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Christmas Eve Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Are you wary of your blood sugar levels and always skip dessert while planning for Christmas Eve dinner? If yes, then these low-sugar, low GI Christmas Eve dessert ideas for diabetics would give you perfect ideas for holiday dessert. Full of holiday... -

Diwali Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Diwali is incomplete without lights, firecrackers, food, and of course, desserts and it would be sheer torture to deprive anyone, more so a diabetic, of the sheer bliss of gorging onto sweets. However, don't despair! Never mind if you are a diabetic,... -

Top 5 Desserts For Diabetics

The first thing that a diabetic has to sacrifice after being diagnosed with this condition is sugar and that means no desserts for the rest of life. Well, we are going to change that with the Top 5 desserts for diabetics that you can prepare at home. We... -

Christmas Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Being diabetic doesn't mean you have to let go of your sweet cravings or settle  for something boring and bland..  Agreed, no dessert can be "healthy" or good for diabetes, but if you must have it, we suggest you scroll down this list of... -

Super Bowl Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are in charge of whipping up desserts for Super Bowl Sunday   , you will need to customize a few of them for your diabetic friends. Diabetics often choose to pass over the desserts, as they need to keep a tab over their sugar... -

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

For diabetics, celebrations always mean going without sweets. However, an occasional indulgence at times may not be that harmful, given you modify the recipe to suit a diabetic health condition. Even the diabetics enjoy a cookie or a cake every now and then.... -

Fat Tuesday Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Having diabetes need not mean you forego sweets completely, especially when it is celebration time. There is no better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday — the day before lent — than mouthwatering desserts. Never mind if you are a diabetic, even you can take... -

Sunday Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Sundaes, cookies, cakes, ice cream, pies, and frozen yogurt— no one can resist something sweet and delicious, especially if it comes topped with all that eye-appeasing colors and garnishes, and is a part of special Sunday brunch, lunch, or dinner. However,... -

Cinco De Mayo Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Kick-start your Cinco De Mayo celebrations with feisty, flavorful, mouth watering, Mexican desserts that are sure to get you reaching out for more. However, to make you celebrations diabetic-friendly, we suggest you skip the sugar and replace it with more... -

Easter Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

For diabetics, the real challenge is to find desserts that aren't just satiating, but are equally safe for consumption. Just because you are diabetic doesn't necessarily imply that you need to totally stay away from anything that is decadent or... -

Hanukkah Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Hanukkah celebrations are incomplete without its share of sweets and any man worth his 'sugar' knows that! However, if you are a diabetic or have diabetic friends who find it difficult to stay away from sweets during the festive season, then these... -

Pesach Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Pesach or Passover, an important holiday in Jewish calendar, is indeed the time to binge on sweets. If you are someone who suffers from high blood sugar, you have to keep an eye your diet and keep away from most desserts. Most desserts, no matter how healthy... -

Memorial Day Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Be it Memorial Day or any other federal holiday, desserts add flair to every celebration. Not being able to enjoy sweets, especially on occasions like this, can leave anyone, more so a diabetic highly dissatisfied. In this case, diabetic-friendly desserts can... -

Valentines Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Dessert is often considered to be ‘off limits' for diabetics. However, that does not mean that they let go of sweets on Valentine's Day! This V-day, opt for sugar-free sweet treats and do not let your high blood sugar level dampen your... -

Chinese New Year Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Chinese New Year is indeed the time to forget all your worries and eat, drink and dig into delicious traditional desserts   . However, for the diabetics, the very idea of gorging on sweets might look like a distant dream. Our... -

Carnival Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Nearly every occasion has it own special sweet treat and carnival is no different. Candies, swirled lollipops, rock candy, taffies, and interesting fondants are what make up for the most pat of carnival desserts. However, if you are looking for some... -

Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Desserts make up for an integral art of any traditional festive meals and it might take quite some effort to say 'no' to it during the festival time, especially if you are a diabetic. To make sure that you do not go deprived this Eid, we have listed... -

