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Kill Your Fat Spots With Hormone Diet

Trying to kill fat with a carefully formulated diet has worked wonders with the human body. However, women are particularly stressed out to find that they cannot get rid of their obstinate fat spots with careful calorie counting all the time. A tell-tale... -

“the Descendants” Star Loves To Eat Clay

Shailene Woodley, who has starred opposite George Clooney in the movie “The Descendants,” is on a special diet these days – she eats clay to stay fit. Don’t balk! The 22-year-old subscribes to the “wild foods” diet to support her outlook on a... -

Bill Clinton Finds Youth In Vegetables

You all may be looking for a mythical, mysterious fountain of youth, somewhere in the dark depths of the Amazon basin. Former President Bill Clinton has found it right next to his home, at the supermarket or the farmers’ market, wherever he buys his... -

Eat Ice-cream To Lose Weight

Want to lose weight badly? Here’s a scoop! What about a pint …wait…5 pints of yummy, frozen desserts a.k.a. ice cream? Yes, Los Angeles, the fad diet capital of U.S. is now offering the ‘Ice-Cream cleanse’ that will help you shed the pounds... -

5 Reasons Your Diet Is Not Working

You choose a new diet aspiring to be the next Naomi Campbell but are unhappy with the results. Does that mean that you have been cheating? Why does your weight still stand at 160 pounds despite depriving yourself of all those delectable yummy goodies that... -

Mad Diet Lets You Eat Cake

“Let them eat cake,” said the infamous French queen Marie Antoinette. She had her head chopped off by her angry subjects as a result and the rest is history. While it is not advisable to take a page out of the haughty queen’s book now, her dietary... -

Control Your Man’s Sexual Urges - Give Him Graham Cracker

What do you think about the Graham Cracker? While we can only guess what your thoughts are, we can tell you, for sure, what the Reverend Sylvester Graham thought about it. An early advocate of dietary reforms in the US, Graham believed that these crackers... -

Top 5 Diet Cheats That Are Good For You

It is easy to start a diet with determination but rather difficult to see it through. People intent on losing flab often end up putting on more weight simply because they can’t resist the temptation of  a quick snack laden with calories . While... -

Want To Go Vegan? Take A Reality Check!

Veganism happens to be the flavor of the times. From Hollywood celebs to politicians and hot sports stars, there is hardly anyone who does not wax eloquent about vegan foods and their healthy outcome. Nutritionists are, however, not as enthused. While... -

Cameron Diaz's Binge Christmas - Pork Skin, Fat, Everything

Would you believe movie star Cameron Diaz if she told you that she ate like a pig on Christmas? Well, if you saw her, you won't. We mean who looks like a zillion bucks after eating " pork skin, pork fat and beef fat " for Christmas?... -

10 Most Searched Diets Of 2013

  When the whole world is being warned about obesity and its related complications, what have people been doing about it? Some haven’t budged, while others have been seriously trying to diet. If you wonder what kind of diets... -

This Bheem Eats 2kg Apples, 24 Oranges Daily

Bheem is one of the Pandavas as well as one of the central characters of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He is symbolic of great strength and was also called ‘Vrikodara,’ which means ‘one with a wolf’s appetite.’ Perhaps taking this a tad bit... -

God Assists In Weight Loss

Fasting has been a part of the Christian faith since the thirteen apostles sat down to the ‘Last Supper.’ Yet going totally without food for days on end comes with health problems of its own and is not endorsed by the doctors. Christianity has a... -

Inside A Superhero’s Appetite

India’s very own, homegrown superhero, Krrish hit the theatres with the third installment in the movie series, “ Krrish 3 .” To promote it just before it reached the theatres, actor Hrithik Roshan, who plays the part, met NDTV’s Aneesha Baig for a... -

Taco Cleanse:the Mother Of All Fad Diets

Diet cleanse is the new mantra for being health conscious and everyone from celebs to politicians and ordinary folks is jumping on the bandwagon, trying to prove how much they love their bodies. But did you ever hear of the taco ... -

6 Do’s On A Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet, inspired by the Paleolithic age, when man used to live and eat like a hunter-gatherer, has its share of critics, no doubt. But should you really trash this diet or there is some merit to it?  Well, for starters, it is quite fashionable to be... -

