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Salsa Verde Baked Fish

Here is a delicious recipe for baked fish! The tomatillo’s tangy flavor goes really well with any mild white fish. You can use sole, tilapia or catfish for this recipe. No problem! - 122.746

Indian Fish Kebab

Indian cuisine is very diverse and there are many ways to make one dish. Watch this video recipe to learn how to make these Indian Fish Kebabs at home. It is a simple recipe and it resembles fish cakes. - 120.758

Zucchini Fish Bake

A simple, quick, delicious and diabetes-friendly dish. - 118.525

Blackened Fish

When you want to try something for a weeknight meal, the flavorful blackened fish could make for such a sumptuous indulgence. Deliciously crisp and zesty, what could be a better way to cook your fresh catch then marinate them with blackening spice and sear... - 114.698

Chipotle Fish Tacos

Join Toby Smithson as she prepares these refreshing tacos from "Glycemic Index Cookbook for Dummies" by fellow dietitians Meri Raffetto and Roseanne Rust. - 114.612

Healthy Cumin Fish

For a fish dish that crackles with Indian flavors, this could be a great choice. The zesty flavor of cumin pumps up the flavor of all fish that makes for an excellent dish. This video presents a fish recipe that packs in tons of flavor but very little fat and... - 113.5

Eomandu Fish Dumplings

Recipe for the challenge is Eomandu, korean fish dumplings. - 112.555

How To Make Fish Stock - Bouillabaisse

Easy and extremely healthy recipe great for upcoming cold season. Enjoy! - 112.241

Simple Sole On Lemony Greens

All of you seafood lovers are surely going to love this preparation of sole fish. Here the sole is served on a platter of lemony green. Nutrition wise this dish is loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. Watch the video to see how easily the chef... - 111.601

Thai Jaew Bong

Pla Rah is fermented fish and if you love Thai food, then you will definitely like this recipe. In fact, I prepared this at home and it turned out to be so good that it got finished within couple of days. You can use the paste as a side dish for any of your... - 109.268

Kids Fish Fingers

Barry & Phoebe make their own homemade fish fingers. - 105.852

Cumin Fish

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl combine ground cumin, paprika, lemon pepper, thyme and salt. Mix well. MAKING 2. Heat canola oil over medium – high heat in a skillet. 3. Sprinkle dry ingredient mixture over fish fillets and rub. 4. Place the fish in the... - 94.4837

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