Dirt Cake Recipes

Dirt cake, the general name given to dishes prepared with Oreo brand cookies, owes its origin to the United States. Often served in the birthday parties of children, gummy worms are used as the topping for dirt cake. ... More »
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Dirt Cake

Want a Dirt cake recipe with low sugar?You are at the right place. - 30.7413

Easy Dirt Cake

Dirt cake recipe is a hit among kids.Dirt cake is a very popular birthday cake,with made with lot's of m & m & cookies. - 31.282

Dirt Cake With Oreo

Looking for a perfect dessert treat for your Halloween celebration? Treat your little tricksters to this delish dessert dirt cake layered around crushed Oreo cookies and creamy filling. You can garnish it with gummy worms. Stream the video recipe to make this... - 107.04

Korean Mugwort Soup And Mugwort Rice Cake

Maangchi is making two springtime recipes using mugwort. She makes the mugwort soup deliciously with clams, anchovies and many spices. And the mugwort rice cake she makes is super easy to prepare. Mugwort is a herb and its flavor in soup and cake is sure to... - 143.734

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Riverbank Oyster Pot

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Japanese Nabeyaki Udon Noodles

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