Canada Day Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Being diabetics usually means forgoing all sugary delights even during important occasions like Canada Day.  However, high blood sugar need no  longer be the reason to stay away from sweets. This Canada Day, treat yourself and your other diabetic friends to... -

Halloween Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are among the many diabetics who have a sweet tooth, but cannot dig into sweets, here is a piece of good news for you. Now you can have your cake and eat it too -- as long as it is low on sugar, fat, calories, and cholesterol. Forget the sugar loaded... -

New Year Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are diabetic and looking for some low-calorie, low-sugar alternatives to the decadent delights served during New Years party, then these classic, sugar-free options can light up your celebrations. Scroll down these New Year dessert ideas for diabetics... -

Rosh Hashanah Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Diabetes brings with it a slew of woes, worse of all, it prevents you from gorging on sweets. Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year is indeed the time to dig into dessert delicacies like apple and honey or other new fruit delights as a mark of sweet New Year.... -

Lent Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are diabetic and must avoid sugary treats, then these sugar-free Lent dessert ideas for diabetics should get you indulging. The best way to indulge in sugary treats is to substitute Splenda or Stevia for sugar. Very traditional yet very healthy,... -

Mardi Gras Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Mardi Gras definitely calls for big celebration and big-time bingeing on sweets. However, if you are a diabetic and can't really afford to gorge on those sugary treats, then these sugar-free options are what you need. If you are at a loss for sugar-free... -

Top 5 Cereals A Diabetic Must Grab

   Diabetes affects 7% of the world population today and the trend seems to be rising. My uncle is a diabetic for the past 20 years and as a family, we have all seen him manage his blood sugar levels well. The quest to watch diet starts with... -

Father’s Day Menu For Diabetic Dad

Father’s Day will be upon us soon and you got to plan the menu well in advance. But would you be able to offer your Dad, a meal that can cheer him up, especially if he is diabetic ? Of course! There is no dearth of good dishes that are free of both... -

Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu

Diabetes Type 2 requires balancing food and blood sugar to lead a healthy life without diabetes associated health problems. Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu had been formulated as a bible for people with diabetes, who can follow these healthy and tasty recipes,... -

1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Menu

1800 calorie diabetic diet menu is a special kind of diet especially formulated for diabetics to keep a tab on their glucose and blood sugar levels. Resorting to this diet won’t just help in controlling the rise of glucose levels  and burn energy, but... -

5 Light N Easy Recipes For The Diabetic Mother

‘Gestational Diabetes’- The term happens to come as a shock for many mothers-to-be, especially when she is young and has had no history of diabetes before. Yet there is always the possibility of your blood glucose levels rising during those crucial... -

Bake A Cake For Diabetics

Diabetics need not be condemned to a life with no sweets; there are a lot of diabetic dessert options available. Though you can always buy the ready-made diabetic "sweets", it is easier,healthier, and more economical to bake a sugar-free cake for... -

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu is specifically for woman weighing between 130-135 pounds before becoming pregnant. Such physical conditions demands not to shrug away from food but to indulge in adequate and good nutrition for the health benefit of both... -

Diabetes Diet Sheet

Diabetes is a condition produced when the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of the hormone, insulin.A special diabetes diet sheet has to be followed in order to control the condition. Insulin is an important hormone as it maintains the right levels... -

Tips To Prepare Pecan Pie For Diabetics

Anyone who said that having diabetes means giving up on your favorite puddings and pies probably didn’t know where to go looking for diabetic friendly dessert alternatives. Agreed, sweet treats are off-limits for diabetics. However, modifying the... -

Tips To Prepare Lemon Pie For Diabetics

If you think that sugar should be barred from a diabetic diet, and decadent desserts like lemon pie are completely off limits, think again! Dieticians and nutrition experts suggest that cutting down on carbs and glycemic load of any dessert could make it fit... -

Tips To Prepare Pumpkin Pie For Diabetics

The holiday season can be a diabetic's worst nightmare given the fact that they have to forego favorites like pumpkin pies and candied fruits due to their exorbitant sugar content. Pies are especially a regular during festive season and saying... -

Tips To Prepare Apple Pie For Diabetics

Apple pie with dollops of vanilla ice cream is so delicious and comforting that you shouldn't really say 'no' to it, even if you are a diabetic. Never mind if you suffer from high blood sugar, you can still enjoy a delicious apple pie sans... -

Eating Yogurt Can Prevent Diabetes!