To Be Or Not To Be A Vegan

With the popularity of veganism growing day by day and even celebs jumping on the bandwagon, you may often wonder whether there is something seriously wrong with animal products. Well, health experts are all for a vegan diet it seems as they tell us how ... -

Ginger Tea Made Simon Cowell A Dad

Who would've known that a humble cup of ginger tea had the potential to make Simon Cowell a dad! The 53-year-old recently confessed that he is an ardent fan of a ginger tea cuppa - believed to be an effective aphrodisiac.  Now that is how he... -

Karisma Kapoor’s Yummy Mummy Tips

Bollywood actress and mother of two, Karisma Kapoor, is known to be one of the most svelte women in the Indian film industry. For someone who debuted at the age of 16, Karisma has maintained a slim figure throughout, even through the birth of her two... -

Coffee Can Stop Prostate Cancer

A new study focused on the coffee drinking habits of men and found out that the caffeine rich beverage could indeed prevent recurrence and progression of prostate cancer . The study conducted at the, ‘Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,’ ... -

The M Diet Works Like Magic

Mushrooms are magic when it comes to losing inches from your hips and waist. So say the celebs! Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne are reported to have lost weight from the said areas  without losing any fat from their busts . Sounds too good to be true,... -

Tyra Banks Says “i Need Some Ass"

Tyra Banks, the supermodel turned TV mogul, has called “fad diets” a humbug and that she need some fleshy derrieres on her America’s Next Top Model contestants. Good food and curviness is where her heart is at. ... -

Ashton Kutcher's Fruit Diet Makes Him Sick

Have you ever heard anyone falling sick of eating too much fruit? Well, Ashton Kutcher managed to do just that when he went on a fruit-heavy diet, while preparing for the role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie “Jobs.”   ... -

Don’t Blame The Fruit Sugars

Have you been avoiding fruits more often lately, assuming that the sugar in them could also lead to many health problems already associated with the consumption of regular sugar? If yes, then you have been wrong. Recent studies have pointed out that on the... -

Bill Clinton Advocates Veganism

Former President Bill Clinton has some vegan advice for Americans. After having a blast with his frequent McDonald's trips, when he was the president, Clinton seems to have sobered down and is now suggesting that everyone should turn vegan. The advice... -

Rithvik Dhanjani - The Fitness Freak

What does it take to go from 113kg to just 77kg in a matter of couple of years - sheer grit and determination. Ask Indian TV star Rithvik Dhanjani and he would reply the same. After all, it took him more than four years of abstaining from sugary treats and... -

Are Diet Products Making You Fatter

People on diet plans tend to go for diet products thinking they are healthy and low on fat. But is there any truth to this?   Artificial Sweeteners are Healthy – All a Myth? Research has shown that diet products... -

How Sonam Kapoor Shed 35 Kilos

  Would you believe it if we told you that Sonam Kapoor once weighed 85 kilos? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, it is true and she was called Latino papita (latin potato) by her friends! However, with strong will power and determination,... -

Obese To Oomphy: That’s Sonakshi Sinha

Hot and happening Sonakshi is the darling of her fans now! A reluctant and shy girl debuted against superhero Salman Khan in Dabangg and there has been no looking back since. She wasn’t an ambitious girl to begin with. The pampered star daughter hated... -

Advantages Of Intermittent Fasting

Among the latest line of diets that has made people get up and take notice is the Intermittent Fasting (IF) Plan.  As the name suggests, it involves a structured eating pattern that alternates between periods of fasting (not eating) and non-fasting (i.e... -

Andy Murray Confesses To His Love For Sushi

Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, may be British to the core, but the food he loves the most is not! Yes, it is the Japanese delicacy, sushi  that holds his fancy! He absolutely loves the high protein and carb food and can even... -

Boost Your Brain Power With Mediterranean Diet

The most recent study further substantiated the fact that Mediterranean diet   can prevent a  lot of ailments. Furthermore, it helped brain function to a great extent. The research was carried out by the scientists of the ‘ University of Navarra... -

Not All Vegetarians Are Same

Being vegetarian is not just about eating greens all the time nor do all vegetarians eat the same food. In fact, being a vegetarian is more diverse, not to mention healthier, than being a non-vegetarian. People are known to survive on diets made of fruits and... -

Kate Middleton Sticks To Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge , is taking her role as the mother of the heir, seriously indeed! She is following every advice meticulously and has given up everything that could even have the slightest adverse effect on the growing royal baby,... -

