Cystic Fibrosis Diet

Cystic fibrosis diet is the diet which helps in curbing the mucus growth in the body of a person affected with the disease. The cystic fibrosis is defined as the genetic disease which affects the sweat and mucus glands of the body. Cystic fibrosis mostly affects the liver, sinuses, sex organs, lungs and pancreas. The mucus creates ruckus by clogging the lungs and creates breathing problems and supports an environment for the growth of bacteria. It often leads to lung dysfunctions in rare cases.


The symptoms and the seriousness of the disease may not be the same in every person but they can be largely controlled with a well-balanced diet.


Cystic Fibrosis Diet: Characteristics

  • High Calorie Foods: The diet for people suffering from cystic fibrosis needs to be high in calories because malabsorbtion is one of the important symptoms of this disease. People suffering from cystic fibrosis burn more calories than any average person, so they need to consume at least 50 percent more calories. A well-nourished person is in a better position to fight allergic reactions triggered by the disease. The cystic fibrosis sufferers are mostly recommended to eat highly fatty foods because they tend to lose their body fat through stools. Also, such people are administered to high protein diets to balance the fats.
  • Calcium Enriched Foods: Decalcification of bones is one of the common symptoms of this disease so the people suffering from disease are always recommended to go for the calcium enriched foods. They are recommended to go for dairy products such as cheese and milk.
  • Salty Foods: Most of cystic fibrosis sufferers tend to lose more salt than others. The salt loss also impacts the water levels of the body and creates imbalance. And the sufferers often complain about dehydration it is therefore recommended that they should go for foods that are high in salts. Or they should add more salt to their foods.
  • Iron: This is most important mineral to fight against infections. It helps to regularize the oxygen in cells. Dark vegetables, meats, fortified cereals are good sources of iron and they should be included into the cystic fibrosis diet.


Cystic Fibrosis Diet: Suggestions

  • The cystic fibrosis affects the functioning of pancreas and always there are high chances of the disease developing into diabetes. So, even if a person is administered to high calorie foods they need to take care of their sugar intake.
  • The sufferers need to take supplements rich in pancreatic enzymes to aid in process of digestion. These supplements should be taken under experts supervision.

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