  Are you asked to eat bitter vegetables like bitter gourd to reduce blood glucose levels? Well, it looks like you don’t have to do that. The humble yogurt sitting in your fridge can do the same trick – reduce blood sugar... -

Diabeteze - An Energy Bar For Diabetics Launched

  DiabetEZE is an energy bar designed exclusively for diabetic patients but good for everyone. Innova nutrients when launched DiabetEZE stated that this product would stand out from other energy bars in the market as it contains less sugar and... -

Sample Spring Menu For Diabetics

Diabetec patients generally need a special spring menu since they re supposed to avoid sugar. But if you are not able to chalk out ideas about coming with spring menu for diabetics, scroll down for some really good recipes that you can try. Make a... -

Diabetes Mellitus

What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar ( glucose ) levels, which result from defects in insulin secretion, or action, or both. Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes... -

Healthy Indulgences For Dessert

  Cakes are, well, cakes. We all love them. We all devour them as soon as they arrive on a plate, we slather them in sinful chocolate sauce and eat them morning, noon and night – without a qualm. It is only when we are cycling away in gym,... -

Top 10 Gluten-free Dessert Recipes

Who does not love a chocolatey fudgy brownie or a slice of a moist, crumbly cake? Adopting a gluten free lifestyle should not rob you of such simple palate pleasing experiences. To be able to make your favorite dessert gluten free is definitely a challenge... -

5 Traditional Jewish Desserts To Serve At Hanukkah Party

Here are the top 5 traditional Jewish desserts to serve at the Hanukkah party , which you are planning to host.   Grated Chocolate Passover Cake As the name suggests this cake can be used as a... -

Gluten Free Desserts

  Gluten free desserts are an oft-mentioned term nowadays! You do need to be extremely careful to avoid everything gluten if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy . Hence, the need to eat... -

Top 5 Passover New-age Dessert Ideas

Passover is one of those festivals that has quite a stringent set of rules with respect to food and traditions. The Passover desserts mentioned here adhere to these rules completely but are different to taste, at the same time. Allow your family some exciting... -

Top 10 Chocolate-based Holiday Desserts

Chocolate based holiday desserts can make your holiday foods even more enjoyable. You can prepare these at home during the holiday season, carry them to different parties and enjoy the festive mood to the most. If you are falling short of ideas for... -

Top 5 Seasonal Desserts For The Holidays

  The holidays are the best times of the year when you enjoy good food with your friends and family. If there is one course which everybody eagerly looks forward to in a meal, it is the dessert, and it’s only natural that you want to... -

Top 10 Ramadan Desserts

    The holy month of Ramadan is also a time to share good food with family and friends. The day long fast which is broken in the evening, is a special treat as a   delectable range of desserts and savories are eaten with loved ones.... -


THE cupcake is at something of a crossroads. Edible icon of Americana, frosted symbol of comfort and innocence, it may not have faced such an identity crisis since first appearing in cookbooks sometime in the 18th century. ... -

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Healthy dessert ideas can help you from giving in to sweet temptations of desserts that need not always be healthy. Desserts can be healthy too! There are countless low calorie desserts that are easy to cook at home. You can also choose from the i -

Quick Healthy Desserts

Desserts can be healthy too!   There are innumerable quick and healthy desserts that can be prepared at home, i ndulge yourself in these quick healthy desserts that help you from yielding to the sweet temptations of those seductive unhealthy... -

5 Popular Desserts For Rosh Hashanah

  Welcome the Jewish new year in a sweet way with these popular desserts for Rosh Hashanah. Each of the foods included for this special occasion are embodiments of hopes and prosperity. While it is a common norm to serve the symbolic foods when... -