5 Easy Salad Dressings To Make At Home

In our quest for a slim, svelte figure, many of us turn to healthy eating – a habit that should be inculcated early on in life ideally, but usually isn’t thanks to the wide variety of junk food on offer around us. When we do look in the mirror and see... -

Dietary Mistakes Made By Vegetarians

  People these days are so conscious of their diet that it is almost criminal if you make a mistake in your diet. So, are you sure that your diet is perfect or are you too committing the same mistakes that people the world over are making... -

Best Diet Plans - Market Review

  In today’s fast paced world, we have got so busy in our life that most of us have almost forgotten about the most important thing, i.e., our health. We might be doing great in our work or daily activities but unfortunately, we are not... -

The 50-ish Star Salman Khan Cleans Up His Act

Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan turned 47 in December 2012 and it seems he has had enough of the bad boy image. He wants to clean up his act and he has started with making dietary changes in his life. A while ago, the star was facing a series of health... -

Jessica Simpson Loses 4 Stones With Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Jessica Simpson , who gave birth to daughter Maxwell in May this year, took a vow to lose 60 pounds of weight that she had accumulated during her pregnancy. She has lost four stones so far , by being on the Weight Watchers diet plan, which includes... -

Weight Loss On A Plate? Kelly Osbourne Swears By It!

The ‘Osbournes’ girl, Kelly has discovered the secret of staying slim. The ‘Plate Diet’ appears to work for her and she has actually managed to lose an astounding 60 pounds by following it. What’s more- she has also managed to keep off those pounds... -

Boxing Champ Tyson Turns Vegan After Daughter’s Death

Mike Tyson is a formidable opponent to contend with if you are a boxer. The champ made short work of all his rivals and literally pounded them to defeat. The rage that built up within him had helped him become the best boxing champion in the world. But now... -

Heart Attack Makes Rosie O’donnel Give Up Sugar

  Rosie O’Donnel, the multifaceted lady has been overly conscious of her diet since she suffered from a heart attack almost two months ago. She had been advocating plant based diets as well as whole foods , a precaution that she now... -

James ‘avatar’ Cameron Goes Vegan

  James Cameron, the avatar man is the most recent member of the vegan brigade. A advocate of animal rights, Cameron believes that the choice of not eating meat is a moral one and is trying to follow the vegan life style... -

Sexiest Vegetarian Leona Lewis Is Vegan Now

Leona Lewis, the British pop star had been voted as the sexiest vegetarian not so long ago. The ‘Bleeding Love’ singer has long been a staunch supporter of animal rights and had refused to wear leather.  She has now decided to go completely vegan by... -

Hugh ‘wolverine’ Jackman Achieves A Starved Look By Following A Water Diet

Hugh Jackman ate and kept a well-balanced diet in order to obtain his bulging muscles. However, it appears that this bulking up had its reasoning. With his character's role coming up, Hugh could not afford to look scrawny and starved as his character,... -

World Wresting Entertainment Champ Daniel Bryan Cannot Stay Vegan Anymore

Daniel Bryan, the World Wresting Entertainment star is unhappy about having to forgo his vegan diet. The man was not quite comfortable about eating meat and gave it all up for health reasons initially. However, turning to vegan food hasn’t helped him... -

Cooking Can Help You Lose Weight Says Jwoww

Jenni Farley a.k.a JWOWW recommends cooking as a means of staying fit now. The Jersey Shore star is an old hand at giving beauty tips and even owns a line of tanning products. However, her focus seems to have shifted to the kitchen now. Cooking your own meals... -

Osbournes Star Sharon Opts For Atkins Diet

  Sharon Osbourne, the Television Diva and judge of X Factor is happy to embrace Atkins Diet now. She revealed that her body does not really process high carb foods well; hence she needed to try out something that she can live with... -

Starbucks Food Diet? Hmm...

