Easy Shower Cake Recipes

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Easy Tres Leches Cake

You want to make an impressive dessert for your family or guests. Watch this video to learn making Tres Leches cake step by step. The chef shows how the cake is soaked in three types of milk and then made into a delicious dessert. - 114.075

Sopapilla Cheese Cake

If you are a cheesecake fan like chef Kat, here is a delicious variation of cheesecake. Like all cheesecake recipes, this is very simple to make. She is using strudel pastry and low fat cheese for the recipe. Kat shows how to make it but for the complete... - 124.122

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Cake Pops

This is a versatile dessert recipe that you can tailor to whatever season or occasion you wish. Lynn shows in the video that it could be great for holidays, baby or wedding showers. As for me, I just love the look of the cake pops. They look very appetizing... - 133.52

Strawberry Cupcakes

Good for Get Together Events such as Holiday Parties, B-day, Bridal and Baby Showers. - 107.911

Pink Icing

Pink Icing adds to the elegance of any cake. It is perfect for bridal shower cakes and wedding cakes. Try this amazing recipe for pink icing! - 27.2591

Almond Cream With Chow Chow

Almond Cream With Chow Chow is a simple and easy to make fruit dish. The combined textures of the gelatin, fruits and almond make this dish a gustatory pleasure. Try this Almond Cream With Chow Chow recipe and you will understand why. - 38.1582