack ideas also come in round shape. She introduces some of her favorite snacks which are also around in shape. Nuts, toast with avocado spread, fruits, deviled eggs with yogurt all are round and full of health. - 124.852

Benefits Of Home Milling

Whole wheat is very healthy food. Do you know fresh wheat flour is more healthy than stored whole wheat flour? In this video, Donnar Miller is talking about why home milling is necessary for eating healthy whole wheat. She compares whole grain nutrition with... - 124.825

How To Eat Blue Crabs

Seafood is a healthy food and an alternative to red meat. Seafood provides protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful in building lean muscle tissue. Picking meat from seafood is a very tricky task. In this video, Cajun Cooking TV is showing you... - 124.69

5 Purse Snacks (emergency Food)

Why? Because life gets busy and sometimes I don't have time to sit down for a fully balanced meal, especially during lunch. So I always carry a snack with me just in case. Like most people I'm usually running late in the morning and don't have time for... - 124.504

Chowdowngrill - Chef Josh Marcus

Chef Josh Marcus of the Chowdowngrill at Surfside offers quick tips on what makes his grilled Himache the best in the city. The himachi or Japanese amberjack is slow-cooked, soft succulent fish served with black bean sauce and steamed rice. - 124.397

How To Avoid Overeating

Many people like to binge in without being hungry. Many feel comfort in eating, and adopt this trend of unnecessary eating. Here are some of the basic ideas on how to choose healthy food on time is attempted here. - 124.336

Low Carb Foods On Roll

Great sugar free drinks, and syrups adore the kitchen vault of the speaker. They are all low carb foods, and some of the snacks also rules the roost. Find out some of the low carb peanuts, and chocolate coconut bars for you too here. - 124.317

Organic Produce Box Opens Like Pandora Box

Pandora box was full of trouble, but in this video you will find the girls unpackaging the organic box, which has variety of organically produced greens. The box includes fresh parsley, cilantro, butternut squash, pumpkin, and what not. - 124.261

Tips To Prepare Collard Greens

Collard greens are the members of the cabbage and known powerhouse of nutrition. They are high in beta carotene, calcium and vitamin C. They can be steamed or eaten raw in salads. Collards make a good spinach substitute in many recipes. - 124.252

Celeb Chef Phil Vickery's Favorite Chicken Recipe

Chef Phil Vickery is very fond of chicken recipes. He’s telling us about his favorite chicken recipe that is quick and easy to make. If you also want to know about the delicious chicken dish, get pitched up with the video. - 124.141

How To Get Rid Of Emotional Eating

To get rid of emotional eating, one need to be positive, and should be disciplined. Here are some ideas on to make observe that you are overcoming the emotional eating trend. - 124.076

Herbal Magic

Video shows the magic of raw food diet on your hair. They can help a lot in preventing the hair loss, and promotes rapid tresses growth. Raw food diet includes the spinach green juice, and many wonderful goodies. - 123.983

Chocolates Can Be A Healthy Choice

The video talks about the chocolates healthy eating trend. Some of the species of dark chocolates can be truly invigorating to your health. Having them in moderate amount can be tracing the healthy lifestyle. - 123.971

Benefits Of Eating Fully Raw

Kristina of Fully Raw and Rawfully Organic talks in this video about the reasons why one must consider of being fully raw. Watch this video to know how eating affects our physical, mental and spiritual system and how being a raw foodie leads to proper balance... - 123.944

Sauces Pairing

A perfect pairing of sauces with great dishes is the main highlight of this video. You can pair salads with pineapple sauces, or you can pair gourmet dishes with these sauces being displayed here. - 123.912

Effects Of Stree Linked To Overeating

Physiologically one need to know why we eat more when we are more stressed. One can stop this binging process by breathing, and meditating. Practicing yoga can also help you overcome the problem. - 123.89

How To Eat Healthy In College

How students can eat healthy in college during vegan diet? In this video, Michelle Taylor is showing you dining options or vegan foods which you can choose for eating healthy in college. - 123.758

How To Roll Chicken Skin Around Monk Fish

Monk fish rolls can be prepared by rolling chicken skin around the monk stuff. They are wrapped, and stored in deep freezer before frying them. Take a look at awesome recipe for non vegans here. - 123.731

How I Ate Fullyraw In College

If you are in college, live in a small space, on a small budget, and with few resources, you can still eat raw! Here are my "how to" tips and tricks that will help you if you are striving to live a FullyRaw vegan lifestyle. I share with you my personal story,... - 123.666

The Raw Food Muscle Introduction

The raw food muscle owner introduces you to what actually made him turn into pure vegetarian. He talks about his experience with vegetarian foods, and how it has helped him lead a healthy life. - 123.603

Award Winning Pizza

The video presents the making and baking of award winning pizza. They are made with exotic condiments to enhance their taste, and look. - 123.337

Fresh Tacos

Freshly prepared tacos, and nachos are highlighted here. They are perfect accompaniment to cocktails, and is fit to be had as brunch or dinner. - 123.171

How To Eat A Burger

Here is a tip for you to follow while eating burger. Watch the video for more information. - 123.035

Are Chia Seeds For You?