Yeah, we were skeptical too. Apparently  Christine Hall, a  66-year-old woman from Virginia,  claims to have lost about 85 pounds by eating solely at Starbucks. No diet plans, no weight-loss programs, no healthy meal service, just daily visits to... -

Alpha Male Tom Hardy’s Diet Plan Behind The “warrior” Look

English actor Tom Hardy, known for his roles in Star trek, Nemesis and Warrior is not very finicky about a strict diet plan. Let’s have a peek at his diet plan.   Tom Hardy Dieting Fundamentals Tom Hardy does not follow... -

The Perils Of Following Yesteryear Celeb Diets

  Trying to ape the celebs comes naturally to us when it comes to fashion and diet. Hoping to achieve an enviable figure by eating right is perfectly okay but trying to follow diets that are neither nutritious nor tasty will only make you... -

India’s New-age Gandhi On A Detox Diet

Fighting corruption has its downside, as India’s new-age Gandhi, Anna Hazare, is discovering. After being seriously involved in the fight against corruption in the country, for the past more than one year, Anna is facing the consequences of hectic struggle... -

Beautiful “ugly Betty” Loses All The Flab Through Her Diet Plan

  America Ferrera who played the feisty 'Ugly Betty' in the popular American soap has revised her diet to get a whole new body. She touched a chord with the viewers with her adorable and very real portrayal of the character she played and... -

The Diet Behind Jason Statham’s Rustic Brawn

  Action hero, Jason Statham best known for his role in The Transporter, Death Race and The Crank has transformed himself for the new action flick “The Expendables 2” through his diet and workout    plan in just 6... -

Dancing Star Kelly Monaco’s Diet Plan Revealed!

Kellly Monaco, an American model, reality show contestant and the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 1 strictly follows vegetarian diet to maintain that pliable and remarkably appealing body. Let’s pry and see if vegetarian diet is behind that super... -

Mighty Chris Hemsworth’s Diet Plan

  Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, best known for his roles in movies like Thor, The Avengers and Star Trek went on a special diet for playing these roles in his movies which required him to bulk up. Let’s have a snapshot of Chris... -

Hip Hop King Channing Tatum's Diet Plan

    Channing Tatum, the delightful dancer who entralled us with those thrilling moves in the movie 'Step Up' should give some credit to his diet. He is not only blessed with drop dead good looks but also has an amazing... -

Bared! Marisa Tomei’s Diet Plan For That Bare-worthy Flawless Figure

    Television, Film and stage actress Marisa Tomei well known for her role in 'My Cousin VInny' believes in eating healthy. Her diet is well thought of; it is a mixture of vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins... -

The Expendables' Dolph Lundgren's Diet Expanded!

    Dolph Lundgren, typecast as an action star, known for his memorable role in the hollywood flick Rocky 4, has reverted his aging process through his diet. Even at the age of 54 he has the physique to die for. Let’s rip... -

Boy Next Door To Greek God- Ben Affleck’s Special Diet

  Known for his roles in Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Chasing Amy, film maker, director, and actor Ben Affleck went on a strict diet for his look in his new movie "The Town". Ben Affleck is very dedicated to his work outs and diet. His... -

The Original He Man Arnold Schwarzenegger’s King-size Diet Plan

    Arnold Swhwarzenegger the quintessential bodybuilder who has ruled the roost in 70s has the brawns to die for! Let’s have a look at his diet plan and find out how he got all that muscle.   Arnold’s Diet ... -

Lady Naomi Watts’s Royal Diet Plan

    Naomi Watt, the Academy Award nominee is very particular when it comes to her diet. It is mainly about eating specific meals which can keep the hormones in sync. Her meals have 40 percent of carbohydrates 30 percent of fat and 30... -

Heart Throb Zac Efron’s Diet

  Zac's fitness and diet routine has transformed him from a lanky teenager to a toned and muscular man. Read on to find out the secret behind  Zac’s solid six packs.   Zac’s Diet Plan Zac is very... -

Bad Boy Colin Farrell Recalls Good Diet

    Colin Farrell adopts a brand new diet to get a healthier body. He admits that he is not getting a major kick out of following these healthy diets and that being a bad boy works for him anytime. Let’s find out about Colin's... -

Kristen Stewart Breaks Her Diet Norms

    Kristen Stewart confesses to having a "disgustingly normal" diet. She never followed any strict diet and has always been eating the regular fatty stuff. Like any other normal teenager she ate all the junk and never... -

Lindsay Lohan’s Infamous Liquid Diet

    “The Mean Girls” Star, Lindsay Lohan, has invoked strong responses among her fraternity  with her mean diets  and has drawn enough flak from the media for the same. Rumor has it that she has also been... -

