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How To Make A Bread Dough Basket

A thoughtful gift during a festive occasion goes a long way in building relationships and spreading good cheer. It is certainly no exception when you get your older children to learn the nuances of how to make a bread dough basket. A centerpiece on the table... -

How To Use A Dough Blender

  The quality of all baked delicacies depends on the nature of the dough which is one single element capable of ruining the entire show. Learning how to use a dough blender might actually help you to come close to perfection... -

How To Use Ready Made Sugar Cookie Dough

  How to Use Ready Made Sugar Cookie Dough? Using  ready made sugar cookie dough saves a lot of time and effort while you are making cookies at home. The product is available in the form of tubs or rolls. When you have ready made... -

Gluten-free Pizza & Cookie Dough From Pillsbury

If you are suffering from gluten allergy, you don’t have to give up eating pizzas anymore! Wondering how? Pillsbury has now come up with refrigerated gluten-free versions of pizza, pie and cookie doughs, with which you can make your favorite dishes right at... -

How To Make Pasty Dough

  Individuals who do not like savory tid-bits in form of a pasty are a rare breed indeed. Yet however much we may like the pasty with its mouthwatering filling, the perennial question of how to make pasty dough remains... -

Dough-nu-matic: Home Donut Maker

Dough-Nu-Matic: Donut Maker For those yummy miniature donuts! It is truly donuts at your fingertips! With this unique Dough-Nu-Matic , aka donut vending machine, you can prepare piping hot donuts in matter of 60 seconds. Leave the worrie -

How To Make Yeast-free Pizza Dough

Baking pizzas are commonplace as are their recipes but do you know how to make yeast-free pizza dough? Now why on earth should you do that?  Well, we all know that the pizza dough can be made quite easily by sifting flour with the required amount of yeast;... -

How To Make Carp Dough Bait

If you love fishing, you might feel a little frustrated if you don’t know how to make carp dough bait especially after you have set your mind on catching a huge carp for dinner.  Let me assure you that making carp dough bait is no big deal either. All you... -

Donut Pics

Had the opportunity to shoot the start to finish donut making process at the AMERICAN DONUT SHOPPE ( ) in Mumbai. Here are some pics. You can also watch the video at Dough being cut... -

Foodie Blues

Tears. My eyes sting. I squeeze them shut to ease this stinging sensation. It’s hot around. I don’t open my eyes for a while. I am sitting with my grandmother. Her wrinkled hand moves in an out of tandoor. Smoke rises from the tandoor. The... -

Indian Breads

               INDIAN BREADS ROTI the most basic food of India is a fascinating subject. The Indian bread is made of basic ingredients as grains, salt and water, yet they have tremendous... -

How To Make Phyllo Cups For A Party

Phyllo cups are in use whenever we host a party or we desire to prepare a special meal. Learn how to make phyllo cups for a party which are normally made from  specially prepared dough and formed into cup shapes. These usually form the base of several... -

Tips For Making Soft, Puffy And Tasty Chapattis

Hello Everybody, Here are some handy tips to make your chapattis soft , puffy and tasty. * Take 2 cups of atta flour and add 1/2 tsp of salt, a pinch sugar and 2 tsp of any oil and mix all once. * Add warm water or milk... -

How Can I Roll Out Sourdough

While preparing your first recipe with sourdough, you must be thinking about – how can I roll out sourdough . Rolling out sourdough does require some practice and expertise. It also depends on the final product for which you are going to roll it out... -

How To Make Fresh Pasta?

For those who love cooking like me, making pasta from scratch is an enjoyable challenge. Of course things can get messy but the satisfaction of cooking self made fresh pasta is simply incomparable. Not only are they fresh but they are tastier too! ... -

How To Make Almond Meal In Yeasted Bread

Does making almond meal seem like a difficult chore? Well it doesn't have to, since it takes only 5 minutes to make almond meal at home. All you have to do is to grind almonds, preferably unbalanced ones and wow! almond meal is ready to be used. Have... -

How To Store French Pastry?

