Cypriot Recipes

Cypriot Food refers to the food of Cyprus, which is really tasty and interesting with huge variety ranging from simple bread based foods to exciting and exotic meat dishes. Cypriot cuisine is a part of Greek cuisine ... More »
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Grilled Halloumi With Peppers On Granary Toast

A wonderful way to use Halloumi the firm textured Cypriot cheese, grilled with peppers and served on a bed of toasted granary bread. This is a great recipe to have up your sleeve for the unexpected vegetarian. A delicious light, yet satisfying summer meal or... - 85.8457

Grilled Cypriot Cheese With Tomato And Red Onion Salad

GETTING READY 1. Thickly slice the Haloumi cheese. 2. Slice the vegetables as required. MAKING 3. Arrange the Haloumi slices in a large shallow non metallic dish. 4. Prepare the marinade in a small bowl, by combining all the ingredients and whisking with a... - 47.6499

Kleftiko Cypriot Roasted Lamb

Trim the fat from the lamb and put the pieces of meat into a deep roasting-tin with the other ingredients, then just cover with cold water. Cover the pan with foil and cook at 200°C/ 400°F/Gas Mark 6 for 30 minutes. Lower the heat to l40°C/275°F/Gas Mark... - 39.0604

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Cypriotic Tzatziki

MAKING 1. Peel the cucumber, and finely grate them. 2. Add the pulp into a bowl, and sprinkle it lightly with salt, and cover it with weighted plate. 3. Keep it aside for 10 minutes or so , rinse and drain it well. 4. Combine the cucumber with garlic,... - 39.8809

Haloumi Salad

Nothing beats a dish which has color, texture and taste all put together. This is one such dish which is totally delectable. watch this video to learn how you can create this gourmet delicacy for your friends and family, almost effortlessly. Missing out on... - 116.463