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Darjeeling food is distinguished by its roots from Tibetan cuisine. Being a Himalayan town in West Bengal, Darjeeling is well-known for its tea industry and Darjeeling tea is one of the most indispensable parts of its cuisine as well as the cuisines of other states.


History of Darjeeling Cuisine

Tibetan and Nepali people being popular inhabitants of the city, Darjeeling food is characterized by the eating habits and culinary cultures of Tibet and Nepal. Bengali food is also typically served in Darjeeling.


Tea plantation is the age-old practice in the city, hence hot and cold tea beverages are extremely popular in the cuisine.


Ingredients Used in Darjeeling Foods

Food in this Himalayan city is famous for using yak milk or cow milk to make some of the highly popular local delicacies such as 'churpees'. Churpees is a chewy candy that is locally available in the city.


Vegetables and meats are also widely used in making dishes such as momos and thupkas. Momos are a well-liked street food in Darjeeling.  It is typically a steamed dish prepared with minced meat or vegetables flavored with local spices and wrapped in a thin dough sheet. Thick noodles are also extremely liked by the local people as well as tourists in the form of hot noodle soup. The hilly locales and serenity of the city is perfect for sipping the hot Darjeeling tea that is  highlight of this cuisine.


Large percentage of people in Darjeeling consumes fermented beverages and foods such as soy bean and rice roti known as ‘sel roti’. Tongba and chaang are the locally  fermented beers that is drunk by the local people and the tourists as well.


Places to Eat Best of Darjeeling Food

  • Dekevas restaurant – This is the best place in the city to savor local food in Darjeeling. Thupkas, momos and tongba all are at its best here.
  • Goodricke, the House of Tea – Located in the midst of the city, this place is excellent for sipping the hot Darjeeling tea with cookies at an affordable price.
  • Kunga Restaurant – Best for Tibetan cuisine and local Darjeeling food, this restaurant is highly popular among locals as well as tourists.

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