Kourtney’s Post Pregnancy Diet Helps Her Keep Up With The Kardashians

  Kourtney got back into shape with her new diet within just four months of delivering her baby. During pregnancy, Kourtney did not follow any strict diet plan. "I am just trying to keep food down” is what she said.   ... -

3 Day Raw Food Diet Plan

One can define raw food diet as a food plan where you try to eliminate as much of cooked or processed food from your diet as possible, so that at least 75% of your food is raw, unprocessed, and preferably fresh. One might choose to follow this diet for 3 days... -

3 Day Vegetable Diet Plan

A vegetable diet or “All vegetable diet” to be precise is a meal plan that aims to eliminate all food groups other than vegetables from the diet. This is considered as a “fad 3 day diet,” which if not planned well can lead to nutrient deficiencies.... -

Heptathlon Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis Diet Secrets

    Winning a gold at the heptathlon is no small achievement. Jessica Ennis of Great Britain, found her way to success after years of hard work, dedication and a well planned dietary regime. Heptathlon as the name suggests is a sport... -

Sally Pearson- Focus On Diet And Fitness For The Gold

  It was a proud moment for Australia as Olympian Sally Pearson overcame all obstacles to win the 100 m hurdles finals. Sally owes it all to her focus on fitness and diet that were her top priority as she prepared for the Olympics. Hurdlers... -

Saina Nehwal - Healthy Diet And Determination Won Her The Bronze

  22 year old Saina Nehwal, became the first Indian to win a medal in badminton at the Olympics. This young athlete believes that a a lot of hard work and a well balanced, healthy diet helped her achieve this victory. For female badminton... -

American Pole Vaulter Jennifer Suhr Clinches The Gold

  Jennifer Suhr pole vaulted her way to the gold in an impressive standoff with defending champion Yelena Isinbayeva . One thing is for sure though, that a pole vaulting winner needs hours of dedicated practice and a well balanced diet.... -

Sanya Richards-ross: Fitness, Nutrition, Olympic Gold

  United States Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, achieved her dream by winning the Olympics gold for the 400 meter run in a remarkable 49.55 seconds. As impressive as it sounds, a lot of effort in the form of a healthy d iet a nd a strict ... -

Food Takes Center Stage At The London Olympics

  Food has always been the center of attention at any sporting arena, and this is true of the London Olympics as well. The strange dietary patterns of many sportsperson has been under the media spotlight as there is huge curiosity as to what the... -

The 3-day Juice Diet Plan

The Juice Diet or rather Juice Fast Diet , which is usually followed for 3 days, is a popular detoxification diet plan. It is aimed at cleansing the body by minimizing digestive processes and diverting the metabolic energy wholly towards detoxification... -

Katie Holmes Scientology Diet-clearing Her Body Or Her Life?

    Katie’s die-hard diet regimen comprised of fasting and intake of only water, juice, colonics, niacin and minerals. Downing this Detox diet even made Katie miss her Oscar’s show of 2009 and finally ended in her split... -

Kareena Kapoor Lifestyle And Diet

        Kareena has been crossing several milestones in her career with 6 Film fare awards to her credit. Throughout her eventful career, in both her films and ad endorsements, Bebo looks simply breathtaking owing... -

Reese On A New Diet Release

  An Academy Award winner, a TV and Film producer and a Philanthropist, Reese Witherspoon dons many caps. Yet she is physically fit and agile owing to her near-perfect diet   and active exercise regimen. An industrious worker,... -

Emma Watson’s Diet

    Say Emma Watson and  your eyebrows may go up but mention Hermione Granger and the name rings  a  bell for sure.  With a host of awards for her performance in the Harry Potter’s series, Emma forges ahead in her... -

Andy Murray's Gluten Free Diet Helps Him Clinch The Olympic Gold

    Andy Murray attributes the Olympics gold he won in the Men's singles, to his special workout and a gluten free diet. This Scottish  tennis champ has claimed that a change is his diet is the reason  behind his success. A male... -

Karishma Kapoor’s Charismatic Diet

Charismatic Karishma Kapoor is on a high since the release of Dangerous Ishq. Still  svelte and charming despite her age of 38+, Karishma looked stunning, having paid considerable attention to her diet and exercise regimen. Throughout her career, Karishma... -

Kajol Kills Her Kgs

  Having received the most -6 Film fare wards and a Padmashri, Kajol has much to flaunt including her chic figure. Let us see what Kajol has to say about her diet and eating pattern.     Kajol is a happily married... -

