Dirt Cake

Dirt cake, the general name given to dishes prepared with Oreo brand cookies, owes its origin to the United States. Often served in the birthday parties of children, gummy worms are used as the topping for dirt cake. Apart from Oreo brand cookies, whipped cream, milk, and sugar form the other major ingredients of the dirt cake recipe.

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Gravity Salt And Pepper Mill

Gravity Salt And Pepper Mill On : 14-Mar-2009 By : lunalovefood

The Gravity salt and pepper mill – I was like a kid who just baked the very first dirt cake when I brought this home. Unlike the conventional mills this one from William Bounds doesn’t require you to twist, turn and end up in a mess. This can be operated...

How To Grate Lemon

How To Grate Lemon On : 31-Aug-2011 By : bonappetit

  A little bit of lemon zest in your food can completely transform its otherwise bland flavor. From a salad to a cake, lemon zest has all the enchantment to impart that distinct flavor to your dish. However, grating the lemon zest can be a bit...

The Wild Side Of Mushrooming

 The Wild Side Of Mushrooming On : 07-Jan-2009 By : shantihhh

 The wild side of mushrooming I love wild mushrooms!  Many of our finer local restaurants feature wild mushroom dishes.  They opt to buy foraged wild mushrooms from qualified expierenced harvestors. Unfortunately there are...

Tips To Remove Butter Stain

Tips To Remove Butter Stain On : 23-Sep-2011 By : priyam

It is common to end up with butter stains all over tablecloth, shirtsleeves, napkins etc. after a sit down meal or a party. These stains are not washed off easily with regular detergents and hence a little bit of extra treatment are required. Let us see how...

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