Top 10 Chinese New Year Desserts

      Desserts form a quintessential part of any celebrations and Chinese New Year is no exception to this ground rule. Here are some classic and popular Chinese New Year desserts, which represent the classic traditions... -

When To Eat Fruits

We all know that regular consumption of fruits helps in maintaining a proper health. But, do you always wonder when fruits are most effective and when to eat fruits? It is important to take the fruits at right time while you face the... -

Passover Menu

Passover Sedar in one of the most blissful of festivities across the world. Make this even a happier one with these exclusive Passover menu ideas. Check out this traditional Passover menu that we have prepared for you.     ... -

Gluten Free Diet Menu

Gluten free diet menu is best suited for those suffering from gluten sensitivity, clinically termed as celiac disease. Gluten is a kind of protein found in wheat, oats, barley, spelt, rye etc. and unlike other plant proteins, is elastic in its consistency.... -

5 Easy Flour Cupcake Ideas

  Flour is one of the core ingredients when it comes to baking cupcakes. A flour cupcake has a better texture, structure, and  flavor than the flourless ones. Moreover, they do not stick to the cake pan’s bottom during the baking process.... -

Jewish Menu

Jewish menu has a variety of dishes collected from the cooking tradition of ancient Jewish people. Jewish cuisine reflects their culture and their culinary tradition. While cooking Jewish foods, people do not use butter, milk, and cream while preparing... -

Moroccan Menu

Moroccan menu is famous for its extremely diverse food, influenced by Mediterranean, Arab and Berber cuisines. Moroccan cooking style has changed a lot over the years. Ingredients like saffron, mint, and olives are used liberally in Moroccan dishes. A... -

Blueberry Menu

A Blueberry menu would be ideal between May and July which is when this fruit is in season. You can enjoy blueberries in a wide range of dishes ranging from cocktails to baby back ribs. Here are some great suggestions for a brilliant blueberry menu. ... -

Gluten Free Meals - Gluten Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas

  Gluten free meals are prescribed by professionals for people afflicted with celiac disease, a skin condition known as dermatitis herpetiformis as well as wheat allergies. Gluten, though primarily associated with wheat, is also a component of... -

1800 Ada Diet Menu

The 1800 ADA diet plan  promoted by American Diabetic Association recommends a healthy diet that is dense in nutrients, balanced in calories, and low in sodium and fat. A well-proportionate diabetic diet plan, the 1800 ADA Diet Menu primarily includes... -

How About Some Graveyard Brownies This Halloween?

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, here is another treat you can bake and prepare for your Halloween party this year. Well, the accompanying video is self-explanatory and you don’t need much to create this spooky dessert treat for your Halloween... -

Top 10 Dallas Restaurants

This blog serves as the guide to top 10 Dallas Restaurants . Through this writeup we plan to introduce you to some of the most happening Dallas restaurants. Like many other US cities Dallas is home to some of the wonderful eateries around US. Sonny... -

National Carrot Cake Day

February 3 is National Carrot Cake Day but it is not like you really need a reason to eat this delectable dessert. Although carrot cake started being made since the Middle Ages, it was not until the 20th century that it earned its popular. Carrot cake is a... -

Side Effects Of Eating Cakes

The popular dessert of all times is the cake. But are you aware of its dangers and the side effects associated with it?  Cakes may satisfy your taste buds and make you hope for seconds, you need to stay aware that this high calorie dessert is perfectly... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Passion Fruit Pie

Natural sweeteners are an indispensable part of a sugar free menu and can be used to make a range of delicious beverages, desserts and bakes. A sugar free passion fruit pie is a must for all those who want to enjoy yummy as well as healthy... -

Rice Diet Menu

  Following a Rice Diet Menu can promote fast weight loss within a short period of time. It can be used in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and renal disease. Walter Kempner, the founder of Rice Diet, insisted... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Blood Orange Pie

