Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet

Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet is a diet planned especially for those Diabetics who are concurrently experiencing kidney concerns that are probably triggered as a consequence of uncontrolled diabetes. In such a situation, a prudent diet plan becomes one of the most effective tools in the management of the disease condition. A diet that can help manage both the blood sugar levels as well as regulate kidney function effectively is necessary. A low protein diet is suggested in order to slow down the advancement of kidney damage.


Salient Features of Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet


  1. One of the first signs of kidney disease associated with diabetes is exhibited as an increased urinary excretion of albumin. Thus it is important for a Diabetic to keep a regular check on urinary albumin output.
  2. Other typical symptoms include- frequent urination even at night, ankle swelling and weight gain. Elevation in blood pressure may be noticed as well.
  3. As the condition progresses, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine levels also tend to be elevated. Anemia, weakness, paleness or itching may be experienced.
  4. In the initial period, it is recommended that diabetic patients do not take protein supplements such as protein-rich shakes or powders. Otherwise normal dietary protein intake is allowed.
  5. In later stages a protein restriction of 0.8g/kg/day may be implemented in patients presenting symptomatic nephropathy which may be further reduced to 0.6g/kg/day in extreme cases.
  6. A low-sodium intake of 2-3 g or lower/day is recommended.
  7. Portion control continues to be important.
  8. Carbohydrate sources that have higher levels of sodium, potassium or phosphorus need to be avoided.


Benefits of Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet


  1. Reduction of salt intake may assist in improved blood pressure maintenance, decrease in proteinuria, with secondary benefits to cardiovascular health.
  2. Reduction in blood pressure levels in type 2 diabetics has been associated with retarding the onset as well as advancement of diabetic nephropathy.
  3. Intake of low-fat protein products like low-fat or skim milk, plain yoghurt, etc. needs to be in limited quantities of approximately 4 ounces (because of protein, phosphorus and potassium content) as  this limitation may aid in reducing symptoms associated with nephropathy.
  4. Specific drugs in combination with such a diet can assist in prevention or slowing development of diabetic nephropathy.


The level of blood sugar control, weight status, stage and severity of kidney disease are all important factors that determine how a Diabetic Kidney Disease Diet is to be planned. In fact, medical supervision and guidance is necessary as both diet and medications act complementary to each other in order to reduce, control and manage symptoms associated with Diabetic Nephropathy.     

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