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Lower Cholesterol Diet Sheet

Cholesterol is a waxy chemical substance that is essential for all our body cells.To lower it to normal levels, a well planned diet sheet  should be followed. Cholesterol is present in all important organs like the heart, brain , nerves, muscles , liver... -

Does Chinese Food Therapy Help Lose Weight

Chinese Food Therapy advocates balanced eating and curing illness from natural foods and herbs. Chinese people are known to use food as a first line of treatment so they also have devised a unique food therapy to cure obesity and help loose weight. In the... -

What Is Chinese Food Therapy

Chinese Food Therapy is a way of treating sickness by making medicinal dishes using natural foods and herbs. As we all know that food plays an important role in Chinese tradition so healing of ailments through natural foods instead of medication is... -

Top 10 Unconventional Diets

Do Unconventional Diets work? Sometimes some of the most unconventional diets to lose weight become the only diets that work. Even if for a short time period!  These unconventional diets usually vary from complete starvation to juggling... -

Your New Year Health Plan - Start With Food-lover’s Cleanse

One of the most popular resolutions taken on the New Year's eve are for perfect health. This makes perfect sense when you come back from that New Year party and sprawl on your living room couch, with a hangover hovering over your head. There is no better... -

How Yo-yo Dieting May Weaken Immune System

“ Yo-Yo Dieting may weaken Immune System “announced the news paper heading. I have heard many of my friends crib about weight loss and sudden weight gain.  Some days ago my nutritionist friend was talking about increase in number of people who have... -

Top 5 Prepared-food Diet Programs

The top 5 prepared-food diet programs which are popular worldwide were reviewed by Epicurious, a food website. The diet programs were reviewed on the basis of flavor, convenience, portion size, nutrition and variety. The similarity of these prepared foods... -

High Energy Diet For Sportsmen

Besides natural talent and training, a sportsman’s regular diet, especially what he eats in the three days before an event and during it, plays a major role in determining his performance.   A diet... -

Facts About Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery. Researchers are testing... -