Easy Falafel Recipes

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Easy Falafel Sandwich

Are you looking for a nutritious, quick and easy appetizer? Here is a video that shows how to make falafel at home in just a few minutes using garbanzo beans flour and spices. The chef also briefs about the nutritional aspects of falafel that is packed with... - 107.691

Healthy Sandwich Recipes & Tips- Eating Well - Falafel Beans Diet

In some of my episodes, I will be sharing weight management recipes and tips. It will be my ongoing effort to share with you all about my life style and more as many of you have requested. I am not a Nutritionist, so I do not claim that my plan will work for... - 96.4343

Falafel Sandwich Part 1: Cucumber Sauce

Clyde is showing falafel sandwich recipe in great detail. In this part of the video he makes a cucumber sauce using sour cream. He has improved a lot ever since he shot his first video and narrates better. You can also watch Falafel Sandwich Part 2, and ... - 75.6229

Falafel Sandwich Part 3: Frying Falafel

After making cucumber sauce and falafel, Clyde deep fries the falafel and put together the sandwich. He was unable to show the frying method for falafel but if you are regular cook you can do it with your own experience. Putting together the sandwich is great... - 70.9527

Falafel Sandwich Part 2: Falafel

In this part of Falafel sandwich video, Clyde shows how to make the falafel using dried chickpeas. He has tried his best to show the entire process for the audience to understand. So, if you have never made falafel, try following him. Don't forget to watch ... - 67.8026

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Falafel With Falafel Mix

Stir together falafil mix and water until water is well absorbed; then shape into 3/4-inch balls. In a small deep pan, heat 1 inch of salad oil to 350° on a deep-fat-frying thermometer. Immerse falafil balls gently in oil; do not crowd pan. Cook about 2 1/2... - 29.1196

Home Style Falafel

Falafel has ruled the Arab snack world since from the time it was created and now it has gained popularity world wide. This home style falafel recipe is an easy way to prepare this crispy crunchy snack at home and you can have as many as you want as you are... - 121.703

Bitesize Broiled Falafel

Bitesize Broiled Falafel makes a juicy combination with yogurt dips. This Bitesize Broiled Falafel is pretty is easy to prepare and is rich with the flavor of sesame butter, garbanzo beans and spices. Give this yummy Bitesize Broiled Falafel a try. - 37.8793

Onion Stuffed Falafel

Falafel is a great snack in itself, but this onion stuffed falafel is a great creation as it adds an extra kick to this dish, once you bite through the crisp crust into the soft and tangy onion mixture you get a nice kick of titillating flavors. Watch the... - 118.265

Falafel With Tahini Sauce

Falafel is a Middle Eastern food made with garbanzo beans in some regions and fava beans in others. They are vegetarian and deep fried. You can bake them is you want but be careful they do not come put dry. - 125.049

Home Made Fried Falafel

On this video you can see how i made homemade falafel, very easy and can be healthy if you will use canola oil when you fried the falafel. - 90.6915

Mediterranean Falafel

Falafel is a great way to get your proteins without the meat. Here is an wonderful video that shows how this flavorful dish can be made with ground chickpeas and fava beans. The chef offers great serving ideas in this video. Try out this recipe, it is... - 134.852


Those of you who are fond of Mediterranean cuisine will definitely like the falafel. It is one of the popular dishes of Arab East. The chef shares her idea of making a falalfel sandwich in the video. It is something different and quite amazing. Check out the... - 99.5993

Multi-beans Mix For Soups & Falafel Fritters

Want to save time on cooking? Try multi beans for soups and fritters and create two dishes with one simple method. Very simple but delicious, you can churn out tasty meals in minutes. - 66.2897

Sanaacooks: Falafel

Falafel sandwich makes a full meal, providing good protein, fiber, vegetables and, with the right kind of sauce, dairy. The trimming consist of pickled turnips, pickled cucumbers, chopped parsley, onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped romaine lettuce and red... - 116.556