Zesty blood orange and natural sugar substitutes make for a lovely pie that can be enjoyed any time of the day.  A sugar free pie made with fruits is a healthy dessert that can be enjoyed in moderation by diabetics and overweight individuals. Given the fact... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Persimmon Pie

Crunchy, sweet and sour persimmons are delicious fruits that can be used in a variety of sugar free desserts and bakes. The fruits have a slight tartness and when used in the pie need a lot of sugar to balance out the flavors and impart sweetness. To make a... -

Toast Your Dad With Beer Ice Cream On Father’s Day

Have you thought of getting your Dad a cool gift on Father’s Day ? If you are still contemplating it, don’t wrack your brains anymore! Just go out and buy him the coolest beer – in the form of ice cream! Now, isn't that better than a... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Nutmeg Pie

A sweet pie with a hint of spice can be made by using nutmeg along with natural sweeteners. This makes a perfect dessert that can be enjoyed in moderation by diabetics and overweight individuals. This is because sweeteners that have been extracted from plants... -

Healthy Pasta Meals

Making healthy meal is not only a challenging job, it is also very difficult because while preparing meal for your family you need to prepare something that is tasty, healthy, and nutritious.  In such a scenario,  Healthy pasta meals are a perfect... -

Glucose In Pregnancy- Is It Safe ?

Every mother to be has many queries about the safety of the food she eats when pregnant. Consumption of glucose is no exception. Glucose is also known as dextrose. It is an important carbohydrate and is present in many of our foods. Let us learn whether it... -

What Are The Different Types Of Sweeteners

What are the different types of sweeteners – this question had also confused me, when I first took interest in cooking. Usually, many of us think of sugar as the only type of sweetener, which we can use in cooking. But, there is a wide variety of... -

Top 7 Pies For Health Conscious People

It is a very common but important phrase, “Health is wealth”! So while you cook, you must not forget your health and try to incorporate healthy cooking practices in your daily routine. Also, while planning a feast for your friends and family, the... -

Effects Of Antioxidants In Blueberry

According to nutritionists blueberries have the highest levels of antioxidants. Daily consumption of blueberries helps in fighting several diseases – one of the prime reasons why blueberries are recommended by health experts and nutritionists. Keep... -

 sucrose In Pregnancy- Is It Safe?

Eating a healthy diet in pregnancy is  top priority for women. Many are concerned about using sucrose in pregnancy as it is known to be associated with  increased blood sugar and weight gain. Here we analyse to see if its use can be recommended and... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Crab Apple Pie

  Small and sour crab apples are very interesting ingredients to help make a sugar free pie. The sweetness in the pie can be imparted with the help of natural sugar substitutes that are healthy and give a lovely flavor to the pie. As crab apples... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Strawberry Pie

  A tarty and sweet strawberry pie is everyone’s idea of a perfect dessert. A sugar free variant is always welcome as traditional ones contain extra sugar to balance the tang of the strawberries and can be a bit of  a problem for diabetics... -

Gluten Free Wedding Cakes Health Benefits

The introduction of gluten less wedding cakes has helped you in succumbing to the temptation of these creamy, luscious sweet treats even if you are gluten sensitive. Gluten free wedding cakes or desserts   are suitable for people... -

Northwest Cherries Put Rainier Cherry On Top

  It’s National Rainier Cherry Day on 11 th July and Northwest Cherries has taken concrete steps to ensure that you get a fun packed, nutritious experience on the day. Now what on earth is it all about? Northwest Cherries   ... -

Why These Top 5 Vegetables Are Good For You

    Vegetables are readily available and contribute immensely to the micronutrient profile of our diet by offering vital vitamins, minerals and important dietary fiber. Studies reiterate the fact that consuming more... -

Honey Is The Real Remedy - Cure For All

  When we talk about honey remedy, it is more than a sweet tooth’s delight. Honey is the remedy that is natural, beneficial and multi-purpose. The sweetness of honey reflects not just in your melodious voice, but surprisingly in your cheeks,... -