Chia seeds contain a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and they can be an easy way to boost your health. - 122.981

Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate video emphasizes on how the raw chocolate is prepared. Raw chocolate is considered a better option than normal dark chocolates. - 122.694

Tips To Save Money On Food

Watch the video to know how you can eat healthy on a very low budget. - 122.558

Frugal But Fresh Cooking

Learn to cook with fresh but frugal ingredients from local resources. - 122.421

Fresh Healthy Living - The Importance Of Greens

Eat greens to stay Fresh, Healthy and Happy. Watch the video and know more! - 122.098

Different Foods That Can Save Your Life

There are so many foods and have capacity to protect from different diseases. Are you looking for healthy foods which can help you to prevent from cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and many more? In this video, you would be able to have different... - 121.606

Fast Food Help Losing Weight

The matter of concern here is how the fast food helps in losing weight. Munching in between meals, the fast food snacks can really help in curbing your cravings for more. Find out more in here. - 121.381

How To Keep Yourself Lean: Planning

Planning is an important aspect of any new venture in life. Do some planning, and see how much you can spend per day in hours to your dedicated healthy way of living. - 121.081

Originofenergy Traveling Food Tips

Eating healthy while your travelling is not always easy but it's important to make the effort to get good food. Ideally you could source local organic food but sometimes you have to make the best choice of what is available. Whole fresh food is best over... - 120.615

Funding For Homeless

Video is a true charity show for people who are homeless. This is also aimed at providing some nutrition into people, and this is being accomplished by juicing. Really the great project for needy, and homeless. - 120.225

How Do You Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is a better option for being healthy. Do you know about healthy foods? Which foods are good for health? In this video, Expert shares a lot of healthy foods which provides better care of your heart, kidney and your body. - 120.176

Simple Turkey Roast

Juicy turkey made simple is the slogan of this video. You get some simple tips on how to make high tasting juicy turkeys by use of some special herbs and spices. Take a glance. - 120.146

Crab Specialist Chef

The chef in here makes incredibly delicious crab recipes, and the video covers the making process he incorporates to keep his customers happy. Take a brief up on how he makes yummy crab gravies. - 119.679

The 5 Keys To Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is about more than calories or following the latest dietary fad. Trends come and go. Healthy bodies have been around for thousands of years. By embracing your individuality, and learning how to apply the five keys of healthy eating to your own... - 119.366

Indian Wedding Food Treat

Indian wedding is full of charismatic foods, and yummy delicacies. Video unveils the mouth watering rock and roll dishes of variety of stuffs. Look out for the awesome food treat. - 119.267

Celeb Chef Phil Vickery's British Food Favorites

Do you want to know about the favorite British Foods of Celeb Chef Phil Vickery's? If you are interested to know, get pitched up with the video. - 119.078

Emotions And Their Link To Food Cravings

Emotions have a huge impact on diet. Darlene shows you how to recognize your emotions and their influence on what you eat. - 119.065

Diet And Fitness Qna

If some of the diet and fitness questions are bothering you, here is video where Sarah, the host of and Katrina, the fitness expert address some very frequently asked diet questions for their fans. Katrina also reveals her healthy breakfast ideas and... - 118.908

Amazon Herbs

Amazon herbs is the subject of topic. Owner of Amazon herbs, talks about the advantages of growing herbs, which contain most of the super foods. - 118.901

Healthy Eating On A College Or Any Budget

Meal ideas for eating healthy on a college or any budget. - 118.337

All About Lobster Gram Staycation

Dan "The Lobster Man" Zawacki is back with another great Staycation offer just in time for Labor Day! In this video, Dan shows us how easy it is to prepare an entire Maine Shore Clambake Gram in a single pot in about 20 minutes and the best way to shuck a... - 117.483

How To Fold & Travel With The Char-broil Grill2go Ice

Lobster Gram's Staycation celebration is in full swing! Watch Dan "the Lobster Man" Zawacki shows you how easy it is to fold and move the Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice that Lobster Gram is giving away this summer! Visit Lobster Gram's Staycation page today!  - 116.679