Maria Canals-candid About Her Diet

  Maria Canals is very conscious of her health and of the example she has to illustrate to her daughters with a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. So, with her head firmly on her shoulders, Canals goes about her life, laying down simple... -

Megan Fox Diet And Lifestyle

  Known for her straight talk and rounded curves, Megan Fox has appeared on the Hottest Stars List of Maxim, Movie Fone, People and FHM. With such an image to look up to, does Megan pay considerable attention to her health and diet? A look into... -

3 Day Fruit Diet Plan

Several health practitioners consider fruit diet (more commonly as fruit flush diet) a “fad diet,”, recent evidence shows that when planned well and followed for a short span like 3 days to the max, this diet can provide a number of health benefits.... -

Gabby Douglas- Healthy Diet For The Olympics Gold

                        16 year old Gabby Douglas's amazing performance won her the gold in gymnastics, making her the first African- American to achieve this feat. Gymnastics needs a lot of... -

Selena Gomez’s Secrets To Her Perfect Body

    Full of verve and vivacity, Selena tries to manage a healthy lifestyle and diet with her hectic schedule. Cute and child-like Selena Gomez weaved magic on screen with the wizards of Waverly Place. Aptly designated as... -

Vanessa William's Winning Diet Secrets

    The quintessential Black Beauty, Vanessa has been the valiant conqueror of many hearts with her winning smile, voluptuous curves and svelte figure. Even at 47, Vanessa Williams looks every inch the Venus of our dreams, thanks to her... -

Kate Winslet Faces The World With Her Face Diet

  Kate Winslet has been the symbol of wholesome and full-rounded beauty without any tendency towards skinniness. How does Kate manage to look both healthy and beautiful? Is it her famed face diet or something else?    ... -

Katy Perry's New Diet Plan

    Right now, Katy Perry is busy planning to create her own record label and is reinventing her diet and music. What is she up to, by the way?      With “Part of Me” – a 3D biopic film on her life being... -

Cyclist Lizzie Armitstead's special Diet Won Her The Silver

  British Olympian Lizzie Armitstead clinched her country’s first medal in the London Olympics by winning a silver in women's cycling. She owes her success to many rigorous hours of training and a specially planned vegetarian menu .... -

3 Day Protein Diet Plan

A protein diet, as the name suggests, is a diet plan that focuses on high protein foods and aims to cut down carbohydrates and fats from the diet. Although, not an absolutely balanced diet, this meal plan if followed by the rules has been shown to have... -

Angela Ruggiero- Nutrition Is Key To Olympics Success

  Four time Olympic gold medalist, ice hockey player Angela Ruggiero strongly believes that good nutrition is very important to gain the best results on the field. Experts agree that if ice hockey players do not pay attention to their diet, it... -

Laurie Jones- Right Diet For Hurdling This Olympics

Speed, technique and a good diet are essential to success for an Olympics hurdler. Laurie 'Lolo' Jones is one of the brightest stars, part of team USA and hopes to clinch the gold with her handwork and dedication. A diet for a hurdler like Laurie... -

Stephen Rowbotham- Rowing For The Gold

  Rowing is an endurance sport that has been part of the Olympics since the 1990 and needs the highest levels of physical fitness and stamina for good performance. Stephen Rowbotham, a British rower is a hopeful contender in the competition that... -

Lady Gaga- Diet Or Destiny

  Lady Gaga has been in and out of controversies –all related to her diet. She apparently used to down baby foods to maintain the reed-thin figure for her music videos. Coming to flak for this, she is now said to have switched over to a 5 meals a... -

Angelina Jolie Eats For Her Eternal Beauty

    Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I was stunned by her angelic beauty and statuesque body. What diet does she follow? Even after 2 pregnancies, there is not an ounce of extra fat on Angelina and she... -

Sprinter Usain Bolt's Diet Revealed

  Three time Olympics Gold Medalist Sprinter, Usain Bolt is a sure contender for success this coming Olympics. He  knows what his body needs and has personalized his meal patterns accordingly. Experts say that  runners need to have a... -

Hunter Kemper Is Hungry For The Gold

  Triathlon is a sport that is a combination of swimming, cycling and running and requires extremely high levels of fitness and stamina. United States athlete Hunter Kemper is participating in his fourth Olympics and is hopeful to clinch the gold... -