Diet Smoothie

Diet Smoothie is a tasty, nutritious and weight losing smoothie variety, made with blending of fruits, low fat milk or no fat yogurt, and small amount of lemon sherbet. These diet smoothies are not only quick and easy to made, they also contain monosaturated fatty acids targetting belly fats. Diet smoothies has a lot of variations in the form of watermelon smoothie, strawberry banana diet smoothie.

Diet Smoothie Blogs

How To Diet With Smoothies

How To Diet With Smoothies On : 14-Feb-2011 By : colorfulcandies

Drinking a smoothie is not great part of a healthy diet but if you customize it properly it can help you to lose weight. Here is how to diet with smoothies . You must add ingredients to a  smoothie based on your calorific needs. Some of the smoothies may...

Healthy Raw Food Diet Recipes To Stay Fit

Healthy Raw Food Diet Recipes To Stay Fit On : 18-Jun-2010 By : FitGal

Raw food diet is the latest fad among health-conscious Americans and with celebrities like Amanda Seyfried endorsing such a diet openly, it is only natural the people become more curious about it. That is why, we bring you the choicest healthy r aw food diet...

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods On : 17-Jun-2010 By : FitGal

This summer could be the best time for you to get rid of that beer belly and back fat. Maybe  you've been promising yourself that you'll lose that extra fats and all you need is a little friendly nudge, which we provide in the following lines.  ...

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teenagers

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teenagers On : 31-Jan-2011 By : anybodycancook30

    Coming up with healthy breakfast ideas for teenagers is a tough job for mothers. Teenagers nowadays are very choosy and one has to be very careful when deciding on breakfast ideas for them. Many things need to be kept in mind while...

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