David Chang

David Chang is a well known Korean-American chef with many culinary awards to his credit. Born in the US, Chang went to the Georgetown Prep, after which he attended Trinity College wherein he majored in religious studies. This was followed by his time at the French Culinary Institute, which changed his life forever. Today, he not only hosts his own food show and has several signature David Chang recipes to his credit, but is also the proud owner of a range of restaurants in the US which go by the names Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Ma Peche, Momofuku Mulk Bar and also Momofuku Ko, all in the city of New York. In fact, his last in the range of restaurants i.e., Momofuku Ko resulted in two Michelin Stars in the year 2009 for David Chang.


Professional Life of David Chang
David Chang was considered more as a rebel chef, who never went by the norm, instead cooked what he wanted to. In fact, this was evident in the David Chang recipes that were on the menu cards at all his restaurants simply because he just did not like cooking such foods. Instead, all his dishes contained some kind of meat, whether it was in his Noodle Bar, Ssam, or Bakery.


Noteworthy Works of David Chang
David Chang has a long list of culinary conquests to his credit and the range from restaurants to Books to cookery shows on Food Network.


David Chang’s achievements were many, starting with his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar that he opened in the East Village in 2003, followed by Momofuku Ssam Bar in the year 2006, just a few blocks away from his Noodle Bar. The third restaurant that made him even more popular and also caused a lot of frustration among the influential and others as well, was Momofuku Ko, a 12 seat restaurant that he opened in 2008. Due to the limited seating in the restaurant, one could enjoy David Chang recipes only after the reservations were made online at least 6 days in advance. These success stories were followed by Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar, famous for its pork buns and soft serve, cookies, pies, cakes and many more treats, in the year 2008. In fact, the popularity of these confectioneries was trademarked in the year 2009. Finally Chang opened Ma Peche in midtown Manhattan, in the year 2010.


David Chang has been awarded many times for his stupendous success in creating certain dishes in his restaurants. Some of his awards include Food & Wine 2006 Best New Chef, James Bear Rising Star Chef of the year 2007, GQ’s 2007 Chef of the Year, and Two Michelin Stars for Momofuku Ko in the year 2008 and many more such awards were given to David Chang through the years.


Popular Media Shows:
David Chang was the guest judge on the reality food show - Top Chef: All Stars.


The popular and highly rated cookbook, Momofuku – which had detailed David Chang recipes, was published by David and New York Times writer Peter Meehan in October 2009. The success and popularity of his restaurants and books, ranked David Chang as Time 100 Most Influential People, in the year 2010.

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