Just had a party and you have no clue how to store the left over unbaked French pastry dough or the baked French pastry itself?? No problem! Here are some tips on how to store French pastry:       Storing Unbaked French Pastry ... -

Cannibalistic Dining Table!

Yes you read it right, cannibalistic dining tables! Last week I had written about dining tables with unique built in dishes but here is something better. This unique auto-cannibalistic dining table was one among the exhibits at the International... -


This Italian bread begins by being shaped into a large , flat round that is liberally brushed or drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, Slits cut into the dough’s surface many be stuffed with fresh rosemary before the bread is baked. Focaccia can... -

California Pizza Kitchen - Durham, Nc

We went to the CPK for dinner and had a great pizza. Like most chains, CPK’s pizza is consistent. I find it odd that they press out their dough in a big press but take the time to bake it in a wood burning oven? Are they afraid to hand stretch the dough... -

How To Use Barley Malt As Fermented Sugar

You can use barley malt as fermented sugar in brewing and baking. A powder or a thick syrup, barley malt is a natural sweetener that is fed to yeast, which in turn helps the bread dough to rise. Using barley malt as fermented sugar also renders a nutty... -

Basic Pasta Making Course

INTRODUCTION  Welcome Pasta lover! This is the right place for you to learn all you ever wanted to know about pasta. Pasta is one of the most relished, cooked and served dish around the globe. We know you love pasta and we are going to... -

Top 10 Hungarian Dessert Recipes

Hungary is one of the big names in the world of dessert making. There are several delectable Hungarian dessert recipe ideas , among which I made a list of top 10. Top 10 Hungarian Dessert Recipes Apple Strudel or Almasretes Mix... -

How To Grill Pizza With Sauce

I learnt how to grill pizza in our summer camp last year, and ever since then I do it quite often. It is fun and very easy to do. You will require a few things for grilling pizza, otherwise you won’t get the right kind of taste you are looking for. Here... -


                                         Knish     A pastry of Jewish origin that consist of a piece of dough that enclosed a filling of mashed potatoes, cheese, ground meat and buckwheat groats... -

How To Use A Cookie Pastry Press

  You can use a cookie pastry press to make delicious pastries and cookies at home. You can use a cookie pastry press to decorate cookies and cakes too. A cookie press is available in many varieties. It is a hollow cylinder that has a disk... -

Tips To Make Homemade Pretzels

One of the most common problems faced by people desiring to make pretzels   is to get it soft. If you have prepared pretzels in the past but couldnt get the texture right, here are some easy tips which will surely help you to... -


Gnocchi  Italian for dumplings , gnocchi can be made from potatoes, flour or farina. Eggs or cheese can be added to the dough , and finely chopped , spinach is also a popular addition. Gnocchi are generally shaped into little balls , cooked in boiling water... -

How To Use Dried Marzipan

Before I start discussing how to use dried marzipan , I would like to share first what Marzipan is because it is not a well k nown kitchen ingredient. Marzipan is basically a confectionery product and a mixture of almond paste,... -

How To Use Yeast In Bread Making?

How to use yeast in bread making depends a lot on the kind of yeast that you are using. Broadly, there are two kinds of yeasts that are most commonly used – active dry yeast and instant yeast. While both work the same way on breads, i.e., both let the... -

10 Best Holiday Cookie Ideas

Finally it is end of the year and it is the time to smell the aroma of freshly baked homemade cookies. If you are into baking, then here are 10 best holiday cookie ideas , which you must try for the coming holiday. Start preparing from now with these ... -

How To Bake Empanadas

Derived from the word, “Empanar” which means to wrap, Empanadas have become one of the most popular delicacies across the globe. Empanadas are prepared by folding the dough around the stuffing, which can range from meat, cheese, vegetables, or fruits. The... -

How To Make Deep Dish Pizza Crust Crispy

  Unlike other pizzas, deep dish pizza is 3/4 th part curst and just ¼ part topping, making the crust the focal point of the pizza. The world is divided between those who like a doughy crust and those who like it crisp, attaining a doughy texture... -