Eat Out At Your Own Risk! Study Warns

This blog is going to tell you what you have already been told a hundred times, or, probably, a thousand times. Eating out is going to do no good to your health and to that of your family’s. This is because nine-in-10 entrees served at restaurants do not... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Vanilla Pie

  A flaky, light crust and a delightful sweet  filling go in to make a delectable vanilla pie. A sugar free pie can also be made by using healthy sugar substitutes. This is important considering the fact that an average American consumes about... -

How To Enjoy Easter When Pregnant

Easter is around the corner, and with you being pregnant the very mention of this holiday would make you yearn for your favourite Easter foods. Pregnancy is that time in your life where you can indulge in almost all of your food cravings guilt free, as you... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pear Pie

  A sugar free pie made with pears can taste simply out of the world.  It is not always necessary to add sugar as a treat.   We can look forward to the sugarless variety as well . There are many sugar free replacements in the market... -

Strawberry For Weight Loss

Sweet and tart strawberries are perfect to bring in summer season and to lose weight too.  Yea, you have heard it right using strawberry for weight loss can be real delight. The juicy, fat strawberries are not just enriching but also stimulating and... -

Gluten Free Rice Health Benefits

  Individuals suffering from celiac disease or wheat allergy can safely consume rice. It is best to stick to the plain variety of   gluten free rice , that remain untainted with barley or other grains.   Read on to find out... -

Tv Tasting Days Are Here

Cooking shows can get more and more viewers in the future, thanks to the latest technology of ‘Digital Taste Interface.’ The miracle of science will now totally transform your TV viewing experiences by means of a simulator, which will allow you to taste... -

How To Like Foods You Hate

  Having to like foods that you really don’t like is something weird isn’t? Why do you have to like foods that you hate in the first place? Well, if you are obese or suffering from any disease you’ve got to do that. Why do you think weight... -

How To Dry Pomegranate Seeds

Dry pomegranate seeds also called as Anar Dana, is primarily used in Indian cuisines and medicinal purposes. This seasonal fruit is a very ancient fruit prominently available in Indian Market.   Drying pomegranate seeds are... -

Almond Medicinal Uses

Almond, the brown-skinned nut, can help to keep your bones in top-notch condition, fight free radicals, and delay wrinkles and freckles by years. Almond medicinal uses have gained ubiquitous acceptance. Those with cholesterol problems, poor blood count,... -

Cassia Powder-usage & Health Benefits

  Cassia Powder  is the ground form of the aromatic bark and is closely related to Ceylon cinnamon, but more economical. Cassia sticks are thicker, more difficult to powder. The characteristic flavor and aroma of the spice comes an... -

New Age Sweets For Diwali – Going Beyond Tradition

Diwali, like any other Indian festive occasion, is incomplete without sweets. However, when the same sweets are commonly served in every house, how do you make a difference?  Simple, try some new age sweets for this Diwali. So, here are the top five... -

How To Eat Flan - Caramel Custard?

Flan is also known as caramel custard – most of us know how to eat flan because it is a very common dessert. However, we normally eat one or two variations of any dessert and believe it to be its only variation, until we get to eat another... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pecan Pie

A healthy and tasty sugar free pie can be made with pecans as the main ingredient. According to research, eating a handful of these nuts daily, can significantly lower blood cholesterol levels. To make a pecan pie even more nutritious, alternatives to sugar... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Rhubarb Pie

  Rhubarb has a strong tart taste and when turned into a pie, is usually made with a lot of sugar to balance this sourness. Diabetics, overweight individuals and those who are suffering from cardiac diseases cannot eat this large amount of sugar... -

Chocolate Alternatives For Valentines Day

A Valentine’s Day is not complete without a yummy chocolate treat. If you are someone who doesn’t want to skip this, yet worried about the sugar or extra calories, there are chocolate alternatives just for you. You can use these as substitutes to make a... -

Zone Diet Menu

  Zone Diet Menu can help you burn fat faster by following diet guidelines you were not aware of before. Zone diet menu offers variety of meals to enjoy without making many changes on daily diet. Profounder Dr. Sears, a world class... -