Easy Indian Curry Recipes

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Punjabi Chicken Curry: Indian Curry

Learn how to make Punjabi style simple chicken curry with onions, tomato, ginger, garlic, red chilies, cumin, coriander, garam masala and boneless chicken pieces. - 100.725

Kadhai Chicken / Indian Curry

Learn how to make Kadhai chicken - 77.5883

Easy Indian Curry Sauce

1. Melt the butter. Add the finely chopped onion. 2. When of a nice light brown colour, stir in the flour and curry powder. 3. Blend well and cook for 5 minutes. 4. Pour in gradually the stock. Blend well. 5. Add chopped tomatoes and the bayleaf. 6. Bring to... - 41.0256

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Easy Indian Vegetable Seasoning - Zucchini And Potato Dry Curry

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Easy Lamb Rogan Josh, Indian Food- Lamb Curry

Learn how to prepare Lamb Curry at home Indian style called Lamb Rogan Josh. This flavorful dish is mild in taste yet flavorful and aromatic. A must try dish for all Lamb meat Lovers, best when served with rice or naan. - 112.338

Quick Veg Lentils Curry- How To Prepare South Indian Style Lentils Curry

Really simple yet quick and healthy Lunch or Dinner idea is to serve this vegetable and Lentils curry with rice or flatbread of your choice to your friends and family. This one pot meal is flavorful and you can customize it to your taste by adding vegetables... - 108.152

Indian Sev Curry

Weather its a one of the lazy weekend or cool rainy day and not in a mood to cook rice, roti, sabzi but looking for something quick yet spicy, tasty and chatpata then what else would great dish? Sev curry aha a lovely combination of spicy red curry topped up... - 113.264

Easy Chicken Curry

Curry Chicken is a very common delicacy. A typical chicken curry consists of chicken cooked in an onion and tomato-based gravy, flavoured with ginger, garlic, chillies and a variety of dry spices, often including turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and so... - 30.4545

Matar Paneer : Indian Vegetarian Curry

Learn how to make delicious Indian vegetarian curry Matar Paneer ( Green Peas- Cottage cheese) in your own kitchen. - 102.112

Chickpea Curry - Indian

Learn how to cook chickpeas in a flavorful way with Indian spice. This Curry is easy to make and is very nutritious and healthy dish. A must try for all Chickpea Lovers. - 110.96

Indian Crab Dry Curry

This Crab dry curry is a spicy and mouth-watering dish. All my family members love this dish very much. Try and enjoy! - 45.7855

How To Make Malabar Chicken Curry | Indian

Learn how to make delicious Malabar chicken curry using basic Indian spices. - 104.856

Easy Ridge Gourd Curry

This easy to cook one-pot dish is so simple to prepare, yet adds up to good health and great taste! - 27.5343