How To Bake Meat Pie

  Meat pies have been into existence since the Neolithic period; the early pies were known as galettes and were made of oat, wheat rye and barley. Over the years Meat, pie has evolved as one of the very popular savory dishes across the... -

Quick And Easy Ideas For Preparing Kosher Desserts For Hanukkah Dinner

Hanukkah is a day to celebrate feasts with dairy delicacies and fried foods and the same holds true for the dessert course too. So, if you are game to share with me some quick and easy ideas for preparing kosher desserts for Hanukkah dinner, here we go... -

How To Use A Profer At Home

When you are p lanning to bake like a professional baker at home, you will need this equipment; so you should know – how to use a profer at home . Profer is a type of bakery equipment, which is mainly used for large-scale baking. Actually the... -

Tips To Bake New Year Cookies Quickly

It is a new beginning and cookies have to be made to celebrate the New Year spirit. The holiday season demands plenty of them in the oven and to make it more simpler as well as help you cope with this increased demand, here are a few tips that would help you... -

How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder

Tortillas are largely used in various delicious cuisines and to make tortillas for your regular use you must know about how to make tortillas without baking powder . Most of the recipe of tortillas will ask you to mix a pinch of baking powder, which can... -

How To Make A Traditional Chinese New Year Dumpling

Chinese New Year according to the lunar calendar, this year, will welcome the Year of the Dragon. It is customary to make dumplings for dinner during  New Year’s Eve in the northern parts of China. The dumplings are symbolic of packets which conceal luck,... -

Interesting Facts About Wheat

Wheat is the backbone of most yeast breads. A wheat berry (the actual seed that is clustered on the stalk) is an edible power package. Within just one wheat berry is the near perfect balance of nutrients that so efficiently sustained our ancestors. Upto 19... -

Tips To Buy Commercial Kitchen Mixers

  Commercial kitchen mixers are not an option for any business purpose kitchen. However there is some thought that has to go into how to buy commercial kitchen mixers especially since the market has got several options to offer. Though... -

How Important Is Bread In Daily Life

  Consumption of bread in daily life is with the purpose of intake of grains. That is how you defined the importance of bread. With the exception of rice and a few other grains that are consumed as such, wheat primarily and corn to some extent is... -

National Empanada Day Is ‘delicioco’

Originated in Europe, celebrated in America, Empanada is enjoyed the world over these days. So, no surprise that Americans celebrate it as National Empanada Day on May 8. This bread, stuffed with chicken, pork or cod and tomatoes, garlic and onion sauce, is... -

Dreamy Creamy Celebrations On National Chocolate Éclair Day

Start your day on a sugary note with the “National Chocolate Éclair Day .” The unique cream filled pastry may have originated in France but now it has definitely become American. Why else would we love to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and... -

How To Use Leftover Flour That Has Turned Sour

How to use leftover flour that has turned sour ? I think this question haunts all of us at some point of time. We always scout for some easy ways to make use of flour that has turned sour. I have experienced theseis situations many times in life and... -

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Recalled

  Have you bought any Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls lately? If yes, please check the use by date to see if it is the same as what is mentioned in the following paragraph. General Mills has voluntarily recalled a few batches of... -

The Making Of Tandoori Onion Paratha

      1. Chopping Onions - Cut them sideways, arc shaped and slice thin.     2. Mix pinchful of oregano seeds or chillies into a portion of chopped onions. Massage it in with... -

Greek Kitchen Essentials

  Greek cooking requires repeated use of the same kind of tools while cooking a variety of dishes. Hence it is essential to have a durable set of tools in a Greek kitchen. Here is a guide for reference, which encapsulates the Greek kitchen... -

Macedonian Kitchen Essentials

  Macedonian cooking requires repeated use of the same kind of tools while cooking a variety of dishes. Hence it is essential to have a durable set of tools in a Macedonian kitchen. Here is a guide for reference, which encapsulates the ... -

Sugary Celebrations On National Sugar Cookie Day

‘National Sugar Cookie Day ’ is celebrated throughout the length and breadth of America every July 9, courtesy the Pennsylvania Germans. The Nazareth area of Pennsylvania was abuzz with activity when its inhabitants came up with this delicious,... -