Healthy Corn Stock Tips

Corn stocks are the left over stock stem of corn, which you can easily use it in corn soups, and other corn demanding recipes. Just put in some carrots, peppers, bay leaf, onion, and get ready with a boiling stock of corn liquid. - 116.34

All About Lobster Gram's Fourth Of July Staycation

Dan "the Lobster Man" of Lobster Gram shows you the best way to prepare a massive 27-29 oz Tomahawk Steak from Lobster Gram! Thinking about ordering some of these incredible steaks? Watch the video for details! - 115.992

Raw Food Experience

Raw food experience is the subject being discussed in the video by Joseph Israel. He discusses the beneficial effects faced by him through out his life. A typical raw foodist takes you on wonderland of raw food. - 115.872

Healthy Vegan Protein Shakes

Billy Simmonds runs through the different types of Protein Shakes, and the benefits of each. Not all Protein Shakes are made from diary, which is important to Vegans due to their abstention from Diary products. It is important to know that proteins are... - 115.777

Farmer's Market Review

Farmer`s market is known to locally produce greens and cereals. They are preferred by localities, and is much high in demand. The video brings you an update on how the same. - 115.722

London Lennie's Owner On Fox Ny

Leslie Barnes of London Lennie's came to the Good Day Café to show and tell viewers about the basics of oysters. Check out more about this great restaurant at London Lennies - 115.558

Eating Raw On The Go

Everyone who has tried and failed leading a raw food lifestyle know that it’s not easy when you are on the go. Especially for a family gathering or party or eating out, being a raw foodie is difficult. Being a raw food eater, Santiago knows how to deal with... - 115.133

Difference Between Cheese Blend And Cheese Powder

The major difference between cheese blend, and cheese powder seems subtle but noteworthy. Watch the video for some explanatory details on what major difference keeps them apart. - 115.131

What To Do With Fussy Eaters

Does your kids create problem in eating? Watch this video and get some good ideas about what to do with the kids who are fussy eaters. - 114.976

Eat It And Like It Episode 2 -burgers

Explore some of the area’s best burgers. Some of you may know about them, others didn't. Then learn how to make a "Blanco Burger" Yes, it is that good. - 114.821

What Is The Right Time For Dinner

Are you bothered when you miss your dinner time and skip it if it’s very late? Well, lot of people have the misconception that eating before going to bed is unhealthy and it adds to your weight. In this video, Kristine Fretwell tells us why there is... - 114.616

Why I Started Eating Fullyraw

Ever wondered about becoming a fully raw vegan? Becoming one has its advantages and Kristina talks to you about how her journey started. In this video she tells us how she met someone at a store when she was looking for a granola bar but what she soon learnt... - 114.295

How To Make Smart Snacking Choices

Are you looking for smarter snacks which are healthy and nutritious? In this video, Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens shares smart snacking tips for smarter food choices for a balanced diet. - 114.153

How To Cut Down Fat Intake???

One of the main advantage of being a raw foodie is that it helps in reducing your fat consumption. Kristina has been a low fat raw vegan since years and here in this video speaks about the healthy amount of fat and also tells about good and bad fat sources.... - 113.155

Ej Goes To The 2011 Richmond Vegetrian Festival

Join EJ as she visits Richmond, Virginia's 9th Annual Vegetarian Festival which encourages a meatless life style. Festival like this is a great way to to meet other “like” minded vegetarians, to connect and mingle with some really cool vegetarians that... - 112.996

Power Snacks: Almonds & Walnuts Over Peanuts

All nuts are rich in fat, but the ones coming from nuts like almond and walnut are truly beneficial. Watch the video to know from Barbara Mendez about how almonds and walnuts are better fats for our body to keep risks such as heart disease and cancer at bay,... - 112.695

Intelligent Snacking: The Healthiest 4 O'clock Snacks

Meals are in our routine no doubt, although the tongue and the belly crave for some snacking in between - particularly in the lunch and dinner gap. In the video Barbara Mendez shows intelligent ways to tackle the 4'O clock snacking temptation, keeping tune... - 112.546

Healthy Snacking

Liz Weiss, MS, RD is a dietitian and co-author of NO WHINE WITH DINNER and THE MOMS' GUIDE TO MEAL MAKEOVERS. In this segment, she offers practical advice for smart snacking. Along with registered dietitian, Janice Bissex, her Meal Makeover advice & cooking... - 112.424

