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Goat Cheese Tostada With Date Jam - Summer Tapas Series, Tapas 2 With Chef Sandra Cordero

It's summer time. It's tapas time! Check out this special Summer Tapas Series with my friend Chef Sandra Cordero from The Cordero Negro. Second Tapas in our series of 5 Tapas is a Goat Cheese Tostada with Date Jam! - 119.902

Date And Rhubarb Jam

Combine rhubarb and juice drained from pineapple. Bring to a simmer, then cover and cook until rhubarb is tender. Add orange rind sugar; pineapple and dates. Boil for 2 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from heat and stir in the pectin, continue stirring... - 25.6662

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Tomato Jam With Dates And Raisins

Wash the tomatoes and with a sharp knife cut a cross at the bottom. Then place them in a deep vessel and pour hot, boiling water over them. Keep them in the water for 2 to 4 minutes and drain in a large colandar. Skin the tomatoes and remove the eyes and chop... - 23.1697

Date Nut Raisin Jam

MAKING 1. In a food processor or liqidizer jar, combine all ingredients. 2. Blend on low speed until smooth, scraping down sides of the container occassionally. 3. Empty into a jar or bottle and refrigerate until required. SERVING 4. Serve the jam over... - 31.0136

Crarn Jam Braid

1 Dissolve yeast in warm water; set aside. In a large mixing bowl stir together the biscuit mix and the 1 tablespoon sugar; add egg and yeast mixture, stirring until smooth. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface; knead 10 to 15 strokes. Roll dough to a... - 32.2698

Blackberry And Apple Jam

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 225°F / 110°C/ Gas ¼ 2. Sterilize and warm preserve jars in the oven. 3. Cut waxed tissue circles, to fit the rim on the jars. MAKING 4. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, add the blackberries and 150ml of water. 5. Place... - 39.0343

Pin Cherry Or Choke Cherry Jam

GETTING READY 1) Rinse cherries. MAKING 2) In a saucepan, place the cherries and mash them after heating gently. 3) Sieve to remove stones and then collect the pulp in the saucepan. 4) Bring the mixture to a boil after adding in sugar and lemon juice and... - 30.0747

Blueberry Spice Jam

GETTING READY 1) Rinse berries. MAKING 2) In a large sauce pan, add the berries with sugar and spices and allow to come to a boil. 3) Simmer the mixture for 30 minutes. 4) Take clean sterile jars; pour the mixture in them and then seal tightly, labeling with... - 31.5241

Blackberry Jam

GETTING READY 1) Rinse berries. MAKING 2) Puree them in a food processor and strain through a sieve. 3) In a sauce pan, blend puree with sugar and bring to a boil. 4) Again simmer the mixture for 30 minutes. 5) Take clean, sterile jars; pour the mixture into... - 27.632

Kiwi And Apricot Jam

GETTING READY 1) Cut apricots and kiwis roughly. MAKING 2) Add lemon juice to the chopped fruit. 3) In a saucepan, place the fruit mixture and then mix in sugar. 4) Remove any scum after bringing the mixture to a boil. 5) Again simmer the mixture for 25... - 33.4781

Strawberry Papaya Jam

GETTING READY 1) Cover papaya with lemon juice and keep aside. MAKING 2) In a large saucepan, add the soaked papaya and strawberries. 3) Bring the mixture to a boil after adding in lemon zest, sugar and apple juice and then simmer for 25 minutes. 4) Take... - 31.8589

Fresh Apricot Jam

Fresh Apricot Jam is my first attempt at substituting dates to sweeten baked goods. Yes, you could call it a puree, but I'm trying to start a different mindset to using fruit to sweeten my goodies. Give it a try. Let me know what you think. - 97.2391

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