Brittany Kitchen Essentials

  A Brittany kitchen uses essentials that are greatly influenced by traditional French kitchens as well as some modern gadgets. Here is a guide to inform you about the essential Brittany kitchen tools.   The... -

Tips To Make Homemade Corn Chips

Nothing can be as delicious as the  corn chips made at home. These make perfect snacks for serving during tea-time. Many people complain of not getting the perfect crunchiness and taste even after trying several times. Here are some ideas and tips... -

It's Your Turn To Bake With Aplomb

How many times have you thrown away the less-than-desirable results of your baking attempts? Someone here empathizes with you on this account and he has decided to help you out of your quandary. His name is Ken Forkish, who is an acclaimed baker himself and,... -

How To Eat Longevity Buns?

The Longevity Bun is an amazingly yummy Chinese pastry that I came across recently at a friends granddads birthday bash!! Shamefully, I had never heard of it before and even when she told me about her menu I had no clue about how to make or how to... -

How To Bake Bread

Bread..yummy bread. I just love bread...I thought to learn how to bake bread at home so that i can enjoy the taste anytime i feel the urge to eat bread. It is much easier than we think. Bread is considered to be the staple food... -

Best 5 Kosher Cookies To Include In A Hanukkah Menu

Guess what? I have researched and laid down for you the recipes of the best 5 kosher cookies to include in a Hanukkah menu. Meet them here…   Best 5 Kosher Cookies to Include In a Hanukkah Menu – Cut-Out Decorated Hanukkah Cookies  ... -

How To Use Unbleached Flour

  Unbleached flour is preferable when it is compared to bleached flour but we should know how to use unbleached flour. Unbleached flour can be the best choice because the yellowish tint in unbleached flour, which is due to... -

Tips To Make Marzipan Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Cooking for special dinner guests can be difficult and the most difficult course is dessert. Most guests don’t want anything heavy or too sweet and marzipan balls are ideal for this reason. Marzipan is made by combining almond flour or almond meal with... -

Thanksgiving Cookie Ideas

Autumn has arrived and now it is time to thank God for good harvest and celebrate. Thanksgiving cookie ideas are innovative ideas which are the ways to enjoy the day while munching in your favorite cookies. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in United... -

How To Use Mixers

  Mixers are used in kitchen for simplification of kitchen activities like beating egg yolks into just right peaks, to kneading bread dough and making whipped cream. Learning how to use mixers will help you to solve many kitchen... -

Mana’eesh Flatbreads With Za’atar Spice

  Za’atar is the miracle spice of the Middle East. Many people from that region credit Za’atar with medicinal properties, and Middle Eastern students make sure to load up on Za’atar for an extra sharp mind before taking exams. I personally... -

Tips To Make Homemade Crackers

It is not too difficult to m ake crackers   at home as you can prepare this healthy snack with different ingredients of your choice. However, if you wish to get the  taste exactly right, you have to include Graham flour which is... -

How To Make Anti-vampire Garlic Bites For Halloween

Anti-vampire garlic bites are loved by those who like the pungent smell of garlic. Even the most persistent vampire can be scared away with these snacks. These flaky as well as delicious little tidbits are best served during a spaghetti dinner or on... -

Vintage Recipe - Hungarian Fanks

Well I called my mother and I found out the Target bag of recipes she gave me in the “ Passing On of the Recipes ” post where her cast off recipes.   So I asked where are the recipes of the good stuff from my childhood, where is the Fank (a... -

How To Dehydrate Sour Cream

  Dehydrated sour cream acts as a zesty agent in many delicious baked recipes. However, many cooks find it difficult to dehydrate sour cream at home. Learning to do so will not only save you money and time but will also lend the perfect... -

Care For A Sushi Donut!