How To Beat Cravings - 10 Easy Tips

We have all had cravings at one point or another, and sometimes they can be challenging to overcome. With the holidays on the way, you may be worried about social events, eating unhealthy foods, and having cravings. You are what you eat. Your body is a... - 112.415

10 Things To Do With Salsa

Salsa makes a tasteful condiment and can be used to flavor the dishes in variety of ways. If you are also looking for some salsa fun, watch the video and see how salsa can add flavor to your daily foods. - 112.397

Six Ways To Get Kids To Try New Foods

Back to School/Back to Frantic? Here's help in the kitchen... Six Ways to Get Kids to Try New Foods For most parents, finding ways to encourage their picky eaters to try and enjoy new foods is a top priority. In fact, a recent survey showed more than 68... - 112.375

Hygienic Eating Tips From Toronto

In Toronto, people believe more in eating hygienic, than eating delicious. Here comes some great healthy and clean eating habits from Toronto. - 112.286

What Is Raw Food Cuisine

The video is focused on radiant living with raw food diet. This include raw salads, fibers, organically grown greens, nuts, cereals, and organic fruits. They increase your metabolism, and slow down the aging process. They add extra glow to your health, and... - 112.264

Man Barbecue Idea

The segment of man barbecue in this video talks about the merry go round of barbecue fans, who love to cheer with barbecued, and grilled food dishes. All are supposed to cook some barbecue food, and offer it to their friends. - 112.083

Expert's Opinion On How Often Should We Eat

Kevin is in Mexico with raw food experts, Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch, so he pulled them aside and asked them how often they eat and if food combining is a good idea. The duration between two meals depend on what you have eaten. If it's quite digestive... - 111.933

Include Fruits In Your Diet To Stay Fit

Fruits are the most nutritious things to include in your diet. If you want to remain healthy and fit, watch this video and get some good ideas to include fruits in your diet. - 111.506

What To Eat At The Movies

This is not a sponsored video. I all of the products or they came in a Birchbox which I pay for myself each month because I love it :) - 111.188

Tips To Unwrap Onigiri

Onigiri eating trends are shown in this video. It is a kind of rice ball, which should normally be made at home. The commercialized products are not so flavorful, and are unhealthy. - 110.98

Raw Ginger Chocolate Fudge, A Dessert For Your Health And Beauty

Who says, you cannot enjoy the taste of dessert by being into raw foods? Here is something for you, which is really delicious and also a source of super nutrition. Raw cacao is loaded with Enzymes, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Chromium, Citric Acid and is... - 110.896

Tasting Tokri Chat At Royal Café, Lucknow

Lucknow is the cultural centre of India, famous for its monuments, Nababs and delicious food.Tokri chat is one of the famous food items that hails from Lucknow. In this video, Chef Vikas takes us on the tour of the Royal Café where we will see how to prepare... - 110.754

Eating While Travelling Basic Tips

Are you planning to travel and worried about your food? Then keep some healthy stuff with you and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can. As you know it’s easy to give up on your diet or general healthy eating plan while travelling but... - 110.475

My 5 Rules: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Sarah shares Healthy Holiday Eating Tips and how to navigate the party scene for you guys today. Enjoy! - 110.344

Veggie Kitchen's Earth Day Tips

The Veggie Kitchen talks about Earth Day and 2 easy tips for living greener! - 110.023

What A Fullyraw Vegan Eats In A Day (winter Edition)

When the weather is cold, we usually sip on a hot mug of coffee or savour the delicious chicken noodle soup. But, ever wondered what a fully raw vegan eats to keep himself or herself full and warm in the winter months? If yes, then watch this video and check... - 109.956

Top 5 Foods To Avoid That Contain Fat

If you really want to lose weight then avoid five top fatty foods. In this video, Ryan from Brookshire Brothers is talking about top five foods which contain fat. You should avoid these foods to live healthy and better lifestyle. - 109.796

How Raw Foods Are Better

Kristina of Rawfully Organic is on Great Day Houston show, and here she tells the audience about the benefits of eating raw foods. Also, she explains how frozen and canned foods should be bought, and what points should be kept in mind while doing so. 'Eat... - 109.664

How To Avoid Late Night Snacking?

If you are a victim of late night snacking, here is a video to help you overcome it. In the video, host Kristine Fretwell shares 3 tips to help you get rid of snacking in the night. These are real simple and they don’t tax you to give up this not so healthy... - 109.593

How Much Protein You Need???

One of the commonly asked question to raw foodies is that how do they meet their body protein demands? Well, in this video here, Kristina shares the answers to this question and many other related ones. Watch the video to know how a raw foodie gets the... - 109.421