If raw fish is not your cup of tea but you still want to sample a sushi , head to a shop selling “Mister Donut” products. The “SushiDo” line of donuts of the company is basically donuts made in the shape and form of sushi but these are not made... -

Rajasthani Or Marwari Cuisine By Vibs

The desert state of India – Rajasthan has so much life and colour in its cities, encircled by strong walls and dominated by massive awe inspiring forts. Travelling through cities is like turning pages of a book on Rajasthani history; its culture,... -

Gluten Free Pizza Health Benefits

  The thought of having a gluten free pizza might seem a bit far-fetched. However, it becomes mandatory when you are unable to digest the wheat protein due to bodily disorders and cannot think of giving up the delicious food entirely. The ... -

Top 10 Holiday Marshmallow Delights

Who could have thought that the combo of simple ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin can create magic in the form of marshmallows? It is rare to find a single soul across the length and breadth of the country who is not enamored by this chewy... -

7 Strangers Of The Food World

The world has shrunken rapidly to a global village and you think nothing of ordering a plate of Chinese Dim Sums  or eating a tamale while based in USA. However, there are still some foods that are hard to come by outside their... -

Perde Pilavi-veiled Pilaf From Savuers Top 100 Favourites

  photo by Christopher Hirsheimer Chef Musa Dagdeviren, of Istanbul, Turkey, is on Saveur magazine's eighth annual list of 100 favorites. Perde Pilavi Istanbul chef Musa Dagdeviren makes this Turkish wedding dish in both... -

Manapua- "hawaiian" Snack Food

 A long time favourite in the islands a "Hawaiian" snack food called manapua is actually the classic Chinese dim sum offering char shu bao, or steamed pork buns. Chinese indeed, but adopted and renamed by the inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands,... -

Vintage Recipe - Hungarian Kalach

It's another day so today we are making two loves of Kálach. Kálach, as pictured below, is a pastry roll stuffed with nut meats and raisins. This recipe is for one loaf so be sure to double it if you want two loaves. This post and much more at Chef... -

Spanish Kitchen Essentials

  Spanish cooking requires a basically well-equipped kitchen to cook the mouthwatering and scrumptious Spanish cuisine. This blog will give an insight to all the newbies, dying to set-up their Spanish kitchen, about the Spanish kitchen... -

Tamil Kitchen Essentials

  A Tamil kitchen consists of authentic South Indian tools and equipments. Here is a reference guide that delineates a few Tamil kitchen tools for your kitchen kitchen.  The list of Tamil kitchen essentials are: ... -

Garlic Knots Get Man Punched In Face

Delivery boys all over the world, here is an on-the-job lesson for you to learn - Always remember to carry the garlic knots with your order, especially if the customer has ordered for it. Otherwise, you might get punched in the face or even beaten up. ... -

10 Essential Pizza Equipment

    You will find these days that there are a number of Pizza equipments, which will come in handy from the beginning of the making of Pizza to the end of serving the Pizza in class. Some of the essential equipments that are used in the... -

Best 5 Kosher Pastries For Hanukkah Party

Guess what make up the best 5 kosher pastries for Hanukkah party? Read through this article to explore the best 5 kosher pastries for Hanukkah Party and enjoy a sweet and yummy festival.   Best 5 Kosher Pastries for Hanukkah Party – ... -

How To Use Pressure Cooker As A Tandoor

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }   Most of us are under the impression that a tandoor oven is required to make the best tandoori rotis and naans. But, did you know that you could use pressure cooker... -

How To Make Pizza?

Pizza – quick dinner recipe or comfort food? What would you term it as? For me it is both, a quick dinner idea and just the comfort food I would love to sit down with. Every part of the pizza – the crust, the toppings and the delicious sauce are all... -

History Of Leavened Breads


Basic Baking Course

INTRODUCTION There are many baking tips, technique and skills one needs to understand before attempting to bake for the first time. Although it might seem simple, baking requires precise measurements, skillful techniques, and most... -

Drying Papad On A Car Roof

Papad is a thin Indian wafer/cracker/flatbread. Recipes may vary, but typically it is made from lentil, chickpea, black gram or rice flour. Salt and peanut oil are added to make a dough, which can be flavored with seasonings such as chili, cumin, garlic or... -

How To Celebrate Hanukkah Food Traditions With Jewish Food

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, revelation and most importantly delectable Jewish food. With the festivity just round the corner, here’s “How To Celebrate Hanukkah Food Traditions With Jewish Food”. But before I jump into the food... -

Colora Cookie

The Color-A-Cookie™ produces products such as Color-A-Cookie, Tic Tac Dough, LolliPop Eyes, and Hand Decorated Cookies! It's never been more fun to doodle on your food! Great for kids and adults! Perfect for parties and events! Color-A-Cookie... -

How To Make Homemade Dry Dog Food?

If you love your dog just like you would love your own baby then you wouldn’t think twice about making this homemade dry dog food. Making your own homemade dry dog food is always the best choice if you want your dog to get the proper amount of... -

Wow Your Holiday Guests With These Savory Pastries

In the coming Thanksgiving Day, you can wow your guests with these savory pastries about which I am going to discuss here. You need to have different types of savory pastries to serve during holidays to your guests. You will find hundreds and... -

Top 10 Holiday Baking Tips

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, you might have quite a lot of baking to do. Here are a few holiday baking tips to help you get through them.   It is always best to plan out what you want to bake, how much you want to... -

How To Make Sesame Seeds Stick To Breads

  There are several recipes that require you to make sesame seeds stick to a variety of surfaces such as buns, rolls, loaves, cookies and of course sesame sticks. But making sesame seeds stick to the surface is not a big deal... -

How To Eat Stollen?

Stollen is the Christmas bread made in Germany and is one of the oldest tradition that has not vanished still. This is a bread that filled with marzipan butter and fruits, that allows to be served hot or cold after being taken out of the oven freshly. The... -

Tips To Bake Carnival Cookies Quickly

Cookies made to celebrate the period of Carnival which leads up to Lent, are colorful and mostly crumbly in nature. Carnival cookies are fairly simple to make and have to be decorated in a manner to attract attention and capture in the feeling of gaiety. Let... -

Tips To Bake Hanukkah Cookies Quickly

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival, is a time for fun and feasting. A variety of special and lip smacking cookies are served during the festivities. Most of the Hanukkah cookies are significantly shaped with symbols like the Star of David being... -


ZABAGLIONE 4 egg egg yolks 4 spoons (soup) of sugar 100 ml of dry Marsala wine It places egg yolks in an earthen bowl with the sugar and dressing gown in the dough mixer, until getting a thick and frothy composition; It adds the wine slowly and it... -

Tips To Bake Chinese New Year Cookies Quickly

  Cookies made for the Chinese New Year are traditional and include pineapple tarts , peanut cookies, and fortune cookies . Pineapple tarts are rarely seen on shelves on other days and hence it stands to reason that they are specially made... -

Olive Oil Pie Crust

    2/3 cup of  Olive Oil 2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour-pre sifted 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking powder  1/2 cup ice water 1 egg 1 tbsp of vinegar Place oil in the freezer until it is almost frozen. If you want to speed up... -

What You Need To Know About Pizza Equipment Leasing

  Pizza equipment leasing can get tricky if you do not have enough guidance while getting into a lease agreement, but that’s not to say leasing pizza equipment is a headache in itself. There are many advantages of leasing pizza equipment... -

Tips To Bake Sunday Cookies Quickly

Holidays can be brightened up by baking a batch of Sunday cookies and  there is  nothing better  if you can manage to do it quickly. Baking cookies involve more than just knowing the recipe, there are other important details that can make the... -

Tips To Make Homemade Samosas

The popularity of Samosas as an Indian snack has spread far and wide. In fact, samosas or the delicious deep fried dough with a filling is not only prepared in restaurants, but can also be easily prepared at home by following a few, simple steps. ... -


   NANKHATAI   Ingredients : Maida-1 cup,Besan 11/2cups,refined oil or vanaspati ghee 1 cup,Sugar 11/4 cups,Ilaichi powder half tsp,kishmish for decoration. Baking Method : Sieve the maida and besan first,Keep it in... -

The Top Ten Food Inventions By America (part 2)

My list of top ten foods that are gifted to the world by America has some of the creepiest food items. You must have gone through the top five food names in “ the top ten food inventions by America part 1 ”, now read on to know the remaining five foods.... -